Tuesday, October 08, 2013

October 2013 Horoscopes

Apologies for late post!

21st March – 20th April
There’s a powerful new moon in your relationship sector on the 5th that speaks of new beginnings (sometimes sudden) related to partnerships, contracts and agreements, and especially linking to career, status, and long-term commitments. So it’s a productive, though emotionally intense month, as the feeling of ‘all or nothing’ in situations can translate as a pressure for perfection (especially from the 15th). A lunar eclipse in your sign on the 19th symbolises new resources available to you in the realm of travel and education, and by the 31st you finally feel prepared for some profound change and transformation.


21st April – 21st May
A harmony-seeking new moon on the 5th suggests there’s plenty of bright ideas and workable solutions around now, though inspiration is likely to hit at unexpected of times and places (during a patch of insomnia, for example). From the 7th you are feeling adventurous when it comes to the unknown, and around the 16th/19th is supportive for taking action on that feeling. From the 21st there’s huge emphasis on partnerships and agreements, perhaps going over old ground somehow, maybe re-assessing established commitments. Basically it’s about clearing unfinished business, emotional or otherwise, in order to make room for what’s coming next.


22nd May – 21st June
It’s an action packed month at times, starting with a fun focused new moon on the 5th, which indicates you are deeply in the mood for all things creative, entertaining and which revolve around matters of the heart. Expecting the unexpected is probably a good idea, as things can be as surprising as they are interesting. Breakthroughs to deeper levels of trust and intimacy are also indicated, especially around the 16th and 31st. Your ruler retrogrades from the 21st (appearing to move backwards), which indicates you are moving to tie up loose ends on anything that feels unresolved and what happens around the 30th is important to this.


22nd June – 22nd July
Home and family matters are under the spotlight for much of October, especially the first week, under a new moon on the 5th that speaks of new beginnings in this area of your life. The planets also indicate that certain relationships are transforming, and that you’re seeking a different or alternative path when it comes to aims and aspirations right now (16th looks interesting for that). Certain events early this month are likely to have great emotional impact on you, moving and motivating you around lunar eclipse time on the 19th. From the 23rd have some fun, you’ve earned it.


23rd July – 23rd August
First week of October speaks of new harmony through communication and information. There’s bridge building and contacts to be made, and there’s a lot to the process that requires trust from you, and some faith in an alternative approach. Mars moves into your money sector from the 15th, which suggests your motivation is high when it comes to sorting finances and that your actions are resourceful and profitable. From the 21st your attention is on home and family matters, and maybe some reconnections or reunions, especially around the 30th; along with another reminder to keep trusting the process right now.


24th August – 22nd September
A powerful new moon on the 5th in your income and resources sector indicates new beginnings and new phases of experience underway in this area of your life. And there’s intensity to events; it’s full on yet necessary and productive, especially once action planet Mars enters your sign on the 15th . Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 21st (appearing to move backwards), adding twists and turns in communication and travel but this can be productive too (especially around the 30th) as there’s information emerging that you’ve been seeking, as well as unfinished business that can now be dealt with.


23rd September – 23rd October
A particularly potent new moon in your sign on the 5th symbolises endings and beginnings underway that are challenging, sudden or speedy, with an unusual or out of the ordinary unfolding of events. You take it all in your stride as your ruler Venus is in adventurous mood from the 7th, and especially around the 16th when you might realise there’s no such thing as coincidence. A lunar eclipse on the 19th might show where boundaries are fuzzy or blurred in certain relationships, and there’s the return of some unfinished business regarding income and resources from the 21st. On the 30th show yourself who is boss.


24th October – 22nd November
Renewal and rebirth is what the planets consistently speak of for the next couple of months, and the first week of October is a time when this is most noticeable for you, or within you, so trust the process and choose a loving perspective of events if the labour pains get too much. From the 21st Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) in your sign, which indicates looking back or reconnecting with the past somehow (the 30th looks interesting and productive for this). The sun in your sign from the 23rd suggests the world is on your wavelength, which always makes life easier.


23rd November – 21st December
October’s theme is your current (and intense at times) quest for peace love and harmony, especially within friendships, groups and gatherings. It’s about team spirit, equal contributions, balance and justice for all; including your dreams and visions for the future. The new moon on the 5th speaks of new beginnings linked to this, and Venus moving into your sign from the 7th swaps blunt speaking for sweet appreciation (especially 16th). The lunar eclipse on the 19th brings fun and entertainment your way, and from the 21st maybe some old familiar faces or fate filled encounters your way too.


22nd December – 20th January
Long-term aspirations and commitments are brought to the forefront around the 5th, during a dynamic new moon that symbolises new beginnings and next steps. The vibe of certain situations isn’t exactly soft and fluffy this month but it is productive for clearing emotional clutter and mental blocks that would prevent things moving forward like they so need to right now. The lunar eclipse on the 19th is about reaching an emotional balance regarding all this, while from the 21st and especially the 30th, there are important reconnections and communications to be made with old friends and new places.


21st January – 18th February
Lots of learning by experience this month. This is all about the journey being as much value as the destination, despite (or maybe because of) the ups and downs, blocks and obstacles encountered as you go. It means unfamiliar territory, the challenge of the unknown and the pleasure and treasure in the discovery of the next steps. A rebellious new moon on the 5th speaks of breakthroughs and breakaways, while the lunar eclipse on the 19th carries news and information of interest. There’s no going back this month, despite how it seems from the 21st; you know too much to return to the past.


19th February – 20th March
Old or dormant plans about long-term aims and aspirations are re-activated by events this month, and it seems right to recycle them, give them a make-over and bring them up to speed to where and who you are now. The new moon on the 5th ushers in new beginnings around this, while the lunar eclipse on the 19th brings certain situations (especially linked to finance and resources) to a head in order to rebalance and to sort priorities. Motivated Mars moves into your relationship sector from the 15th, and fuelled by that eclipse energy, offers passion and drama through a soft focus lens (19th, 25th and 31st)