Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Moon In Capricorn For New Year...

... during the early hours of New Year's Eve, which is nice symbolism to kick off 2006 with, as a new moon represents a new phase or beginning. Full moon's are famous for their intense emotional effect on people, but in my experience a new moon can stir up just as strong emotional responses too.
A new moon tends to bring feelings of emptyness or hunger with it, because it's about being at the beginning of something and open to receive more, and therefore pre-desire fulfillment. If we try to avoid these feelings (by burying it under comfort eating or drinking for example) it seems to make it worse - what you resist persists, as well as avoiding the real desire that underlies the feelings.

Capricorn is the sign of the cosmic provider (remember Santa Claus?). It's all about accepting it's possible to manifest what your heart desires. It's also the sign of the miracle worker (virgin birth on Dec 25th?), so I believe this is an important annual new moon in the astro calendar.
This new moon links to the moon's north and south nodes, which makes it all extra lunar-focused, and extra important in the long-term cycles of our lives. Saturn is linking with Mars in a tense way, but tense or not, its a symbol of the meeting of two key planets as far as understanding the principles of manifesting goes. And because Mercury shares the same degree as Pluto, in the sign of Sagittarius, it's the perfect time to finally accept it's our beliefs that help create our reality.

So because it's the moon to manifest mountains or molehills, (as the mood may take you), my recommendation for some great Capricorn-style reading inspiration is 'Ask And It Is Given' by Abraham-Hicks, which is the finest of its kind on the subject, in my opinion. Check out their website here.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Yule

It's Winter Solstice, the day in the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun moves into the first degree of the sign of Capricorn. The shortest day and the longest night. It's the celebration of the (re)birth of the Sun, who nine months ago was in the sign of Aries, the sign associated with beginnings and the start of anything.
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a much-misunderstood planet, that gets a bad name at times for the stern and serious approach to life it seems to favour. But it's no coincidence of course that the figure of Santa Claus, who only makes an appearance at this time of year, embodies the spirit of Saturn and Capricorn. The old man of the skies is an important figure to acknowledge in order to really get the meaning of this part of the zodiac, as he's a reminder that Saturn isn't really about harsh lessons, and Capricorn does more than just stick to the rules.
Peace and goodwill to all, through fun and the enjoyment of giving, is the real Solstice message, something that we all need to work hard at the whole year round, to reap the real rewards that Saturn has to offer.

Mike Nichols has a great page on the history and traditions of Yule here, and there's an indepth look at Capricorn, with masses of info on Saturn too, at Deborah Houlding's site here.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Venus and Chiron in Aquarius

Venus is the planet of relationships and values, embodiment of the Feminine, and the Yin energy in us all regardless of gender, and is the principle of the Law of Attraction. It's sharing the same space in the heavens as asteroid Chiron today, in an unusual meeting in the sign of Aquarius.

A bit of background on Chiron first: it's one of the many asteroids in orbit between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn among other things, symbolises the limits imposed by authority - those 'keep off the grass' type signs, that sometimes have logical reasoning behind them, but usually don't. Uranus is the maverick and rebel, the one who believes rules are only there to be broken. (In Greek myth Prometheus was the mere mortal who metaphorically stomped all over the best kept lawns of the Gods, and has become known as a fine example of the Uranian personality).

So there's these two planets and this asteroid between them. Some call it the rainbow bridge, and see it as the connecting point, or mediator between these two planets. Some say it is about healing (... which therefore means there is something unhealed that is being brought to the surface). In myth Chiron was known as the wounded healer, because he had an Achilles-heel-style, Fisher King-esque wound that just wouldn't heal no matter how much medicine he learnt. The myth and its meaning, and much more can be found here at Zane Stein's fab site, devoted to Chiron info.

I have studied the movements of Chiron through the zodiac and in people's charts for many a year, and my take on the meaning of Chiron is of a situation that requires understanding as an antidote, as it's understanding that is the necessary shared ingredient in the stern rules of Saturn, and unconditional Uranus freedom.
Chiron can be associated with painful experiences that bring self-awareness as the healing. And it's that personal journey type of healing, that is valuable to pass on as experience to others. It isn't about science labs, statistics or mass produced drugs, this is about the individual journey to well-being; the bumpy ride along the road less travelled.

It's a choice, and Chiron makes us choose over and over. The painful experience can originally be such a sore point that we use it as a reason to completely avoid the area of life Chiron touches by sign and house in the chart, which keeps us on the hamster wheel of pain and lack of fulfillment (because it's connected to a chunk of ourselves that we refuse to accept).
Then Chiron comes along again and hits a planet or two in the skies, or in our charts, and a situation sets up which echoes the original wound, the original sore point, and we have the choice to apply understanding and acceptance, or stay circling the familiar hamster wheel of resistance and pain, with the ever present vague feeling that something important is missing.

And here we are today, with Venus in close contact with Chiron, in the sign of Aquarius. It's an unusual meeting because Venus is preparing to retrograde (appear to move backward); it's coming to a grinding halt ready for a change in direction, a turnaround of energy that will take it back through the degrees of Capricorn over the coming weeks.
We are still close to the recent full moon in Gemini, and under the influence of the Sun/Pluto meeting the other day, so talk about sore point! Jeez. I don't know anyone who isn't feeling this 'Ouch Factor' vibe in a big way.
But of course, this means there is BIG healing available, in terms of Venus associations, and through Aquarian type themes and symbols (and people). The sign of Aquarius is concerned with friendship, support, teamwork, shared purpose, the future, originality and individuality. A retrograde cycle is about 're' words, so for Venus this would be, for example, relationship, reunion, reconnecting, returning, re-evaluating, rejecting etc etc...

Remember: if it's a sore point, it's a call for understanding and (self)acceptance. It's the choice for well-being that grows from self-awareness.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

End Of Mars Retrograde In Taurus

This Saturday Mars, which has being retrograde since early November will be moving forward once again. It was way back around August 12th when Mars was last at 8 degrees of Taurus, so if you cast your mind back to events at that time, you might notice some kind of link to what was happening then and now.
The full picture is in place for this whole cycle around early February 2006 (which is when Mars reaches the degree it turned retrograde, during Novemeber), but for now, this is an important turning point, when energies mirror the change in direction.
Aries and Scorpio (the signs ruled by Mars) will feel this most strongly, as well as Taurus of course. For everyone else, because Mars rules motivation, desires, and general va va voom for life, there'll be renewed energy, looking foward instead of back, as well as the feeling of a clear path ahead. Much more like being able to walk on water, rather than trying to run through it, as has been of late.
This is just what is needed to deal with the Venus/Chiron happenings that are developing at the moment. More on that soon.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mercury Retrograde November 14 - December 4

Until early December Mercury is retrograde in the skies (appearing to move backwards). It’s not an unusual occurance, it’s something we are all used to living with about 3 times a year, yet there is this association with retrograde phases as being just an irritating source of delays, of communication breakdowns, - letters going astray, or computers playing up, etc.
This does seem to be true in certain circumstances, in the same way that full moons are known for stirring up strong emotions, but I don’t think that needs to be the only focus. These planetary movements are the reflection of natural cycles in us all, as far as I am concerned, and so there are going to be benefits in embracing the whole period, rather than just concentrating on backing up computers, or making sure we get a receipt for everything. We have to look deeper at what the cycle is asking of us.
Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius, which is a sign associated with faith and belief. It’s our beliefs that give us direction in life, and whatever we place our faith in shapes our experience. How we see things, our perspective, determines the path we choose, and therefore our journey. Mercury is about our thinking processes, so a retrograde phase through Sagittarius is a call to review or rethink current ways of looking at things, and thinking about things. It’s an invitation to look more deeply at what or who we place our faith in, and whether that is serving our best interests. It's about changing perspectives.
Retrograde phases connect us back with the past, with repeating circumstances, and especially as far as Mercury retrograde goes, with coincidence and syncronicity. Mercury was the god of commerce, of travellers, of roads and crossroads, and has strong links to medicine. Writing, learning, and communicating are all important themes. So expect links to faces and places from the past, as well as any or all of the many Mercurial symbols to start cropping up in attention grabbing ways. To kick off, read about what scientists have just discovered about meditation here, and what the Dalai Lama had to say yesterday here.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Venus Now In Capricorn, Not Sagittarius

Oh dear. Someone tell Conservative leadership hopeful David Davis that Venus is now in Capricorn, which means quantum-level collective zero tolerance for his Sagittarius-style stunts involving busty beauties with 'It's DD for me' stretched across their T-shirts.
As if that wasn't enough he also offended the president of the Conservative Women's Organisation, after revealing his preference for blondes over brunettes on Radio 4's Woman's Hour today. Full details here.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Planets In Grand Cross Pattern

Over the next few days a pattern is building in the skies called a grand cross. This is when 4 planets are about 90 degrees apart from each other, making a big square shape. The two oppositions between the 4 planets make up the cross.
The planets involved here are the Sun, Mars, Neptune and Saturn. There is a bit of poetic licence with this particular grand cross, as Saturn isn't really joining fully into the 90 degree squares. It's a teensy bit wide. But teensy bits sometimes don't matter in astrology, it's the bigger picture that always manifests.
A 90 degree aspect tends to create tension, so 4 of them together, even more so. This is also emphasised because all the planets are in 'fixed' signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius), and the kind of energy this can generate through situations is usually about resistance to change and the urge to maintain current position.

The last time anything like this was in the sky was the famous eclipse of August 1999, remember? (Some say we are still living the effects of that eclipse on a collective level). So cast your mind back to the summer of '99. Was there a situation defined by it's tension or resistance? Was there a feeling of an uphill struggle or of being blocked at every turn?
It's all comes down to how we respond to this energy. It's make or break time... do we rise to the challenges that situations are presenting us with, or do we buckle under the pressure and tension, by buying into the belief we are powerless to cope? Some say these situations are divinely designed to bring out the best in us, who knows, maybe that's true; it certainly makes the necessary leap of faith in ourselves easier to make.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Most Haunted Live In London

It's the 3rd night of 4 tonight, of the live televised paranormal investigation, Halloween themed of course. I have a theory that they have a better response from the ghosts etc, when they do these shows around the major festivals of the year (equinoxes, solstices, etc), so high hopes for this investigation.
There have been some pretty nasty rumours running through trashy-type tabloids recently, allegations of the show being faked, which I think is a bit strong and misleading. I think main medium Derek is a bit of a showman, but he's no fake. As an astrologer, tarot reader and psychic myself, I know that there is no way a programme such as this was ever going to get away without huge criticism, accusations and much scoffing. It just wouldnt happen. It goes with the territory it seems - in this business you have to learn to develop a thick skin, keep your head down and just do the best work you can regardless.

Tonight the show is from the East End of London, and looking at the astrology chart for the start time of 9pm, the Moon is the ruling planet, and is sitting at the degree of the south node. In english that means it could be interesting, as the south node is always about the past. Mercury has just moved into Sagittarius today; Mercury relates to communication and Sagittarius is interested in what lies beyond known horizons… going where no one has gone before, that kind of thing… it gives an adventurous energy to the proceedings. Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio is fantastic for a ghost hunt of course, so all that’s left is just to see what happens next…
Live webcams here

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mars Revealed

Mars and Pluto rule the sign of Scorpio, and this weekend the red planet is as close to earth as it will be for another 13years. You can check out the storm on Mars with even a modest backyard telescope according to this story. If you don't have a telescope don't worry, you can check out the astrological effects in the news, with stories such as the Scorpio themed storm that is sweeping through the US government at the moment. More here

Friday, October 28, 2005

Venus and Pluto Brief Encounter

This weekend Venus and Pluto are together in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of faith and belief. Pluto is recognisable through the intensity it brings to situations. It has a real pressure cooker feel - powerful, potent, BIG energy, and with Venus involved it all revolves around relationships, values, self worth and self esteem.
Pluto brings things up. It raises things to the surface. Anything we have tried to bury and forget is fair game for Pluto to bring into full view. So no matter what happens this weekend, remember that it was already an issue somewhere deep down. It's not new stuff. It was in storage somewhere in the cellar of the psyche.

And while it certainly doesn't have to be a negative experience, it often feels that way, so it's important to keep in mind the Pluto purpose: that stuff is only raised to clear our path, to move us on, lighten the load, and keep us true to ourselves.
The negativity comes as a result of us hanging on, clinging on to what is not our truth, to what we don't need anymore, or what doesn't serve our real happiness. Possessed by fear it all gets murky, messy, co-dependant, paranoid and painful, all wrapped up in an uncomfortable sense of urgency. So it's a call to be brutally honest with ourselves and confront the control freak deep within; it's the faith in fear that needs to be brought to the light and dealt with.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sun In Scorpio: What Lies Beneath

Yes, the season of the Scorpio is upon us. More than any other sign in the zodiac, I think people are familiar with the attributes associated with this one. It has a formidable reputation which is part fact, part fiction, and as those born under this influence are fully aware of the benefits in having mythical status, they don’t bother setting the record straight.
It’s all in the eyes and aura with this lot, which means they are the easiest sign to recognise through physical characteristics. I mean, is it any surprise to anyone that Condaleeza Rice is a Scorpio? She also has Mercury, Venus and Saturn there too, as well as her career indicator. Other famous Scorps are Picasso, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, Sylvia Plath, Demi Moore, Dostoevsky... and Bram Stoker of course.
There's also Michel Gauquelin, a scientist who got fed up with the wild claims of astrology, and set out to debunk it all. But after much testing he ended up switching sides on the debate, and became one of its greatest fans, eventually providing a large contribution of research and scientific proof, centering around what he called the Mars Effect. (Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio, btw) More on him here.

You see, Scorpio is into truth because it's where the real power lies, and Scorp likes power best of all. It means that all those born at this time of year, or those with a heavy influence of this sign in their chart, have strong issues with truth and lies, control, betrayal, hidden agendas and uncovering motives - it's the sign of the detective because all Scorpios instinctively know that what you see of a person/situation on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing what lies beneath the surface means you know the truth of someone/something, which is a powerful place to be.
It's also the sign of the criminal as well as the detective; the underworld and the darker elements of life. There's also themes of secrets, of skeletons in the closet, and also of ghosts at Halloween. It's the sign linked to the spirit world and all occult matters because it's about the unknown. And like the Death card in Tarot, it's about shedding skins, transformation... a place where what is no longer needed is discarded to make room for what is. In other words it's letting go. Stepping into the dark, the unknown and trusting that what comes of that step is what is necessary, and that you have to close one door to open another.

Scorpio has two ruling planets. Mars and Pluto. Mars is the symbol of desire, and in Aries (also ruled by Mars), it is direct and open, but in Scorpio it's a hidden desire. This is why there's the reputation for being drawn to what they shouldn't as far as relationships goes... in fact as far as anything goes. Anything that dare not speak its name is like a magnet to them.
Pluto is the planet of transformation. The phoenix rising from the ashes, the image re-invented, and the alchemical process. Pluto draws us into the edge of the abyss, like the pull of a black hole, shreds us through its cosmic spin cycle, and spits us out the other side into rebirth and raw newborn rage, a stronger and wiser version of who we were before. Closer to the truth of ourselves that was there but hidden all along.

Scorpio knows deep down that the only thing a person can really own is their inner power, which is mysterious, fathomless, potent and is claimed by going within, rather than through any route in the outside world. This is where the polarity sign of Taurus comes into play, being the sign of ownership and of value.
It's a case of use it or lose it as far as personal power goes. Scorpio is certainly capable of using what others don't value about themselves for their own benefit. If you are giving your power away, some won't waste much time putting it to good use for themselves. A more unscrupulous Scorp type might try to persuade you that your power isn't much value to anyone at all, including yourself, in order to make it feel worthless to you and therefore a free lunch for them. They have to persuade you of that though, they can never just steal it... like every good vampire, they have to wait for an invite.

Until November 22nd, the Sun is moving through the sign of Scorpio, which means the whole world is on that wavelength. Expect the themes and symbols of this sign to express through situations and events, personally and collectively for the duration, and with Jupiter moving into Scorpio for a whole year starting from tomorrow, a brief encounter between Venus and Pluto on Friday, and Mars still retrograde in Taurus until December, expect more updates very soon


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sun and Jupiter: Pride and Prejudice

This weekend Sun meets Jupiter for the final chapter of the Libra story that has been running for the past few weeks. It’s like a Leo meeting up with a Sagittarius: lots of fire, lots of enthusiasm, and lots of friendly banter hiding behind passionate conviction. There’s also creativity, philosophical perspectives, generosity, bags of faith and optimism, sweeping statements and thumbnail sketches. In fact just put ‘lots of’ before everything and you get the Jupiter idea.
This combination makes the bright side of the road even brighter, but it also makes for those positivity workshops where an over-excited convert sweats into a headset microphone, and whips a hungry for hope audience into a frenzy of feel-good merchandise purchasing.

The Libra influence brings it all to the realm of relationships too, so get ready for big gestures, promises and proposals that are written in fireworks in the sky, and that sort of thing. But there's also over-reacting in arguments. Mountains and molehills.
Both the highs and lows of a Sun/Jupiter combination stem from the feeling of being extra lucky. Super-size lucky. If you feel you can’t lose, you are bound to push the boat out a bit, and then the consequences always seem to match the odds.
Message is to enjoy the warm faith and enthusiastic bubble for life and love, but don’t quote too heavily from the ‘you only live once’ school of wisdom. It only takes one ‘live for today’ and before you know it you have a handful of spent lotto lucky dips, and nothing but a neat pile of scratchcard dustings to show for your uber-belief in ‘seize the moment’ style clich├ęs. On the other hand (Libra scales you see), on the other hand It Just Might Be You.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Neptune Fog

Taurean Tony Blair is squeezing the ID cards through another stage closer again. Read more here
It's worrying that even Microsoft have no faith in the security of the ID card system, as when I start my computer I just have to press cancel on my password prompt and it lets me in.
I love this quote by David Heath, who says the technology works perfectly well "unless you are disabled, or have dark skin, or brown eyes, or whether you are bald or wrinkled. If you make the mistake of being bald and wrinkled, it tells you you have got your head upside down."

But anyway it isn't really the issue, it's the whole 'undercover of terrorism' thing that is being used to get people fearful and insecure, and therefore open to the idea that this is necessary. I am noticing these kind of stories start surfacing during Neptune aspects. Remember Bush's speech... It really feels like it's a case of undermining people's sense of security and then cashing in on the fear. In true negative Neptune style we then start looking for a rescuer, someone to protect the flock from the hungry wolves... enter Tony and his ID machine, and George and his war.
Taurean Tony won't give up of course. He has both Sun and Jupiter in Taurus. He also has a few planets right where the eclipse just landed on Monday: Mercury in Aries opposing a Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra... and then this happens the day after...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Text Addict On 700 A Week Habit

Communication planet Mercury currently in obsessive and intense Scorpio makes this kind of story not much of a surprise to hear about. Apparently it's not an isolated case, people getting addicted to text messages. Personally I can think of nothing worse than tapping out endless letters, looking for full stops beyond exclamation marks, hitting an S instead of a T, then not being able to find the right effing word on autocomplete, but apparently this young man found 'something comforting' in it all...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Full Moon Eclipse In Aries Tomorrow

The Sun is in Libra and the Moon in the opposite sign of Aries. I put my interpretation of the Libra pattern in earlier posts, and the Moon in Aries brings a new energy to that pattern. Like all things Aries it's an 'as the crow flies' energy. Direct and to the point, Aries wants what it wants and that's the end of it. No moralising, no discussion, just how can I make this happen for myself as quickly as possible. Bravery and courage are born as a result of this, as well as an open agenda - no point in being secretive about something so important as personal wish fulfillment (And what could be more important than the wishes of The Ram?).
There are countless ways this theme could play out for people, but I think for everyone there will be a general need to prioritise, to honour our desires, stand up and be counted and act on what is really important to us. The Libra new moon presented options, and choices to be made from those options. To make those choices we have to know what it is we really want... enter full moon in Aries. And as it's the second half of this eclipse season, it will all feel more relevant, the impact more widespread, the results long-term.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Venus In Sadge, Moon In Aquarius

Positive vibes are with us and most welcome, thanks to this combination, with faith and freedom as the keywords du jour. Venus is frisky in Sagittarius, upbeat and confident; while Moon in Aquarius is a cool and soothing hand to a hot and bothered forehead. It's difficult to ruffle Moon in Aquarius... it's an unshockable, unconditional energy, and much needed now as we drift between eclipses till the 17th.
Both these signs need lots of space to breathe though, so keep a detached nonchalance re new romance, at least until the Moon marshmallows into Pisces in a couple of days.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

All Ablaze

The ring of fire was captured beautifully by Klipsy on Monday. More of his past eclipse photos here.
This is our dominant psyche symbol for the forseeable, as we move swiftly onto the next stage in the astro drama with an approaching conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, again in the sign of Libra. Remembering that Libra loves relationships, I am starting to think that the keyword for this whole period of current planet patterns is UNION. The Moon eclipsed the Sun, while Venus and Mars were confronting each other, and now we have Mercury and Jupiter occupying the same degree.
The signs Gemini, Virgo, Sadge and Pisces are most influenced by this Merc/Jupiter get together, but for everyone it's about mind expanding experiences.
(photo used with permission)


Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Libra Process

As mentioned previously, you can see the astrology of an eclipse in action by looking for the symbols and qualities of Libra as a theme in current events.

Examples are in justice, but also as in music. Harmony. Balance. Equality. Also relationships, relativity and resonance. Choices. Triangle situations. Co-operation, co-dependancy and Karma (nature's balancer). Beauty, but not necessarily with truth or depth. Keeping up appearances. Catching more flies with honey.
Scales are the only inanimate object in the zodiac which shows the objectivity and lack of bias the Libra process requires, but also possible cold calculation in judgement. The lesson of Libra is that scales need heart and soul to prevent inflicting scary evolutionary faux pas on the rest of humanity. Hence why Love Goddess Venus is the ruling planet presence.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Venus In Scorpio: Kate Moss

Another embodiment of the Venus in Scorpio energy is the Kate Moss cocaine kerfuffle.(Not sure why it was such big news though, as her b.f. is the pale, damp-skinned Pete Doherty for gawd's sake). Venus in Scorpio likes having something to hide, as well as secretly liking everyone finding out - Kate allegedly believes this is going to raise her profile, and it probably will.
Her chart, if the birthdate is correct, shows an early degree Scorpio Moon, which means Venus was around that spot when the story broke. Venus is also in opposition to her Mars in Taurus. This, as I mentioned previously, is where Mars is now, and along with the upcoming eclipse, where all the astro action is focused, for the forseeable. So here is something to watch for: Mars retrogrades on October 2nd, and then stops on the degree of Kate's Mars in early December, returning to this current degree next Feb. Astrology is suggesting that this is a significant time for Kate, that the story began in early August, and that it isn't over yet.
More on a Scorpio theme here


Monday, September 12, 2005

Venus In Scorpio

From now until early October, Venus is in Scorpio. This is deep and hidden dynamics in relationships; control dramas, the ever present power trips, and as always with Scorpio, the issue of revenge.
The essence of this planetary placement was embodied by agony aunt 'Mrs Mills' in the Sunday Times yesterday, in a reply to a question about how to deal with an unexpected meet on street scenario, between questioner and her husband's ex mistress.
The agony aunt (agony being her favourite word, no doubt), urged her to resist temptation to shout direct insults. Instead she says "far better is the unsettling aside that will chip away at her self-confidence for months afterwards. For example, you could have said to your friend, just loud enough for the woman to hear as she passed by '...but it was the smell more than anything else that put him off her in the end..."


Friday, September 09, 2005

Mercury + Uranus = Insomnia

Yesterday and today-ish, Mercury in Virgo is in opposition to Uranus in Pisces.
I remembered while trying to sleep, staring at the ceiling, and feeling I had just drunk 20 cups of coffee, that the Mercury/Uranus bond is a symbol of the awakened mind. The opposition aspect is sparky and punchy: pushing and pulling for its manifestation, and while it's a brief aspect, with all its Mercurial swiftness, there's still lots of room here for things to come of it. Mercury delivers the message, while Uranus reveals all through it. It's about lightbulb moments of meaning, and lightning bolts of understanding. The message is: WAKE UP

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gemini Rant

You know when you get those Sunsign descriptions.. the sort where Scorpio's are sexy dominatrix detectives, Capricorn's are important empire builders, and Piscean's invented the word mystic? Why do Gemini's only get to be two-faced, fickle, deceptive 2nd-hand car dealers types? I have never yet read a fabulous description of Gemini... Versatile and changeable is not very exciting, and is also the province of all 4 mutable signs (Pisces, Sadge, and Virgo), not just the Twins.
Childlike, fragile, superficial, inconsistant, commitment know I think the people who wrote these descriptions are still smarting and bitter from past relationship failures. The best it gets is 'chatty and flirty'. Not much of a superpower is it...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Most Haunted's New Moon in Virgo

Watched 'Most Haunted Live' on TV. They were investigating a derelict Victorian asylum, on the night of a New Moon in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces. But not that much happened, which is a shame. I really thought they might get some strange happenings for this one, but only thing really was a sudden bad smell that they blamed on the ghosts.
Most Haunted is addictive viewing though. Sometimes scary, and exciting, often silly, frustrating, even cringey, but always fantastic television. It’s that eerie green night vision camera, making the pupils of everyone’s eyes shine out in an uncomfortable looking way (never outshining the sparkle of psychic Derek Acorah's diamond earring, of course). And the floating ‘orbs’ they keep capturing on film, which we call ‘moths’ and ‘dust’ where I come from. Then there is skeptic Matthew Smith, called in to represent the ‘oh, don’t be silly’ section of society. I have to admit to a slight crush on Matthew tonight though; his unshakable loyalty in the touchy-feely aspect of science seemed somehow strangely attractive.
And now I have been drawn into watching 4 webcams in the various locations, reading the text messages of an audience who are seeing ghosts, mists and orbs where I can only see empty corridors.
Wonder why ghosts are so camera shy. It’s not like that in the other reality TV shows…so many people trying any way to get on TV, but with most ghosts it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to show themselves. Yet they can't wait to tap someone on the shoulder as soon as they try to fall asleep, etc.
So New Moon in Virgo opposing Uranus didn’t make an impact there. One more night of their investigation left.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Neptune Loves Venus And Jupiter

Relationship fixated Venus is now in cahoots with Jupiter, planet of big gestures and uplifting philosophy; both still in the sign of symmetry loving Libra. This is about pure indulgence, if Jupiter has got anything to do with it, and as Neptune knows no bounds, Venus is in for quite an experience. I am sticking to the 'it's got links with the past' prediction from the other day. Relationships will have that deja vu quality for quite some time yet, but this is a kind of peak experience of it all at the moment.

Pluto Moving On

Lots of debate recently about whether Pluto is a planet or not.. some say planetoid, some say asteroid... I say tiny planet with big impact in a chart.
It's been in retrograde motion ( appearing to move backwards) since Easter, but is now changing direction. Pluto is, among other things, about trust issues, so it's about remembering what was happening in relation to that, back around the end of March. And so much since then has been a deeper exploration of it all.
The 2005 retro cycle isn't completely over with till around the Winter Solstice time (and then it gets really interesting... but that is another post), but now there is the change in direction, the change in attitude, a perspective shift, that comes from realising the antidote for the March situation is acknowledging your truth, and how important it is to you. Yes you knew it then, but now, after all the events during the retrograde cycle, you know why.
Knowing why means it's so much easier to let go of what gets in the way of your truth. In other words, you are another step closer to trusting your own process of letting go and moving on.