Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama Is President :)

Politics rarely gets a mention on this blog as I can't bear it, but have to mention how happy I am to see America elect its first black president. That is the kind of news it feels good to read about. On the day that Saturn (leadership) opposed Uranus (revolution) we get a real, live, freeing, manifestation of positive change. I feel all enthused and refreshed about future possibilities and about where we are all heading collectively.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Saturn opposite Uranus: Jonathan Ross And Russell Brand

The opposition between Saturn (limits and laws) and Uranus (breaking boundaries) is exact today, but it's been building for sometime now, and will be active for a good while yet. To understand the energy of this planetary aspect there's a great Saturn opposite Uranus story at the moment, in the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand fiasco that has been running for weeks. It has a number of Saturn/Uranus style perspectives within it, as well as being a lovely bright spotlight that shines right at the heart of the Great British Public's warped sense of moral high ground.

Thumbnail sketch of story is that Ross and Brand made some joke phone calls to an actor about his granddaughter. It was immature stuff, sort of offensive, but nothing a heartfelt, head hung, ashamed schoolboy type apology shouldn't have put to rights (to the grandfather NOT the granddaughter!!!). Catch up with the story here and note the bizarre way it snowballs weeks later into something the whole country is supposed to end up tutting and shaking their heads at, including the Prime Minister for gawds sake.

Lest we forget, the girl at the centre of it all, who became the embodiment of moral outrage on behalf of all 'right-minded' citizens everywhere whose sense of public decency felt affronted, is a 'burlesque' dancer (which I thought was a stripper who was a bit snobby about the word stripper). Her troupe is named 'Satanic Sluts Extreme', and Extreme Slut Georgina, 23, unfortunately seems like one of those women for whom sex HAS to be linked to the devil, the darkness, and kissing other girls (only when men are looking though) in order to allow herself to feel sexually attractive. Each to their own of course, it's just I don't think in reality her grandad would have been ever so shocked and surprised to find that brouhaha of this news-story nature vortexes around her; it's just part of the process isn't it, if you think sex is a power trip, and female sexuality akin to a black pvc studded handbag packed to the zips with whips, chains and Anne Rice novels, which only has value when swirled nosily and heavily around in everyone's faces, then you are kind of leaving yourself open to be heckled by the Russell Brands of this world.

I know it seems I don't have a good word to say about this girl, it's just that linking sex to the devil and the darkside makes me all bored and fidgety (I'm not religious so satan has no meaning beyond comic books; like Batman or similar), but mostly am really, REALLY peed off that it's ended with Russell Brand not working for the BBC anymore. I now feel personally affected, outraged and offended by her hypocritical 'you must accept me unconditionally but I won't accept you unconditionally' perspective. I really like Russell Brand you see. He makes me laugh and so is very important to my life. Jonathan Ross also makes me laugh, and so is also important to my life. How some daft posh lass chooses to live and express herself via flimsy and unimaginative sexual imagery is utterly irrelevant to my life and it should have stayed that way: it should have been an inconsequential, private family argument where granddaughter felt a bit silly about her lifestyle choices once it was paraded in front of her beloved grandfather, but then ended up taking a rather defiant, admirable and responsible stance by soothing media frenzy with a 'sorry grandad I love you so much, but this appears to be the kind of anti-social, wacky, edgy, behaviour I inspire in others, being the corseted creature of the night I am'.

Anywho... it's a great story to see the energy of Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces at work though, in all sorts of ways...

here's some Saturn words to get the feel of the energy:
the past, conditional love, expectations, authority, tradition, limits, restriction, repression, rules, regulations, boundaries, laws, controls, society, status quo, shortage mindset, approval/disapproval, hierarchy, boss, grandad.

and Uranus:
the future, the maverick, rulebreaker, unconditional self, unconventional, uncontrollable, uncontainable, break-up, shocking, disruption, upheaval, unattached, independent, revolutionary, eccentric, alternative, urge for freedom, lawless, rebel, anti-social, unexpected, experimental, Self-respect,

So by mixing and matching the keywords of each planet:
- it's clear Georgina seems to have a foot in both planetary camps, as she's not too sure whether to be astonished at the antics of Brand/Ross, thereby courting approval (and cash) of gutter tabloid press, as well as prime ministers and grandads (all so very Saturn) or to go with the disruptive flow that her brand (sorry) of sexual rebellion stirred up in others (uber-Uranian).

- There's the BBC which is very Saturn, representing a long-standing tradition of middle of the road opinion and Saturday night family entertaiment, opposing rebel Uranian Jonathan Ross.

- But there's also Jonathan Ross as Saturn, BBC entertainment figurehead who 'should have known better' because of the size of his paypacket and blessed association with such an instution. Russell Brand is 'a bit more Channel 4' as some Daily Mail readers might say, which I would say means he's not easily controlled by the shame/blame tactics used in social order maintenance (Brand has been quietly getting away with offensive prank calls for some time now, it was only picked up by media because Jonathan Ross was involved and people have been looking for an excuse to find him guilty of not doing his job properly, which is very Saturn in Virgo).

- Finally there's the persepective of public opinion that was laughably slow on the uptake, but which eventually got round (as Noel Gallagher pointed out) to jumping on the complaining bandwagon. Saturn rules the herd instinct of collective consciousness, which is led by an appointed voice of authority, in this case the media, who claim to be expert on the nature of right and wrong in society and who get the sheep herded by implying that if you aren't agreeing with them you are part of 'what's wrong with society these days'.

I imagine there'll be a good few more stories of this nature before Saturn/Uranus is over, and people will be invited to make 'them and us' style choices, reflecting the polarising nature of the opposition aspect in astrology. The Virgo/Pisces axis speaks of guilt/redemption, the victim, the sacrifice, the critic and the dreamer. Jonathan Ross has long been seen as guilty of being overpaid, so now the sacrifice of three months unpaid suspension might ease a lot of people's troubled minds on that issue. Georgina wanted to be both femme fatal and poor victim which is where the Virgo/Pisces style contradictory fatal flaw showed up in her story. Hopefully there'll be some redefining of tired old victim scripts once Uranus really starts breaking Saturn boundaries.

And hopefully there'll be new things from Russell Brand as I could do with a laugh to get me through it all. Georgina has just announced that she is calling for Brand to be reinstated (story here), u-turning on her previous statement at being 'thrilled' that 'justice had been done'. She adds in her latest interview "all these modelling offers have come through which is quite interesting. I thought about doing modelling a few years ago but was told I was a bit too chunky for that, but now all of a sudden I'm not, so that's great".

Sunday, November 02, 2008

November Horoscopes

My horoscopes for the fabulous month of November are posted here.