Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017 - Alignment and Union

“ love another person is to see the face of God” – from Les Miserables

So here we are on the great solar eclipse day of 21st August 2017. It happens during the new moon in the sign of Leo, the sign of heart and soul (the solar eclipse is always during the new moon, and lunar eclipse is always during the full moon). It’s happening at 19.24 UK time, though there’s not much to see this side of the pond, it’s all happening in the United States.

Eclipses are part of the natural, awesome, clockwork-style cycle of our solar system, and so they have a positive message built in to them, even if we can't always see the full picture at first. This one, happening during the new moon, indicates significant new ‘Leo-themed’ beginnings are underway, with long-term impact and significance, for weeks, months, maybe even years to come. 

Matters of the heart, fun, joy, entertainment, creativity, recognition, the spotlight, true self and sovereignty are all Leo themes.We might already have an idea what this means for us, if events are already heading in that direction; or this might be the time in which we make some new choices and decisions about the future, with some or all these themes in mind.

I interpret eclipses as expressions of ALIGNMENT and UNION. It’s about the lining up of things by the universe, in the most perfect, mysterious, complex, and very visible way. Astrology is about ‘as above so below’, so what’s happening ‘up there’ is happening within us too. This is a time for us to get our ducks in a row, and align more precisely and effectively with our heart's desire. 

More so than other eclipses, because Leo is about creativity, the heart, and sovereignty, this eclipse speaks directly to the idea that we CREATE OUR OWN REALITY. We are the Kings and Queens of our destiny, the Gods and Goddesses of our own free will, through our open-hearted focus, perceptions, and judgments, of ourselves and others, we shape an idea of reality that the universe literally responds to and supports us by manifesting.

‘ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES’ was the very first metaphysical lesson I learnt many years ago; the same message that Law of Attraction has for us today. If you want to create what you do want, focus on what you do want. If you want to create what you don’t want, focus on what you don’t want. Simple in theory, yet challenging to do in a world that pulls our attention in so many ways to so many things that are not actually in our best interests to focus on deeply. We often end up focused on what we don't want, while expecting the universe to respond to what we do want.

So this is what the message of the Leo eclipse is about. Align with what you want, to create the world you want. Be the sovereign of your own reality. Own your power to align with your true self, within yourself. You can know you are doing this by the natural heartfelt appreciation for self and others that radiates through an open heart and mind. 

This eclipse time is a good time to ponder where we are out of alignment with all that,
for example:
Leo is the heart: Is yours open or closed?
Leo is sovereignty: Are you feeling empowered or dis-empowered as the leader of your life?
Leo is creativity: What makes your heart sing? What interests you and calls you forward?
Leo is the spotlight: Where do you want more recognition and visibility?

Set the eclipse intention to experience more alignment with the Leo themes in your life. Treat eclipse time as a reboot, a reset and reconnection; with yourself and your hearts desires. Meditation and visualisation are powerful tools for alignment, but nothing is as powerful as enjoying and loving the process.... we experience the satisfying sound of situations clicking into place by loving them into place, enjoying them into place, appreciating them into place. It's the Leo way. 

Article on the Heart Chakra and opening the heart energy here
Youtube link to 528Hz frequency meditation music (528hz is the frequency of the heart) here

Happy eclipse to you :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

August 2017 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
There are two eclipses this month, indicating long-term trends and cycles underway. Your ruler Mars is at the center of the eclipse pattern, so for you there’s lots of action and activity. The full moon lunar eclipse (7th) is about things coming to a head related to friendships, groups and gatherings. It’s also about keeping your mind and heart open to your hopes, dreams and future vision. The new moon solar eclipse (21st) is about fresh new beginnings related to creativity, love-life, fun and entertainment. It’s a very positive and empowering eclipse pattern, which means it’s easier to sync up with the benefits and rewards of your situation, now and in future.

21st April – 21st May
Change is in the air, indicated by two eclipses during August. Events around eclipse time often have long-term significance and meaning, and these are no exception. The full moon lunar eclipse (7th) is about things coming to a head or coming full circle, regarding plans, aims and ambitions (especially linked to career). Perhaps events from around February time are relevant somehow. The new moon solar eclipse (21st) highlights home and family matters, and speaks of new beginnings now or in the coming months, for this area of your life. The eclipse picture is strong and positive, despite indicating a few challenges on the way (first week and midmonth), so there’s plenty in store to look forward to.

22nd May – 21st June
August is deeply transforming for love-life, creativity, and communication. It’s time to let go and trust what takes you more deeply into your heart (especially first week, also 12th, 15th, 17th, 27th). Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) from 13th, indicating a different perspective is required, especially related to home and family matters. It’s all reflected in the message of two important eclipses this month, which are about long-term change. The faith-filled full moon eclipse on 7th is about direction and purpose. Maybe there are talks about where things are going. Then the positive and upbeat new moon eclipse (21st) is about important new beginnings, now and in months to come, especially for communication and information.

22nd June – 22nd July
August has two eclipses, which is always big news for you, being ruled by the moon. Eclipses are about events with long-term impact for plans and progress, and the full moon lunar eclipse (7th) spotlights your chart of deep healing. Events come to a head where trust has been an issue, and regarding how much you want to share with others (you can be an iceberg when it suits, with so much hidden under the surface). The new moon solar eclipse (21st) is like the next step, with a message of new beginnings in coming months linked to income, resources, self-worth and self-esteem. What happened during February might have relevance to all this somehow too.

23rd July – 23rd August
There are two fabulous eclipses in August, both involving your sign in a big way. Eclipses indicate changes are afoot, and events around their dates tend to have long-term impact. The full moon eclipse (7th) is about certain situations coming to a head or moving and transforming after a stalemate. Events from February might be relevant somehow, and relationships, partnerships, contracts and agreements are the focus. The solar new moon eclipse in your sign on 21st is the astro event of the year for you, indicating an important new life chapter is underway. A new you is emerging; more steady, stable, bold, and productive than ever. Relationships, romance, travel and education are all in the spotlight from now.

24th August – 22nd September
Logical Mercury is in your sign, so you’re on a mission to get things sorted; in your own mind at least. Mercury meets foggy Neptune midmonth, which can cloud some issues; then is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from 13th, indicating a change of mind or direction. There are two eclipses with a message of long-term change: the full moon eclipse (7th) is also about getting things sorted, especially at work or with health and fitness. The new moon solar eclipse (21st) happens in the most spiritual angle of your chart and indicates new clarity and spiritual awakening. It means intuitive ideas often seem illogical or irrational, yet notice how perfectly the pieces fit the bigger picture.

23rd September – 23rd October
There’s a cleansing and clearing process happening first week of August (also midmonth and 24th), so trust the process instead of overreacting or bottle things up. There are also two extremely positive eclipses with impact for months, even years to come. The full moon lunar eclipse (7th) spotlights creative projects and matters of the heart, where things seem ready to come to fruition or full circle. On the 21st, the new moon solar eclipse is about new beginnings involving friends, groups, teams and gatherings. It’s also about becoming more aware of your current vision for the future, and how the universe will support your hopes, dreams and wishes. This eclipse is about dreams coming true, more than ever before.

24th October – 22nd November
There are two eclipses during August. The lunar eclipse on the 7th indicates things coming to head in certain situations right now, especially regarding home and family matters. What happened around February time might be relevant this month too. Events around eclipses often have long-term significance and coincide with important changes, and the new moon eclipse on the 21st speaks of new beginnings, new plans, new goals and ambitions emerging in coming months, particularly linked to career, but any area where you’ve been wanting recognition and the chance to shine. It’s not always plain sailing this month (4th, 9th, 13th, 15th, 25th) but the eclipse picture still indicates positivity reigns supreme.

23rd November – 21st December
August starts with a transformational first week for finances, friendships and your connections with groups, teams and gatherings. The full moon eclipse (7th) has long-term impact, and is highlighting communication, travel and education (The phrase ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’ seems to fit). Midmonth, plans or partners might be temporarily backtracking (not stalling), but don’t assume the worst. Meanwhile, you’re feeling more clear, creative, disciplined and productive than you have in months (especially from 25th, when even extra responsibility feels like an adventure). The theme of the powerful new moon eclipse on the 21st is that the joy is in your journey right now, but the destination looks promising too.

22nd December – 20th January
Demands of first week in August might bring out your inner control freak and your intensely ambitious side. But rise above power struggles because you have true transformation and renewal happening (especially in career). There are two important eclipses this month, indicating long-term change and developments. The full moon lunar eclipse (7th) focuses on finances, resources, and self-worth (including self-esteem), and events have a sense of completion and culmination about them. The new moon solar eclipse (21st) is about holding your nerve with what’s unknown or uncertain, particularly regarding shared resources (easier from 25th). It’s a positive, future-focused eclipse, despite any challenges. It’s about real stability, firm foundations, and true freedom of spirit.

21st January – 18th February
There are two important eclipses this month, the first is a full moon eclipse in your sign on the 7th, indicating that a significant turnaround, change of direction or change of approach is happening within you regarding some ongoing situations. Relationships, contracts and agreements are relevant to this all month, especially during the new moon eclipse on 21st, when it’s a busy, bold, proactive and productive time for new beginnings. There are twists and turns this month, as well as hidden dynamics and agendas that are playing out or sometimes acted out (4th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 25th), but in general the eclipses show stability via change, and the promise of a future you can believe in.

19th February – 20th March

There are two eclipses during August, and events at eclipse time often have long-term impact. The full moon lunar eclipse (7th) takes place in the most spiritual part of your chart. Events might draw your attention, through signs, symbols or synchronicity, which gets you thinking and seeking more from your spiritual path (And perhaps there’s a link to events back in February somehow?). The new moon solar eclipse (21st) is about the day to day running of your life, your working day, schedules and appointments; it’s also health, fitness and wellbeing. It means new beginnings are manifesting. The planets are in a positive pattern, which means this part of your life will reflect that too.