Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Moon in Taurus - 26th April 2017...

...@1.15pm in the UK, though the new moon period includes a day either side of the date.

Whether we are already up and running with plans, or just at the ideas or dreaming stage, new moons are about new beginnings related to what matters most to us right now.

And earthy Taurus is about how much the physical world matters to us, and how much our relationship to what is tangible and already manifested means to us. It’s about value and worth… it’s possessions and purchases…ownership and business. It’s what you want to invest in. It’s self-worth and self-value. It’s your rock and anchor in life: what’s steady in an ever-changing world.

Taurus traits are loyalty, devotion, steadfastness

The Taurus experience is the pleasure, worth, and appreciation of the physical

So new moon in Taurus is about new beginnings in any or all of this. We have a lot of retrograde energy right now, including the effects of the recent Venus (ruler of Taurus) retrograde, which also puts the emphasis on the idea of renewal and regeneration, for example…..

for Aries: new/renewed income, purchases and possessions. Renewed sense of self-worth.
Taurus: re-investing in yourself, how you present yourself and how you approach the world.
Gemini: Something new and valuable to immerse/lose your whole self in. Renewal of spiritual values.
Cancer: renewed value of friendships, groups and gatherings. Investing in hopes and dreams.
Leo: renewed loyalty to aims and ambition.
Virgo: the value of perspective; appreciating the journey and where you stand right now in it. The value/wisdom of your experience.
Libra:  renewed sense of trust and intimacy. The value in sharing resources.
Scorpio: renewing valued relationships, contracts and agreements.
Sagittarius: Appreciating the little things. Renewing health and fitness commitments. Valuable problem-solving.
Capricorn: The value of the creative process… re-investing in fun and entertainment.
Aquarius: The value of comfort zones… re-investing in home and family.

Pisces: New or renewed communication. The value of sibling relationships. Investing in local area/neighbourhood. 

Monday, April 03, 2017

April 2017 Horoscopes

21st March – 19th April
The sun is in your sign until 19th, so you’re in the cosmic spotlight. The planet patterns aren’t easy this month, especially 7th, 11th, 21st and 30th, but they are productive and healing. Full moon in your relationship chart (11th) is about balancing priorities, defying convention, and staying true to your true self (don’t ignore intuition or feelings). Then Venus, your relationship ruler, ends retrograde on 15th, indicating a turnaround or change of direction in key relationships. Mars activates communication and dialogue from the 21st (especially 28th) and there might be a second chance at something that didn’t go well first time round then too.

21st April – 21st May
Your ruler Venus has been retrograde (moving backwards) since early March, indicating a time of reconnection, reunion, and review in key relationships, including your relationship with yourself. From 15th, Venus is moving forward, which means relationships, business, finance, contracts and agreements do too. There’s a crisis of confidence around 8th or 21st; so don’t argue for your limitations, or give up faith in what can be.. Mercury retrogrades in your sign from 10th, which can delay or divert communication or schedules temporarily. But the sun moves into your sign from 19th, bringing your annual new moon (26th) which indicates new beginnings that feel freeing, valuable and worthy.

22nd May – 21st June
April isn’t an easy month but you’ve learned so much by the end of it that you define it an empowering and successful one. Events around 7th and especially full moon time on 11th, might surprise you or take an unusual or unconventional direction (and it might be repeated around 28th); especially for friendship, groups, and gatherings, as well as career, status and ambition. Mercury is your planet, and it retrogrades from 10th, indicating a change of mind or approach that helps you prepare for much needed talks or discussions. Venus ends retrograde from 15th, so relationships and finances are moving forward, and Mars in your sign from 21st means motivation to complete goals is uber-high.

22nd June – 22nd July
It’s not easy to be pragmatic this month (so don’t be!), as many things don’t fit expectations or fully make sense so you have to get comfy with the irrational and illogical. This is most noticeable around 7th, 28th, and especially during the full moon on 11th when key relationships, contracts or agreements are transforming. It’s also noticeable when Venus moves forward from the 15th, bringing a turning point to surrender into, and go with the flow of. New moon on the 26th in your friendship chart is refreshing and nourishing given the challenges of the month. New beginnings of substance, stability and value are emerging, with like-minded folk and crowds you want to feel part of.

23rd July – 23rd August
There are challenging planet aspects (especially around 8th, 11th, 14th, 21st) indicating challenges for you, but they are serving to strengthen your purpose and resolve. In other words, what gives you a crisis of confidence around the 8th won’t by 21st, because all your experiences are increasing your self-assurance. Events around full moon on the 11th are about sorting your own unique balance of priorities that you’re comfortable with. Venus (love and money) ends retrograde on 15th, which means a change of direction, and striding forward after a period of uncertainty. Career and ambition might feel up in the air until next month, but the buds of new beginnings appear with the new moon on 26th.

24th August – 22nd September
Venus, the planet of love and money, ends retrograde on 15th, indicating significant turnaround in these areas, slowly bringing healing and long awaited solutions and answers after weeks of feeling things were forced backwards or towards the past. Before that, especially around 7th and full moon on 11th, limits or obstacles might seem unsolvable, but your own planet Mercury retrogrades from 10th, indicating a review or update in your thinking. This enables you to revisit everything from a different perspective, particularly from 21st when purposeful Mars moves to your sign, then the new moon on 26th reveals a new sense of security and self-worth.

23rd September – 23rd October
It’s not a straightforward month, particularly around 7th, and the relationship-themed full moon on 11th. It’s difficult to sort sense from the complex dynamics, yet you end up feeling more clear and straightforward in yourself about so many things. Your planet Venus is ending retrograde on 15th, so after weeks of moving in different directions to your plans, there’s a slow turnaround to back on track. What happens around 15th is about healing and re-orientating yourself, and there might be communication or discussion to get there. From 19th and especially new moon on 26th, you’ve a new sense of faith and trust in the unknown; exactly what’s needed around 28th.

24th October – 22nd November
You aren’t really in the mood for being practical as April begins, but it might be an idea to stay sensible at times (7th, 8th, 11th, 21st, 30th). Venus, planet of love and money, ends retrograde on 15th, which means things get moving and you’re looking forward again to what’s ahead. It also holds great significance for creative projects that stalled or needed specific solutions. Sun moves into your partnership chart from the 19th, and Mercury retrogrades there (11th) which puts all relationships, contracts, and agreements in the spotlight, and suggests reviews, reconnection, rescheduling and rethinking. A grounded new moon in your partnership chart (26th) is about welcoming a new sense of security, stability, and self-worth.

23rd November – 21st December
Some situations don’t come naturally to you this month (especially around 7th, 11th, 21st, or 30th), but that doesn’t mean they are wrong situations, or that you’re wrong. It’s your desire to step up that is calling you forward; it might not seem practical but your sensible, responsible side is moving you forward in all this, into a leap of faith. Moving into the unknown, learning as you go, is actually the next logical step as that all comes naturally to you. This is most active around the freedom-seeking full moon (11th), and when Venus ends retrograde from 15th, bringing deep healing experiences for relationships and important connections.

22nd December – 20th January
There are some tricky dynamics in situations this month; it takes a little bit of counting to ten, and a lot of believing that justice will prevail, despite lack of evidence. Especially around the 8th it takes effort to not let others push buttons or trigger ‘old stuff’ in you, and again around full moon on 11th, also around 21st and 30th, though by that time you’re more immune; maybe because of what happens around 15th, when love and money planet Venus ends retrograde, as there’s a change or turnaround triggered by events at that time, along with some overdue healing for situations. From 19th and especially new moon (26th) you are seeking security, stability and substance; and finding it.

21st January – 18th February
One side of you cares deeply about being fair on everyone, another side feels fiercely passionate about being able to be yourself, regardless of who takes offence. You are finding your balance in this during April, especially around full moon time on 11th, also 14th and 28th, when your desire for free speech and freedom of expression might get you into trouble with your internal censor. It’s also an exciting time for communication, travel and learning, if you don’t ask for conventional or predictable. Venus (love and money) moves forward from 15th, in your finance and self-worth chart, and new moon on 26th is about new beginnings at home and with family.

19th February – 20th March

Some unfinished business is being completed this month (though some waits until next month), highlighted by events around the healing and balancing full moon on 11th, and when Venus (love and money) ends retrograde and moves forward in your sign from 15th. The full moon symbolises unusual and surprising answers and solutions arriving all month, in ways that can keep your faith in the future strong, even when things feel unfair or draining (maybe 7th, 21st or 28th). Much of April is focused on finance and security and from 19th communication becomes more relevant, especially with partners and with siblings. New moon on 26th brings new beginnings related to all this.