Saturday, March 04, 2017

March 2017 Horoscopes

20th March – 20th April
March continues on the recent theme of balancing your need for freedom with your desire to expand and grow certain relationships (especially first week). Also, love and money planet Venus retrogrades (appears to move backward) in your sign from 4th until mid-April, which means a review and restyle: of yourself, of finances, and relationship. Mercury (your communication and thinking) is in your sign from 13th, followed by the Sun on 20th. Then the annual new moon in your sign on the 28th is a potent symbol of a new you. March is basically about your fabulous potential and what’s new and renewing about it, so the excitement and thrills keep coming.

21st April – 21st May
Your planet is Venus, the planet associated with love and value. Venus is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from the 4th, until mid-April, so it’s an important time for reviewing, re-evaluating, and reconnecting with your priorities in relationships, finances and resources. You might feel more compelled to act, or make a first move on something that matters, especially after the 20th, also around new moon on 28th (don’t jump to negative conclusions though). Mars in your sign from 10th, indicates endurance and determination regarding your current desires, which makes you a formidable force in achieving goals and desires.

22nd May – 21st June
A break, holiday, or change of pace might be happening this month. It gives you breathing space and thinking time about a long-term plan or project, possibly work-related. Around full moon time (12th) obstacles or limits are put there by you not others, even though it might seem otherwise. Relationships in general are also highlighted: friendships might rekindle or reconnect, once Venus retrogrades from 4th (and from 13th). In romance, there’s the potential for deep and satisfying resonance and harmony, so minimise challenges (especially around 24th!) and keep your heart and mind open to what can’t be put into words.

22nd June – 22nd July
Up to the 20th (especially full moon time on the 12th), the focus is on expanding horizons; perhaps through learning or travel (a holiday is a great idea!), but all month there’s huge focus on career, status, reputation and ambition. For example, Venus retrograde from the 4th until mid-April reconnects you with people, places or plans from the past, and brings a much wanted turning point or change of direction. Final week might be intense, but there’s method to any madness; it’s not for nothing that there’s a beautiful new moon (28th) bringing new beginnings and the birth of new opportunities.

23rd July – 23rd August
Situations that were important late-December, especially linking to travel or education, might become relevant again this month. Venus is retrograde from the 4th until mid-April, which means relationship reconnections and reunions (especially around 25th), and the new moon (28th) indicates new beginnings. Up to 20th, imagination is your secret power. The challenge is to stay focused on what you want rather than picturing what you don’t want, as your focus energises and magnifies whatever scenario you stick on. Full moon (12th) brings issues of security and resources to a head, so turn a crisis of confidence into a reason to keep the faith (15th, 17th, and final week).

24th August – 22nd September
The annual full moon in your sign on the 12th, is about sorting out where you stand emotionally on things that are important to you now. It’s about emotional balance with others, but also your relationship with yourself. You’re looking for what’s real and true, and you have an open heart and open mind about what that might mean, which is a strong position to be in (challenges around 24th require you stay in that strength). Venus is retrograde from 4th until mid-April, which is about reconnections or reunions in relationships, as well as reviews of finances and resources (especially shared resources), and the new moon (28th) indicates new beginnings in all this.

23rd September – 23rd October
It’s been a case of expect the unexpected recently, with things happening that led to sudden change and sudden clarity. This is a continuing theme for March (especially first and final week), as well as a huge emphasis on relationships. Venus, your ruling planet, is starting a retrograde phase in your house of relationships, from 4th until mid-April; indicating a time of reviewing and re-evaluating, and reconnecting and reuniting. Not just for romance, it can be any relationship, including work or financial. It’s about reversal of direction, or a turnaround in events that is designed to lead you closer to where you want to be in future, and the new moon on 28th is about new beginnings linked to this.

24th October – 22nd November
Creative projects, matters of the heart, friendship and fun are all at the forefront for much of March. The full moon on the 12th is about all this and any limits and obstacles that have been in the way. Love and money planet Venus is retrograde from the 4th until mid-April, in your work, health and fitness chart, which means you might be returning to a diet or exercise plan, or re-evaluating occupation somehow. Maybe some faces or places of work from the past become relevant again, and new, important beginnings are in store, symbolised by the new moon on 28th. Final week of March is intense, challenging but very productive.

23rd November – 21st December
This is another month of unexpected or sudden happenings that brings clarity, new focus and vision. Up to the 20th the focus is on home and family, and balancing work and personal time. This theme is magnified around full moon time on the 12th, along with the idea of extra responsibility, limits and a new sense of authority. Venus retrograde from the 4th until mid-April is about reconnection and reunion, and new moon on the 28th is about new beginnings linked to this, for creativity, matters of the heart, fun and entertainment. Final week, especially 24th and 30th, is about renewal of resources, and keeping the faith in friendship. Love is transforming you too.

22nd December – 20th January
Recent events might have brought sudden or unexpected changes of plan, especially in home or family matters, that appeared disruptive yet positive for the long-term, and this theme continues for March. Venus is retrograde from 4th until mid-April, indicating family reunions, reconnecting to childhood, and a re-evaluation of your comfort zone. New moon (28th) is about new beginnings out of this. A philosophical full moon on the 12th is about how the wisdom of your experience serves you well, and how you’re broadening your horizons and widening the scope of your current experience through travel or learning. Final week (especially 24th and 30th) is about communication linked to career or ambition, and a sense of faith, renewal and transformation.

21st January – 18th February
New, sudden or unexpected events revolving around communication, learning, education and travel are a continuing theme for you this month (especially from 20th), just like it was last December (it will be again in September too!). Venus is retrograde from the 4th, so the past is more relevant than usual and perhaps reunions and reconnection are in store. Full moon on the 12th is about how you’re handling unknown or uncontrollable factors right now; especially with shared finances, and deepening certain relationships. This again crops up from 18th, especially 24th, 26th and around new moon on 28th. It’s all about working with the past, not rejecting it; and trusting your current journey to reveal a new sense of order.

19th February – 20th March
The Sun is in your sign until 20th, which means it’s your time of year. Full moon in your relationship chart on the 12th is about reaching a balance, meaning you’re not losing yourself in relationships and not shutting down for self-protection. Venus is retrograde from 4th until mid-April in your income and resources chart. It means you’re re-evaluating and redefining your sense of self-worth in various productive ways. Recent sudden or unexpected events relate to all this somehow, and there might be more to come, unsettling you at times, yet really opening your eyes to your inner strength and resourcefulness. A new sense of respect for yourself is then reflected back to you by others, so take their compliments seriously.