Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 2013 horoscopes

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21st March – 20th April
A lucky link between your ruling planet Mars and expansion planet Jupiter suggests 2013 gets off to a glittering start (especially around the 4th). Don’t let a friend temporarily undermine your confidence around the 7th though, because new moon on the 11th is all about holding your own, especially when it comes to new work and career plans. At this time, there’s so much planet activity in the career/status section of your chart it can only mean progress and profile-raising is in store (maybe it takes till the end of the month and beyond for communication to pay off though).

21st April – 21st May
It’s a month for travel and education, for broadened horizons and big learning curves. Sometimes you find it hard to relax about this, as Taurus tends to pile pressure on self when it comes to travel, even if when its just your hols. The new moon on the 11th focuses on travel and teaching too; suggesting it’s a great time to embark on new journeys of the mind, body, or soul. From the 20th career and ambitions are highlighted; particularly your level of comfort with the way plans stand right now. End of the month is particularly positive for finance and resources.

22nd May – 21st June
In general, it’s the second half of the month that feels easiest or most fun for you, maybe from the 19th; but don’t underestimate the power of plodding through the first couple of weeks of 2013, as it’s a really productive time; though intense too (especially around the 6th!). The new moon on the 11th symbolises a whole new start for you in the realm of certain close relationships and also regarding shared finances and resources, and your ruler Mercury changes signs on the 19th suggesting your free spirit seeks up to the minute expression, whether through updated technology or just new winter wardrobe.

22nd June – 22nd July
January focuses on your relationships, contracts and agreements, especially relationships of the romantic variety; as in general, all is stable and supportive for matters of the heart (particularly around the 6th when there’s grand potential for sweet and strong unions). The new moon on the 11th symbolises consolidation and commitment, somehow with an air of the unexpected or experimental about the process, and the indications are good for creative projects, and also for anything that needs to be brought to conclusion; no unfinished business here, in other words.

23rd July – 23rd August
The stage is set for some significant developments in certain relationships, especially in romance. Friendships and team work are highlighted too right now; it’s all about finding ways to make things work between folk, without anyone, including you, having to hide or hold back on what they want. In general it’s a month for biding your time or taking your time; you are good at problem solving in stages, so this shouldn’t be difficult. The benefits of working at this might be more visible by the 27th when a full moon in your sign spotlights your contribution and its consequence

24th August – 22nd September
There’s an emphasis on fun and good times this month, as well as creative strength and vision; oh, and throw in a love interest in there as well. It’s a month that pulls on the purse strings as well as the heart strings, especially around the 17th, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get sensible about work when you need to, as events around the 4th and the 22nd show. From the 19th you’re in your element as there’s problem solving and plenty of sorting out to be done; then a nice turning point regarding career and ambition is indicated from the 31st onward; expansion and opportunity beckon.

23rd September – 23rd October
During week one of Jan, mighty Mars, planet of momentum, meets Jupiter, planet of opportunity and expansion, suggesting it’s a positive and active start to 2013 for you (especially on the 4th). A dip in your energy on the 7th is temporary, as your ruler Venus changes mood on the 9th. This also suggests more focus on home and comfort zone, and new moon on the 11th speaks of new beginnings in this area of your life, with events around the 17th suggesting a transformation or makeover is in store. Fun, romance and socialising comes to the forefront big time from the 19th onward, so enjoy.

24th October – 22nd November
This can be such a productive month for you; there’s a continuation of recent changes and developments you have implemented, and your mood is disciplined, making the most of the structured approach you have been using for a while now. Within this current framework, communication works brilliantly for you; the new moon in this area of your chart on the 11th suggests dialogue and messages now are like seeds that will bear fruit in time. Also, love is deep and intense around 17th, and from the 31st your long held faith in a certain situation is rewarded.

23rd November – 21st December
There’s cluster of planets in the finance and resources section of your chart for much of the month, suggesting there’s plenty of attention and focus on this area of your life. To get the most from this, keep seeking a firmly positive outlook on events, as whatever you seek you shall find. There’s also a nice emphasis on communication too, with word of mouth opportunities, especially around the 4th and 22nd. Your ruler Jupiter changes direction on the 31st; symbolising, among other things, a welcome change of direction in key relationships.

22nd December – 20th January
The planetary attention is firmly on you this month. There’s a line-up of planets in your sign that suggests you might be feeling in demand from different directions at once. Far from feeling exhausted by this, the indications are you will thrive; just don’t fall for thinking that your energy is limited, only your time is. The spiritual rule of thumb regarding energy levels is the more you focus on the enjoyment factor, or the value factor, the more energy you generate to meet the task ahead. Also, structuring your time your way is important at the moment, so don’t swap your schedule to be polite.

21st January – 18th February
Think of the first half of January as the preparation time; it’s productive, no matter how quiet things might seem on the surface as there’s plenty going on within you that is paving the way for new developments, especially career-wise. Get into meditation if you haven’t already, sleep when you need to, and find plenty to laugh about, as this all will keep you from getting in your own way and keep your intuition and inspiration flowing when you need it. Then from the 20th, the sun rises into your sign, symbolising a bright new beginning to get 2013 off in just the way you’ve been planning.

19th February – 20th March
Commitments to friends, groups and gatherings are at the forefront till midmonth. Probably at times you might feel you’ve over-committed yourself, but it doesn’t stop you signing up for more too, especially around the 11th, when you are happy to book in advance or look long-term too. It’s because you enjoy playing a supportive role within the team or crowd, so it’s a responsibility that doesn’t feel a chore to carry. From the 20th, your mood might be more reflective than usual, or retreat seeking for a while. Again, you are comfortable with this kind of vibe, so it’s easy to go with that flow.