Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jonathan Cook on Brand versus Snow

I really love what Jonathan Cook has to say about the recent interview clash between Russell Brand and Jon Snow. Brand is certainly fit for the job of wordy Olympic athlete in dialogue and debate given his Gemini Sun and Aries moon.
It also reminds me of what goes on with the sceptic versus the spiritually orientated, when the mainstream science-minded smugness assumes the only stable and 'sensible' reality is their own and the ones who include spirit realms as a day to day common-sense reality must be a charlatan or in denial of the truth and holding delusions that should be apologised for. I love that Russell Brand won't be shamed by the old order....

Cook writes:
"The lessons of Russell Brand’s TV clash 15 February 2014 .............Russell Brand is back, with another incredible performance – and that is what it has to be, given the paradigm of debate he is forced into. This 15-minute interview with Ch4′s Jon Snow starts slowly, focusing on Brand’s efforts to change Britain’s primitive drugs laws. But it rapidly widens out into a fascinating ideological clash between the old order and the new. Again, the old order wants to discredit his argument that we should not legitimise our corrupt political systems by voting for them. The most interesting thing about these confrontations is watching Brand’s skilful manoeuvring as he refuses to allow himself to be intellectually sidetracked or cornered. It’s like watching an Olympic athlete. He has to use every skill in his considerable emotional and intellectual armoury: humour, matiness, intelligence, quick-wittedness, compassion, muted anger. So few of us have quite such a complete range of talents. This looks like hard work even for Brand. The reason is not that Snow is intellectually superior or has the better arguments; it is simply an illustration of power. Snow is representing the elite consensus, the version of reality that we are presented with day in, day out by the corporate media. Snow does not have to make his case, because his case is assumed to be the rational, sensible one. He can simply concentrate on various lines of attack. Brand, on the other hand, has both to turn complex, rarely expressed, non-intuitive arguments into soundbites and to ward off Snow’s attempts to discredit him at the same time. That is hard, exhausting work – and one senses how difficult it is even for Brand. Nonetheless he joins the ranks of the tiny number of people, like Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald, who can do this against these very experienced enforcers of consensus. The treatment of Brand in this and other interviews by the corporate media is a useful reminder that the system is precisely designed to silence, intimidate and marginalise those who challenge the manufactured consensus. Those like Brand, Chomsky and Greenwald whom the corporate media cannot easily ignore but who can also stand their ground against the onslaught provide a rare chance for us to understand that media debate does not have to be this way".

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

2014 - Year of the Horse

From my new Facebook page, Bond With The Moon.

February 2014 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
Matters of the heart are important this month, but career and long-term commitments have also got your attention because change is underway and your only job is to trust the process and allow changes to work for you and through you. This is hardest around the 11th, when it feels difficult to see and sense support for your hopes and dreams from usual sources, so look for alternative routes, while not forgetting to look within (especially around 26th). Also a full moon on the 14th is a big symbol of love and of acknowledging love and romance. Friends or your links to groups figure highly in this somehow.

21st April – 21st May
A recent turnaround or turning point in how you see certain situations has increased your level of faith and belief that what matters will happen for you. You are looking forward with increased optimism because most importantly, you have your own approval and support, which is the magic ingredient for any successful progress and development. It’s a month for love and romance too; a full moon on Valentine’s Day is about comfort zones, so those looking for love might want to play it safe, while those wanting continued connections find home and hearth a real romantic scene setter.

22nd May – 21st June
From 6th to 28th your ruler Mercury is retrograde (appearing to move backwards), so faces or places from the past might become relevant again, especially concerning career, status or long-term plans. There’s also a connection to travel or education after midmonth; perhaps a return to study will benefit career, or travel is important in the equation somehow. Whatever it is, don’t let doubts get the better of you around 11th and 19th; instead make the most of the particularly loved up Valentine’s day, especially relative to yourself as this is the time to recognise and appreciate exactly what your keen clear perspective on all things can give you right now.

22nd June – 22nd July
Your new sense of balance and centeredness might be tested around the 11th when powerful dynamics in situations peak and come to a head. Calm and comfortable is what balance feels like, so practice that to stay there. Midmonth opportunity knocks; a bright and shiny full moon sheds light on new resources in the form of spaces and places to move forward towards (love-life is linking to this too), but perhaps timing needs to be trusted on all this for now, as there’s preparation necessary before the ‘real’ movement happens. In other words, simple awareness of new opportunities is another step towards fulfilment of new opportunities. 

23rd July – 23rd August
This is a fabulous month for love and romance, and it all revolves around a heart shaped full moon in your sign on the 14th. But while you’re at the centre of all the action (just where you like to be), you might be too busy midmonth to fully appreciate it,  as Valentine’s looks packed with variety and change in lots of areas of your life (just how you like it to be, mind you). So the beginning and end of February is probably where you’ll have more time for romance, but enjoy the extra effort and energy required as it is opening new doors of opportunity all the time.

24th August – 22nd September
From the 6th your ruler Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) in your relationship chart; indicating an important change of mind or perspective regarding key relationships and agreements, as well as a reconnection with people or places from the past. From the 13th, old problems are reviewed with new eyes, and you’re in solution seeking mode, with great success. You are full of drive and direction midmonth, but don’t let anyone knock your confidence around the 19th. Friends and fun are inseparable during the final week; it’s a time of unexpected pleasures and unpredictable developments.

23rd September – 23rd October
Recently a turning point has been reached that has allowed you to move forward with plans, especially those relating to home and family situations. While that builds momentum, there are a few reminders this month about finding a balance between peace-keeping and being fair on yourself. Harmonious and smooth relationships with others are important to you, but February is about keeping things right with yourself first and then others. Often it takes just that before any kind of harmony is reached with others. In other words you can’t be fair on others if you aren’t being fair on yourself.

24th October – 22nd November
For months you’ve been gradually releasing situations that no longer serve you. February begins with an important turning point regarding this, in that you’re no longer feeling loss is inevitable, and instead that there’s more to gain from the releasing. And while there might be a temporary feeling of restriction at times this month, especially regarding finances or resources, the keyword is temporary, which you know is the truth, and which makes the gains feel sweeter when they come; and they are coming. Restrictions are more noticeable around the 11th, while glimpses of freedom (unpredictable at first) begin to show with more intensity around the 26th.

23rd November – 21st December
Recently it maybe felt like you were heading for the point of no return in certain situations, perhaps because there was an issue of self-worth or self-respect at stake. But as February begins there’s the definite sense of a turning point having happened in this. Certain relationships might not feel like that at times, but they benefit from communication, especially from the 13th, when going over old ground or revisiting the past is important. After midmonth and especially during the final week it’s hard not to act on impulse, so try to decide if it’s creative individuality or just reactive rebellion that is behind it first.

22nd December – 20th January
At first, February might feel like it’s one step forward and two back, especially around the 11th when a build of tension in situations might make you react instead of respond and then maybe regret it. But given that just now there are some heavy dynamics in many situations, being kind to your own mistakes or misjudgements might be all you can do sometimes. The full moon on the 14th speaks of strength and focus in work and career, as well as in any long-term plans and ambitions, while relationships, especially family bonds are in the spotlight during the final week perhaps with sudden announcements or unexpected development

21st January – 18th February
There’s a relationship themed full moon on the 14th. Love, appreciation and respect are what it’s all about; which means recognising and acknowledging what you love, appreciate and respect in others, while being open to ( feeling deserving of) receiving that from everyone who matters to you. Events around the 11th might make you wonder if that is possible, as pressure and stress seem to be an unavoidable component of many situations right now, but keep the faith. During the final week in particular, bottled up energy can release suddenly and unexpectedly, so don’t bottle up what you don’t want lose control over.

19th February – 20th March
While the ways that developments happen in your life right now aren’t always the ways you would choose, there’s no denying that progress is occurring. It might be sudden, unexpected, a tad pressurised, and a rather intense process, but things are developing; noticeably around the 11th, and also during the final week of Feb (especially 26th). From the 18th, the sun is in your sign, which means sunny vibes to warm your heart (very warm and fuzzy around 14th and 23rd), as well as creative surges and inspired light bulb moments (around 28th).