Monday, September 04, 2017

September 2017 Horoscopes

Here are my horoscopes for this month! I have readings available from my website. You can book by clicking here:
I am an empath, working with astrology, tarot, and energy healing. Happy September to you :)

21st March – 20th April
Big astro news is for final week of September, when lucky Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus meet for the third and final time (previously late last December and this March). Like the other times, it indicates a positive period of freedom, expansion, opportunity and unconventional or unexpected happenings, especially in relationships or with contracts and agreements. But before all that you’re intent on sorting out health and fitness matters, refining and improving your daily schedule, and developing strategies and solutions for work and career. Your logical brain is on overdrive with all this, but don’t squash your intuitive input with logic, as your sixth sense is working brilliantly too (especially full moon on 6th midmonth, and new moon on 20th).

21st April – 21st May
Creativity is at an all-time high this month, so make the most of how effortless things are for you right now regarding your plans and projects. Motivation is strong, and your mind is crystal clear with ideas and strategies. Anything that requires attention to detail or small print will go well, particularly after 6th when Mercury ends its Retrograde phase during a friendly and fun-filled full moon. Romance too is very much on the agenda, and the new moon (20th) indicates new or renewed relationships. Final week is about lucky breaks and unexpected opportunities, so keeping the faith, or leaps of faith, might work nicely in your favour.

22nd May – 21st June
Lots of focus this month on home and family and long-term plans, especially around full moon on 6th. It might coincide with a turning point or change of direction as Mercury Retrograde ends that day. Also in the spotlight is creativity, romance, contracts and relationships, especially from 20th and during final week (it all might connect to March or late December somehow). September in general is about sorting stuff out. There was a lot of redefining and reframing of situations last month, and now you’re making some decisions based on these new ways of seeing things. New Moon on 20th is about what’s new and beginning from that.

22nd June – 22nd July
For much of September it’s about communication, information and sorting stuff out. Getting your message across really matters to you, which might be easier once Mercury ends Retrograde from 6th. Miscommunication or delays might clear up from then too. Sibling relationships or sibling-style relationships might be significant in this, along with local area, community and neighbourhood. New moon on 20th is about what’s new and getting underway linked to all of this. Final week there’s a fabulous meeting of planets (last times were late December and March), and it’s about unexpected opportunities coming your way. So in a surprising turn of events, what was impossible suddenly seems entirely possible.

23rd July – 23rd August
There’s loads of attention on finances and resources during September. You’re in the mood to sort stuff out, clear clutter, balance books, read small print, and generally be super practical and efficient. Full moon on 6th brings certain situations to a head linked to this, with maybe a change of mind or approach that helps heal broken trust, or just deepens trust. New beginnings are indicated around new moon on 20th, then from 22nd the focus is on communication, information and what’s new to learn. An interesting meeting of planets during final week suggests unexpected opportunities and expansion. It might feel like your faith has been rewarded, so hold your nerve all month when it comes to optimism and positivity.

24th August – 22nd September
Planets are focusing on you, indicating a busy and active month. Sun is in your sign until 22nd, so you’re ready to shine and be recognised, and Mars (willpower and motivation) is in your sign from 5th. Logical Mercury ends retrograde then too, so delays or obstacles back to late July might end too. An emotionally moving full moon in your relationship house (6th) indicates the next logical step is toward romance, love, and healing. This theme is repeated in the important annual new moon in your sign (20th) which is also about a new you and starting afresh. Venus (love and values), in your sign from 20th, means you’re attracting who and what really matters to you.

22nd September – 23rd October
You might be feeling more introspective or introverted until the sun moves into your sign on 22nd, so make the most of your desire to relax, chill, and meditate, along with your increased intuition and psychic sense. Final week of September sees a rare planet alignment between Jupiter and Uranus. It’s the third and final meeting (previously late last December and March), and for you it’s all about positive yet unexpected expansion and opportunity, in relationships, and in your appearance and approach to the world. Situations might encourage leaps of faith, or breaks in routine and the mood might be electric and unconventional. Basically, the month ends very differently to how it starts.

24th October – 22nd November
Situations involving friendships, groups, gatherings, and teamwork are important this month. You are sorting things out, refining things, getting clear on details, and on the finer points of everything. No matter how many of you are involved, it’s the little things that mean a lot and have the strongest impact, especially around 9th and 22nd. Towards end of September and especially final week, planet Uranus and planet Jupiter connect for a third and final time (before this was late last December and March). Like previous times, it indicates events where your faith is unexpectedly rewarded; it’s also about breakthroughs and solutions, and sudden strokes of good luck.

23rd November – 21st December
Long term plans and ambitions are highlighted this month, along with situations and events that revolve around the most public aspect of your life. It’s all about the process and strategy you’re taking to move things forward, and the full moon (6th) brings clarity on this, as well as a possible change of direction or change of mind somehow. Final week is particularly interesting for you. Your ruler Jupiter meets revolutionary planet Uranus for the 3rd time (previously March and late last December). It is a strong and sure sign that you can take the unexpected or unconventional path in certain situations, and have things work out brilliantly.

22nd December – 20th January
You’ve got your practical head on this month: you’re in the mood to sort stuff out, whether it’s clearing actual clutter or finding answers to burning questions. Full moon (6th) is about a change of direction, view or opinion, perhaps from information or communication. Midmonth your intuition and inspiration is at a high but so is your scepticism, so it’s a challenge to trust it. New moon (20th) is about new beginnings linked to travel or education, with an emphasis on healing and communication. Final week brings unexpected and positive expansion that pulls you out of your comfort zone and into exciting opportunities (maybe echoing events late last December or March this year).

21st January – 18th February
It’s all about trusting the process, and being comfortable in unknown territory right now. It’s like feeling for the light switch in the dark, so just keep going until light can be shed on the situation. Don’t think that being in the dark means you’re not getting anywhere, as things are moving forward and sorting out nicely. Final week of September there’s a spectacular meeting (third of three meetings: late last December, March and now) between unconventional planet Uranus (your ruling planet), and lucky Jupiter, suggesting unexpected but good things arising. Communication, travel and education, income and resources are all connecting in the most positive of ways and the most interesting of opportunities.

19th February – 20th March
There’s huge emphasis on all relationships this month (especially around new moon on 20th), whether it’s romance, business partnerships and contracts, or family. Full moon in your sign (6th) is about certain relationship situations coming to a head, along with a change of direction or turning point happening that you might have been waiting a while for from others. It might be hard to emotionally detach or not take things personally at that time, and at new moon time, when it’s all about starting new relationships and healing old relationship emotional wounds. Obstacles seem to melt away during final week, and you’re breaking routines and old habits then too.