Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Horoscopes for July 2013

21st March – 20th April
There’s a general good vibe of ease and flow this month, which peaks around the 17th and 22nd, while a home and family focused new moon suggests lots of your time and energy being put into this area of your life from the 8th. Plans put off since Feb might get moving forward, and you’re mega motivated about it all; maybe a family reunion or reconnection and some home improvements and expansion. You’re changing your approach to certain situations and people from the 17th and what happens at end of the month regarding this (maybe around 30th), can be emotionally challenging but transformational too.
21st April – 21st May
There’s a lovely, easy flow behind events and situations this month. Now this doesn’t mean there aren’t ups and downs (the astro weather is quite stormy at times this year!), but a rare planet pattern is active for July that suggests very supportive and helpful action given and received by you through communication, friendship, partnerships, and group involvement. So opportunities for significant growth and expansion with sweet and smooth vibes are strong this month (especially through all forms of communication around the 20th); your challenge is to notice when this is happening, even within difficult situations.
22nd May – 21st June
Fabulous new moon on the 8th links to ownership and resources, suggesting new beginnings linked to your income, property and/or purchases. There’s also an amazing planet pattern all month (strongest 17th, but especially from 20th for Gemini), where there’s real potential for increase and expansion in the realm of career, ambition, finance and health; all key areas, where change has big impact. To get the best from all this if the going gets tough, force yourself to see the best in people, situations and especially yourself; might just seem fluffy advice, but this perspective has the strength to attract your attention in all the right directions.
22nd June – 22nd July
Possibly some bumps in the road this month; certain partnerships, contracts or agreements might be coming to an end, and while knowing this feels ok to you, the process might feel unpredictable or a wake-up call. But it’s about trusting the timing, as a quite beautiful pattern of planets aligns this month speaking of the ease and flow in terms of the bigger picture. There’s a strong sense of support within all the changes that are happening, plus your self-motivation is at an all-time high, especially from the 13th and most noticeably around the 20th. In other words, all is well and you know it.
23rd July – 23rd August
Magnetic Venus in your sign suggests your powers of attraction are heightened, yet you might feel under pressure to shine at times, which points to your theme for July; it’s about experiencing the difference between going with the flow, and feeling pushed by external circumstances before you are fully prepped and ready for what’s ahead. New moon on the 8th suggests timing was an issue up to now, and that there’s movement forward with important plans that have been under review for a while, or that link back to mid-February. The sun is in your sign from the 23rd brings a huge confidence boost, from the inside out.

24th August – 22nd September
There’s a relaxing sense of stability within the realm of friendships, groups and gatherings, yet there’s also expansion and growth too, which prevents things from feeling stale or static. There’s challenges this month (as always!) and yes the astro climate remains bumpy at times, but you are learning to weather the storms in a way that you never forget ‘this too shall pass’. From the 8th and especially the 20th, communication moves forward in a way it hasn’t since February, and harmony seeking Venus moves into your sign from the 22nd, suggesting your love conquers all, just when you need it to.
23rd September – 23rd October
There’s a good balance of good times and challenging times, and no sense of injustice about too many rainy days makes it easier to deal effectively with it all. It’s doable, in other words. Plus, challenging times put you in touch with your strength and resourcefulness in a way that makes you feel more secure, confident, and just darn well pleased with yourself (more positives). Things can move super swimmingly at times; 8th, 13th, 22nd and 30th are approximate dates for noticing this, and also notice the extra sparkle and pizazz you bring along with you wherever you go.
24th October – 22nd November
The transformation taking place within your health and day to day activities continues with your usual intensity during July, and that means results continue with intensity too. The discipline and responsibility required this month is easy for you, and there’s a noticeable sense of things happening at the right time and right pace. There’s also a sense of being able to move forward at last with certain situations, as perhaps for the first time since February delays or sticky points in plans get cleared up. In general, it all feels personal and something to be proud of, at the end of the day.

23rd November – 21st December
So for the next year, your ruling planet, the positive and optimistic Jupiter, is now in the area of your chart linked to sharing and caring at the deepest of levels. Shared finances, secrets, love and/or lies are all linked to this part of your chart, as is the idea of trust versus control;  meaning things go better when we loosen the grip we think is needed in situations for things to move in our favour, trusting that the universe is friend not foe. Events this month will highlight all of this, and give you the freedom to choose how you see things, and the consequences of your choice.

22nd December – 20th January
Certain relationships continue to change and evolve this month, which has been going on for a while now, sometimes with a sense of pressure involved, as things have often been surprising or unpredictable but that has brought valuable changes in yourself that you wouldn’t swap. A new moon on the 8th speaks of comfort and renewal, and of moving forward in key relationships; while you are reaching for a fresh perspective on home and family matters from the 17th. Again, events might manifest abruptly or suddenly at times, but it’s not all out of the blue somehow, its familiar ground and a warm welcome.

21st January – 18th February
There are some special memories made this month so there’s plenty to look forward to. Also your ruling planet, the unconventional Uranus, starts a retrograde cycle from the 17th which lasts till December, suggesting you might experience a turning point or two; a change of perspective or point of view that revolutionises your approach to certain situations, particularly linked to communication.  Reconnection with past plans and projects is also likely via communication and messaging, most noticeable perhaps around the full moon on the 22nd, but don’t push or pressure a situation around the 30th, as the mood is unpredictable and suddenly stormy.

19th February – 20th March
This is the kind of month that can make you believe in magic and miracles. There’s a superb pattern of planets for July that speaks of creativity, dreams, and expansion all being supported and nurtured. Make the most of that vibe. There are challenges of course, possibly in the way that certain friendships or group bonds have to transform in order to allow all this superb stuff space to grow and develop. But the overriding message for the month is about how nourishing it can be to find plenty to put your heart and soul into.