Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
March has a fairly straightforward feel, but it’s not flat or boring. First week you might be breaking boundaries or breaking hearts when it comes to relationships. Mercury retrogrades in Aries from the 12th indicating a change of mind coming from you that alters your direction or approach to certain situations significantly. Midmonth is particularly amazing for a make-over of career/long-term plans, and you might notice links to November 2011 with this too. From 20th the sun hits your sign for a few weeks, symbolising new activity of a unique and original nature; especially around new moon time on the 22nd.

21st April – 21st May
Your ruler Venus moves into your sign from the 5th. Venus is a Goddess because she knows her own worth, so expect plenty of opportunity to know yours too, especially when it comes to friendship and group participation as it’s a sweetly social month but also a time for claiming your own creative power, especially around the 13th when Venus reminds you that you are your own lucky charm, so don’t bother believing the power is outside of you. Mercury retrograde from the 12th might mean insomnia at times, but sleepless nights brings brainwaves and inspired ideas around the 29th.

22nd May – 21st June
Social life suddenly steps up a gear or two during first week, which takes your mind off work/home conflicts of attention (all amplified on the 4th). Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde from the 12th, which changes the pace of your involvement with groups, gatherings and friendships, perhaps in a way that re-opens past connections in some way too (especially around 18th), but can also lead to new contacts and connections from the 20th. Midmonth there’s a special pattern of planets that echo events last November. Unfinished business is back again for the purpose of moving you forward emotionally, so trust the process.

22nd June – 22nd July
The full moon on the 8th might bring certain conflicts to conclusion thanks to good communication opening minds and hearts to solutions. Midmonth love and romance gets deep, meaningful and transformative (especially on 13th), and it’s also a month for setting strong new career/ambition intentions, with Mercury retrograde from the 12th encouraging a review of aims and ideas, and the sun bursting into life in this angle of your chart from the 20th, boosting creativity, while a fab new moon here on the 22nd gives the green light to any plans featuring an alternative or unusual approach.

23rd July – 23rd August
You’re in the mood for new horizons, whether it’s literally travelling, or whether it’s expanding your mind through education and learning, but with Mercury retrograde from the 12th, it’s likely to include a revisit or reconnection with the past in some way. The new moon on the 22nd is all about the new experiences that unexpected or unpredictable journeys can bring, so embrace delays or schedule changes, and don’t get too attached to a certain destination being ‘the one’. Midmonth is superb for career expansion and daily routine make-over, while relationships are awakening you to new perspective of yourself.

24th August – 22nd September
Your ruler Mercury moves into your house of trust and intimacy from the 2nd, and it’s all about speaking your truth and trusting what happens next. Events around the 4th act as a trigger for this, and a full moon in your sign on the 8th brings certain aspects to an emotional head. Mercury retrogrades from the 12th, symbolising a change of mind about your approach, and the new moon on the 22nd might bring some surprising or unexpected revelations from you or others on a truth-telling theme. The 13th is worth making a note of; it’s important unfinished business with links to last November.

23rd September – 23rd October
It’s all about relationships this month. First week of March you’re at odds with yourself; arguing for limitations and feeling a pendulum swing of emotions. But Midmonth you’ve had enough of that; Mercury retrograde from the 12th, symbolises a review process underway, which can reconnect you to who you really feel you want to be as a partner. What happened last November is somehow important again around the 13th, and the sun sheds a warm glow on relationships from the 20th; a fabulously unpredictable new moon on the 22nd reveals events designed to shatter the limitations that felt so hindering earlier in the month.

24th October – 22nd November
The relationship road is a little bumpy first half of March; others stand up to your shadow side when you’re in full flow, but this just inspires respect and awe from you, after all there’s nothing to contend with like a Scorpio shadow. Enjoy events mid-month; there’s a very special planet pattern for you at that time that can make life and love feel you’re in heaven with the door shut. There’s some kind of connection with events last November too in this; maybe unfinished business? Day to day routines and schedule’s need sorting from the 12th, and a new design for the day is ushered in from the 22nd.

23rd November – 21st December
Creative work is a bigger focus for you from the 2nd, and perhaps more so from the 12th when Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards), symbolising changes of direction or a turnaround in your approach… basically it all goes a bit retro creatively; and also in love too, as you reconnect with faces or places from your romantic past. Watch what happens around the 22nd in all this as the new moon is throwing some welcome surprises your way. Events around midmonth, especially around the 13th, are worth staying positive about; it’s uplifting, transformative and possibly work or ambition related, with links to late last November.

22nd December – 20th January
Your ruler Saturn is retrograde right now (appearing to move backwards) so retreading old ground and past history has got your attention (especially first week of March). So it might not be the easiest task to stay present at times, but the here and now is where it’s at this month. In other words don’t close down or shut others out; hear them where they are right now. And stay open for creative inspiration for a project, especially around the 13th, as a fabulous unusual planet pattern is around midmonth that has positive transformation and expansion for you stamped all over it.

21st January – 18th February
What happens around the 4th in particular speaks of self-doubt reflecting through circumstances; in other words, external tensions and pressures are mirroring inner conflicts and second guessing. There might be a bit of this connected to communication once Mercury retrogrades from the 12th too. Backtracking and changes of pace can be frustrating, but it all adds up to a stronger urge for some freedom of mind via freedom of expression, something which the new moon shouts on about for you, around the 22nd. Also, midmonth there’s some emotional alchemy; don’t push away negative feeling, there’s treasure in there somewhere.

19th February – 20th March
A full moon in your house of relationships on the 8th brings out into the open any criticism or judgments you’ve been trying to keep to yourself about a certain someone. Unexpected perhaps, but it can clear clutter between you. Midmonth your words are extra powerful and have impact, so use them wisely. There’s something that links back to late November in this, perhaps via dialogue or messages. Also there’s strong focus on finance: from the 12th you are reviewing your approach in this area of your life, and around 22nd there’s fabulous new ideas and intentions that keep turning into flurries of activity.