Thursday, January 05, 2017

January 2017 Horoscopes

Beautiful January is underway, here we go with the first horoscopes of 2017...

21st March – 20th April

Happy 2017 Aries! You're in soft and mellow mood as January opens, and if you need to wear rose tinted glasses to stay there, so be it, because you’ll achieve more by relaxing into the prevailing flow. January in general is about breakthroughs and expansion that you're guided to, rather than pushing towards (including romance). Around 7th to midmonth (full moon on 12th), might feel more demanding, yet more productive too. Then, around 28th there's a new moon (new beginnings) for friends, groups and gatherings. Unfinished business from December might finish at this time, and your ruler Mars moves into your sign, indicating it’s now time to be proactive and push forward.

21st April – 21st May

Happy New Year Taurus. Regeneration and renewal through travel, education and learning is your theme for much of January, especially towards midmonth and around full moon time on the 12th, when the planets stand in strong formation calling you towards soul-satisfying journeys. Links with groups, whether work related or friendship based, are important too. It’s where romance sparks and thrives, and it’s where you feel motivated or driven by the sense of oneness from group purpose. Mercury (communication) moves forward from 8th, and from 19th the sun re-energises your ambition and career chart. New moon on the 28th indicates new beginnings linked to this; perhaps from plans that you’ve been conscious of since midmonth full moon.

22nd May – 21st June

Happy 2017 Gemini...the planets are gathering in your ambition and career chart. Your style of climbing the success ladder is different from others, in that you like to spend time dreaming and imagining success, even at the expense of taking care of some of the practicalities at first. This is exactly the right way to do it by the Law of Attraction, so don’t let others change your style, even during the security-orientated, financial full moon on the 12th. Mercury moves forward from the 8th which means your relationships are too (take note of how unfinished business from December is finished by end of month). And a future-focused new moon (28th) is about travel and learning.

22nd June – 22nd July

Happy 2017 Cancer! It’s all about the next logical step for you this month, which is easier to take from the 8th when Mercury (logic and communication) moves forward after weeks in reverse (notice what happens around new moon on 29th regarding unfinished business from December). Next steps are also around 12th, when the annual full moon in your sign moves stalemates, and breaks through static situations. Relationships, romance, and contracts are all in focus as a result. There are lots of planets in your travel and education chart all month, which means lots of your energy and attention put there. Certain people or places might be calling to you, so go if it feels positive

23rd July – 23rd August

Happy New Year Leo! January can be a ‘sweet spot’ of the year, despite there being elements of certain situations you’d prefer were different. Maybe because it feels easier to relax and trust the universe has your back, and this lack of inner tension helps things click into place naturally. From around the 7th to around the rather spiritual full moon on the 12th, there’s plenty happening that would normally create tension, but because you’re tapped into the productive and constructive aspects of the situation, it feels like things are building in positive and creative ways. From the 19th and especially new moon time on the 28th, relationships have your attention, where new beginnings are in store.

24th August – 22nd September

Happy 2017! There’s still a lot of emphasis on relationships, contracts and agreements as the new year gets underway. Lots of planets are lining up in this area of your chart which means so much seems to revolve around this area of your life. Your ruler, logical Mercury, moves forward from the 8th, indicating a turnaround in your thinking and communication, and perhaps something to look forward to linked to home and family. Full moon (12th) is about the challenge of a situation that brings forth positive and maybe sudden increase and expansion. There are endings as beginnings too, particularly around the problem-solving new moon on 28th. Unfinished business from mid-December-ish might get sorted at this time too.

23rd September – 23rd October

Happy New Year! You’re fully focused on the flow of your daily schedule, and it’s likely to feel busy this month, so staying effective and efficient is important to you. Lots of planets are in your health and fitness chart, which means lots of your energy poured into this area of your life and New Year resolutions are fulfilled. Romance might be found in the most mundane of places, yet still feel special (especially midmonth and final week). Second week, including full moon on 12th, is about productive effort toward change or make-overs linked to home, family, and/or long-term plans. Then, a ground-breaking new moon on the 28th indicates new beginnings involving creativity, and especially creative partnerships.

24th October – 22nd November

Happy 2017 Scorpio! Planets are visiting your fun and entertainment chart this month, so even though January has it’s serious and sensible moments there’s still lots of lightheartedness in store. Creativity is strong too, and it’s easier to find yourself ‘in the zone’ than before. The second week, and especially around 12th, during a full-on full moon, is about keeping the faith and a sense of belonging, and there’s (maybe sudden or unexpected) beginnings through endings via communication (especially 7th and 10th), and via home and family (new moon 28th). End of January might bring back unfinished business from mid-December, and you might choose to move forward on something you turned away from back then.

23rd November – 21st December

Happy New Year :) January can be a pivotal month for change (no pressure then!), especially around the second week, during the financially focused full moon on the 12th. Value, balance, friendship, networking, and creativity are all important themes at that time, which can call forth profound change as the new year inspires you to take a leap of faith and a new perspective, and make the most of dearly held dreams and visions. There are also plenty of planets all month in your home and family chart, which means lots of energy and attention to this area of your life. And some inspiring communication or ground-breaking information might show itself from 19th, particularly around 28th.

22nd December – 20th January

Happy New Year, Capricorn! The idea of building step by step toward long-term goals is right up your street, so you always do well at this time of year with new year resolutions. The urge for change and transformation might be strongest second week, helped by the sun energising your sign until the 19th and a full moon on the 12th in your partnership chart. This energises (and possibly magnfies) what’s happening in your close, personal, or business relationships, so if things are sweet they are about to get sweeter. There’s also huge emphasis on communication all month, and also situations involving your local area and neighbourhood, especially 19th and 27th. Unfinished business from December is transformed then too.

21st January – 18th February

Happy 2017! January is about relaxing into the idea of things happening at the perfect time (especially regarding finances). This takes a bit of trust because not everything can be planned for, and not everything is under your direct control; so there’s an element of faith in the bigger picture required. This is exactly what events during the second week (especially 7th and 10th) are about, along with the very spiritual ‘go with the flow’ full moon on the 12th. The sun moves into your sign from the 19th, and there’s the annual new moon there too, on the 28th. This indicates inner balance, new ideas for the future, and opportunities 
for self-development and growth. 

19th February – 20th March

Happy New Year :) Several planets visit your sign during January, which indicates your focus on changes you now feel ready for. Your approach to issues is by the path of least resistance; you prefer to go with the flow around obstacles, rather than confront or push against them, and this will work well for you, for the most part, all month. That’s not to say effort isn’t required, especially during second week and full moon on 12th, but efforts are rewarded with a sense of healing and improvement in key situations, especially when you feel beyond the appearances of a situation into the quiet truth of it (where truth doesn’t hurt). New moon on 28th suggests new beginnings linked to all this.