Sunday, December 03, 2017

December 2017 Horoscopes

Here are my horoscopes for December! Hope you enjoy :)

21st March – 20th April
Not the easiest of starts to December for you as you’re preparing for new adventures and new approaches yet obstacles keep cropping up, so you don’t fully free to just dive in and get on with it. There’s lots happening around travel and education, especially midmonth; then Saturn, planet of responsibility, limits and boundaries, moves into your career, reputation, and ambition chart for the next two years, from the 20th. It can bring pressure but also progress, it rewards hard work and integrity, and helps you step up the long-term ladder of success. Just don’t get disheartened by limits and delays on the way.

21st April – 21st May
Communication or information comes to light under December’s full moon (3rd) that feels like unfinished business. There’s a lot that requires trust and faith in the process this month, which you’ve become a master at dealing with in recent years (by treating the process as an adventure or journey). From 20th Saturn moves into your chart of belief and perspective for the next two years. Saturn brings structure and form that supports long-term progress and development in that area, so plans for anything that broadens horizons mentally or physically, like travel or education will slowly take shape. Things don’t happen overnight with Saturn situations, so a bit of patience keeps you sane (especially around 21st and 25th).

22nd May – 21st June
The annual full moon in your sign on 3rd magnifies feelings and your hunger for fulfilment of certain situations. Mercury retrogrades at this time, indicating past communication or information returning to importance during December; especially for relationships, contracts and agreements (perhaps being resolved early January). New or renewed commitment in relationships is likely from 18th, and from 20th planet Saturn moves into your trust and intimacy chart for the next two years, suggesting things are getting serious. Energy or confidence might feel temporarily depleted at that time, but Mercury is moving forward from 23rd, indicating you are too.

22nd June – 22nd July
During first week of December events might confound or confuse unless you take your intuition seriously, as it’s your sixth sense helping you get clear, find answers, and make sense of communication. The new moon on the 18th is about new adventures linked to daily routine and occupation. Then planet Saturn, the sun, and Venus, move into your relationship chart, from around 20th (last time Saturn was here was 28years ago!) Saturn brings definition and structure to relationships, as well as long-term commitments, limits and boundaries. All this can feel either restrictive or stabilising, which is a reoccurring theme for the foreseeable.

23rd July – 23rd August
For two years Saturn has been in your chart of fun, romance and creativity, which has been more about the rules of the game rather than enjoyment of the game (although this month there’s plenty to enjoy). Saturn is also about commitment and responsibility, as well as the pressure of deadlines, limits and boundaries, and it brought new structure and form to this area of your life. Loose ends are being tied up on certain situations all month (especially around 18th), then Saturn moves to your chart of health, fitness and daily occupation (20th) where this long-term focused and disciplined approach fits perfectly.

24th August – 22nd September
There’s lots revolving around home and family this month. Full moon on 3rd is about how you balance your time between home and work, and about relationship balance too. Mercury in retrograde means family reunions, or maybe a rethink about long-term plans. Midmonth and around 18th is about new adventures, and maybe even a new home too. From 20th, Saturn moves to your creativity, fun and romance chart for the next couple of years. Saturn brings structure and planning for the long-term, so no point expecting overnight success, but the rewards always come eventually.

23rd September – 23rd October
For the past couple of years Saturn has indicated extra pressure and responsibility on your shoulders linked to communication, information, community and neighbourhood, and sibling relationships. There were things only you could address and overcome, and December is no exception, especially midmonth. Saturn then moves to your home and family chart for the next two years (from 20th), to bring steady progress and development, as well as long-term rewards for hard work and effort. Saturn is an upholder of tradition, which is noticeable in events over the festive period; while comfort zones have firm foundations and strong boundaries.

24th October – 22nd November
There is focus on finance, income and shared resources for much of the month. On the 3rd there’s a full moon about this, with a message that what you perceive you receive, so see yourself as someone who receives what they want. There’s important communication or information about finances at that time too; maybe a situation returns or re-emerges to be dealt with. Planet Saturn leaves your financial chart after two years on 20th, which can feel like pressure or weight being lifted from that area. Saturn is now focused on communication, transport and neighbourhood; which indicates more structure, support, limits and boundaries, especially around 21st and 25th.

23rd November – 21st December
Stern Saturn, planet of responsibility, has been in your sign for two years, suggesting there was no escaping harsh reality in situations, with ‘character-building’ events as standard. After the 20th Saturn leaves your sign, which brings a sense of relief, and some pressure lifting from your shoulders; even though it’s not plain sailing (especially financially) through the festive period. Before 20th there’s so much happening that it can cause backlogs and a bit of overwhelm, but dealing with it feels more like an adventure than a chore. Your annual new moon on the 18th means you’re planting seeds of important new beginnings, so do take your new plans and perspectives seriously.

22nd December – 20th January
This month you’re at the centre of all the astrological action. Saturn, your ruling planet, arrives in your sign for the next two years from the 20th (last time this happened was about 28 years ago!). Before that, you might have to wait for some answers you’re wanting but trust the timing on it all while remaining patiently impatient, especially around the spiritual new moon of new beginnings on the 18th. The sun arrives in your sign from 21st, which makes a rare meeting of sun and Saturn for you, joined by Venus on 25th. It suggests strength, support, creativity, and harmony. Not a bad way to welcome in the new year.

21st January – 18th February
Things are revolving around friendship, groups and gatherings for much of the month. Finding those who you really resonate with, and want to share a path with has been important for a long time, and December is no exception. What happens during the first week amplifies all this, while what happens around new moon time (18th) involves long-term commitment. Then Saturn, planet of structure and discipline, moves into the most spiritual part of your chart from 20th, for the next two years. This is a positive place for Saturn, indicating integrity and stability. It means no shallow escapism or flights of fancy will satisfy; Saturn seeks the real deal and finds it.

19th February – 20th March
There’s big focus on long-term plans and ambition for much of the month. The full moon first week (3rd) speaks of a balancing act between work and home; and those long-term plans (especially regarding career) reach a turning point at that time, where you’re reaching to the past to bring balance to the present. There’s is a lot happening around that all month, including another turning point about 20th, when Saturn moves into your chart of friendship, groups and gatherings. It can mean you’re not in the mood to be sociable, or it can mean you’re becoming more of a support to a friend, or a mentor to others. Maybe some of it all.