Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Horoscopes for September 2013

21st March – 20th April
Until the 21st the emphasis is on sorting and streamlining life in general; clogged inboxes, inefficient systems, postponed appointments or forgotten phone calls can all be confronted in a successful and satisfying way. Around the 9th it’s easy to feel at odds with authority figures or anyone whose approval or disapproval matters to you. This temporary crisis of confidence isn’t the norm for you though, as for much of the month you’re happy seeking the spotlight and just in the mood to showcase skill and talent. From the 22nd fun, attention, passion and intimacy are what’s important, and not necessarily in that order.

21st April – 21st May
As long as you remember you’re supposed to enjoy the ups despite the downs, you can’t go far wrong this month. The planets suggest there’s a creative and prosperous feel to the month, as well as some happy and healing times with friends and loved ones but that it’s also easy to get caught up in what appears to not be going your way right now (especially midmonth). It’s just going to take some discipline to keep choosing the positive perspective, which is actually the message of the full moon on the 19th, how love can only be productive if you choose it.

22nd May – 21st June
A new moon on the 5th speaks of a new and expanded comfort zone when it comes to work, finance and resources, meaning you feel more at home with all this, and also with family ties and emotional connections. Events this month seem designed to heal and soothe some longstanding issues, even when things seem too set in stone to shift (around 9th and 19th), or seem stirred up unnecessarily (around 15th). Communication is creative all month and often loved up and passion-filled, while your psychic senses are working big style around the 29th; so prepare to be dazzled by your own sense of knowing.

22nd June – 22nd July
There’s a focus on communication this month. New contacts, messages and information are coming your way, especially during the first week, and also around midmonth (in unpredictable or unexpected ways); then the full moon on the 19th is about bringing order to any inbox chaos, sorting out mixed messages or misunderstandings, and clearing the clutter of gossip and hearsay to make way for facts and the full version of events. From the 22nd your attention turns towards home, family and all your comfort zones. Love, peace and harmony are your interests, so only focus on being that.

23rd July – 23rd August
Mighty planet Mars is in your sign during September, which is great news for feeling motivated, and for action on goals and desires. Mars symbolises assertive energy and the love of a challenge, so mix that with your natural fiery presence and you are quite a force to be reckoned with right now. The full moon planet pattern on the 19th seems to have the strongest message for you, that a lot of things are now flowing together to support your intentions; for example it’s brilliant in all kinds of ways for working from home, or perhaps sorting finances and possessions. And relationships match this mood too.

24th August – 22nd September
What happens during first week of September sets the tone for the rest of the month. A new moon in your sign on the 5th speaks of the profound changes that are in the air, normally a challenge to your comfort zone until adjustments are accepted, however the planets suggest there’s strong support (via messages and conversation especially), to make any adjustments a smoother emotional ride . Third week seems to carry the most indication of sudden motion forward with transforming experiences, especially around the 15th (finance focused) and 19th (relationship focused) and end of September suggests some important communications to be given and received.

23rd September – 23rd October
An introspective new moon on the 5th suggests sleep, meditation or a quiet ponder in nature will attract answers and solutions, not fussing and fixating on the problem. From the 11th your ruler Venus moves to your wealth and resources chart. It indicates friendships and group involvement are a source of abundance for you now, and that the structuring and managing of your resources is opening doors for the future (especially around the 19th). Relationships are unconventional and full of surprises midmonth; then from the 22nd the sun is in your sign, indicating a welcome burst of energy, warmth and vitality.

24th October – 22nd November
A new moon in your house of friendship, groups and gatherings on the 5th symbolises the healing power that fun and entertainment has for you right now. From the 11th magnetic Venus is in your sign, indicating irresistible love matches and good career moves (and unexpected communication challenges around 15th). A soft but strong full moon on the 19th indicates you’re better off building bridges not burning them, and that doors of opportunity have a sense of destiny or fate about them as they begin to open. The 22nd suggests a reflective or introspective period is ahead, as well as a telepathic bond with others around 29th/30th.

23rd November – 21st December
There’s a bountiful new moon on the 5th, linked to work, status, long-term plans and ambitions, but have some patience (also known as faith!) when it comes to seeing results, as there’s plenty going on behind the scenes or under the surface that is relevant but unseen till all the pieces come together when the time is just right. Also, home is where the healing is this month, which means your private and family life has a special influence on you right now that can build bonds and reconnect you to you in powerful and pressure-free ways. It’s a powerful month in many ways, basically.

22nd December – 20th January
Travel, especially long or international journeys are relevant this month, particularly during the first week under a new moon (5th) that indicates new paths of experience for you. This also includes new learning and education, or even just a meaning of life debate that gets you thinking in a different way; it’s all about new ways of seeing and being that are helping in the long-term self-makeover you are going through right now. Work and home-life might conflict midmonth, but after the 19th (and maybe support from friends helps clarify commitment), career or long-term plans and ambitions are productive and therefore a priority.

21st January – 18th February
The new moon on the 5th speaks of new growth and expansion that you can really benefit from day to day. The message is that it might take some adjustment to allow some momentum to get going, but once the right balance is reached there’s no stopping you. This is true for relationships too; visible perhaps from the 9th, when blocks or barriers in partnerships surface in order to be confronted and cleared. The full moon on the 19th speaks powerfully of balance, especially when it comes to career or bank balances; then from the 22nd you’re in the mood for new horizons, mentally, emotionally and/or physically.

19th February – 20th March
September gets off to a cracking start with a relationship themed new moon on the 5th that speaks of new beginnings, and new faces and places that can lead to a whole lot of fun, entertainment and creative endeavour. It’s all thanks to your more definite, detailed, clearer picture of what you want, which you are constantly refining this month, especially during the powerful full moon in your sign around the 19th, which carries a message of love, healing, teaching and learning. In other words, it is your wisdom of experience that is the underlying force, tying everything together this month, so go with its flow.