Sunday, December 23, 2007

A 4th House Story And A Full Moon In Cancer

Don't know about you but my December has whizzed by in a Saturn in Virgo style flurry of lists, commitments and stuff to sort, as well as a waving off of old stuff and welcoming in of new stuff, and in trying to suss my damaged internet connection... Amy Winehouse has been a more reliable performer than my net connection of late, which along with a continuing saga of various housing situation issues (noisy neighbours, grrrr) meant I've been able to spend even less time than usual writing this blog than I would like.

Transformation planet Pluto hit the base of my chart, my 4th house, a couple of years ago (4th house rules comfort zone, home and family, what's private, personal and very emotionally driven, just like its ruling planet, the moon), and it has been a bit of an intense emotional rollercoaster since then to say the least. Pluto has been in opposition to my Mercury/MC combo at the highest point of my chart, which has manifested as a constant challenge of whether home/personal stuff or work/outside world stuff wins my attention. And months ago I spotted the pile-up of planets that were due to congregate around Pluto at this time of the year and eyed it with trepidation, wondering what on earth else might be about to manifest in this 4th house mix as a result of the Sagittarius sun, expansion planet Jupiter (my 4th house ruler), and communication planet Mercury mingling and merging with the Pluto energy.

I've worked with astrology long enough to know that any energy, no matter how intense looking can express positively, yet it still felt bizarre last week, when with utter synchronicity, right in the heart of all the swooshing busyness, a perfect and peaceful new place for me to live appeared from apparently nowhere (on the day Jupiter moved into Capricorn), transforming everything in my situation including my faith, in a Pluto moment. I've always been into the 'create your own reality' approach of the Law of Attraction philosophy, but what I'd found difficult was not the idea that we are each the creator of our own reality, but the challenge of holding faith long enough toward a preferred vision of the future for positive thinking to get going a snowball-down-mountain type momentum and expansion.

How to think positively when you've already got yourself in a real negative situation is always the dilemma; how to hold the dream while reality keeps biting. Well it can't be done overnight that's for sure, but there's nothing like a stellium in the sign of Sagittarius to help be buoyant enough to rise high above 'reality' and realise that reality is built on belief, and so is as transient and pliable as belief itself.

And now the Solstice is upon us, serving as a cosmic timer for significant turning points, and it means there's a change of mood afoot. Here in the northern hemisphere, Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the sun's journey through earthy Capricorn. This year it is joined by expansion-orientated Jupiter; and during the early hours of Christmas Eve here in the UK the sun in Capricorn stands opposite moon in Cancer, indicating a full moon. With Mars close to the moon on one side of the zodiac, and Pluto still close to sun/Jupiter/Mercury on the other side, it all spells tension as the energies pull against each other. But while I'm gritting my teeth having to write this through my neighbour's endless repeat drivel of overly loud bad-taste power ballads on a hi-fi that only seems to work to its full capacity very late at night, by the end of January I'm outta here, which makes the anticipation of change a real tension breaker.

Change and transition is such a big theme of late 2007 and early 2008; it's everywhere you look, and the mood has now moved from the recent promise of Sagittarius to the anticipation of commitment in Capricorn. Where Sag was about huge leaps of faith, Cap is the next known small step, so Capricorn is easier to handle in that respect; but it's also the sign of great expectations, and apparently the universe delivers experience according to our expectations of it. Therefore this full moon might be a good time to look at expectations of experiences ahead, increasing a feeling of deservability accordingly if low levels are sighted.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jupiter Meets Pluto At The End Of Sagittarius

I don’t know one person who isn’t feeling that something is coming to an end in their lives at the moment. There’s a finality about events, or a sense that the end is nigh somewhere, somehow. It’s Pluto that radiates the finality feeling, that sense of things never being quite the same again sometime very soon. Pluto just ‘is’ that feeling at the best of times, but it ‘is’ even more so at the moment because Pluto’s going through an ending all of its own, coming to the end of its stay in Sagittarius, where it has been since 1995. And it ‘is’ even more so again because Jupiter, the planet that rules the sign of Sagittarius and which has been travelling through Sagittarius for the past year, is now also wrapping up its stay there, finishing off the journey by passing across the degree where Pluto now sits. Jupiter is known for it’s optimistic, uplifting vibe, but is also known for expanding what it touches, making more of what it touches, which means the feeling that ‘is’ Pluto is feeling a whole lot bigger at the moment.

Sagittarius is the sign of personal perspective on the world. It’s the outlook or standpoint individual to each of us, based on where our journey through life has brought us at any particular point, and Pluto has been affecting our standpoint on life since 1995 (take a look back to then, and remember how differently you viewed life. See how much your outlook on life has been transformed by events that had the Pluto stamp all over them since that time). Sagittarius says it depends where you stand as to how you see the world, and Pluto says it depends at what stage you are in the Pluto process as to how you view what’s going on, because look back to ’95 and you can clearly see with hindsight how at times new life eventually unfolded out of a forboding sense of finality. What felt like the end was actually a rebirth, because from the Pluto perspective beginnings are born from endings all the time. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, without question there's a sense of finality about the caterpillar experience, but life doesn’t stop when the caterpillar perspective ends.

But knowing that and allowing the experience of big change are two very different things; before change happens the doubts creep in, that there might be nothing more to come, nothing more beyond what we know now and are currently aware of, and that’s a harsh kind of thinking to see through and beyond. Sometimes people hold back, consciously or unconsciously circling with fear around the doorway, hating the hamster wheel effect their life then produces, just because they can’t find a way to believe there could possibly be more to come. Or that there could be better to come. Or quite often with Pluto, there’s a feeling of being dragged kicking and screaming into new territory (no one said rebirth was easy). So this is where faith comes in, something very much associated with planet Jupiter and so also with Sagittarius (also with Pisces, the other sign that Jupiter rules).

Faith is something that people too often use selectively, especially when it comes to applying it to their own dreams, but if there was ever a time that faith is going to be at the forefront it’s when Jupiter meets Pluto in the sign of Sagittarius. And I’m not talking religious faith, though that is one expression; it’s faith in your own future self. I believe our future shapes itself according to the outlook we hold today, so there’s no need to consult a clairvoyant for your fate, you just sit right here and now and listen to the kind of thoughts that drift through your mind about yourself on a regular basis. How those thoughts feel when you think them indicates your own view about where you believe you are headed, and we always end up going with what we really believe in.

But fate is as flexible as your perspective of it, and Jupiter/Pluto together at the end of Sagittarius can be a formidable force for deep, far-reaching, long-lasting change in outlook because Pluto always seeks to complete its own process. A phoenix always rises from the ashes, but how many of us can say we have gladly moved towards an ending, transition or transformation without any doubt about what might be ahead? Well, Jupiter energy just loves to have faith in our future self and so can work wonders on any Pluto trust issue. It loves to express optimism about what is to come and loves to feel the joy of that life energy in motion (it’s the journey not the destination!). Jupiter knows it’s natural to feel the deep Pluto current of change as a potent and therefore daunting prospect, but also knows there’s more to life than being a caterpillar, as any butterfly will tell you.

You can read more about Jupiter/Pluto cycles in Kathryn Cassidy's newsletter this month. She goes into detail on the key dates involved and has great info on the potential for transformation that this time holds (sign up at her website here or drop her an email). I love her explanation of the cycle of life as a spiral rather than a circle, and of how "Jupiter and Pluto coming together in Sagittarius can speak of a moment pregnant with possibility for a huge spiritual transition, or a leap in consciousness". So if you are done with the hamster wheel of endless circling doubt and disbelief, now's a great time to let go and take a leap of faith in yourself with Jupiter/Pluto.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Horoscopes

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mars Retrograde In Cancer - Taking It All Very Personally

(Mars is retrograde in Cancer from 15th November to 31st December, after that it moves back into Gemini, returning to move forward through Cancer early March 2008 till early May 08).

I wrote a while ago about the sensitive side of Mars in Cancer and its tendency to therefore have a low tolerance level for irritation and frustration (read that here). Well Mars in Cancer is now retrograde (appearing to move backwards), which means there's much more chance of feeling tetchy and snappish until we settle in to the change in direction that's now making itself known in a personal way for each of us. It's a whole new comfort zone for Cancer and that takes some getting used to.

Retrograde phases are famous for throwing up delays and obstacles into our path, but I have a theory that it's when we don't turn with the change in direction that we end up walking into the wind with a sinking feeling that the universe is attempting to thwart every best effort we make. Then it's a quick downward spiral into futility and hopelessness, punctuated by inappropriate fuse-blowing, courtesy of life's little banana-skin-on-pavement moments, until we find a way to go with the flow instead of fighting against the current stream of energy. As it's Mars that is the planet in question I'm not sure how possible it is to kick and scream your way to inner poise, so it might be best to develop a good sense of humour pretty quickly to see you through this settling-in phase.

To help you along here's Basil Fawlty's coping mechanism for the straw that breaks the camel's back. We've all been there, in thought if not in deed, just taking it all too personally; and Mars retrograde in Cancer is the beckoning finger of fate that wants to take you there all over again (and again, and again).

P.S. Basil Fawlty is a character based on a real life hotel owner Donald Sinclair, born with Sun in Cancer square Moon in Aries. Not exactly Mars in Cancer but not far off).

More Fawlty Towers here

Friday, November 09, 2007

Scorpio New Moon

This new moon takes place on the 9th Nov, around 11.05pm GMT. New moons are strongly associated with beginnings, while Scorpio is strongly associated with endings, so the beginning of the ending looks a logical theme to run with, especially with Scorpio ruler Pluto so near the end of its stay in Sagittarius.

Some people often look at astrology and the like for signs of doom to worry about, and there’s nothing like the mention of the beginning of the end to set folk off worrying we’re all headed for hell in a handbag especially when there’s an unexpected comet on the loose and 2012 is a date about to figure highly in any five year plan instead of just being a sci-fi theme or ancient manuscript reference; but what I’m discovering at the moment is that beginnings of endings can be more like a welcome light at the end of the tunnel, which is why I’ve decided to now interpret the Comet Holmes appearance as exactly that.

You see, this week was a bit of a week for me. I’ve had agoraphobia for years (which intensified dramatically once Pluto hit the 4th house cusp of my chart a while ago btw). But this week on the day that the sun hit 15 degrees of Scorpio, in fabulous aspect to freedom planet Uranus, and Scorpio ruler Mars, I suddenly ended up out and about on my own for the first time in many years, wandering around like a comet on the loose. And today I went back to the shops and stayed in there long enough to know the other time wasn’t a fluke. I was only vaguely aware of the exact astrology of now, having been all engrossed in my healing stuff for the past couple of weeks (how Scorpio in itself), so it was a bit satisfying to say the least to see the astro significance in all its glory.

If you’ve ever had a panic attack or you’ve a fear of heights, or enclosed spaces, or the dark, or the dentists, or spiders, birds, mice, love or commitment, flying/driving, life or death, etc etc, then you’ll have an idea of the kind of fear that goes with agoraphobia, and anyone who doesn’t relate at all to any experience of ‘irrational fear’, you’re either very very lucky or in complete emotional denial, and I don’t relate at all to you. It’s only now I’m realising the utter gift of this kind of experience, in the positive broadening and deepening of self-knowing that comes in direct relative proportion to the intensity of the negative experience. The balance of it feels like perfect justice. True it’s bittersweet, as I spent the best part of ten years chasing a freedom I only half believed existed, and I won’t get those ten years back (grief and loss is another Scorpio theme); but there’s no way on earth I would exchange what I’ve learnt about myself and the world as a result. Who would have thought an agoraphobic could learn anything about the outside world, but there you go.

I’m going to be writing more on this in connection to Pluto transits in particular, but wanted to mention it in connection with this new moon, because I'm feeling the joy at the moment of realising that while there’s no point (and no need) trying to be positive about whatever it is that is turning you inside out, there’s every reason to feel positive about the potential of the direction you are headed in as a direct result of the negative experience itself.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

November Horoscopes

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Full Moon In Taurus And Comet Holmes

Way back in 1892, two days after the annual full moon in Taurus, a comet was spotted by Edwin Holmes after its brightness increased significantly, making it more noticeable in the skies. Now 115 years later and two days before this year’s full moon in Taurus (UK time = 26th Oct @ 6am), it suddenly and unexpectedly expanded in brightness again, moving from being an under-achieving, average Joe in the luminosity ladder to being one of its fastest rising stars, plucking it out of astronomy obscurity faster than a reality-show contestant can say ‘overnight success’ (story here)

So what’s that all about then? Is it simply referring to the reappearance of the utterly luminescent reality-show winner, singer Leona Lewis with her newly released single, the darkly Scorpio/Taurus themed ‘Bleeding Love’ (You cut me open and I keep bleeding love!!)? Or is there something more? (And something more than being headed for those doom and gloom predictions that comet astrologers of old invested so heavily in, as I have really had it up to here with irritating apocalyptic predictions, it’s all SO 1999)

Along with the smooth as a sports car synchronicity of the Taurus full moon link-up spanning 115 years, it was the quick and unexpected change in the comet’s appearance that got my attention, because Uranus, planet of sudden, unusual, and unpredictable movement is currently opposed to Venus, the planet that rules Taurus, (and therefore a VIP planet for this full moon chart), while Jupiter, the planet of increase and optimism, sits at right angles to both Venus/Uranus.

But not only that, the comet is located in the constellation of Perseus, the mythical Greek action hero responsible for rescuing his future bride Andromeda from the clutches of some terrible sea monster while on his journey to slay scary snake-haired Medusa. Perseus is the ultimate swashbuckling romantic hero (very Mars in Cancer), and is portrayed as the emotionally driven Knight of Cups in the Mythic Tarot, because the authors saw a strong similarity to the arms-length idealising of women that medieval knights favoured . According to the Mythic Tarot description “Perseus is different from other heroes precisely because of this high idealism and worship of women”. Not sure about that, but it's certainly all very Venusian and rather lunar too, especially the lunar earth of Taurus opposing the deep waters of Scorpio; and weirdly the Perseus/Andromeda story seems to be playing out in the full moon line-up of planets. Taken from this translation of Ovid, here's the meeting of Perseus and Andromeda:

"As soon as Perseus saw Andromeda's arms bound to the rocky cliffs--he might have thought her a marble statue, save that the light breeze ruffled her hair and a slow tear dripped from her eye--he felt the fires of love. He gaped, so taken by the beauty of her form that he almost forgot to beat the air with his wings. Hovering he cried, "O, you shouldn't be bound with these chains but rather with the bonds that link lovers! Tell me your name, your nation, and why you are shackled here!"

At first the maiden said nothing, embarrassed to answer a strange man. She would have hidden her modest face in her hands had they not been bound. Her eyes were free; they brimmed with tears.

Finally after many false starts, afraid that it would seem her silence was hiding her own crimes, she told him her name and her country and explained that she was chained here because her mother had so boasted of her beauty. Before she could finish the story, the waves thundered and an oncoming beast towered over the great sea, hiding the waters beneath its breast".

Isn't the sheer optimism of Perseus, in his willingness to take on the 'impossible' task and heroic journey of slaying Medusa, more than a bit Jupiter in Sagittarius? and then there's the modest maiden (Venus in Virgo) reaching for freedom from the sea monster unleashed by Poseidon (Uranus in Pisces). Turns out this full moon theme unexpectedly has Perseus meeting Andromeda, via the slaying of Scorpio type she-devil's, written all over it.

There's more on the comet here, and from Lynn Hayes here,
on the astrology of comets here,
and more about the myth of Perseus here , and here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brief Look At Now

Had to make a note of it as there's such a lot going on in skies at the moment, what with a lovely new moon in Libra (embracing a new sense of balance), a Sun/Neptune trine (the soft-focus lens of idealism), Jupiter square Uranus (faith, friction, freedom), Venus meeting Saturn meeting south node (deja vu regarding boundaries and 'glass half full' expectations in relationships), and a Mercury Retrograde phase (reconnect, redo, rethink, replay, reverse, etc etc), linking up to Mars (sharp minds thinking alike).

Such a busy and buzzy kind of vibe can only keep on giving, more and more so by blatantly ignoring the guilt feelings rising from your Virgo bit, the 'constructive criticism' (yeah right), from your Saturn in Virgo bit, and the crippling self esteem issues from your Saturn/Venus in Virgo bit. Big breaks still abound via Jupiter/Uranus, and Sun/Neptune is heart-melting and soul-soothing. Also, be fearless in treading Mars in Cancer eggshells underfoot, as Mercury Retro frequently requires endless circling around a subject, while Mercury in Scorpio endless digging for clues or treasure.

Monday, October 08, 2007

It's So Saturn In Virgo...

I will put Chaos into fourteen lines
And keep him there; and let him thence escape
If he be lucky; let him twist, and ape
Flood, fire, and demon --- his adroit designs
Will strain to nothing in the strict confines
Of this sweet order, where, in pious rape,
I hold his essence and amorphous shape,
Till he with Order mingles and combines.
Past are the hours, the years of our duress,
His arrogance, our awful servitude:
I have him. He is nothing more nor less
Than something simple not yet understood;
I shall not even force him to confess;
Or answer. I will only make him good.

Edna St. Vincent Millay (born with Saturn in Virgo opposite Jupiter in Pisces)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mars In Cancer Can Feel Like A Scratchy Woollen Knit

Now that pushy but passionate Mars has moved into the sign of emotional attachments, comfort zones, family ties and domestic bliss, for me it’s all feeling like one of those really harsh, prickly wool garments, the ones that irritate and frustrate with every darn movement you make (and with Saturn now in Virgo, it probably won't wash well either), a garment that you are dying to free yourself of at the first opportunity, to throw to the ground and stamp all over in revenge for each twinge of abrasive discomfort it ever brought you...

...mind you, I have a lot of Pluto stuff going on too, so maybe that’s merging into a more revealing revenge metaphor, but you know what I mean? Now’s the time you are really going to notice what irritates you because in the ultra-senstive sign of Cancer there’s no way Mars is going to sit back, switch off, and let what is bugging you carry on without it inciting some sort of inner riot of emotion just begging to be acted upon. It's then the choice of action that counts I suppose - choose the response instead of it choosing you, and all that. (Do you remember when some New Age assertiveness teachers advised a firm ‘Please step out of my auric egg...’ to be directed to anyone who had the insensitivity to sit too close at a party, in a queue or on a train, etc? I suppose it was meant to be more politely Libran than a hurried Aries style ‘Get outta my space, loser!’. And saying it didn't make them shift of course, but by the time everyone stopped laughing at the term ‘auric egg’ the ice was well and truly broken).

So what’s to be done? Mars is having an extended stay in Cancer due to a retrograde phase in November. The whole thing is set to last months. And not feeling emotion isn’t an option if you want to stay sane, while not feeling negative emotion isn’t an option if you want to stay balanced. As I’m a Law of Attraction fan, my preferred perspective is to think less about ways to kill or cure existing conditions, and notice more how the icky feelings associated with a current situation were actually already there tucked up warm and safe inside you before it all started in the first place.

As far as Law of Attraction goes, it's your own world view that is being reflected by the world, and feelings (arising from habits of thought around any given subject) indicate the kind of conditions you are set to attract; so regardless of appearances, it's not what is 'out there' that is likely to be the original cause of a feeling. And as the universe is designed to always move towards 'more', it means for example, if I’m feeling irritated for long enough (it doesn't happen overnight, it's a build-up), it will support my thoughts and feelings by providing the perfect scratchy sweater in a myriad of different styles and forms to assist me to move towards more irritation. Blaming the sweater is pointless as it only exists as supportive evidence of my outlook on life. So while all emotions are good and healthy, it seems a choice has to be made about what to dwell on, nurture, and therefore make more of. Change the outlook to change the sweater...

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Moon Eclipse In Virgo - When Less Means More

Willard Wigan MBE is an artist who makes sculptures so small they can't be seen with the naked eye, some are so small they are only three times the size of a blood cell. He paints the sculptures with a hair plucked from the head of a housefly, and sets them in the eye of a needle or on the tip of an eyelash.

As a child he had undiagnosed dyslexia, and was made to feel small by teachers who singled him out and told him he would never amount to anything. His response was to run away from school and hide in a shed, watching the ants that lived there. He began constructing houses for them out of splinters, and his obsession with miniature worlds started to unfold, born out of a desire to prove that 'less is more' and that 'nothing could be everything'. And he just sold his collection to date for £11million.

Virgo is the sign which has an eye for detail, and often astrology focuses on the downside of that - the nit-picking, the criticism, the scepticism, the fussing. But when a new moon eclipse comes along in Virgo there's not much time to dwell on the negatives, especially when hard working Saturn has just arrived in this sign, and law-breaking Uranus, the paradox planet that has the power to turn any situation completely on its head, is linking up to the new moon from opposite sign Pisces. The message being, that because in reality anything is possible, now's the time to whittle it all down by choosing what it is YOU WANT to be possible. Scientists and sceptics doubt this artist's creative ability because they don't see how it can be done, but thankfully disbelief didn't dampen his desire to make great things happen out of apparently nowhere.

You can read more on Willard Wigan here
and here
watch an interview here
and here's a YouTube montage of his works:

The 2007 new moon eclipse in Virgo takes place on 11th September at around 1.45pm UK time.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturn In Virgo In The News

The symbol of Virgo depicts the only female figure of the Zodiac, so now that Saturn is in Virgo we'll be seeing plenty of women making headlines that embody the principles of this aspect; kicking off with Germaine Greer's new book, which aims to get the story straight about Shakespeare's wife, Ann Hathaway, who according to accepted opinion was so hated by The Bard that he spent most of his time in London to escape her, and at his death bequeathed only his second best bed in revenge for her being such a lousy wife. But it turns out there might not be much evidence for this after all, according to Greer, just a load of criticism and blame (the dark side of Virgo) built up over the years that ripped her reputation (Saturn) to shreds. Read more here.

And in a very Saturn In Virgo style, Greer remarked in a tv interview today that it's a book she could only have written at retirement age, as any earlier the academic circles would have slated her for writing about something so 'soap opera-ish'. Seems she's not the feather ruffler she likes to think she is, being so motivated by approval from the academic establishment that she'd set aside something she herself considers important, just to appease those potential critics, but anyhoo, she's done it right in 'their' eyes, (the extreme Saturn way to do anything), and has eventually got round to writing about Anne in a way that presents her as the love of Shakespeare's life, and devoted supporter of his work... interestingly, the main star of the Virgo constellation, Spica, was known as 'the most dedicated wife' by the Egyptians (article here).

Elsewhere, the first full day of Saturn In Virgo was also Moira Cameron's first day at work as the first ever female Beefeater to guard the Tower of London, since it all began back in 1485 (link). You can't just sign up to be a Beefeater either, you have to have served 22 years in the armed forces - very Saturn - and up to now you had to be a bloke, which is old-fashioned enough to come under Saturn's love for maintaining traditions of the past well after their sell by date.

And both stories have a rather nice but ever so tenuous trivia thread connecting them, in that the Tudor Age, started along with the Beefeaters in 1485 and ended at the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. Elizabeth was a Virgo and uber symbol of the sign, being writer, poet, and aka The Virgin Queen. She was also imprisoned in the Tower of London for two months, which means the Beefeaters were once her prison guards. Shakespeare was of course around at that time, and wrote all kinds of stuff with her in mind, including apparently this poem, published for the first time this year, written in worship of his Virgo Queen... no doubt while wife Ann was home alone with the kids...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Walt Whitman For August 28th Eclipse In Pisces

Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances

Of the terrible doubt of appearances,
Of the uncertainty after all—that we may be deluded,
That may-be reliance and hope are but speculations after all,
That may-be identity beyond the grave is a beautiful fable only,
May-be the things I perceive—the animals, plants, men, hills, shining and flowing waters,
The skies of day and night—colors, densities, forms—May-be these are, (as doubtless they are,) only apparitions, and the real something has yet to be known;
(How often they dart out of themselves, as if to confound me and mock me!
How often I think neither I know, nor any man knows, aught of them;)
May-be seeming to me what they are, (as doubtless they indeed but seem,) as from my present point of view—And might prove, (as of course they would,) naught of what they appear, or naught any how, from entirely changed points of view;
—To me, these, and the like of these, are curiously answer’d by my lovers, my dear friends;
When he whom I love travels with me, or sits a long while holding me by the hand,
When the subtle air, the impalpable, the sense that words and reason hold not, surround us and pervade us,
Then I am charged with untold and untellable wisdom—I am silent—I require nothing further,
I cannot answer the question of appearances, or that of identity beyond the grave;
But I walk or sit indifferent—I am satisfied,
He ahold of my hand has completely satisfied me.

Walt Whitman

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Harmony Of The Spheres?

Harmony Shmarmony - best close all the windows before pressing go on this one, or you'll set every dog in the neighbourhood off howling. But thanks to Mystic Medusa for discovering this absolute gem from YouTube - a trip through all 12 signs of the zodiac using the medium of song and dance.

Style is kind of retro Las Vegas nightclub (though I don't know what Tony Soprano would have made of a serving of this while waiting for something a bit more Sinatra), mixed with Pans People - those purveyors of the 'literal' school of dance, which required lots of wagging fingers, shocked expressions and hands crossing and uncrossing over chest).

Difficult to choose a favourite bit, but Scorpio has the best line for me: "I can see right through your soul and out the other end". Quite.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Abraham Hicks And The New Moon In Leo

If you believe in what you see, then you are believing in the creations of the past. Everything you have from here on out can be created at this moment, and it can be created differently - Abraham

I love Abraham-Hicks. For so many years they have just been quietly getting on with doing their own thing, inspiring and uplifting whoever feels drawn to listen, with crystal clear speaking on the beautiful way the universe has about it, of Law of Attraction and the innate value and natural power possessed by every being on the planet. On the one hand speaking with more common sense than your most down-to-earth 1940's North of England matriarch, complete with pot of rationed tea and flowery pinny, against a background of cobbled streets strung with fluttering white washing; yet somehow at the same time managing to make life seem more magical than a Midsummer Eve in Unicorn Land, where all elves and fairies are lately rejoicing the lifting of a thousand year curse.

Yes, I can't get enough of them. And last year I quoted them in relation to the 2006 New Moon in Leo (read that here), as Leo embodies the creative heart of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun - the creative heart of our solar system - and it's this creative power that Abraham talks endlessly about, where energy follows attention and only love and appreciation can make a fairy wand work any real magic. Once a year the Sun arrives in this sign to light up the inner Leo in everyone, and once a year the Sun meets the Moon in that sign, making a New Moon in Leo; a time to set new intentions and to begin a new cycle for all projects we've poured heart and soul into, as well as those we are only just nurturing dreams of pouring heart and soul into. For 2007, this New Moon takes place on 13th August, just after midnight in the UK, when Sun and Moon stand together opposite Neptune, the planet of least resistance. Which makes a right old line-up of planets in Leo this year, as communication planet Mercury stands near the New Moon, while Saturn + Venus are together again to recall and replay past events, perhaps with a focus relating to late June.

It's an unusual line-up in the skies, and there's an unusual offering from Abraham-Hicks to match it - their first LIVE two hour internet workshop, courtesy of Hay House Radio. So if you've ever wondered whether the Law of Attraction is really myth or reality or maybe want to sharpen skills already fashioned from other inspirational fires, you can grab a powerful, live, New Moon experience to remember by taking part here , or you can gen up for free by listening to past Abraham recordings in the comprehensive Hayhouse archives.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturn In The UK Chart

The chart I use for the United Kingdom is 1st Jan 1801, which is the date the Act of Union came into effect. On that day Saturn was at 23 degrees of Leo, a degree Saturn has just recently hit again on July 10th 2007, indicating the UK is in the process of a Saturn Return.

The Saturn Return happens once every 28 to 30 years to everyone, being the time it takes for Saturn to complete a cycle around all 12 zodiac signs. It's associated with time, the past, responsibility, authority, maturity and limitation - all are food for themes running through events at the time of any Saturn Return. (Read more about the S.R. here). The kind of themes that are active in a person's life, or in this case, a nation's life, at the time of a Saturn Return are the seeds or foundation for the unfolding cycle as a whole, so what is important in UK news at Saturn Return time embodies the essence of the cycle in store somehow.

The UK got a new Prime Minister just a few days before this S.R. date, and Gordon Brown exudes that sensible-shoed Saturn spirit, in a 'parent just back from hols after leaving Tony the teenager home alone' kind of way. Even though he's a devil for his stealth taxes, and messed up badly with the pensions fiasco, it still feels like there's a responsible adult just taken charge of the country. But as he's a huge fan of identity cards and all that dodgy biometric database doings, the question of who is really in charge (Saturn) of our identity (Leo) is likely to be a major theme for the UK during this Saturn cycle.

It seems that in the two years Saturn has been moving through the sign of Leo, surveillance, especially from CCTV cameras (Leo) has brought the UK closer than ever to a big brother (Saturn) society. Apparently with 4.2 billion cameras now knocking around, your average Brit can make up to 300 appearances a day on camera; probably more than that in the parts of Wales that have 73 cameras on one street. And it's getting more daft and more sinister in equal measure by the day, with stories of the cameras set to guard the cameras (link), and of the talking CCTV, whose control room operators are under strict instructions about what commands they can give... it appears even the watchers are watched...

"Yelling 'Oi you, stop that', is not permitted. Instead, their instructions make the following suggestions: 'Warning - you are being monitored by CCTV - Warning - you are in an alcohol-free zone, please refrain from drinking'; and Warning - your behaviour is being monitored by CCTV. It is being recorded and the police are attending.'
Mr Bonner said: 'We always make the requests polite, and if the offender obeys, the operator adds 'thank you'. We think that's a nice finishing touch".
(article here)

Saturn in Leo = Authority Figures of Fun
Saturn is the law enforcer - the planet of rules and regulations - and boy do we love our rules and regulations in the UK; the unfortunate legacy of Blair's Britain is that we are actually now up to our ears in daft laws and political correctness that defy common sense or usefulness. Fingers crossed that this new Saturn cycle indicates it's time for a law prohibiting daft laws, as well as some on the spot fines for P.C. behaviour. However, on the positive side Leo is the sign of the entertainer and sometimes there's nothing quite like the drama of deciding whether to laugh or cry at the tragi-comedy born from some of the more hardcore P.C. stories...

For example, how about the council who kept the lights of a disused school burning for years so vandals wouldn't fall and hurt themselves? (link) Or the village Christmas fete that was going to be cancelled unless a risk assessment was carried out on the mince pies? (link) And just in the past few days two classic stories have emerged, firstly in the banning of armbands for children at a local swimming pool because of the danger of disease that might arise from the required mouth to armband inflation method (link), and finally with a local councillor asking a restaurant to change its name from 'Fat Buddha' because, she says, Buddhists will be offended. Strangely she is sticking by her comments, even though the restaurant owner, Mr Fung, is a Buddhist who pointed out he's not offended. A spokesman from the Buddhist society backing him up did nothing to sway her either (story here).

Neptune, Bringer of Cloud and Rain
Planet Neptune, ruler of boundless waters and flooding, has been standing opposite to Saturn in the skies for months, and this aspect reached it's final peak at the time of the UK Saturn return; the time when Britain was hit by the worst flooding it has seen for years (link). Though while some are quick to use the summer weather as evidence of global warming, it's not as clear cut, or as unusual as they would hope it to be (link). Last time the UK saw weather like this was back in the early 1950's, when powerful Pluto was in the process of crossing the 23 Leo degree position of the nation's Saturn. There were serious floods, storms and even killer smog over a period of months that eventually led to thousands of deaths. And in true Pluto style, there's even a conspiracy theory developing around those events, with a mysterious tale of the RAF conducting weather experiments at the time of the flooding. Read that story here, and the scoffing of it here.

While Saturn is wrapping up its stay in the sign of Leo (not to return till 2034), in readiness to move into Virgo for the next couple of years, these and other Saturn/Leo themes will continue to resonate in the UK chart, and from an astrological point of view, in the UK psyche. In Saturn Return terms this is a cycle that has only just begun.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Dr Who Hates Astrology!

I just found out David Tennant hates astrology with a passion!
I’m devastated. It was only when he became the tenth Doctor Who that I got right back into a show I hadn’t watched since being a small child in the 1970’s. Back then I watched mostly from behind the sofa, as it seemed the only safe place once those Daleks arrived. It was a show that became the source of countless childhood nightmares (oh, that theme music!), but then I grew up to be an astrologer much in love with all things of star and space and fell for this Tennant Time Lord incarnation immediately. I rejoiced in the weekly triumph of Geek Chic over all manner of monsters and scary folk, armed only with a sonic screwdriver, a winning smile, and the kind of confidence and optimism born from the conscious memory of nine previous lifetimes. What can I say, he’s my kind of guy.

It’s surely a measure of his skill as an actor that I’m confusing fantasy and reality in such matters, but now I find David Tennant hates astrology I’m all shattered dreams and disappointment. I won’t ever be able to ask for an autograph in case he shoos me away sternly, and sadly my hero now seems to be angrily aiming that sonic screwdriver directly at me from my favourite Who wallpaper. In the most intolerable twist of fate imaginable, being an astrologer means I’ve actually become one of Dr Who’s monsters.

And I’m making it all worse for myself because I can’t help thinking the whole thing reeks of his sun in Aries nature. Yes, Tennant’s an Aries. Surely no surprise there. Only an Aries could spit nails on a subject without having researched it first. But maybe that’s just my Moon in Aries instantly assuming he hasn’t. Whatever, I’m now on a galactic quest in search of the astrology of Dr Who. I need to soothe my soul the best way I know…

The Tom Baker Connection
Legend has it that back in the 70’s, when Tom Baker was caretaker of the Dr role, (he of the long scarf and wide-eyed grin), while I was quivering uneasily behind the sofa armed only with Sindy dolls and a Spacehopper to see off those Cybermen, elsewhere a wee Tennant was so thrilled by Baker’s performance, he made a decision there and then that acting was his destiny. In true sci-fi plot style, it turns out Dr Who literally inspired a future incarnation of Dr Who. And if astrology is doing its job properly, it’s going to show up in a birth chart comparison of both actors.

David Tennant born 18th April 1971, Bathgate, West Lothian
Tom Baker born 20th January 1934, Liverpool, England

I don’t have birth times for either Baker or Tennant (and am too nervy of a brusque response from my hero to write and enquire further), but just a Googled birthdate and a midday birth time is enough info to bring up a chart showing a number of fascinating astro aspects between the pair, including a Sun/Moon conjunction, and a Sun square Sun aspect. Both are significant indicators of strong links between two charts, but there was also another aspect that got my attention: the North Node of the Moon, which is famous for being an indicator of destiny in a chart. Both actors share North node in Aquarius, just a couple of degrees apart at 19 and 21 degrees. It takes around 19 years to return to its starting point in a cycle, so a strong link like this to another chart isn’t something that happens everyday.

An argument often thrown at astrology in an attempt to invalidate it is that all children of David Tennant’s age had this aspect, but not all went on to become Dr Who. But trying to be detail specific when it comes to destiny is missing the point, as astrology speaks strongest about shared wavelengths and similarity of energies (symbolised by the planets, signs, etc), which spark an individual resonance or recognition, tuning-fork fashion; in this case like an acorn in the presence of an oak tree recognising the potential blueprint held within.

Astrologers look for patterns in charts and between charts, and these patterns can run on like a connecting thread, spanning generations and events. Widening the search to join the dots, I looked at the chart for the first ever Doctor Who series, (first aired 23rd November, 1963, 17.15pm). The Sun (identity) had just moved into the first minutes of the sign of Sagittarius, just the right symbol for the nomadic adventurer spirit that characterises the soul of the The Doctor. Moon was conjunct Saturn at 17 degrees of Aquarius (Saturn is the planet associated with time and authority, and therefore Time Lords - check out his funky retro spaceship for a true Saturn symbol).

This 17 degree Aquarius point was cosily close enough to Baker and Tennant's shared North Node degrees to suggest this area might be a hotspot between Dr Who related charts, in which I could expect to see planets and angles repeatedly cropping up. It’s oh so difficult without birth times to get an accurate picture of who might have what at that hotspot, but soldiering on, I looked at info for writer Russell T Davis (27th April 1963), and found he had Saturn at 22 degrees of Aquarius (in exact dynamic 90 degree aspect to David Tennant’s Saturn in Taurus, btw).

The original Dr Who series ran from 1963 to 1989, then returned to tv screens on 26th March 2005, thanks to the genius of Russell T Davis's brilliant writing. Scanning the classic series last episode chart (6th December 1989) for any sign of action on those hotspot Aquarius degrees showed the North Node back at 19 Aquarius; while the new series in 2005 had Neptune (imagination) at 17 Aquarius.

I could have gone on and on with the Aquarius trail, as more clues were everywhere, but it was dinner time and the washing machine needed reloading, unfortunately signalling my journey through time and space had to draw to a close for now. However there was just time to check the United Kingdom chart (1st Jan 1801), because when something like Dr Who is taken to the hearts of the nation in such a huge way, it’s going to be seen resonating with the UK chart strongly too. And along with some other great aspects to the charts, I found the UK's Venus (relationship and value) to be located at 17 Aquarius.

I’ve concentrated on those aspects between 17 and 22 Aquarius here, but there’s plenty more I haven’t mentioned. No doubt plenty more I couldn’t see because of thumbnail sketch birth details. I can imagine many people might not see a meaningful connection between a bunch of numbers and a few charts, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s these kinds of collective ‘coincidence’ patterns that reveal the true nature of astrology. Because real astrology is more about patterns than predictions, more about free will than fate, and turns out to have more in common with a Time Lord than with a Mystic Meg. Forget the touch and feel clockwork universe that sceptics get so panicky about questioning; now that it’s all mandelbrots and fractals there's plenty of room in that weird old world of quantum chaos for astrology to exist quite happily without causing any damaging ripples at all in the fabric of the space-time continuum, as a result of rocking that boat of accepted reality.

Read this article here for an insight into how astrology and strange but true weird science now sit comfortably side by side.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Week Ahead...

Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius exact, Venus in Leo joins Saturn.
No better embodiment is there of Saturn + Venus in Leo than Dame Shirley Bassey in swathes of sparkling hot pink fru fru, belting out I am what I am to a mud and rain-soaked Neptune in Aquarius Glastonbury Festival crowd today.

Mercury Retrograde is still going strong...
...and I've had 2 computer disasters since this particular retro cycle began just over a week ago, both involving my wireless connection, both requiring me to plug back into the web the old-fashioned way. It got me thinking about Cancer being the sign of retro attachments, umbilical cord style.

Mars moves into Taurus
Mars (desire, motivation) in the sign of Taurus (ownership, possession, material value and self-worth) is about as subtle and nimble as a bulldozer when it comes to the way forward, but wins all prizes for staying power and tunnel vision focus (New Prime Minister anyone?).

Full Moon in Capricorn 30th June
Tension builds around the subjects of responsibility, approval and permission in current situations. This too is destined to pass of course, and with flying colours at that, but it can be difficult to keep that in mind when moments are stress-heavy; especially when England's smoking ban is due to come into force the very next day...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Affirmations And The Gemini New Moon

Have you tried affirmations? The process involves lots of writing out positive statements about yourself and your life situation, in the hope that the relentless repetition will wear down the subconscious, like water dripping on stone, or waves against a cliff, or Neptune against Saturn, ending up with your inner critic throwing in the towel with a despairing, ‘ok ok, you’re healthy, wealthy, and wise!’

I’m using a book at the moment that suggests writing your affirmation in the form of a question gets you better and faster results. The premise being that if the conscious mind asks, the ever creative subconscious mind goes searching for a suitable response, Google style, and because most of our inner dialogue is negative by default, the best match answers are usually drawn from the harshly disempowering inner critic pages.

For example, the common lament of ‘why does this always happen to me?’, or ‘how could I have been so stupid’, isn’t going to net soothing results. Whereas ‘why do I only seek and see the best in life’, or ‘why is it now easy to be in the right place at the right time’, is going to set your mind off in far more fruitful and practical yet magical direction. The point isn’t to get the definitive answer though; it’s more about getting the constant background ramble of thoughts flowing in a more creatively positive direction.

And it all fits right in with the current astro-weather, because it’s all very Gemini, very new-moonish, and also rather Mercury retrogrady, as the process involves reframing and rewriting your existing negative self-chat.

The book, by Noah St John and Denise Berard is here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Full Moon Effect - It's Official!

“When you try to reason with people on a full moon they become more aggressive and less rational... When you try to reason with them on a full moon they become more argumentative.”

So says Inspector Andy Parr of Sussex police, who, after researching lunar cycles and violent crime has found enough evidence of a link to warrant extra officers on patrol during full moons and new moons. (read story here)

Saturn Opposite Neptune?

"Spiritual versus Material are not the choices. Everything about this physical manifestational experience is spiritual. It is all the end product of spirit. You have nothing to prove. Be the spiritual you and create like a physical fiend."

- Abraham Hicks

Thursday, May 03, 2007

'Les Fleurs' For 15 Degrees Of Taurus

When the sun reaches 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) it indicates a cross-quarter day in the cycle of the year, and marks a mid-point within the cross of cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

At this point in the wheel of the year, we're mid-way between the equinox point of zero degrees Aries, and the solstice point of zero degrees Cancer. It's a seasonal turning in the wheel from spring to summer if you're in the northern hemisphere, and the corresponding festivals reflect this. As earthy Taurus is ruled by Venus, who was a Goddess of love and beauty, it's no surprise there are blossoming flower maiden's and May Queen's in abundance at this time of year.

The sun reaches 15 degrees of Taurus on 5th May 2007, so in celebration and appreciation of the Venus spirit here's Minnie Riperton's goose bump inducing 'Les Fleurs' on a great YouTube offering. Interestingly, Minnie Riperton was born at 15 degrees of Scorpio...

Will somebody wear me to the fair?
Will a lady pin me in her hair?
Will a child find me by a stream?
Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream.

For all of these simple things and much more a flower was born
It blooms to spread love and joy faith and hope to people forlorn

Inside every man lives the seed of a flower
If he looks within he finds beauty and power

Ring all the bells sing and tell the people be aware that the flower has come
Light up the sky with your prayers of gladness and rejoice for the darkness is gone
Throw off your fears let your heart beat freely at the sign that a new time is born

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Full Moon In Scorpio

This week the annual full moon in Scorpio is on the 2nd, then the sun reaches 15 degrees of the sign Taurus on the 5th. Meanwhile Venus, ruler of Taurus, is moving to stand in opposition to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio.

Which means Taurus and Scorpio themes abound. Ownership, possessions and relationship to the material world are the realm of Taurus, and what lies beyond, underneath or within it all - the space between - is Scorpio. There's also resources (Taurus) and others resources (Scorpio); your energy and their energy. And the trust issue of relationships. It’s all at the forefront now, and wherever there’s a full moon there’s an amount of tension associated with it, as a full moon represents a culmination of energy, and a change in emotional focus or attitude.

I’m feeling all this in my search for somewhere new to live. My current house is driving me nuts with noisy neighbours and loud traffic (hence blogging is thin on the ground until I get some PEACE to concentrate!). And I’ve been looking for somewhere new for months but I’m renting and it’s a nightmare with my budget and current availablity of properties. Also, my Venus in Taurus doesn’t relish renting ANYTHING off anyone, but unfortunately I have Neptune right opposite Venus. Plenty of character building lessons for me in that one, let me tell you.

Ready to count the Taurus/Scorpio themes? Here goes: I have this deep, abiding resentment of landlords. I have a deep discomfort about being beholden to them for my living space. Many bad experiences in the past have led to a deep mistrust. I don’t like the way some of them take advantage of tenants, and I don’t like that my home is their business. It was all summed up the other day on one of the myriad of property programmes currently flooding UK television screens, when a buyer looking at a potential place was advised it wasn't suitable for him to live in, and was only for the rental market. Apparently it wasn’t nice enough for an owner-occupier, it was only good enough to paint over the cracks and get some tenants in to pay dearly for it.

I’m FED UP of landlords/whoever thinking that if you have little money and few possessions you don’t want a decent place to live, and have no interest in keeping the place you live decent. I could send them something informative on Venus/Neptune contacts I suppose, but I’m too into the idea of the Law of Attraction at the moment. The idea that I'm responsible for my reality through the nature of my thoughts, beliefs, and attitude both excites and repels in equal measure, and this is the crux of my full moon in Scorpio dilemma: dropping the bitter taste of Scorpionic resentment towards the average landlord feels like I'm letting 'them' get away with it, but at the same time, letting it all go and Taurusly owning my reality does curiously feel like the ultimate living space I’ve been craving for years...

Monday, April 23, 2007

End Of Saturn Retrograde At Last

One day in early December 2006, a rather flustered on duty police officer accidently reversed his car into mine, and like all astro folk, I’m hardwired to pause mid-event to look for likely matching transits; a quick scan of the environment reveals planet, sign and house signatures, then it’s just a case of superimposing the relevant chart aspects over it all, courtesy of minds eye technology. In this case Saturn (planet of law enforcement) just hours previously had begun a retrograde phase (appearing to move backwards).

Sceptics say the event was just a coincidence, because lots of other people that day didn’t encounter the reversing police officer in their path, but sceptics don't seem to understand that astrology deals with a tailor-made unfolding of events, born of an abundance of elements such as times, dates and places of then and now, along with all the possibilities of expression each astro symbol carries. It's about showing how the universe is out-picturing us, weaving together for each individual the closest external manifestation-match for their inner landscape at any moment.

Of course there was a lot more going on in my chart than Saturn retrograde, but to go into all that would take all day as there was A LOT going on at the time (hence one very flustered police officer); though I will say that Saturn was squaring Neptune in my chart, and the police officer remarked ‘I just didn’t see you’. Anyway, upshot was he admitted liability, and I set about making a claim for the damage. It took ages. Ages and ages for each step of the way to inch closer to completion, which is a trademark of the retrograde phase – the dragging of the heels and the wading through of the treacle. But each delay that happened I simply remarked ‘ah, Saturn retrograde I presume', while nodding like a very wise and knowing person.

I got a final letter this weekend, as Saturn ended its retro phase and began direct motion once again, informing me that full costs had been recovered and the case was considered closed. That’s the end of that then.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Full Moon In Libra On 2nd April...

...takes place around 6.15pm UK time, but the energy builds up gradually during the preceding days, and slowly lessens after that. Full moon energy is sometimes tangible as a heaviness or tension in the air, and situations can hold the tension within them, much like our bodies storing up stress. Because of this, a full moon can also indicate a turning point in a situation - a release of energy leading to change we’ve been working towards for some time.

The moon in Libra stands opposite to the sun in Aries for this full moon. Libra the scales symbolises the balancing and harmonising of connections and relationships; while Aries is more self focused, on preferences, priorities, goals and agenda. These two signs are chalk and cheese in the way they can be other-orientated and self-orientated respectively, but both perspectives are necessary for true balance, and this is where the potential for tension comes in, as the Aries path gets rather more bad press than the Libra way in our society, being associated with behaviour labelled undesirable and selfish.

Recently I chose to end a friendship (with good cause from my point of view, of course). My friend told me I was wrong to end our friendship, as it meant I was ‘too conditional’, and ‘not unconditional enough’. It wasn’t the evolved thing to do, apparently, and in her eyes, placed me firmly at the lower end of the spiritual spectrum, along with Ouija boards and Jackie Stallone’s buttock divinations.

Happily, I have both moon and north node in Aries, so remained unconvinced that my relationship with Divine Universal Life Force could be either enhanced or diminished, as a result of me acting in a way that made her feel better about her world. But there’s lots of thinking out there that supports her argument, and not just in so called spiritual thinking, it's everywhere; most recognisable as the ‘You Would If You Loved Me’ school of thought.

So for me, the annual full moon in Libra indicates the chance to become aware of how our need to be liked and loved by others is impacting our current agenda, or the set of intentions designed to hold us in alignment with our true Self. Because choosing to follow whatever makes us feel more in alignment with ourselves is non-negotiable in my book, and is something I wish for each and everyone everywhere, unconditionally.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I don’t know if it was the Pluto based eclipse we just had, or if it was the shift into the fiery and forceful sign of Aries that did it, but I’ve finally burned through through the worst of those nicotine cravings. It’s taken nearly 3 months to feel ‘normal’ again (but for anyone reading this who is either thinking of giving up, or has just given up – don’t be put off by the length of time - it doesn’t mean I had 3 whole months with NO relief from cravings, it just felt that way a lot of the time).

Only thing is I still can’t go near alcohol, as that was my strongest trigger for a smoke. Give me a gorgeous glass of red wine and a Marlboro Light or twenty and I was in heaven with the door shut, so it has to be avoidance till I’m a bit more used to being smoke-free.

For me the astrology was about north node in Pisces, currently making its way through my sixth house of health and Stuff To Sort. North node sign ruler Neptune (smoke) is of course, in opposition to Saturn (limits), but Pluto seems to have had a lot to do with it all too. Pluto’s been hanging around the IC/4th cusp point of my chart for about a year now, and I feel I’ve done more along the theme of transformation than ever before – including the blog – how do you like the new look?

There was definitely some kind of crescendo of cravings reached around the last eclipse, as if it was the final death throes or something. And then recently, I suddenly realised I couldn’t hear that teeth-grindingly irritating nicotine voice calling anymore, and it was spring; outside the sky was clear and blue, and the daffodils bright yellow like the sun. Maybe it was the equinox, the passing of a season into a whole new energy, I don’t know, but I do know it was worth the dark days to get here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The New Moon Solar Eclipse In Pisces

Pisces people have a reputation in astrology folklore for being the 'old souls' of the zodiac. I don't know about that, but I do agree with the thinking behind it, because Pisces is a sign associated with transcendental experiences; the kind of experiences that rock your world, take you beyond your current perspective and leave a legacy there's much more going on than meets the physical eye. And it takes courage and the wisdom of lifetimes to deal with all that effectively, because all too often these experiences feel at best transient, and at worse elusive and indefinable.

Pisces is as much about spirituality as it is about drugs, and as much about art as it is about religion, because this sign is about finding the Self by losing the self. We all have Pisces somewhere in our chart so we all have this kind of thing going on somehow, and especially now, as the sun and moon meet in this sign for the new moon eclipse on March 19th at 2.33am GMT. Pluto in Sagittarius is squaring the sun and moon meeting point, meaning that the intense, transformational quality of Pluto in Sagittarius, the sign of beliefs and philosophy, is going to be an active and influential part of the Pisces eclipse pattern. Or in other words, events are strongly suggesting that the best course of action is to Trust The Process, and Go With The Flow, as This Too Shall Pass.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UK No Smoking Day On 14th March

I stopped smoking on 3rd January this year, and I was doing great up till the full moon eclipse time on 3rd March. Since then I've been hit by intense cravings, and my thoughts seem to revolve around the whole issue of to smoke or not to smoke. I can't sleep at night for the overwhelming ache. Can't write, can't concentrate; I'm spaced out, tearful, with no appetite. It's like I'm heartbroken over the end of a relationship.

So thank goodness for a no smoking day. It stops that feeling of isolation, it puts you back in touch with the reality that there's thousands of others going through the same thing, and thousands of others who've gone through it, come out the other side.

Only thing I don't like about the whole anti-smoking brigade is the use of the message of fear. Bless them, I'm sure they think they are doing it for the right reasons, but I don't think it helps at all painting smoking as the devil's work, or trying to guilt trip or patronise people into stopping. In fact if I had one tip to offer people who are thinking of quitting, it's to keep away from the fear/guilt based stuff, and concentrate on the joy of experiencing what you dreamed about while stuck in the smoking cycle. Feel the joy of fresh air and more cash, of breathing easier and being free of such a high maintenance relationship. It's all good stuff, and you deserve to feel good.

Hopefully I'll be able to write more when I'm through this stage of it (I have high hopes for the new moon in Pisces that is coming up), but for now I'm just following my feelings and going with their spacey, wistful, but defiant flow.

The No Smoking Day website is here
And the site is here, which I found helpful, especially the forum

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Full Moon Eclipse In Virgo On 3rd March

Along with the new moon eclipse (next one is in Pisces in a couple of weeks), full moon eclipses symbolise trends and themes that are important in our lives for months, sometimes years to come. It's always a double event when it happens - one full moon, one new moon - and there's always 2 sets of eclipses a year that run in cycles through the signs.

We're in the season of the Virgo/Pisces cycle of eclipses at the moment. It's easy to tell which season we're in, by checking the sign the north and south nodes of the moon are moving through, because when a full or new moon falls within about 10 degrees of the nodes, you have an eclipse (find out more about moon nodes here)

All eclipses have the potential to be powerful, but this one on 3rd March caught my attention as I like to look to the planets that rule the north/south node signs for more information on the ways the eclipse will manifest and express; in this case Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is currently in a retrograde phase, while Jupiter and Neptune, rulers of Pisces, are both on important journeys of their own.

Jupiter (expansion) is squaring the north/south node axis (square = dynamic, challenging, stressful), which might give a feeling of being at crossroads, or having a choice to make about direction, especially regarding the past v future. Neptune of course, is currently still close within its second of three oppositions with Saturn that take place over 2006/7, and I wrote this post about the potential in that aspect, during the first hit last summer.

Onto the actual sun/moon relationship that is the centre of the energy in any eclipse, and the sun in Pisces stands opposite moon in Virgo, which means it's a full moon, and any full moon symbolises a turning point, a change of pace or direction. The build-up of energy as the planets pull against each other can often be felt as tension or restlessness, and it’s this energy that pushes situations towards change. With moon in Virgo there might be the feeling that there's been enough analysis of a situation and it's time to go with flow, in a move from linear to non-linear based thinking. Or maybe you've decided you've experienced enough criticism and not enough compassion, especially from your inner critic. Maybe you feel you've had it up to here with 'to do' lists. Whatever it is you'll recognise it in your urge to shout ENOUGH! No More!

During this full moon, the sun and Uranus are close together in Pisces, which is another important piece of this eclipse picture, and another potent symbol for change. Uranus is known for its unpredictability and the tendency to turn situations on a sixpence, in the twinkling of an eye. It’s a planet that is often called The Awakener, due to its ability to offer sudden clarity and flashes of inspiration, but also quite literally with its over-stimulating effect on the nervous system that can lead to insomnia and wide-eyed caffeine-style highs.

The moon in opposition to Uranus will most likely increase the feeling of restlessness that characterises the full moon experience, as well as lowering the tolerance level to feeling trapped or bored in a situation, but it can also carry an uncompromising energy with it, that can be refreshing and supportive to those in need of reconnection with Self. This is because Uranus champions the true nature of an individual, while having little interest in helping accommodate square pegs in round holes.

Remembering that the eclipse period indicates events with long-lasting, far-reaching effects, it looks like the symbolism of this planetary picture shows this is where 2007 starts to get interesting.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Infinite Love And Gratitude For Valentine's day

Because I believe the universe runs on appreciation and gratitude, I was delighted to find Dr. Darren Weissman's website that explains his healing method called The Lifeline Technique. He uses the sign language for 'I Love You' in his treatments, and believes healing is a lot more simple than we think because the body is designed for self-healing.

I found Dr Weissman's site through Chyrene Pendleton's blog Prosperity is a State of Mind, which recently featured a webcast interview with him.
From Cheyrene's blog there's this quote from him:

"...When you say "Infinite Love and Gratitude" to the body while holding your hand mode in this "I Love You" sign, it instantly has an impact on the molecular structure of the water that makes up each and every one of the cells in our body."

Think its overly simplistic? There's only one way to find out if it works or not...

The Isle of Light's webcast can be found here

and Dr Darren Weissman's site is here

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mercury Retrograde Till Early March

It's true Mercury Retrograde has built quite a reputation for always putting a spanner in everyone's works, but with Mercury in the magical, mystical sign of Pisces, it doesn't have to be all about losing yourself in boring communication breakdowns or head-scratching computer glitches.

For example, take this great tip from Mystic Medusa for working with the other worldly essence of this particular retrograde:

"Here is some easy "therapy" for Mercury Retro in Pisces. Sometime before the Full Moon Eclipse on March 3/4, write your own FairyTale. As in YOUR fairy tale. Once Upon A Time....etc.
And it has to be less than 800 words. Your quest, your treasure, your castle...and because - literally - only YOU will ever read it, you can feel free to cast whomever you want as wicked step-parents, handsome princes or mysterious guide figures. I always think it's interesting what stories we create about our lives when we know it's between us and ourselves..."
(More from Mystic here)

So pass that feather quill and crack open the Laudanum, I'm feeling a Victorian-gothic mini-masterpiece might be about to flow...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Eddie Izzard And Aquastells

It's comedian Eddie Izzard's Birthday today - 7th Feb 1962, which means he's what's known in astrology as an Aquastell.

From the Aquastell website there's this description of these folk...

"The Grand Aquarian Conjunction of February 5, 1962.
High above the noonday skies of the central Pacific, the Moon gradually devoured the Sun, in a spectacular total solar eclipse. Packed together within sixteen and a quarter degrees, five of the solar system's planets bore witness to the spectacle. This exceptionally rare and dense "conjunction stellium" took place in the constellation Aquarius, and was seen by many as heralding the first tentative stirrings of the "Age of Aquarius". Those born during the two weeks either side of this event have come to be known as the "Aquastell Aquarians of 1962". Astrology suggests that they will be the most extreme Aquarians in human history..."

(website here)

Eddie Izzard has Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury retrograde, and south node in Aquarius, which means he's an access all areas member of the Aquastell club. If you're wondering what wavelength the waterbearer works on, an Aquastell is a great subject for study because there's so many planets in that sign. Not all are comedian/actor/executive transvestite's like Eddie. But that's the Aquarian point - we're all snowflakes and finger prints.

With the Saturn/Neptune opposition between Leo/Aquarius in effect for some months to come, it's an interesting time for Aquastells everywhere, and for Eddie who has Moon in Pisces, the effects are hightened with Aquarius ruler Uranus's journey through Pisces.

Eddie Izzard info here and here, and here's a great clip from one of his stand-up shows, subject: supermarket queues.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Full Moon In Leo 2nd February

Sun in Aquarius stands opposite Moon in Leo on 2nd February, for the annual full moon in Leo. For me, this energy is all about presence, our very presence in the world. It's all about how just by existing, we are powerful and valuable in this physical universe.

The Leo/Aquarius axis says we are all VIP's in this world (A Very Important Presence), and that it's a non-negotiable universal law that presence is power. However, we get to choose how we respond to that law - we decide what to do with that power.

What I'm trying to say here was summed up in a recent post by Elsa in The Power of Love and Friendship... when she said -

I do know that when people came into my life and treated me well, I responded by thriving. And it’s not that they saved me. I saved me. I did the work, while they supported me with their love, and appreciation for who I am… flawed or otherwise.

she continues...

The main thing that happens when someone loves on you and around you, is you become stronger and consequently less tolerant of people who want to tell you that you suck! ::smiles::

And if you surround yourself with those types… people who consistently tell you that you are not worthy, by their words or their actions, well this is oppression and you are going to be reduced.

On the other hand, love brings total liberation. I mean, if someone loves you, they love you. Old, young, fat, skinny, blind, or in a bad mood… they still love you. And this sounds like freedom to me!

Elsa got it spot on for me there. I'm convinced it's appreciation (love) that makes the world go round. It's ever since I read the book Messages From Water, which Elsa also mentions in this post, and discovered the author, Dr Emoto, believes gratitude and appreciation to be the driving power behind the universe. I saw the photos in that book, and lost all doubt about it being any other way.

Imagine a universe that thrives on appreciation. Imagine how natural it is to be a powerful force in the world, a healing force; just by showing up and acknowledging another, by being a witness to their uniqueness in action, and by thriving under the warmth of receiving that appreciation from someone else.

I know that deep down we all know this is true. It's too easy to imagine and feel the joy of it. It rings bells and resonates too easily. We might have to search deep, deep down some/many days, but in our bones we all know the universe works this way, and that we are hardwired to co-create like this.

It's always a choice, moment by moment, situation by situation, of whether we do want to participate in this way; the choice of whether to support or deny our own, or another's life force, moment by moment, experience by experience.

But I really believe we all know instinctively it's that simple.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two Weeks No Smoking & A New Moon in Capricorn

Well, it's 15 days no smoking to be exact, as every second still counts :-) I've been looking forward to this New Moon, as it was during the Full Moon two weeks ago that I gave up the cigs, and decided to use this New Moon time as my first milestone. Lot's of tears and a few tantrums later, here I am. Smiling too.

The New Moon is exact around 4am GMT on the 19th January, though there's always a day or two either side when the energy is in full flow. It's happening in the late degrees of Capricorn, which means the Sun is about to change signs from Capricorn to Aquarius. This will correspond to a shift of focus of energy very soon, but as Capricorn and Aquarius share Saturn as a ruler, the essence of that planet will still be at work, and no doubt hard at work, being Saturn.

New moons indicate new phases, where we are most receptive to the qualities of the sign they take place in, and where we can set intentions using these qualities to benefit our current circumstances. Capricorn is big on commitment, on responsibility, on discipline, and on step by step progress, because this sign looks long-term, holding a plan in mind to work to, without needing to see immediate results. An instinct for timing and the patience for satisfaction through a slow unfolding of events means Capricorn energy has an edge all of its own.

So during this New Moon, in true Capricorn-style, I'm setting fresh intentions for the future, as well as marking a milestone - the first of many I hope.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mars, Pluto, Galactic Centre And The Comet

Apparently the comet McNaught has been more visible than expected, shining bright in the sunrise and sunset skies of the northern hemisphere over the past few days. I haven't had a glimpse due to the relentless stormy weather that has been battering most of the UK, but there are great pictures on the BBC site here.

Along with the brightest comet of the past 30 years, Mars and Pluto are sharing the same spot as the Galactic Centre. The Pluto/GC conjunction was last seen around 250 years ago, but I'm not sure whether Mars was ever part of that line-up back then (which would make this an even more extraordinary and rare event if not).

These unusual patterns in the skies symbolise the unusual energies around at the moment. It's these sort of times that with hindsight, can end up as being stand-out, life-shaping moments in your diary. Especially with Pluto involved.

I use 'transformation' and 'rebirth' as my keywords for Pluto, as they best sum up the process that Pluto expresses, and hint at the sort of experience encountered during that process. There's a lot of letting go of the past wherever Pluto is. And because of that, there's often unfinished business that comes with this planet. It's all about closure, as getting those loose ends tied up means moving on and letting go. Closure makes room for rebirth and fresh experience, and on the cycle continues.

There hasn't been a comet so visible in the skies since 1997 (it was Hale-Bopp that year), which in astrology terms would mean '97 and 2007 share a significant link, and looking between the two years for connections can be revealing. For example in the news this week, at the time the comet was coming into view, the UK press was covering the story of Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton, who has been smothered by press and tv cameras ever since the media decided it was time for the couple to announce their engagement. Things came to a head this week on her 25th birthday, leading to the landmark decision of certain tabloid newspapers to ban paparazzi style photos of the possible princess to be; a decision born from the circumstances surrounding the life and death of Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, who died in 1997.

While not everyone's story is like Prince William's or Kate Middleton's, everyone has an individual theme that harks back to '97 in some form, and thinking back to what connects that year to this one for you personally might also shed light on how the Pluto/Galactic Centre/Mars alignment is expressing in your life; therefore indicating how to make the most of the energy available in abundance now.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Full Moon In Cancer 3rd January

2007 kicks off with a full on kind of Full Moon on 3rd January at around 2pm GMT, when the Moon in comfort-zone craving Cancer stands in exact opposition to the Sun in duty-bound Capricorn. This is an annual occurrence, and part of the solar/lunar cycle we’re all naturally attuned to on the deepest levels, but the question is how best to tap this current energy and work consciously with it?

A Full Moon in any sign can lead to an emotional shift or turning point of some sort, often arising from an ever-increasing tension around an issue that there’s suddenly no escaping. The tension is symbolised by the Sun and Moon positioned at opposite ends of the zodiac, 180 degrees apart, each expressing according to the nature of the particular sign they both occupy.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, emphasising the focus on all emotional attachments. The emotional ties can be with anything from actual home and family bonds, to our most familiar friends, as well as routines and habits, and memories and nostalgia for old faces and forgotten places. Meanwhile the Sun in Capricorn speaks of responsibility, duty, maturity and authority. It's all about expectations and demands, terms and conditions, as well as creativity through timing, planning, progress and discipline.

Mix and match these or similar keywords for your personal Full Moon theme. My theme is about a habit I know I have to break. A few months ago, I started smoking again after over two years smoke free. My excuse was the stress of my current living circumstances - I live right on a very busy crossroads, where the traffic literally shakes the walls and rattles the pots and pans. As well as this, I have a noisy neighbour who plays music every night. And I mean EVERY night!

Alternative accommodation is hard to find where I live, but I have a potential new place just perfect for me, that I first heard about last March (on the day of the solar eclipse in Aries!), and I'm just waiting for the call to say it's mine. But it’s been a long wait! And I started smoking again in a misguided attempt to cope with the relentless stress and pressure of the constant noise and disturbance.

So here I am feeling at odds (Full Moon) with this habit (Moon/Cancer), versus the need to get real (Capricorn) and admit smoking is a coping mechanism that isn’t working, having only really brought a new stress all of its own. I've taken the first step and bought my nicotine chewing gum, but haven't had the guts to set the date yet. As far as the astrology goes, I’m well aware this is a great time to be planning to break a habit, as Uranus is in strong and supportive aspect to the Full Moon, and in my own chart the South Node of the Moon is currently crossing my natal Pluto (old habits dying hard!).

Thanks to astrology, I'm also aware that the best way to deal with the at-odds feeling of conflict and opposition is to not push against the feelings that are brought up. I know at some point very soon I'm going to have to feel those nicotine cravings through without resisting by lighting up another cig.

So wish me luck! And I wish you the same if the Full Moon is raising your interest in making a resolution or two...