Thursday, February 09, 2017

February 2017 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
This can be a very healing month for you, even though things don’t always feel gentle or soothing (especially first and last week of Feb). Relationship and money planet Venus joins your ruler, the action planet Mars, in your sign from the 3rd, which suggests you’re more pro-active about your priorities than ever (with deeply transformative results around 22nd). There are two eclipses: on the 11th the lunar eclipse is about blending your sense of purpose with the group purpose. On the 26th there’s a solar eclipse in your house of spirituality and healing, and this is about the idea that healing starts with a sense of inner wholeness, regardless of outer circumstances.

21st April – 21st May
Beginning of February, and especially final week, might bring unexpected or unpredictable events, but balance-seeking Venus moves into the most spiritual part of your chart from the 3rd, encouraging you to let go of what others think, and take action that resonates most for you right now, with fabulous results. Eclipses indicate events with long-term impact, and the lunar eclipse on the 11th highlights stuff that has been coming to a head for a while, perhaps linked to home/work balance, or your comfort zone regarding long-term plans (maybe both), then the solar eclipse on the 26th again emphasises relying on your inner voice, intuition and feelings, especially regarding friendships and group involvement.

22nd May – 21st June
There might be sudden and/or mind-expanding communication, especially at beginning and end of February; also around lunar eclipse time on the 11th. Eclipses link to long-term events, so how you’re feeling at that time about communication, also your neighbourhood, and local area, is likely to stay relevant for a while.  Similarly, the solar eclipse on the 26th is powering your status and ambition chart, so the ladder of success is an important and long-term symbol and theme for you now. Mars and Venus are moving together through your friendship and support chart, so you’re actively seeking like-minded folk, and finding them. It’s also about your vision for the future, so think big, don’t second guess yourself, and watch how things fall into place.

22nd June – 22nd July
Being so tied into the moon cycles as you are, you might notice February’s eclipse energy more than most. Planet patterns this month suggest suprising or unexpected events, especially first week and last week. The lunar (full moon) eclipse on the 11th highlights your resources and resourcefulness, so this is the month to appreciate what you have and who you are (appreciation attracts more of what you focus on), even if you’re not fully where you want to be. The powerful solar eclipse on the 26th is about new beginnings and new perspectives. It indicates travel, education, and expanding horizons happens by moving where your kindness, love, and imagination want to lead you. 

23rd July – 23rd August
The sun moves through your partnership and union chart until the 18th, and there’s a powerful lunar eclipse in your sign on the 11th. It means recognition of what matters to you, along with the motivation to move on what you value with others. If you’ve been tensing against your own truth (inner truth never ever hurts, that’s why it feels true), then events this month will help soften stubborness and break through any rigid perspectives that are holding you from your hearts desire. First week and final week is strongest in this, and the long-term focused solar eclipse on the 26th is all about surrendering to, or embracing what used to make you feel defensive and closed.

24th August – 22nd September
Two eclipses this month indicate new cycles of development and change underway, and planet patterns speak of breakthroughs and faith rewarded. First week and final week have the most concentration of energy, and events that happen unexpectedly or break with routine. Lunar eclipse on the 11th is about recognition and visibility, even though you aren’t a sign that chases the limelight. It’s also about health and fitness, and opening to new solutions. Then the solar eclipse on the 26th is about powerful new beginnings in partnerships, whether in love or business. Situations make it difficult to do anything but follow your heart this month; it’s a time when love, kindness and compassion triumphs, even/especially in business.

23rd September – 23rd October
Jupiter, planet of optimism and expansion, is retrograde in your sign from the 6th, until early June. This indicates a change of direction for you, where the past becomes important to your present, and some old adventures become relevant again. Planet Venus joins Mars in your chart of relationships, contracts and agreements, and despite your peace-loving intentions, you don’t mind stirring things up a bit on your way to perfect partnerships (especially first and final week). Lunar eclipse on the 8th highlights friends, groups and teamwork in powerful ways. Solar eclipse on the 26th is about new beginnings related to health, fitness, and daily schedules; which might sound mundane, but there’s magic to be found there too.

24th October – 22nd November
There’s something about the timing of things that has been a sore point for you recently; it was about the pressure of knowing certain situations had a time scale, yet not being fully in control of all the elements involved. The beginning and end of February looks a bit unpredictable, with things happening suddenly or seemingly out of the blue, but the lunar eclipse on the 11th still speaks of long-term plans being made; while events around the solar eclipse on the 26th suggests that if you relax and accept the bigger picture has a timing all of its own that somehow benefits everyone involved, it can soothe and heal any sore point.

23rd November – 21st December
Your planet Jupiter is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from 6th until early June. It can mean a turning point or change of direction for you now, where the past brings fresh meaning and momentum for the future somehow. Things move suddenly and unpredictably at times this month, so it’s about getting comfy with uncontrollability (especially beginning and end of February). There are also two eclipses: the lunar eclipse on the 11th is about travel, learning and expansion. The solar eclipse on the 26th centres on home and family matters. Eclipses indicate long-term trends, changes and accomplishments, so what is important this month stays important for a long time.

22nd December – 20th January
Take time out when you need it, even when you think you haven’t got time. Meaning, the idea of meditation is to give yourself peace and calm breaks, at least once or day, to reconnect fully with yourself (just sit for a few minutes and focus on your breathing). Then you’re fully charged and ready to deal with what this busy February throws (suddenly at times) your way. Eclipses indicate events with long-term impact and there are two this month. Lunar eclipse (11th) is about trusting the process, especially linked to home and family situations. Solar eclipse (26th) is about going with the flow, especially linking to communication (where there are important new beginnings).

21st January – 18th February
There’s a lunar (full moon) eclipse in your relationship chart on the 11th. Eclipses set long-term trends, and magnify the energy of current events, as well as indicating a temporary shadow cast over circumstances. So perhaps your heart isn’t in certain relationships like it used to be, or losing your heart to a new relationship is disorientating. Whatever way it plays out, it’s important to remember ‘this too shall pass’, and the light always returns. Solar eclipse (new moon) on the 26th is about new beginnings related to finance and resources. It’s about a sense of self-worth that translates into something tangible when you aren’t afraid to keep your heart and mind fully open to receive.

19th February – 20th March

There’s a powerful solar eclipse in your sign on the 26th, which indicates a new you emerging. Maybe not fully at once, but the process is underway, as shown by events during February, which can happen suddenly or unexpectedly at times (especially first and last week), and are signs of what is developing. The key is to let go of doubts and let things unfold in their own time (they will anyway but the urge to help things along can be irresistable). The lunar eclipse on the 11th is about things coming to a head, finding solutions, and ending stalemates. Events around eclipses have lasting impact, so focus on keeping here and now positive.