Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March 2011 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April

Uranus, planet of independence, individuality and electric atmospheres, is moving into your sign from the 13th, to stay till 2018. It’s a planet famous for unpredictable, out of the blue style of expression – it works like lightning - which fits well with the preferred Aries schedule of instant manifestation, and is also known as the awakener, because of its wake up and smell the coffee approach to life; so it’s a pretty compatible energy with the Aries nature. Things get instantly interesting around the 21st, when the sun moves into your sign and joins the new vibe; it’s about freedom without compromise.

21st April – 21st May

There’s a lot of focus around group activities and gatherings, whether social or work orientated, it’s all about your place within the crowd, and the sense of purpose you feel for being there. New moon on the 4th is emphasising this, most likely ushering in a feeling of new phases or stages in group endeavours and friendships. Meanwhile, Uranus (the awakener), moves into the sleep and dreams section of your chart; yes, it might mean insomnia till you adjust to the energy (especially around the 21st), but it’s really all about becoming more conscious of yourself at deeper levels.

22nd May – 21st June

There’s a new moon in your house of career and ambition on the 4th, which symbolises the new feelings you have about long-term future direction. There’s a lot of planet activity in this area of your chart right now, and it does reflect a busy time, but all in the characteristic go with the flow, que sera attitude that you approach career climbing with. However, as far as friendships, groups, and teamwork goes, you are taking much more of an assertive stance than of late, especially when unconventional Uranus moves to this angle from the 13th (till 2018!). It’s a liberating feeling.

22nd June – 22nd July

First half of the month has a strong emphasis on travel and new horizons, and even if the travel is about duty and obligation, there’s still going to be a sense of escapism for you, as it’s on the move, no matter what the destination, that you feel most yourself right now. There’s likely to be some exciting work developments this month, as planets are beginning to collect in this area of your chart in a significant way, including Uranus, who until 2018 is set to shake things up here. There’s no getting stuck in a rut, that’s for sure.

23rd July – 23rd August

The new moon on the 4th happens in the section of your chart that deals with trust. It means you are incubating new feelings towards situations that have the element of the unknown or unknowable about them, and it’s about letting go of the need to know, as that’s actually what frees up what you need to know to come to you; the universe is just funny that way. Also this month, Uranus moves into the beliefs and perspectives area of your chart till 2018. Uranus moves and shakes anything old and out-dated, and you might feel the power of that around the 21st.

24th August – 22nd September

There’s a whole lot of focus on relationships for much of the month; there’s quite a line-up of planets in this area of your chart, including a soft and sensual new moon around the 4th. The message of the month is that you are seeking beyond the superficial; you want depth not shallow emotional waters. This is liberating around the 9th, and from the 13th it’s direct and up front. The full moon in your sign on the 19th attempts to end stalemates and move stuck emotions, but there’s something you are digging your heels in about, so let it go.

23rd September – 23rd October

For the next 7 years Uranus, the planet of freedom, is moving through the relationship area of your chart. It means your priority is developing relationships that are more in line with your authentic individual nature, and detaching and cutting ties if necessary, from limiting or conditional experiences. This is a process and it’s going to lead to some exploring and balancing of priorities; particularly at the end of the month during the clash between Saturn (limits) and Jupiter (opportunities). Meanwhile, love feels fulfilling around the 10th and 14th, and electric around the 21st.

24th October – 22nd November

Especially the first half of the month, the emphasis is on fun and entertainment and the new moon in this area of your chart on the 4th symbolises new experiences and new fulfilment in store. This also includes new forms of creative expression too, so it’s time to follow your heart on anything you enjoy. Also, Uranus, the planet that rules anything unconventional and alternative, is moving into your health and wellbeing chart for the next 7 years, which brings a new sense of freedom and choice in your approach to wellbeing. What happens around the 21st gives you a peek at the possibilities.

23rd November – 21st December

From the 13th, Uranus, planet of invention and individuality, is beginning a 7 year journey through the part of your chart associated with creative expression. Uranus energy tends to shake up the old ways and prefers the roads less travelled; it’s always a breath of fresh air, but it can be hard work at times because of the sudden and unexpected way it manifests through situations; so basically, it’s time to expect the unexpected as far as following your heart goes. This is good around the 27th, when you are faced with some familiar feeling limitations.

22nd December – 20th January

Big emphasis on communication; beginning with a go with the flow new moon on the 4th, inspiring deep and emotional conversation during March that can hold its purpose rather than getting lost in its own intensity, so it’s transforming and productive. Uranus, planet of sudden breaks, begins a journey through the comfort zone part of your chart for the next 7 years. It can mean unexpected adventures that stretch your comfort zone are to be expected, as well as restlessness and boredom during quiet times; the final week of March might give you a taste of things to come in this respect.

21st January – 18th February

It’s an exciting month for Aquarius; your ruler, the infinitely innovative Uranus, is changing signs, and for the next 7 years will be influencing the communication part of your chart. This is also the part of the chart that connects dots, moves from A to B, and makes sure everything adds up; so there’s likely to be an extra dimension or two, maybe bridged by the odd time-portal and wormhole, if Uranus is the dominating presence. As an attractive opener, events around the 21st look interesting for relationships, when communication is unexpectedly enlightening and electric.

19th February – 20th March

There’s a strong Pisces flavour to the planets for much of the month, which means the world feels more on your wavelength and you’re in your element whatever the circumstance. A beautiful new moon in your sign on the 4th works as an incubator for your dreams and visions, so work with your imagination as it’s working with you. Uranus leaves your sign from the 13th (it’s been there since about 2003!), so think back to big changes since then; Uranus is now influencing money and property matters, and there’s a bold and radical approach at times (for example around the 21st).