Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Venus Retrograde Readings Now Available!

The lovely Venus is retrograde from 25th July until 6th September 2015. Curious to know what this might mean for you? Or what the dickens it means at all? Interested to know how to get the best of this period?

My Venus Retrograde Reading can answer this!

This is not computer generated; each reading is lovingly (yes I love my job!) written by me, and is personal to you.

How to order:
It's easy! just click on the Paypal link below.

On the order form is a box for you to provide your preferred email address for me to contact you and send your reading.

I will then email you and let you know when to expect the reading to reach you. It's normally only a few days or less, unless very busy. (Keep an eye on your junk mail folder if you don't hear from me).

I ask for your date of birth (written '6th May 1985' rather than '6/5/85' to make sure I get your date and month correct), and your place of birth (for example Liverpool, England, or Perth, Australia, etc). Also most importantly, I need your TIME of birth (these readings don't really work unless I have a time of birth).

you can also add any questions you have too!


you can add all that info in the box on the order form, and I will just email to tell you when to expect your reading.

Hope to hear from you!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Spacecraft Drives by Pluto, while Pluto opposes Mars, July 2015

On January 19th 2006 a spacecraft began travelling to Pluto for the first time, to take a closer look at it for us. On July 14th 2015 that spacecraft reaches its closest contact with the planet. Read all about the details and background here.

And unsurprisingly to astrologers, Pluto is at the centre of the astrological action this week, with Mars and Pluto meeting for an opposition aspect the day after this historic mission completes (opposition means they are in opposite zodiac signs, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn).

Whenever Pluto is a highlight of the astrological skies it means that ‘trust versus control’ is a big theme. This is expressing perfectly in the Pluto spacecraft journey itself, as the spacecraft is going to be left to its own devices for a good few hours while it photographs the surface of Pluto; it can’t photograph and communicate with earth at the same time so those at mission control are going to have to cross their fingers or sit on their hands while the main event happens out of their sight, out of their reach, out of their control.

This is kind of what the week is about for all of us...the comfort zone of control and the discomfort zone of feeling out of control.... what do we do, and how do we respond when feeling 'out of control'? Trust the process, says Pluto in Capricorn...

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

July 2015 Horoscopes

Here are this month's horoscopes (better late than never!) hope you enjoy. (btw, my scopes are printed in the Crack Magazine, which is a magazine devoted to what's happening in my beloved North East of England, you can find it online here). Happy July to you :)

21st March – 20th April
Early July it feels so easy to be inspired to the right direction and just go with the flow, but then it might feel you’re losing your magic touch, especially midmonth, and during a nostalgic new moon in your home and family chart on the 16th. That’s the time a particularly stubborn planet pattern symbolises a struggle to push situations into place, but stop trying to control the uncontrollable and things get more comfortable. Certain relationships, partnerships, contracts or agreements experience an important change of direction from the 25th (which is part of what you’d been pushing for all along). It’s ongoing so watch this space.

21st April – 21st May
Events of early July and midmonth seem very connected, like a natural progression from events around full moon time on the 2nd and what happens around new moon time around the16th. Communication, information, education, local community, or travel are important to this somehow, with a theme of delayed action or plans; maybe you feel on the brink of something and the wait is excruciating, or perhaps you or someone close is bottling something up. Trust that the timing is perfect on it all though, because it is. Around the 18th and 25th is a highly significant time for you, when you change direction on all this, maybe an indication the wait is over.

22nd May – 21st June
The blue moon on the 31st suggests this is a rare kind of month. It has ups and downs (or more accurately stated, expansions and contractions), but for sure the ups make the downs worthwhile as there’s real fulfillment happening; nothing trivial here. The full moon on the 2nd is a peak of ease and flow in finance and resources, as well as career. The new moon on the 16th repeats this theme, yet also suggests a learning curve too, with an extended, and at times frustrating struggle to get things that matter sorted. The mood lifts from the 23rd with interesting information, connections and reconnections in store.

22nd June – 22nd July
It’s all about relationships for much of the month. Whether romantic, family, business, etc., there’s so much regarding harmony, agreements and contracts. It’s intense at times (especially 14th – 17th), with conflict and disagreement on the way to what you and others seek together, but the planets suggest you have this amazing ability to find exactly the right perspective or view to heal rifts and soothe troubled waters. Notice this during the first week, and particularly during the annual new moon in your sign on the 16th. A blue moon on the 31st suggests unknown territory is calling you in a rare way, and trust, intimacy and shared resources hold greater significance.

23rd July – 23rd August
July is unusual and sometimes puzzling. There’s a sparkling connection between Venus and Jupiter in your sign during week one, indicating a lucky break or opportunity arising. Yet at the same time (and especially midmonth) you seek quiet time, and situations might feel static and certain folk frustrating. Go with the flow and trust this turn of events however, and it will help rather than hinder you long-term. Things make far more sense after the energising sun and intelligent planet Mercury move into your sign from the 23rd, symbolising fresh clarity and focus, then a blue moon in your relationship chart on the 31st indicates rare and exceptional happenings ahead.

24th August – 22nd September
Friendships and links to groups and gatherings of like-minded folk are important for July, as there’s something to be said for those who share or support your supposedly impossible dream (Nothing’s impossible, but it might feel that way at midmonth, when certain situations seem intensely unyielding for no apparent reason). Planet Venus enters your sign on the 18th, and retrogrades (appears to move backwards) from the 25th, which means that till early September you’re revaluating relationships, especially your relationship with yourself, while love, harmony, income and self-worth become extra-important themes in situations. Prepare for reconnections and reunions, too.

23rd September – 23rd October
The final week of July has significance for Libra, as your ruling planet Venus begins a retrograde phase (where it appears to move backwards) until early September. It indicates an important period of re-evaluating certain relationships, especially friendships and/or your involvement with groups and gatherings. It also indicates reunions and reconnections. All this begins with a turning point or change of direction from you in some way, around the 25th. It might feel that the month’s events are building towards this date, and there’s some challenging (yet constructive) dynamics around all month, especially first week and 14th-16th. There are also very sweet times too, such as 2nd and 21st

24th October – 22nd November
Communication, education, travel and new perspectives are very much in focus this month and can be important sources of fun, entertainment and creativity, especially at full moon time on the 2nd. As the month continues, and most intensely between 14th and 17th, challenges also come into focus linked to these themes and also involving career or ambition, and it can really push your buttons. But if certain circumstances seem impossible to change at that time, then it’s important to choose a view on it that makes you feel good, regardless of what’s happening. A blue moon on the 31st lightens pressures and moods, personally and professionally.

23rd November – 21st December
The planets are very busy during July. A lot is going on in your life; even when it feels that’s not the case (midmonth), because things feel static, stuck or a struggle, there’s huge value in the emotional process. It’s a learning curve, and you will the reap benefits of experience in future. July opens with a good-feeling full moon on the 2nd, focusing on self-worth and shared resources, and what unfolds in the days that follow links to that. Issues involving unfamiliar territory, trust, healing, change and transformation all arise. There’s also a blue moon on the 31st, and yes it means things that rarely happen are happening.

22nd December – 20th January
The planets are packed into your relationship chart during July. This means lots of your energy and attention is directed towards situations involving partnerships (romance, business, family, etc), also contracts and agreements. It’s all about seeking harmony and balance with others while making sure no-one (including you) has to compromise on what’s important to them. Early July is easiest and midmonth most challenging in this (14th – 17th), and the new moon on the 16th suggests solutions (and new partnerships) come via good communication. Also, certain plans that might have been on hold till the 18th again might take a different turn around the 25th. Reunions are in store too.

21st January – 18th February
Towards the end of July (from 23rd) might feel lightest or brightest, but don’t write off the rest of the month. There’s huge focus on daily routines, such as work schedule, stream-lining your day, problem-solving, etc. This also includes health and fitness too. It might sound dull or boring but get this sorted and there’s less clutter and obstacles to bump into, emotionally or physically. Also, certain situations are just intense this month, no matter how much you try to make them otherwise (especially midmonth), while other situations seem to be heading one way and end up another; for the time being at least (from the 18th).

19th February – 20th March
There’s much happening to keep you amused this month. The planets point to plenty of fun and good times, with a few wishes granted along the way; especially during the easy flowing full moon energy on the 2nd, when the vibe is high, and a sense of abundance surrounds you. But don’t be disheartened by the dip that follows (especially midmonth). Nothing’s gone wrong, you’re just busy working through certain situations and it takes time (not forever). Also, Venus (love and money) moves into your relationship chart from the 18th, and retrogrades (appears to move backwards) from the 25th. It means the past becomes important for now, with reunions, re-connections, etc.