Thursday, May 04, 2017

May 2017 Horoscopes


21st March – 20th April
From 3rd, Mercury (communication and logic) is moving forward after weeks of retrograde in your sign, which means a powerful change of mind and mindset. It’s not overnight, but some situations move suddenly, especially around the resourceful full moon on the 10th. It’s more like you’re between two worlds, moving on from past hurts but still unsure exactly what the future holds. So get comfortable and curious with uncertainty and the unknown, to stay open for the universe to surprise and delight you (12th, 19th). Not always easy, especially final week when you feel more like shutting off, but the new moon in your communication chart (25th) helps you stay connected.

21st April – 19th May
The Sun in your sign until the 20th means you’re recharging and renewing creatively. There’s a full moon in your relationship chart on 10th, which has a soothing and transforming effect on issues brought to a head this month. Logic-loving Mercury, planet of conversation and dialogue, has been retrograde (moving backwards) for weeks, but this month moves forward and into your sign from 16th. This is great for communication and clarity, especially around 25th (new moon = new beginnings) and 31st. It can be a messy or chaotic month at times, but all the pieces of the jigsaw are there, and the fun is in putting back together.

20th May – 21st June
From the 3rd, your ruling planet Mercury, is moving forward again after weeks of reverse motion, which supports your efforts in dealing with unfinished business. Up to mid-month, and especially around full moon on the 10th, relates to this, especially with friends, groups and gatherings, and in unconventional or unexpected ways. It’s easy to over-do or over-react mid-month, but the Sun (creativity and recognition) moves into your sign from 20th, and there’s a new moon of new beginnings for you on 25th. This is also when relationship or financial-themed unfinished business shows itself; along with some very productive action (if you don’t freak out about certain limits and boundaries that are still in place)

22nd June – 22nd July
You’re seeking balance this month (especially 19th, 29th), and the key is a willingness to be happy in the here and now regardless. Meaning don’t wait for things to work out before you let yourself feel settled and secure, find ways of feeling it before you get your outcome (easiest around full moon on 10th). Aims and ambition, plans and projects, status and reputation are all in the spotlight and moving forward again, sometimes suddenly or in unconventional ways. Don’t be put off by limits or delays at end of May, however unsurmountable they temporarily appear; and do look forward to new communication and connections with the new moon from 25th.

23rd July – 23rd August
Recently, you reached to the past for faith and perspective. Travel and learning was important, and maybe you reconnected with the past there too. From the 3rd, Mercury moves forward, which means new information and knowledge coming your way (often suddenly or unexpectedly), which focuses you on the future instead of the past (3rd, 12th, 19th) and transforms views and perspectives (9th, 25th, 31st). The sun is in your career and status chart until the 20th, with Mercury there from the 16th, indicating how things are revolving around aims and ambitions; especially events around the security-orientated full moon on the 10th. Also, especially from 20th, it’s all about friendship, groups and gatherings; with important new beginnings from 25th.

24th August – 22nd September
Your ruling planet Mercury has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards) for weeks, which meant a roller-coaster of experiences revolving around who to trust, who to invest in, and what matters most to you. From 3rd, Mercury is moving forward, which means you are too; this time armed with the wisdom gained from your experience, and ready to make some informed choices. Things can happen quickly this month, especially first week, 10th (full moon), 13th, and 19th. Mercury moves into your faith and perspective chart from the 16th, and the sun is in your aims and ambition chart from 20th. This is a supportive blend, which works well around the new moon (new beginnings) on 25th.

23rd September – 23rd October
Mercury (logic and communication) has been retrograde for weeks in your relationship chart, indicating a time of review or assessment in partnership, contracts, and agreements. From 3rd, Mercury moves forward, which might mean you’re re-encountering issues that were a sticking point then, but you’re now ready for a different approach. This is most noticeable during first week of May, and during the ‘finance and resources’ focused full moon (10th), when situations might move surprisingly fast, also 13th. From 19th it’s about finding your balance when things increase or escalate quickly, and new moon on 25th is about renewal of faith and perspective, and perhaps some renewing related to home and comfort zones.

24th October – 22nd November
From 3rd Mercury (logic and communication) moves forward in your problem-solving chart, which means solutions that seemed illusive over the past few weeks are likely to emerge, and in fast, unexpected, or unconventional ways. Especially around the 10th, during a fabulous full moon in your sign, which spotlights relationships, contracts, and communication in positive ways. Relationships, values, and resources have got your attention all month, and the universe will find ingenious ways to deliver what you want, if you stay open (especially 12th, 19th, 25th, 29th, 31st). The new moon on 25th is about trust and intimacy: people, places, and projects are all unknown quantities, and there is hidden potential and possibility to mine and discover now.

23rd November – 21st December
There’s stable support from responsible Saturn and innovative Uranus all month (especially 19th). Fun and entertainment hasn’t been top priority recently, but Mercury moves forward from 3rd, indicating a change. Creative projects also get the green light, perhaps in surprising, sudden or unique ways; so no matter how many times something hasn’t worked, May can be the month it does (perhaps around 10th, 12th and 19th). It’s also a time to work on relationships, contracts and agreements: the Sun moves into this area of your chart from the 20th, and there are new beginnings in store with the new moon there on the 25th; so don’t let limits define you, or close your mind, by end of the month.

22nd December – 20th January
Your ruling planet, sensible Saturn, is in positive relationship to unconventional and experimental planet Uranus for much of May, most powerfully around 19th. It symbolises the general theme of good balance and good timing (startlingly perfect timing in fact), also the urge to plan and produce something unique or innovative, also sudden, surprising, or unpredictable progress (eg, leaps of faith instead of baby steps). This is most visible, along with your sense of fun and adventure, through communication and learning; especially around full moon time on the 10th. You might be inclined to overthink or overdo things towards end of May, especially at new moon (25th), so let go and trust the universe will meet you halfway.

21st January – 18th February
Your ruler is the unconventional and freedom-loving planet Uranus, and this month it teams up with Saturn, the planet of law, structure, and responsibility. Sounds like a clash of opposites, but this is a positive meeting, so it blends into a time to plan and shape your wildest dreams and watch them flow into easy fruition (but don’t be put off by challenges during final week). Friends, groups and gatherings might play an important part in events, along with communication, messaging, and even local neighbourhood (10th, 12th, 19th, 25th). You might be a freedom loving individual, but a sense of belonging matters a lot to you, and this is woven tightly int
o your decision-making now.

19th February – 20th March

Career plans, or any long-term aims and ambitions that recently slowed, reversed, or hit obstacles, have the potential of moving forward again this month. The motion forward might be fast, unpredictable or erratic at times but it’s there, especially around a full moon (10th) that focuses on learning, communication, travel, and faith in your road ahead. The Sun warms and energises your home and family chart from the 20th, and there’s a new moon of new beginnings there on the 25th. The challenges of the final week can trigger defensive or protective behaviour but don’t let this shut down a burning desire for new adventures.