Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April 2014 Horoscopes

April 2014 is a mega month astrologically. Two eclipses and a rare, potent planet line-up means it's a meaty kind of month that can bring out the best in you, as well as some lasting change and expansion in your life. So don't miss out; stay present, stay positive, and watch how the universe can deliver despite any challenge.

There’s a slow, steady build-up for this month’s unusually powerful planet pattern on the 21st. The tension is tangible in certain situations, and the key is acceptance of yourself and others. It’s hard not to react negatively (especially when they deserve it), but now more than ever, that’s what’s required (also especially 7th, 8th, 15th and 16th). That said, April is a positively pivotal month, right from the first week when things move forward in new and unexpected ways. Relationships, contracts and agreements also have significant, long-term developments, highlighting the themes of balance and equilibrium playing out in different ways now for you.

The eclipse in your sign on the 29th is like a welcome light at the end of the tunnel; nice after taking things on faith, to feel rays of clarity and understanding. That is the power of a new moon eclipse in your sign. Before though there’s the tunnel to traverse, where it might feel like circumstances are presenting you with limited options but remember it’s not just what you are receiving, it’s how you respond that makes all the difference to where you go from here. Tension and pressures might mount up by the 21st, when a mega powerful planet pattern finally clicks into place bringing things to a head. This is when keeping the faith really matters.

The planets are building to an unusually intense formation by the 21st, symbolizing how you’ve felt pulled in different directions for some time, and also how badly you want harmony in all the different directions, not just some. Perhaps the planet message is that it’s possible for you to have it all, and that the universe is planning it that way, but to have faith in the transformation by accepting each stage of the journey even/especially before reaching your destination. It’s important to not lose yourself in your thoughts this month; stay present even through stormy situations and they clear much faster. Minimize analysis and breathe from the heart.

The full moon eclipse on the 15th focuses on home and family situations, as well as future plans and ambitions. Eclipses magnify whatever emotions matters most to you, and keeps it all relevant for weeks or months to come, so as tension and pressure peaks in many situations during April (around 21st), after weeks or months of build-up, it’s important to keep heart and mind open to the best outcome. There’s so much that can’t be controlled during April, except your attitude, toward yourself and to others around you. Make an effort to stay on the positive side of what’s happening and the rewards are huge.

April will bring (amongst other things) much clarity and definition about the future. The solar eclipse on the 29th symbolizes a whole new launch-pad coming into place for new plans and ambitions, especially for steps up the career ladder, public profile and reputation raising. The full moon eclipse on the 15th is big for broadening horizons, whether through travel or education; while the main momentum of the month revolves around the 21st, and the high impact planet line-up that clicks slowly into place at that time. Exactly how it will play out is unpredictable, but change and transformation of some sort is inevitable.

There’s another long-term line-up of planets active for April, suggesting deep and meaningful experiences dominate the month. Last time was November, so look back to what happened then as it’s now the next chapter. For example, more than one sticky or slow situation might be coming to a head; anything that has been on the backburner, at deadlock or stalemate is being pushed to breaking or breakthrough point by around the 21st, but especially during the final week. Change and transformation is usually out of our comfort zone, something we choose to avoid, yet this is likely to feel a big relief, as mounting tensions and pressures will lessen with the move.

The importance of justice being served (at last!), as well as themes of causes and effects, consequences of actions, balance and rebalancing are everywhere in situations, especially in key areas of your life like partnerships and home-life. A full moon eclipse in your sign on the 15th is about looking long-term and developing plans regarding all this; maybe some inspired action is called for, or maybe not just now as there’s plenty of time and space coming to make the move the right one. The 21st is the culmination of a long slow connection between important planets in your chart. Tension abounds, but you can choose your mood and your response. Stay soft-hearted as it’s where true strength really lies.

Another step in your personal makeover is revealed over the coming weeks. It’s been going on in stages since summer 2012, and as Scorpio is an all or nothing kind of sign, it’s been about a total transformation of you and your lifestyle. While it often feels like the big stuff is out of your control (especially during the unusually strong planet line-up around the 21st), looking back over the past couple of years you can see how even the big stuff was working for your transformation, not against it. So the message for all this month (but most especially the final week) is trust the process.

It’s been quite an intense journey already into 2014, and it’s not going to lessen for April. In fact your ruler Jupiter is involved in one of the most powerful planet patterns for a very long time; it’s so powerful that even though the planets align on the 21st, chances are you will be feeling the onset all month. The symptoms are a tangible tension and pressure in situations, with unexpected twists and turns to events, and both highs and lows that feel like deep and meaningful learning curves. Don’t waste a second of this fabulous potential for change and transformation (especially during the final week of the month), dive in and embrace your fate with faith.

The desire for change in key areas of your life is building in intensity all month, symbolized by a mega-powerful pattern of planets that slowly connect around your chart by the 21st. There are pressure points in important relationships, in home and family connections, and in links to career or future plans (especially midmonth), and the tension builder is in the urge to act toward certain changes, yet finding circumstances aren’t accommodating. Timing is something that Capricorn is fabulous at, so trust the timing rather than pushing things too hard into place. It’s happening for sure, just not always to your schedule.

Lovely new beginnings linked to home and family are symbolized by the long-term looking new moon eclipse on the 29th, but before that there’s plenty to get prepared for as this is likely to be the kind of month that you look back on with admiration for how you handled the demands and pressures, and how you sorted through the competing priorities to make space for what matters most to you. Events just keep on having that deep, meaningful, unexpected or revolutionary quality to them; maybe culminating by the 21st when the planets connect in rare formation with powerful long-term effects. Love and let live is the mantra of this revolution.

With the strong, long-term focus of two eclipses (15th and 29th), and the most powerful pattern of planets there’s been in a very long time (culminating around the 21st), April is indeed a month to be reckoned with. But Venus moves into your sign from the 5th, so don’t underestimate the power of your fuzzy warm-heartedness and rose tinted glasses this month, as no matter how potent you perceive any opposition, it’s harmony and bridge building rather than pushy or sharp action that will stand the real test of time. So fear no challenge that April can throw at you, just imagine a better solution and don’t take your eyes from that prize.