Saturday, September 04, 2010

September Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April

You are getting a new perspective on problems and obstacles during the first half of the month, emphasised once Mercury (planet of logic and the next logical step) changes direction from the 12th. From this point it might feel easier to see the road ahead appearing. Your ruler Mars switches signs from the 15th, symbolising a switch in mood for you; it’s all about letting go of your worry about uncontrollable factors and feeling motivated to trust the momentum of what’s going on right now. Stop looking for spanners in the works, in other words.

21st April – 21st May

There’s a juggling act going on up to midmonth, due to changes which might not seem big in themselves, but mount up in all the details that need pulling together. Doing so increases confidence in your own ability, and this serves you well once feisty Mars starts influencing your relationship zone from the 15th and especially around the full moon on the 23rd, when you need to rely on your own instincts about a situation. Others might have powerful opinions on the subject, but it doesn’t mean they are right; go with your own intuition.

22nd May – 21st June

Your ruler Mercury ends its retrograde cycle from the 12th which means you are done looking back and ready to look forward, this time with the benefit of recent experience. There’s a fabulous energy around work and career plans now, and in fact all long-term plans; especially those you thought fell by the wayside in recent months, you just might find opportunities pop up unexpectedly to wake what you thought was put to rest. Romance is deep and intense during the final week, with enough suggestion of mystery to raise your Gemini curiosity.

22nd June – 22nd July

Everything’s a bit up in the air as September gets going, so if you can make peace with the (temporary) feeling of not knowing exactly how it’s all going to turn out, it stops your mind from wild goose chasing for answers. Focus instead on what makes sense right now, which is finding an outlet for all your creative juices that are in full flow from midmonth. There’s a full on kind of full moon around the 23rd; it’s all about reaching a balance, for example, existing emotional attachments versus unexpected responsibilities. The underlying link is that you care about both.

23rd July – 23rd August

There’s a turnaround in store regarding money matters as Mercury changes direction from the 12th. Before that time the pace might be frustratingly slow on sorting out certain situations, so bide your time and don’t try to hammer into place what is reluctant to move. Jupiter/Uranus are together in the area of your chart that deals with the unknown, and especially around the 18th it’s as if you discover the light switch you’ve been feeling around in the dark for. There’s also interesting communication around full moon time on the 23rd, bringing sudden bursts of clarity.

24th August – 22nd September

Lovely new moon in your sign on the 8th; it’s an annual event that is the zodiac equivalent of your new year, so it’s a great time for new resolutions and intentions. From the 12th your ruler Mercury ends its retrograde cycle (appearing to move backwards) which is a powerful symbol of a turning point for you. It represents a change in perspective where you feel able to move forward and look more to the future. Jupiter/Uranus in your relationship zone can bring unexpected surprises, especially around the 18th. Nice ones though; no nasty shocks.

23rd September – 23rd October

There’s still some reconnections with the past emerging until Mercury ends its retrograde cycle midmonth, and that’s also the time you’re called to see beyond any feeling of limitation or restriction, as there’s always a way through and Mercury’s change of direction helps you to see that. Around the 23rd there’s a fabulous full moon in your relationship zone. It coincides almost exactly with the sun starting its annual journey through your sign, and is a powerful symbol of you bringing yourself into more balance and alignment, partly about relationships with others, but mostly in your relationship to yourself.

24th October – 22nd November

Venus, goddess of love, moves into your sign from the 9th; followed by Mars, god of passion and action, from the 15th. Together they make you a formidable presence: seeing the world through eyes of Venus feels not only a pleasure for you but also a pleasure for others who are the focus of your appreciative gaze, so prepare to be in demand. Mars is all about action; you are in the mood to get moving, so follow the call of your passion. A balancing full moon on the 23rd helps you let go of what’s not your problem to solve.

23rd November – 21st December

There might be a feeling of restriction or limitation up to midmonth regarding important plans; it’s because you are much more aware of how you are being perceived by others, who seem to have the power to help or hinder your motion forward. It’s when Mercury reaches the end of its retrograde cycle on the 12th that you change your thinking and begin to realise how little others approval or disapproval really matters. Then a fabulous alignment of Jupiter/Uranus around the 18th lifts your spirits and works to free up stuck situations (sometimes quite suddenly).

22nd December – 20th January

Mercury’s retrograde cycle ends midmonth, which for you means you’re about to reach an important turning point in your thinking; you’ve been on a bit of a learning curve from recent events and Mercury’s cycle indicates you’re processing the details of what you’ve learnt and gaining the wisdom of your experience. All this helps you stand your ground on what you now believe is important to you; especially around the full moon on the 23rd, which seems to bring to the forefront those events that demand you display the courage of your conviction.

21st January – 18th February

There’s a knack to allowing your creative ideas to flow this month; firstly don’t try too hard: any struggle and striving is counterproductive, so distracting yourself with feel good experiences will be more beneficial than nose to the grindstone attitude. Next, don’t worry about insomnia; you have big energy flowing now which just doesn’t require as much sleep. A little daydreaming goes a long way, as does the odd power nap, which also lets the universe drop in the inspiration while you aren’t looking. Finally, let go of worrying about what you can’t control; loosening the grip here also loosens old stuck energy blocks.

19th February – 20th March

There’s a partnership new moon on the 8th. New moons usher in new emotional vibes, so if you’ve been looking for new beginnings, fresh starts or emotional developments, the energy is supportive of your intentions. The end of Mercury’s retrograde cycle on the 12th also points to relationships, indicating a change of perspective and a feeling of moving forward once more, while Jupiter/Uranus in your sign means you’re moving with lightning speed at times. This planetary aspect also suggests lucky breaks and sudden good fortune, so expect miracles when you least expect them.