Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Full Pink moon in Scorpio (with partial lunar eclipse) on Thursday 25th April 2013, Pluto square Uranus 25th May.

I do wish the moon was actually about to turn pink on Thursday! It's the correct shade of moon glow in my opinion :)  but sadly not, this Pink moon is only named after a spring plant that is prolific in North America at this time of year.

From an astrology perspective the Pink moon is the annual full moon in Scorpio, the sign of renewal and rebirth. It’s the time of year when the sun (currently in the earthy and stable sign of Taurus) stands exactly opposite the moon in Scorpio - at 9pm London time on the 25th April, to be exactly exact J - and this full moon is also a partial lunar eclipse (full moon eclipse is also called lunar eclipse) which in astrology terms gives it a little more va va voom  impact-wise than just any old full moon.

I feel drawn to write about this lunar eclipse because the planet patterns look interesting, and also because one of the major planet patterns of the year, Pluto square Uranus is underway (exact on May 25th, but active long before and after that time), and as Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio it means a lot more attention than usual is on all things Pluto/Scorpio related.

If I could give this annual full moon in Scorpio a name it would be the Unfinished Business moon. Pluto is retrograde at this time of year (where it appears to be moving backwards in the sky), which in Pluto language is about going back to clear the clutter, or maybe the clutter coming back to haunt you a little…  Pluto itself is all about the clearing and recycling process of life, physically, mentally and/or emotionally, which allows a natural transformation and evolution process to happen in all kinds of ways.

So this Pluto retrograde and Scorpio moon might coincide with stuff being brought back or brought up that needs dealing with; unfinished business that was swept under the carpet deliberately or accidentally. What was lost is rediscovered and what got buried under more pressing priorities is brought to life again, for the purpose of renewal and rebirth.

We have got treasure in store from all this but don’t worry if at first a specific situation makes your heart sink to see the past repeating itself; don’t fret, its not same old same old…it’s all about to be updated and rebooted…. Pluto squaring (challenging) the future focused planet Uranus means trust that the process you are going through now, whatever the situation, is pulling what is valuable from your past into the future, while letting go of what isn’t necessary for moving forward from here. It’s the old you transforming into a new you, in other words, through gaining a sense of closure and of tying up loose ends on what was unfinished business up to now.

Just remember Pluto square Uranus isn’t  usually a gentle prod, it’s usually more like a powerful shove in the shoulder blades into letting go of the past in order to accept an unknown or unfamiliar future, and all the feelings that go with that. It’s really a form or version of us we are letting go of, whatever the situation looks like, in order to accept a new version of us that is unfamiliar and unknown to us (scary as that is all we have to rely on and lean on). This translates in everyday life as challenges that pull the best out of us, that evolve us, and spiral us into a new relationship with ourselves first, and then the world.

The lunar eclipse chart for Thursday shows how the momentum is building in this, and what I like about this chart is the Neptune energy working nice n easy to soften any hard feelings and dissolve old hurts and stored resentments, allowing us to let go and move forward with a more open hearted approach to new/old situations.

The message, as always with strong Pluto/Scorpio symbolism in planet patterns is trust the process, it’s rebirth and renewal of your life in some way… don’t cling to the past form or structure of a situation as 'that was then this is now', and really it’s just an old ‘you’ that you are clinging to, whatever form the situation would take. Allow the new forms and structures to reveal themselves, they are this way right now because they will evolve to best support the emerging new you. It's time to step into the unknown and meet yourself in whole new way :)

Thursday, April 04, 2013

April 2013 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
There’s a really special new moon in Aries on the 10th; it’s special coz it symbolises important new beginnings for you, as well as in some key relationships. It suggests a busy month ahead, full of activity and challenge that you’re feeling ready for. Mercury in your sign from the 13th suggests new and improved communication (unpredictable but inspired around the 21st), and also from the 20th your attention turns to matters of finance and resources. The lunar eclipse on the 25th amplifies any sense of imbalance when it comes to shared or joint finances; maybe confidence needs working on?

21st April – 21st May
Up to midmonth (especially the 10th) it might feel you’ve no choice but to go with the full flow of things. Full force might be a better description, as some situations move at quite a pace, particularly regarding certain relationships, but knowing your own priorities makes an easier experience of all this. From the 15th your ruling planet Venus enters your sign, followed by the sun on the 19th and Mars on the 20th, which means you’re more aware of your own good qualities. You’re more determined, grounded and comfortable in your own skin than you have been for a long time, so don’t underestimate yourself during the final week of April.

22nd May – 21st June
It’s a busy time socially this month, new friends and new faces and places are all manifesting, symbolised by a very active new moon on the 10th in this area of your chart. Romance links to friendship or friends of friends, and this new moon is also about feeling more supported regarding your most cherished hopes and dreams. You are at your most intense and uncompromising around the 20th, and a lunar eclipse on the 25th suggests extra responsibilities or tasks coming your way, which requires you to trust your own process of working with them.

22nd June – 22nd July
There’s never been a time quite like this for pushing forward with career plans. With so many planets in the angle of your chart that deals with reputation and ambition, including a mega motivated new moon on the 10th, there’s going to be plenty of activity and movement. Midmonth on, creative work is also a focus of your attention, and a lunar eclipse on the 25th suggests the time has come to take yourself more seriously in this respect. Regarding romance, friendship can become more but you have the brakes on for some reason, while trust issues might come to a head in existing relationships.

23rd July – 23rd August
Great month for travel! Especially around the 10th under an incredibly action orientated new moon. So no lying around by the pool, it’s movement and challenge you’re after, to keep the momentum going. And you aren’t just craving new horizons through travel, the student in you is hungry for new perspectives and views through education too, so sign up somewhere for some food for thought. Career and ambition is more of a priority from the 20th and a long-term looking lunar eclipse on the 25th calls your attention to balancing stability and security both at work and at home.

24th August – 22nd September
Some people might not like it when you put yourself first, but it’s kind of beyond your control for most of April thanks to certain situations that are demanding you place yourself as your priority. The new moon on the 10th speaks of getting the ball rolling on new ventures, and is also very much about moving forward into a new sense of emotional intimacy in key relationships. There’s a passionate, feisty vibe in romance to make the most of, but a lunar eclipse on the 25th suggests some communication feels blocked or inhibited. Love needs no words of course.

23rd September – 23rd October
Loads of planets are lining up in the relationship angle of your chart this month. This angle also covers contracts and agreements, both business and personal, and it all means lots of energy channelled to these areas of your life, lots of movement and action; and passion too, especially around the 10th during a relationship themed new moon. All kinds of new stuff gets started this month, and it’s easy to stay motivated and on track. Finance and purchases have your attention after midmonth (especially lunar eclipse time on 25th) when you are challenged to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have right now.

24th October – 22nd November
A number of planets gather in your health and fitness chart, which includes an action-orientated new moon on the 10th. It’s all about new beginnings, and as you’re feeling extra motivated it’s a good time to join a gym or start with a new health regime.  April is also about streamlining your daily schedules, so maybe expect some challenges that you’re ready to meet head on with solutions. From the 20th there’s a strong focus on relationships with certain situations coming to a head or reaching a turning point, especially around the 25th under a powerful lunar eclipse in your sign.

23rd November – 21st December
Your creative juices are in full flow this month, so find some fabulous way of channelling all that inspiration. An action packed new moon on the 10th symbolises new creative ventures and entertaining ideas that are there to manifest. It’s also about romance; the fun of it, and the passion of it, so you might feel highly motivated to make the right moves when it comes to matters of the heart. From the 20th you’ve a reflective or meditative side coming out in response to circumstances, which inspires you differently during eclipse time on the 25th, meaning sometimes stillness attracts solutions too.

22nd December – 20th January
This month is about comfort zones and creative spaces. Up to around midmonth but especially around the 10th, home and family matters are the priority and there’s also sub-priorities to sort within that too; it might be a challenge having such a busy and buzzing comfort zone right now, but you are built for it and so will enjoy the increased activity. From the 15th and especially around eclipse time on the 25th your creativity soars and grounds you at the same time while social life and romance are also cherished anchors to your earthy nature.

21st January – 18th February
You are on a mission to get your message across this month. Talk about assertive action on communication, you have it, and yes you’ll probably talk about that too. The new moon on the 10th symbolises your brave new message for the world, and also the message the world has for you, which you might enjoy hearing if you stay quiet long enough to listen (not easy around the 21st). Also, though you value your private side and enjoy the stability it provides, the very public lunar eclipse energy on the 25th might be your kind of comfort zone too.
19th February – 20th March
First half of April focuses on finances, also purchases, property and valued possessions; especially new ones. You might be feeling more motivated than ever to find ways to allow yourself what you want, and the new moon on the 10th speaks of new ideas and action that takes you comfortably in the right direction. This doesn’t include impulse purchases though, which might make you uneasy after the initial high (tempting around the 21st); so challenge the compelling voice that says buy now or never, or you’ll forget flexibility and choice was part of what you wanted (easier to do during final week)