Saturday, June 01, 2013

June 2013 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
You might feel pulled in different directions at once, which creates tension or pressure and strong desire to break free of the emotional intensity. You’re in rebellious mode, but from who? It turns out no matter what the situation looks like, it keeps coming down to you against you, and the quicker you make peace with that, the quicker you will ...move through any stuck or heavy pressures. There might be some interesting information or conversations around the 8th, while around the 19th there are answers you’ve been waiting for. Final week is so special, for home and family in particular.

21st April – 21st May
There’s a focus on finances and resources this month, particularly around the 8th, when the planets carry a message of something new coming your way, even if it’s just a new attitude from you towards this area of your life. Communication is significant all month, especially in relation to career and reputation; the feeling that things are unpredictable or happening unexpectedly, yet successfully is also emerging. Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance moves into your house of communication for the next year from the 25th, which means it’s not presumptuous to expect good news.

22nd May – 21st June
New moon in your sign on the 8th indicates some nice new beginnings this month. Mars and Jupiter in your sign (till end of May) indicate you have the energy and motivation to act on opportunities that come your way (and they do come your way, perhaps around 19th). Career/status/ambition might feel slow or in reverse at times, but trust there’s method to the madness; no need to panic in other words, and the final week in general looks fab, with Jupiter moving into your finance and resources chart till next year on the 25th, indicating opportunities and expansion in this area of your life.

22nd June – 22nd July
Venus in your sign from the 2nd means your inner sparkle is more sparkly than ever to the outside world (but use this power wisely around the 10th). Let your ideas and insights inspire you during a tense but deeply transformative new moon on the 8th; you are in your creative flow this month, so trust it. The sun shines through your sign from the 21st, adding warmth and smiles, then a full moon (23rd) amplifies your sense of responsibility in key relationships. A change of mind around the 25th coincides with Jupiter - planet of expansion, abundance and upliftment - arriving in your sign for the next year. Nice!

23rd July – 23rd August
The focus is on friendship and group participation for much of the month, and a new moon on the 8th reflects new and significant events manifesting that satisfy your curiosity and interest; particularly regarding spiritual paths or mind expanding journeys, as there’s a depth and mystery to certain situations at the moment that is awakening you to some of life’s big questions. Jupiter, planet of abundance, positivity and life’s big answers, moves into the most introspective part of your chart for the next year (25th), which means your inner world will connect you with great opportunities and answers if you take the time to listen.

24th August – 22nd September
A new moon on the 8th in the area of your chart associated with career, reputation and status means there’s new beginnings there. It’s also the most public and ambitious area of your chart, and there’s quite a few planets collecting there during June (suggesting lots of energy and attention being focused) so there’s likely to be key events and situations unfolding that move or develop this area of your life in important ways (even around the 25th when it doesn’t appear to be that way). You are changing the way you look at certain relationships from the 7th, while there’s sweetness and light in friendships and fun.

23rd September – 23rd October
Basically it’s a mixed bag kind of month; be clear and conscientious with travel arrangements during first week as it’s easy to get muddled or misguided, maybe down to others vague approach or unclear contracts and agreements. There’s also some tensions regarding home/family versus career/ambition, but parallel to this there’s a general good feeling vibe that helps you expect the best out of all situations, especially once lucky Jupiter begins a yearlong stay in your career/ambition chart from the 25th. Jupiter symbolises expansion and uplifting experiences; it’s the planet of opportunity and growth, and it was last seen here 12 years ago. Enjoy.

24th October – 22nd November
Very interesting month for Scorpio; the dynamics of certain situations are complex, yet are likely to symbolise events that unfold smoothly and easily. You are not at the centre of events yet you have a sense of control, and also the awareness that trust in the unknown is essential to success right now. Others provide you with ideas and guidance that you’ve been waiting for but it’s you that turns it all into something you can really work with. From the 25th Jupiter (traditionally about luck and opportunity) is spotlighting your travel and learning chart, meaning the joy is in the journey for the next year or so.

23rd November – 21st December
Stay as positive as you can re house and family matters, as the way you see things decides whether it’s a smooth or bumpy ride of events, especially around 7th and 10th. A partnership themed new moon on the 8th suggests new harmony, new agreements, and new contracts. Relationships of all kinds are important this month (19th particularly), but do give yourself and others time and space to deal with old doors closing (noticable from 25th). Your ruler planet Jupiter is changing focus for the next year. Themes are healing, unknown territory, shared finances and new levels of closeness and intimacy in love. That’ll keep you busy for a

22nd December – 20th January
Important communication from friends or certain group connections can soothe and soften hard and harsh feeling situations this month. Even long-standing stagnant stalemate negativity can dissolve or disappear into thin air, but you have to stay open-hearted and open-minded to receive the miracle. Believe to receive, etc. Yes, it’s not easy at times this month (especially 10th), but worth the hassle and discipline of staying on the bright side of the road mentally and emotionally. What happens around full moon on the 23rd might give emphasis to this, but positivity abounds from 25th once generous Jupiter moves into your relationship zone from the 25th.

21st January – 18th February
It has been an interesting few months for you. Communication has been a catalyst (intense at times) for growth, motivation, and ideas for the future; this continues during June (especially around 7th and 10th), but with more light-hearted moments as situations kick your fun and creative nature into gear. A full moon on the 23rd emphasises your true feelings about many things, health matters in particular; then Jupiter, planet of opportunity and abundance, moves to your health chart by the 25th for the next year, suggesting that with a positive eye on situations, a new strength day to day is yours.

19th February – 20th March
Your ruler Neptune is retrograde from the 7th, which suggests you might be looking at the same situation quite differently from that time; perhaps a home or family matter is the catalyst for this, as there’s plenty of emphasis on this area of your life this month. There’s some fab planet alignments this month again involving Neptune (8th and 25th in particular), indicating in general you easily choose a relaxed, go with the flow attitude whatever life might throw your way. Abundant and lucky Jupiter starts a yearlong journey through your fun and creativity chart from the 25th, which makes going with the flow even more enjoyable.