Monday, January 26, 2009

Aquarius Eclipse

The sun and moon are together in the sign of Aquarius today, making a new moon (new phase), and this one's an eclipse. For me eclipses are pointers to significant times with effects that ripple out, like a stone thrown into water; so what is happening in your life around an eclipse time is the point of focus for energy for months, sometimes years to come. But don't get too hung up on the heaviness that implies, especially if you feel things have gone a bit pear-shaped at the mo, because it's more about it being a point of inspiration for the future. It's the inspiration that current events are giving you, rather than the events themselves that is the key.

And there's a lot of inspiration symbolised in the current planet pattern line-up. Jupiter is right next to the sun and moon, and Jupiter represents the urge for expansion and broadening horizons. It's an uplifting kind of vibe, which inspires a kind of panoramic technicolour outlook of what is possible for the future. Mars (action) and Mercury (communication) are together in the structure-loving sign of Capricorn, linking to the upcoming re-alignment of the two ruling planets of Aquarius: Saturn and Uranus. I really like the vibe of this eclipse, there's a freshness of energy to connect with and as Aquarius is an air sign, this breath of fresh air is most welcome; if you've been seeking new ideas or looking for a new approach, then this is your eclipse.