Sunday, April 08, 2012

April Horoscopes

I'm taking a break from horoscopes for a short while, but will be back, till then, here's what's happening for April... :)

21st March – 20th April
The full moon on the 6th links to your relationships; there’s a balance you are seeking, an emotional stability that you feel ready for, and the full moon amplifies this by initially drawing your attention to areas of instability. Saturn, planet of structure and foundation, helps with this around the 15th, as does Mars moving forward on the 16th, and a positive new moon in your resources chart on the 21st indicates new feelings of security around you. Communication planet Mercury is in your sign from 16th, with unexpected results on the 22nd and intense career focus around 25th.

21st April – 21st May
It’s a struggle to find a clear focus on anything during the first week of April unless you get clear on what you want, and the full moon on the 6th brings all this to a messy, unscheduled, and disorganized head. Big turning points in key relationships and creative projects coincide with Mars moving forward from the 14th, after a long spell of backtracking over old ground, and confidence and charisma gets a boost when the sun moves into your sign from the 19th. Finally, an awesome new moon in your sign on the 21st encourages all the right moves at the right times.

22nd May – 21st June
Excellent beginning to the month; Venus in your sign from the 3rd indicates an easy harmony with yourself and others, as well as your cash flow. Your ruler Mercury moves forward from the 4th, coinciding with some kind of turnaround linked to work and career that you’ve been waiting for, but don’t discount your own value around full moon time on the 6th. From the 14th there’s action on certain home and family matters at last, and from the 16th social life increases and you feel comfy in a crowd, especially when friends bring out your unconventional side around the 22nd.

22nd June – 22nd July
You are so in the mood for your own comfort zones around full moon on the 6th. Don’t fight it; nurture and nourish are the keywords. And be patient with communications that feel as if they are going to run out of steam, especially on the work/career front, because after the 14th there’s a welcome turnaround that moves things along nicely, though unpredictably around the 22nd and with intensity around 25th. Love is also getting intense and a bit challenging at that time due to circumstances beyond your control, but by the 28th there’s sunshine and sweetness on offer, especially from friends and social life.

23rd July – 23rd August
From the 4th and 14th, Mercury and Mars stop taking backward steps and move forward again, which coincides with a change of mind and approach in you; now you are ready to stop second guessing and trust your urge to take action, especially on issues that are shrouded in unknown or uncontrollable factors. The sun moves into your career and status chart from the 19th which means aims and ambitions have got your attention; the new moon here on the 21st shows it’s time for a step up the ladder of success, and the 28th indicates a kind of clear the clutter phase regarding daily routine and schedules.

24th August – 22nd September
From the 3rd, linking to career and status especially, there’s plenty of harmony and resonance with those that matter (but maybe wobbly around the 6th when an emotional full moon triggers self-worth issues). From the 4th your ruler Mercury stops moving backwards, which gives you plenty to look forward to, and from the 14th, action planet Mars does the same - no more looking back or holding back - it’s all about the future and getting the ball rolling on what’s important to you now, ending a more reflective, thoughtful, less than active phase that has been going on since late January.

23rd September – 23rd October
The full moon in your sign on the 6th is about sorting out priorities right now; what feels balanced, what feels a little out of touch with what you prefer? Relationships in general are moving forward from the 14th, but especially regarding romance; no more feeling like fate is thwarting your best efforts, things feel much more straightforward, especially from the 21st, which marks a new stage in trust and intimacy. Final week is challenging for signing on dotted line of anything; there’s unpredictable or unexpected elements on the 22nd and hidden dynamics on the 25th that make any process feel heavier than usual.

24th October – 22nd November
Things move forward regarding creative projects from the 4th, but handle friendships or group involvement with a bit of care at that time as confusion or misunderstandings are too easy till around the 21st. In love, partners are more clued up about what they want than you are; what happens around the full moon on the 6th reveals just how oblivious you are. Things become more settled by the 19th on this; especially after your relationship new moon on the 21st which coincides with either a brand new phase in existing relationships or a shiny new romance designed to make you sparkle.

23rd November – 21st December
Venus moves into your love sign from the 3rd, which means things are looking up in love, though watch your imagination doesn’t play tricks on you during full moon time around the 6th as it’s easy to think the worst, but also don’t let others define your level of power in a situation. Mars moves forward on the 14th, first time since January, so this coincides with a big turning point regarding career/status maybe that was on hold for a while. New moon on the 21st is also highlighted regarding this; there’s positive change and new momentum in daily routine and schedules especially linking to career.

22nd December – 20th January
Communication you’ve been waiting for gets moving after the 4th; just ready for an emotionally expressive full moon time to move you to speak your heart about current aims and ambitions. Your relentless urge for transformation has fixated on a quest for a totally new you for quite some time, but this mother of all make-overs is changing pace for now. Don’t let lack of confidence hold you back around the 15th, and don’t let family issues rain on your parade around the 25th; hold to that and rewards are seen from the 28th when the change of pace reveals a change you were seeking all along.

21st January – 18th February
Mercury ends backward steps in your finance and resources chart from the 4th, which indicates communication moving things forward after recent delays. Big dreams occupy your mind around full moon on the 6th, so don’t let practicalities put you off, let your imagination wander. Mars moves forward for first time since late January from the 14th, symbolising your willingness to trust yourself to the unknown a bit more and linking to this, relationships are likely to feel more settled and secure from the 19th simply because you are more settled and secure within yourself. Around the 22nd expect the unexpected regarding communication, news and information.

19th February – 20th March
Mercury stops moving backwards in your sign from the 4th, which indicates a positive change of mind or turning point regarding your approach with others in certain situations; suddenly you know what to say and how to respond (new moon on the 21st symbolises clear and successful communication too). Love and romance is also highlighted all month. Around the 6th it’s to do with trust, intimacy and questions of how much is too much revealed on an emotional level, then from the 14th actions speak louder than words, for the first time since late January.