Tuesday, November 03, 2015

November 2015 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
First week highlights your health and fitness chart. Making sense of details is important here, and how little things can mean a lot. So true for matters of the heart too, as your ruler Mars meets love planet Venus for a romantic (yet sensible) union on the 3rd. Venus and Mars move into your relationship house on the 8th and 12th, so it’s about partnership, balance, harmony and agreements, with new reasons to find and build trust and intimacy (especially around 11th and 21st). Then you’re broadening horizons from the 22nd, especially under the potent faith-fuelled full moon on the 25th. There are no limits now, therefore no need to rush.

21st April – 21st May
It’s a fun, creative and/or romantic start to November. Friends, groups and gatherings figure highly, and the new moon on the 11th is all about new beginnings and intentions for relationships, contracts and agreements; perhaps friends, groups and creative work are linked in here too. Your ruler Venus is focusing on health and wellbeing from the 8th, which also gets you focusing on bringing things into balance. Peace and harmony might feel extra important to you now, particularly towards the final week, when a data-heavy full moon on the 25th brings lots to ponder and make sense of. Obstacles and limits can melt away, though not without a fight from you at times.

22nd May – 21st June
Action planet Mars and harmony planet Venus meet in your home and family chart during the first week, which might feel like a date with destiny somehow. Your ruler, communication planet Mercury, is in detective mode till the 20th, which means deep thinking or dialogue transforms problems into solutions (especially around 11th and 17th), then Mercury moves to your relationship zone from 20th, along with the sun on 22nd, joining commitment planet Saturn, so events revolve around key relationships in your life. The powerful full moon in your sign on the 25th emotionally amplifies all this, as does dreamy Neptune’s challenging meet with sensible Saturn at that time, relating to career and long-term ambition.

22nd June – 22nd July
Early November might bring interesting or important messages and information. The new moon on the 11th is about new beginnings in the most creative zone of your chart; it’s also the most fun zone, so the strangest of situations might make you smile. There’s more focus on home and family matters from the 8th, and maybe a conflict of interests resurfaces temporarily around the 21st. There’s lots of attention on your health and healing chart, especially from 20th and 25th for solutions, smoothing out schedules and ending stalemates. Positive perspective and how you see things going really matters this month, meaning allow serendipity and synchronicity to be real for you.

23rd July – 23rd August
It all revolves around home and family for much of the month. The new moon pattern on the 11th shows new beginnings, renewals, or renovations underway in this area of your life; either physically or emotionally. Unexpected challenges around the 21st can be enlightening if a little intense, then from the 22nd and especially around the 25th, your attention turns more to amusement and entertainment. Even though you have your sensible head on when it comes to romance and your current creative projects, the message of the month is that limits or obstacles can turn a journey into an adventure, which is where the fun is for you. But were the limitations real or imagined?

24th August – 22nd September
There’s big healing potential for family relationships, and in romance (3rd, 6th, 11th, 18th, 25th), including potential for sorting out the sore spots in contracts or legal agreements. Your ruler Mercury is in detective mode in your communication and information chart, which certainly helps the sorting out process; then from the 20th Mercury moves next to sensible Saturn in your home and family chart, along with the energising sun on the 22nd, for a talkative and adventurous full moon on the 25th, focusing you on long-term plans. Past restrictions or limits don’t seem to apply this month, so don’t look too carefully to see where they vanished.

23rd September – 23rd October
Your ruler, love and harmony planet Venus, meets action planet Mars on the 3rd, which symbolises the sense of destiny to union and unity. Health and healing has your attention this month; it might be your own search for body balance, or through learning and teaching (6th, 9th and 25th). Venus and Mars move to your sign (8th and 12th) which is great for relationships (especially with yourself), then a new moon (11th) in your self-worth chart suggests new beginnings around income and purchase power. Unfinished business around the 21st might be unexpected, then until November ends there’s a huge flurry of activity around communication and information, and organised chaos works for you.

24th October – 22nd November
A positive and powerful new moon in your sign on the 11th is about new beginnings, rebirths and make-overs (during this month and beyond), especially related to fun and friendship, matters of the heart, and your place in the group or team. Even though there might be reminders of old wounds or hurts at times (especially around 6th and 21st), it’s important to live and love from the wisdom gained from those past experiences, so let go of resentment and refuse to believe that injustice or imbalance prevails for long. Saturn (planet of physical reality) meets Neptune (planet of virtual reality) by the final week, so don’t invent obstacles, and do let your dreams manifest.

23rd November – 21st December
November encourages long-term plans and ambition (3rd), and seeks solutions in home and family matters (6th, 11th, 25th). A deep and reflective new moon on the 11th is about accepting certain changes are inevitable; then the spotlight is firmly on you, when communication planet Mercury (from 20th), and the creative, charismatic Sun (22nd) join responsible Saturn in your sign. The full moon in your relationship chart on the 25th amplifies emotional connections with others, so don’t let doubts or fears fool you as this can be an incredibly productive and rewarding time. Saturn and Neptune connect all month (especially final week), which is about right time, right place. Stay firmly in the here and now to get there!

22nd December – 20th January
Friendship and links to groups are highlighted up to mid-month, especially in the context of education or travel. Communication might be a sore spot at times, yet there’s soothing and healing as a result of it too. New moon on the 11th symbolises events that breathe new life into old hopes and dreams; perhaps updating them for who you are now. Then from the 20th the planets line up in the most spiritual part of your chart and your ruler Saturn is very much involved. It indicates that the path of least resistance is the way forward (even though you thrive on pressure and demands), particularly true for communication, siblings and/or neighbourhood during the final week.

21st January – 18th February
The pattern of planets up to around the 20th suggests it’s a month where a few solutions go a long way, solving many problems at once. The new moon on the 11th is about renewal or transformation linked to career and reputation, and/or long-term plans and ambition. Around the 21st there might be unfinished business appear regarding communication, education or travel. It’s about not trying too hard to control the uncontrollable, as it was last time it appeared. Final week is about not allowing friendships or links to groups to drain or undermine you. Or maybe better said, don’t allow your perception of them to drain or undermine you.

19th February – 20th March
Sensible, structured Saturn is aligning with your ruler, the unstructured and dreamy Neptune all month (strongest around 26th). It’s challenging yet productive, as it indicates you can dissolve past limits and obstacles and manifest your dreams but you have to believe in your hopes more than your doubts. It’s certainly do-able this month though, indicated by all the planet focus on the power of your faith and perspective. By the final week, you are focused firmly on long-term goals and the satisfaction of success, and it’s at this time, under an emotionally amplified full moon on the 25th, that it’s vital to NOT give power (focus) to doubts that undermine dreams.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

New Name! From Silverwheel Astrology to Bond With The Moon!

I have been writing this blog as Silverwheel Astrology since (gulp) 2005... that long, really?! And I really wanted the name change to match my (nearly finished) website, Bond With The Moon

It's the right time of year for a make-over (Scorpio season!! renewal and rebirth!), so in the near future I'm going to be changing addresses. Hopefully this blog won't disappear in the process lol. Fingers crossed!! :D