Monday, July 03, 2017

July 2017 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
There’s a full moon of renewal and change on the 9th, which brings earlier events to a head somehow (perhaps linked to career or home?), so rise above power struggles to transform and transmute conflict. Midmonth is busy, especially for communication and relationship, but July really kicks into gear after 20th, when Mars indicates it’s all systems go for creativity, romance, fun and entertainment; especially from 23rd when Mars links to the new moon in a truly sparkling, if unexpected way, indicating new beginnings. It also means a deeply positive perspective will deeply enhance this experience: even rose-tinted glasses allow you to recognise opportunities that negativity only clouds and conceals

21st April – 21st May
July opens with a choice: lose yourself in drama dynamics or let go and emotionally release and renew. Power struggles are everywhere it seems, even up to midmonth, but you don’t have to participate. Certainly not around the intense full moon (9th), when emotional pressure comes to a head for many. Just keep the faith you don’t have to control the uncontrollable to get where you want to be. From the 20th positivity is strong, and one of the most unusual and magnificent new moons of the year for you takes place on the 23rd, in your chart of home and family. It’s also about partnership, whether business or romance, and indicates impressive new beginnings in store.

22nd May – 21st June
First week up to midmonth, but especially around a full moon of change and renewal (9th), events revolve around income, resources and ownership. Don’t be drawn into power struggles at this time; they seem irresistible but at heart it’s about ‘lack’ of something wanted, so there’s no real power to be gained from conflict. Believe in your abundance instead. Midmonth is busy and enlightening, especially for communication and relationships. Then from 20th there’s unusually strong power (real power!) and positivity to your communication. Local neighbourhood and transport is a focus, as are sibling or sibling style relationships. Mars next to new moon (23rd) speaks of impressive new beginnings on their way that are something to be pleased and proud of.

22nd June – 19th July
The sun is in your sign until the 19th, meaning the world is on your wavelength and you’re ready and recharged. There’s an unusual emotional intensity to circumstances up to midmonth (focal point for it all is full moon on 9th) especially in relationships, and it needs careful handling to avoid succumbing to drama and power struggle. Endings are a possibility, but only for what you’ve grown beyond, so loss holds relief. New life and fresh focus awaits, symbolised profoundly by a truly stunning new moon on the 23rd, in your chart of self-worth and resources. Mars stands with this new moon, indicating lots of new activity and drive forward in this area of your life happening for long-term plans and ambition, especially career related.

20th July – 23rd August
Events as July opens suggests a balance must be found between surrendering to circumstance or controlling details and specifics, because both are necessary at times. Renewal and regeneration is your guiding vision, especially around a powerful full moon on the 9th that calls you away from outer power struggles and toward inner peace. From the 20th desire planet Mars is in your sign, and the empowering sun from the 22nd, suggesting the next few weeks are truly your time of year. The new moon linking to Mars in your sign is an unusual and spectacular indication of magnificent new beginnings, so let your imagination soar about your next moves.

24th August – 22nd September
Up to midmonth there might be some deep and emotionally intense dynamics in certain situations. Friendships, matters of the heart, and creative projects all seem to have this going on somehow. It’s productive in that what has been bottled up or emotionally buried might come to light to be dealt with, especially around full moon time on the 9th. This makes moving on to pastures new easier, and from 20th there is certainly much that is new and dynamic making itself known; indicated by Mars and the sun moving into the most spiritual part of your chart for an empowering new moon of new beginnings on the 23rd. In other words, destiny is calling and you’re ready to respond.

23rd September – 23rd October
Lots of focus on long-term plans and ambition for the first half of the month; also home and family matters, status and reputation, and comfort zone (just how far should you push those boundaries to push those plans forward?). In other words, lots going on that matters to you and your future direction. Rebirth, renewal and regeneration are key themes in this, especially during the emotionally deep full moon (9th). Refuse to participate in power struggles so things go much more smoothly. From the 20th it’s all about friends, groups and gatherings. A fiercely friendly new moon (23rd) is about new beginnings and recognition, linked to like-minded folk and your kind of lifestyle.

24th October – 22nd November
Up to the 22nd, the sun moves through your chart of faith, views and beliefs. Faith is necessary during the first half of July, as there’s lots of unknowns and uncontrollable factors, especially first week and around full moon (9th). This full moon is emotionally intense yet brilliant for you as you instinctively know how to handle events around that time. Trust that you do, so power struggles don’t arise that close down the positive energy. And boy is there positive energy, especially from 20th, and 23rd, when a feisty new moon speaks of sparkling new recognition in store, for career and long-term ambitions. Definitely a time to keep reaching for the stars.

23rd November – 21st December
Lots going on that requires trust in the unknown this month, especially first week and around full moon on 9th. It’s about making peace with uncertainty, and getting comfortable with not being able to control all the moving parts of a situation. Keeping an open heart and open mind about what’s possible will help, and giving people the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping to conclusions certainly helps too (especially 2nd, 5th, 17th). Then from the 20th it’s easy for you to find a strong, sure, sparkling and positive view about pretty much everything, which then means you’re a magnet for pretty much everything that is strong, sure, sparkling and positive.

22nd December – 20th January
The rebirth and renewal theme that has been with you for some years is active again; total transformation is something you’ve been drawn to, especially in yourself, your appearance and how you’re approaching certain situations. Full moon on 9th is about make-overs and changes in yourself that impact closest relationships and partnerships. In fact, the emphasis is on relationship for much of July, whether work, family, or new romance. From 20th you’re in bold, bright and radiant mood, which pushes you fearlessly forward into unfamiliar territory. New moon on 23rd is about the new ‘you’ that is emerging over the coming weeks, as a result.

21st January – 18th February
Everything revolves around practical, everyday stuff for first half of July. Whether it’s streamlining your working hours, making sure schedules run like clockwork, sorting health and fitness, or just sorting out in general. There’s renewal and regeneration for what was static or dormant but don’t be drawn into power struggles, especially up to the emotionally intense ‘clear the clutter’ full moon on 9th. Then assertive planet Mars moves into your relationship chart from 20th, followed by the sun (creativity and empowerment) from 20th. It means you’re now pushing forward in magnificent, strong ways for or with your beloved. New moon (23rd) is about all this, and your new vision for the future that is emerging over the coming weeks.

19th February – 20th March
Friendship, family and fun is on the agenda for July, which can provide light relief from a deep and meaningful mood that’s mainly around first week and full moon time (9th). It might not feel like it sometimes but there are no dead ends this month. Think rebirth and renewal, and always look for next step in the process. From 20th mighty Mars moves into your health and wellbeing chart, followed by the empowering sun from 22nd. This indicates lots to be proud and pleased about (especially after new moon on 23rd). There’s appreciation and recognition, as well as boldly moving forward and never looking back. Very positive indeed if you allow it to be.