Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 2015 horoscopes

Am late posting these thanks to no internet but here's your
 horoscopes for January!! Happy New Year :)

21st March – 20th April
2015 starts off with the planets in tense formation, suggesting something has to give, and it’s likely to be unexpected developments, with you at the heart of the action. You’re in a friendly, live and let live mood, and it’s difficult to shake that out of you, but perhaps even you...’re shaken enough by events around the 5th (full moon time) in a way you can’t ignore or hide. Go with the flow from the 12th, (challenging around the 16th, easier around the 20th and 31st), as your ruler Mars moves into the most imaginative, secluded and spiritual part of your chart. And romance and friendship merge this month, big time.

21st April – 21st May
It’s an interesting month for long-term plans and ambitions, especially career related, and maybe health and fitness too. Look at the lunar cycle, as the full moon (5th) and the new moon (20th) coincide with important developments and changes in those areas of your life. The full moon might highlight stress or stuckness at delays, and suggests movement occurs only at the ‘right’ time. The days before new moon time are about finding balance and not over-doing or over-reaching. You sense the promising outcome, so it’s a case of go with the flow of what is already coming your way. Venus is in the perfect mood for this from the 27th

22nd May – 21st June
It’s a productive but possibly pressured beginning to 2015. Instead of forcing circumstances to change, allow them to evolve and transform naturally. Participate and don’t push it, and you’ll see how things want to go your way when you have clear intentions and a bit of faith in the process. Around new moon time on the 20th your ruler Mercury begins retrograde (appearing to move backwards) indicating an interesting turning point in your beliefs and perspectives. Travel, education, and of course communication all figure highly for the next few weeks while you return to, reconnect or reboot your relationship with your hopes, dreams and desires ( note what happens around the 28th in this).

22nd June – 22nd July
Look to the lunar cycles this month for answers. The emotionally tense yet productive full moon on the 5th takes place in your sign, highlighting and amplifying your desire to break through or break free in a big way when it comes to certain circumstances. Resistance is futile so allow these feelings space and time, as it’s only by feeling and breathing through all this that it’s transformed into inspiration about what to do next. The new moon on the 20th then reflects a new freedom that you’ve been seeking for so long and are now about to manifest in many new ways and forms.

23rd July – 23rd August
January 2015 is all about relationships; whether it’s love and romance or business and contracts, the focus is partnership, priorities and finding your balance with others. From day one of the month it’s about choosing win/win solutions. And at first it might appear you’ll miss out by doing this, but that isn’t true or it wouldn’t be a true win/win; so don’t listen to fears that push you to jump back or forward without real faith in the solution. The new moon on the 20th may be about these mixed messages in situations; you have important new relationship beginnings, amid fears of the future, so take the time to settle in.

24th August – 22nd September
2015 begins with strength and purpose in key situations. You’re in problem-solving mode, which is certainly one of your strengths, and the planets suggest there’s balance and harmony during the process. Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from the 21st, so a significant change of mind or focus might be the way you keep moving for just now, especially under the powerful new moon on the 20th, which speaks of new solutions, new agendas, and a new approach to health and fitness. Relationships, contracts and agreements are also at the forefront, especially from the 12th, and around the 20th and 27th.

23rd September – 23rd October
There’s something to be said for focusing on fun and enjoyment regardless of problems or obstacles. It’s the most spiritual thing to do, to lighten up and be happy from your heart for no good reason. The planets suggest the universe supports all your efforts to do this; just decide there’s power not lack in this approach, and that there’s nothing to feel guilty about (it’s not irresponsible). It’s because there’s a mixed bag of energies competing for your attention in most situations (especially home and family matters), so be selective not scattered, and responsive not reactive. Then the new moon on the 20th is about new projects, plans and pleasures.

24th October – 22nd November
The full moon pattern of planets on the 6th is like a pressure cooker for emotions and feelings, so it might be an idea to think before you speak, and especially before you put anything in writing. Sometimes though, action is the best policy if it’s from the heart, so rule of thumb is feel good first then take action. This is hardest midmonth when the mood highlights frustrating limits and delays, and maybe easiest around new moon on the 20th, when the planets speak of new beginnings linked to home and family matters. Reunions and reconnections are likely at this time too.

23rd November – 21st December
Fun and finances are competing for attention as 2015 gets underway. Both are a priority so don’t neglect one for the other. Communication and information are also important, especially around the 20th when a new moon focuses on new beginnings linking to messages, phone calls and conversation. There’s a return or reconnection in store at this time too; old faces and places from the past show up and get you thinking along different lines to before. Serious planet Saturn is in your sign now, so your sense of responsibility and avoidance of disapproval is high. Try not to let what you think others think of you get in your way.

22nd December – 20th January
There’s an intense full moon in your relationship chart on the 6th. The planet picture is full of pressure, yet you often thrive under conditions that would stress or break many other signs of the zodiac. The idea of right time, right place is strong this month, so go with the flow and trust where the universe takes you (most challenging midmonth, easiest around the 20th). Finances, property and purchases also have your attention, and perhaps linked to this there’s the return or reappearance of documents or information you thought were in the past or no longer an option (from the 21st).

21st January – 18th February
It’s as if everything is starting to happen at once; it’s a busy opener for 2015, with a big build-up to an emotionally intense full moon on the 6th. Don’t bottle up your feelings till they burst, and prepare for your restless freedom-loving nature to make its presence felt with or without your permission. Mars, planet of drive and desire is in your sign till midmonth, and love and money planet Venus is there till the 27th. There’s the annual new moon in your sign on the 20th, which is about important new beginnings in store. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde from the 21st, which is about repeating or reconnecting events and situations.

19th February – 20th March
In the tension and pressure building at the beginning of the month, particularly at full moon time on the 6th, you’re a cool, calm presence. Maybe you don’t know how as you’re not immune to feeling frazzled right now, especially regarding money and property matters, but that’s how it is. Mars, planet of drive and motivation, moves into your sign from the 12th, increasing your desire to get the ball rolling on certain situations. There are limits or delays relative to this midmonth, but there’s a new moon on the 20th, indicating important new beginnings and movement, just maybe not in the direction you’d first expect.