Monday, March 03, 2014

March 2014 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
From the 1st, and until May, planet Mars retrogrades (appears to move backwards) under a powerful, reflective and healing new moon, suggesting that for you there’s now big turning points in relationships, agreements and contracts, born from your strong urge for changes. Remember that changes of approach or direction can be exactly what’s needed to refresh your perspective and open you up to places you were struggling to find; though this might be hardest to believe on the 17th when there’s pressure and tension about, and easiest into the final week, especially under an exceptionally dynamic new moon of new beginnings, on the 30th. 

21st April – 21st May
It’s a month of makeovers, restructuring and reorganisation in key areas of your life, especially career and work environment, but also relationships, contracts and agreements. There’s also a renewed focus on health so perhaps a return to a discarded fitness plan or a health review is coming up. You are profile raising too as your public image becomes more important to you, and communication in general moves forward for the first time in months. The pushy and unpredictable new moon on the 30th can sweep clean old clutter in an instant so don’t take anything for granted or what’s being neglected will go too.

22nd May – 21st June
It’s easy to see and feel things are moving forward for you again this month, especially when it comes to relationships and agreements, so in certain areas you begin a period of re-assessing your priorities and reconnecting with what really matters to you. An important new moon on the 1st reinforces this, suggesting long-term plans and commitments are becoming more defined through your assessment process. Friendships, group involvement and social gatherings are all highly starred for March; there’s a theme of things starting up again, a return to old haunts, or important reunions. Basically, where there’s fun there are meaningful encounters.

22nd June – 22nd July
There’s a very healing new moon on March 1st that suggests new horizons, literally or intellectually, are coming up that answer longstanding questions. There’s a sense of moving forward again, for the first time since late last year, and there’s also a turning point in a home and family situation now too as things are happening from now until May that move you (maybe literally) in different directions in that area of your life. From the 20th Career, status and long-term plans have got your attention, and very much so around the 30th, when a powerful new moon with revolution on its mind inspires you to take a stand for what you want.

23rd July – 23rd August
Going with the flow is a good idea for March, especially during a tender and loving new moon on the 1st, which brings bright ideas and expansion to situations involving shared resources, and a new sense of trust and intimacy in relationships. You are in the mood to sort out home and family matters, and heck, even the whole neighbourhood if they need it too. Communication and education are hugely important till May, and travel too; especially around a particularly powerful new moon on the 30th, when broadening your horizons has never felt so freeing, or so revealing.

24th August – 22nd September
You are making progress with problem-solving right from the start, and as this is the month for new beginnings in relationships, this might be the month to meet a match. Finance and resources, and also contracts and agreements, are in the spotlight till May; related to this is an important turning point, a need to reach a balance, and a brand new start of some sort, all before March ends. The annual full moon in your sign on the 16th magnifies your emotions on all this; it’s a bit like giving yourself a second chance at some New Year resolutions (pick any year). 

23rd September – 23rd October
This is a significant month for Libra. On the 1st, under a health and healing focused new moon, your relationship planet Mars retrogrades (appear to move backwards) in your sign, until May. This suggests an important period of re-balancing and re-orientating yourself when it comes to key partnerships, contracts and agreements. Added to this, there’s a power-packed relationship-themed new moon on the 30th which indicates new choices and paths emerging, and that you’re in the mood to fight for freedom and fairness wherever you see imbalance; the success of which requires you to begin with the most important relationship of all: the one you have with yourself.

24th October – 22nd November
Your most creative side is in full flow as March starts, and the planets support any venture you sincerely have your heart set on. This includes adventures that broaden your intellectual and physical horizons, as any delays or obstacles in that area have recently been lifted, and the only limitations you now encounter are self-imposed via self-doubt or confidence issues. Working through these issues can take time, so allow for that, but all reviews and assessments will help sort your priorities, and help bring you the clarity and confidence of renewed and refocused intention. The new moon on the 30th is a powerful symbol of this process underway.

23rd November – 21st December
From the 6th there’s a turning point, as your ruling planet Jupiter moves forwards for the first time since November. It symbolises improved clarity about relationships and emotional attachments, while trust and intimacy deepens and you feel more open and relaxed when it comes to shared resources. Your friendships and group involvement also reach a turning point at that time too, as until May you are reviewing your priorities, and also reactivating old contacts that will one day move you forward on new projects with links to the past. An utterly dynamic new moon on the 30th pushes you firmly in the right direction on this.

22nd December – 20th January
Some situations are suddenly moving forward with ease while others seem to suddenly be taking backward steps. The message is to trust the timing; relax and go with your changes of mind and others changes of direction, especially regarding communication at the start of the month. There’s a turnaround in a relationship or agreement that feels positive, and from now until May you’re reviewing and restructuring long-term plans, especially linking to career, as well as home and family matters. Also, a spirited new moon on the 30th feels full of enterprising solutions and dynamic new beginnings, especially linked to home and family.

21st January – 18th February
Some situations are moving forward, while some are stalling or in reverse. Maybe it’s a lesson in stepping back and going with the flow, even if it’s a disorganised kind of flow; but once Venus moves into your sign on the 5th it’s going to feel a lot sweeter managing any direction or turning point. The full moon on the 17th emphasises this, and also indicates more communication and clarity coming your way, particularly if you’re returning to plans involving travel or education (or both). Final week (especially new moon on 30th) is just amazing for all communication; it’s fast and furious, where past meets present for courageous new beginnings.

19th February – 20th March
There’s a really special new moon in your sign on the 1st. It has a strong theme of healing, and as ever with Pisces, there’s a little magic and a few miracles there too. It takes faith and belief to activate all this, and you have access to that in abundance, especially from the 6th when lucky Jupiter moves you forward for the first time since November when it comes to matters of the heart, and (therefore) all your creative projects. Relationships are coming back into balance, as are shared finances, then a truly dynamic pattern of planets at the end of the month indicates a bold and brave investment.