Friday, July 02, 2010

July Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April

The new moon eclipse on the 11th is about new beginnings connected to home and family. These new beginnings unfold from the past, so maybe a new perspective on old memories, or perhaps literally reconnecting with the past in a new way. It’s also reaching for solutions and finding them, as your ruler Mars is busy all month in the problem-solving angle of your chart. From the 22nd structure-loving Saturn is influencing your relationships; Saturn loves to build and loves to commit, so you’re irritated with wishy-washy or half-baked plans, and into a search for something more solid.

21st April – 21st May

July’s new moon eclipse (11th) falls in the communication angle of your chart, bringing to the forefront the importance of connections and getting the message across. There’s an emphasis on emotional ties and links to the past with this eclipse, so there might be reconnections through communication or talks that take you down memory lane. Words bring you comfort and you can offer the same to others, as your understanding and empathy is amplified. Good times are indicated by your ruler Venus’s journey through the joy-seeking angle of your chart, pointing out plenty to put your heart into.

22nd May – 21st June

The new moon eclipse on the 11th is a theme setter for months to come; this eclipse takes place in the values and resources angle of your chart, so it’s all about making the most of what you’ve got, as well as finding ways to open the doors to more. Money and possessions are the most obvious focus of attention of course, but it’s also about becoming more aware of your own God/dess given talents and attributes that can’t be taken away, only discovered and shared. It’s all about appreciation, which is the real currency of the universe, and so there’s no time now for modesty or a socially acceptable self-critical eye.

22nd June – 22nd July

A fabulously powerful new moon eclipse is happening in your sign on the 11th, which means this is the time to go with the flow of new directions and new paths that are appearing, as it’s all about a new you emerging over the coming months. The plans might not be ready to manifest overnight but there’s plenty to discuss in the meantime, and you’re feeling in the mood to get details straight and sorted with others. Crack on with this kind of communication up until the end of the month, as that’s when you’re most pushy for answers.

23rd July – 23rd August

The eclipse on the 11th indicates that a go with the flow mindset is key to navigating events in the months to come, as what’s going on around you now requires you to not try so hard at making things happen, and instead relaxing and allowing things to happen. It’s like trying to make yourself fall asleep; the more you focus the worse it gets, especially when you remind yourself why it’s vital you need the sleep. So best not try to force or demand events into place, especially at the end of the month regarding communication.

24th August – 22nd September

There are three key planets in your sign this month: Venus, the love planet, seeking harmony and balance in relationships (especially your relationship with yourself); Mars, moving and motivating you to action; and Saturn reminding you that only you can be the authority of you. Plenty of plotlines can be stirred up from those planet themes, so it looks to be a busy July. Saturn leaves your sign on the 22nd, relieving pressure and tension in one respect, however the month ends with a firm focus on finances, so the pressure’s now on to feel sorted there.

23rd September – 23rd October

The new moon eclipse on the 11th is focusing on your longterm plans and ambitions, and events are drawing your attention here over and over again this month, and possibly for some time to come. Saturn, planet of structure, responsibility and limits is re-entering your sign from the 22nd, which helps with the need for long range focus but also encourages a more serious and weighty outlook on life; it’s all to easy to argue for your limitations when Saturn is around, so it’s important to remember that nothing has to be taken so seriously as Saturn would have you believe.

24th October – 22nd November

It’s been quite a journey over recent months, and the new moon eclipse on the 11th is about the change in perspective you’ve got from all that experience, and how you are standing in a different place with yourself, coming from a different viewpoint. The eclipse energy is helping you gather your thoughts and feelings about your direction and future intentions from here, and from the 23rd, when the sun moves through the long-term aims and ambitions angle of your chart, you’e in the mood to start moving forward with your ideas.

23rd November – 21st December

Powered by the vibe of a new moon eclipse on the 11th that ushers in an urge for deep change, there’s a theme of renewal and rebirth going on all month, as your ruling planet Jupiter links to phoenix-rising planet Pluto. It means that if you’ve been thinking all that’s left is a few ashes of what once was, you’re wrong! That’s only half the story, there’s new life to come from the old and you’re about to rise from the challenge of those ashes. But there’s no hurry; take your time, and go the scenic route (especially around the 23rd).

22nd December – 20th January

There’s a new moon eclipse on the 11th hitting the relationships angle of your chart. It’s going to be encouraging change in relationships, mostly arising from changes in your perspective of where you stand and where you want to stand; it’s really a shift in priorities that events this month help you get clear about. Then your ruling planet Saturn moves forward in the long-term aims and ambitions section of your chart from the 22nd, also helping you get clear, despite the feeling of being pulled in different directions which seems a key feature of current situations.

21st January – 18th February

There’s a new moon eclipse on the 11th, focusing on problems and solutions. It means there’ll be an emphasis on both but it’s easy to forget there’s a solution showing itself somewhere when the problem seems unmoving, so this is the time to let go and stop pushing against what doesn’t want to move. It’s the letting go that gets you moving in a different way, and eventually the problem does too. Some of what’s happening this month might be unfinished business from way back; it’s not here to haunt you, you just know what to do with it now.

19th February – 20th March

This month’s eclipse on the 11th falls in the most creative angle of your chart, so it’s about how and what you want to put your heart into, whether it’s projects, past-times or romantic pursuits, it’s all about the passion; so make this eclipse work for you by following your bliss, not your obligations or expectations. And especially the expectations of others, which might be a challenge seeing as there’s also a heavy emphasis on significant relationships this month, but keep the faith to clear the way for win/win scenarios.