Tuesday, June 06, 2017

June 2017 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
Be ready to surprise yourself with your unconventional approach, especially in certain relationships. This is around the 3rd but also full moon time on 9th, when your desire for positive and fair communication can also work wonders building bridges, faith and confidence. Midmonth, communication can seem deceptively confusing or obstructive, so stick to what you know is true inside. Summer Solstice (21st) and new moon (24th) makes home and family matters more of a focus for you. There are new beginnings now, which might test your patience if it’s not at your preferred pace (28th), so let go and don’t push for control, especially 30th.

21st April – 21st May
You’re in the mood for a break of routine, and anything unusual or unconventional attracts. Love and money planet Venus is in your sign from 6th, so you’re only interested in living according to what you value most. Faith might be restored that there are solutions and answers, especially to what was needed over the past few months; it’s more likely towards end of June, but notice what happens around full moon time (9th). Finances and resources have your attention for much of the month but from summer solstice (21st) and new moon (24th) it’s all about communication, which is deep, direct, focused and transformative, if you can resist power struggles.

22nd May – 21st June
It’s your time of year Gemini. The sun is in your sign until the 20th, which symbolises creative power and opportunities to shine. Friends might surprise you (in a good way) on the 3rd, and the adventure-themed full moon in your relationship house (9th) is about not arguing for your limitations (18th, 20th). This moon symbolises a turnaround in matters of the heart that moves things forward more steadily in the coming weeks and months. The summer solstice (21st) and the new moon (24th) focus on important new beginnings linked to finance and resources. Events at end of month are challenging, yet your mind is powerfully clear and sharp. Use this power only for good!

21st June – 22nd July
Mars (planet of drive and desire) is in your sign from the 9th until mid-July, indicating movement, action, and pushing forward with plans and goals. Full moon (9th) is about having faith in your journey, especially midmonth when things don’t feel as clear as you’d like. There’s a bit of ‘going with the flow’ required until 21st (summer solstice) when the sun moves to your sign and the future feels more in your hands. New moon in your sign (24th) happens once a year, and symbolises a new you emerging. End of June there’s potential for drama and power struggles, so don’t buy into them, keep your heart open instead; especially as there’s romance this month too.

23rd July – 23rd August
There’s a new pattern in your planets. It happens every 19 years and lasts about 2 years. It’s about the kind of opportunities opening that come from you being your authentic self. Not the self that lives up to others expectations, or that has to hold back to fit in. It might mean stretching comfort zone, but worth it. For this month it’s all linked to friendships, groups, and gatherings, especially around full moon time on the 9th. Then from summer solstice (21st) and new moon (24th) you’re wanting something to immerse yourself and lose yourself in, so make it positive and healthful, like art, music, mindfulness, spiritual path, etc, and avoid power struggles and drama, especially 28th, 30th.

24th August – 22nd September
The sun lights up your aims and ambition chart until the 20th. It’s also your chart of status and reputation, so all these themes are important to you, and is where your creative power works for you. Events around full moon (9th) highlight this. Midmonth there’s a crisis of confidence related to all this, which is just a call to look more clearly at the positive side of a situation, and to stop energising negative thoughts with your attention. Summer solstice (20th) and new moon (24th) is about new or renewed friendships, and finding ‘your tribe’. There’s lots of activity around this by end of June, especially 28th and 29th, when endings lead to beginnings.

23rd September – 23rd October
Jupiter (faith and perspective) moves forward in your sign on 9th. It indicates a turnaround or turning point for you, where the path ahead lights up in an easy and friendly way, making the next steps of certain situations clear and obvious, and unknown territory more of an adventure. It’s time to put the wisdom of your experience before the opinions of others (wisdom always feels positive), and from summer solstice (20th) and new moon (24th) this is what you’ll be doing when it comes to long-term planning, aims and ambitions, especially linked to career. Just take care to stay in balance end of month; don’t overdo, over reach, or over work anything.

24th October – 22nd November
Events seem to revolve around the unknown and unfamiliar for much of the month, or anything requiring an amount of trust and faith in others, such as shared resources (first week expect the unexpected). A finance focused full moon (9th) emphasises the idea that security is a state of mind, not a set of circumstances, and the challenge midmonth is to change your mind whenever it drifts from this perspective. The rewards are peace, ease, and a turning point you’ve waited for, perhaps noticeable from summer solstice time (20th) and new moon (24th). End of month there’s such power in your perspective that things can manifest quickly, so stay focused on what feels good.

23rd November – 21st December
Up to 20th, the focus is on relationships, partnerships, contracts, and agreements. First week is brilliant for creative projects, and it’s the annual full moon in your sign on 9th that brings out your adventurous side and your joy for a journey. Your ruling planet Jupiter moves forward then too, after months in reverse, indicating faith rewarded (good to remember midmonth, as circumstances might test that faith). The message of summer solstice (21st) and new moon (24th) is that endings always lead to beginnings; then events during final week might test your patience as well as your faith, but there’s also positive and powerful results that come from refusing to close your heart, no matter how wrong others are.

22nd December – 20th January
Love is in the air this month, big time. Romance will find you as it’s like the universe is on a mission. Around full moon time (9th) it’s about going with the flow, not forcing anything, and pushy Mars in your relationship house from 4th might make that challenging, but it’s good for getting the most out of contracts and agreements. All partnerships, whether business or pleasure, are important this month; more so after summer solstice (20th) and new moon (24th), that carries a message of new beginnings for key relationships. Potential for power struggles is high by end of month, so don’t get hung up on the outcome of events; it’s the journey not the destination.

21st January – 18th February
There’s surprising or enlightening communication first week of June, maybe linked to home and family. Creative projects are energising and moving forward despite appearances of being off track midmonth (sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be). You’re proactive about health and fitness all month, but especially after 20th (summer solstice), and a new moon (24th) focusing on new beginnings for health and wellbeing. End of month has a challenging planet pattern that is like a pressure cooker for relationships, and brings up unfinished business in general to deal with. The key is to keep rising above and away from power struggles, so the positive, productive side of this pattern can dominate.

19th February – 20th March
There’s emphasis on home and family matters, and full moon time (9th) is about getting the work/home balance right, and about looking at long-term plans (also 15th and 18th). There’s a positive vibe for family connections over generations, and maybe discussions or communication around 13th. Creative projects, matters of the heart, and fun and enjoyment in general are all becoming increasingly important as the month goes on because these things are clicking into place more and more, especially after summer solstice (20th) and the new moon (24th) of new beginnings. There are tricky dynamics to contend with at end of month, but you have a knack of soothing conflict (especially 26th, 28th).

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