Sunday, April 29, 2018

Full Moon in Scorpio 30th April 2018 - Emotional Renewal

The fabulous full moon in Scorpio takes place at 2am in the UK, but the time and date might differ according to your local time zone.

This full moon means the sun in the sign of Taurus is standing exactly opposite moon in Scorpio, and it’s a full moon that encourages us all to feel deeply; it has emotional intensity and carries healing, transformation and rebirth. 

Taurus is an earthy sign associated with the material world and it's security: money, finances, income, property and purchases. Its about what we value and what our values point to within ourselves. Scorpio is an emotional sign, associated with our inner being, and also the hidden inner world of others too. Physicality is the tip of the iceberg, and Scorpio is about what lies beneath. 

It’s also about emotional depths, and speaks of how situations can appear so different on the surface to how they really are deep down or behind closed doors. It’s about feelings or emotions that are hidden, buried, or unresolved, sometimes from a long time ago, that are triggered by current circumstances.

Unfinished Business 
Full moon in Scorpio is always a time for healing unfinished business, but this one even more so, as Saturn joins up positively to this moon, indicating it’s a time of support, productivity and responsible action. Full moon indicates buried treasure, while Saturn is the plan and the procedure to dig deep for it. 

There's a strong link back 6 months (moons) ago, to when it was all the opposite way round, with the sun in Scorpio and full moon in Taurus on November 4th. Scorpio is often about surrendering the need to control the uncontrollable, and that takes trust. It’s trusting that the unknown or uncertain aspects of a situation aren’t necessarily going to be the spanner in the works; and that you don’t have to micro manage every detail in order for things to work out. Look back from Nov 4th to now and you might see how this has been true. 

There’s also a very powerful meeting between desire planet Mars, and Pluto, which is Scorpio's ruler and a planet of rebirth and transformation. It means that situations from now until the beautiful new moon in Taurus on 15th are likely to involve letting go and healing from old, icky, and toxic feelings in order to clear space for new emotional experiences, and for situations to feel more secure and stable. 

Here in the UK it’s that time of year that the garden needs to be dug over, cleared, and cut back; ready for the summer. This is the Taurus/Scorpio mix of earthy Taurus soil with hidden Scorpio depths, that needs reworking in order to clear the clutter, ready for new growth. 

And likewise now is the time to metaphorically turn the soil and get those emotional weeds out, to make room for exactly what you want you want to grow in future. The new moon in Taurus in a fortnight is about what’s ready to bloom and blossom in striking ways, and this period is preparing the ground for that to happen.