Monday, March 04, 2013

March 2013 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
Up to around the 12th it’s about going with the flow rather than fighting the direction of current events (which isn’t a bad thing). In doing so, you’re rewarded with the kind of insight and inspiration you might have missed otherwise; which is useful from the 20th when the sun moves into your sign, changing your attitude and your approach almost overnight. The full moon on the 27th suggests the full force of your uncompromising nature is unleashed, along with the consequences; Talk about full steam ahead, there’s no going back from whatever you set into motion at this time.

21st April – 21st May
Up to midmonth, there’s a mega line-up of planets in the friendship, groups and gatherings area of your chart. This suggests situations linked to these matters have your full attention at this time, and the new moon on the 11th symbolises new beginnings underway here, regarding people or places that are a better match for your lifestyle and future intentions than ever before. Partners or potential love interests seem swept up in their goals and passions from the 12th, and from the 22nd you might feel there’s no choice but to take action on certain goals and desires of your own.

22nd May – 21st June
It’s all happening in the career and reputation angle of your chart this month, as many planets symbolise your concentrated flow of energy and attention towards this area of life, along with matters involving your long term plans and ambitions. A new moon on the 11th represents some new opportunities, and there’s a change of direction or turning point around the 17th that feels important to you. The latter half of the month also focuses on your involvement with groups and gatherings. Friendships, networking, teamwork etc are all calling you to action, which feels intense and positive around the 27th.

22nd June – 22nd July
Philosophy, education, or travel is irresistible to you now, as the call to broaden your horizons (and therefore your perspective on life) beckons, despite any attachment to existing comfort zones (especially around the 11th). You might feel no choice but to go with the general flow of circumstances till midmonth though, as some finer details cause brain fog, which can cloud clarity about your next steps, but beyond that, especially during the final week of March, there’s plenty of reason and opportunity to bring your direction, goals and sense of purpose into stronger, clearer connection and action.

23rd July – 23rd August
It can’t hurt just to slow down slightly up to midmonth (you won’t have time to after that, believe me), especially if you feel out of step with yourself at all, in order to double check your calculations and any small print you have an investment. Around the 17th you might notice a turnaround in certain matters with others, where things feel clearer and less prone to mistakes or misunderstandings, and from the 22nd, especially around the 27th, expect the unexpected in all kinds of unusual, exhilarating and probably disruptive ways. Acting with individuality and uniqueness is the cause, and the effect of this.

24th August – 22nd September
This is a month of fresh perspectives on certain contracts and agreements, while some relationships take on new life and meaning. Old contracts and agreements that no longer serve who you are now, can dissolve amicably at this time, so don’t fear that upheaval and sense of loss are necessary for significant change and transformation to take place; all that is required is acceptance that more is in store than you can imagine from your current standpoint, and a willingness to believe you deserve it. A bit of faith in your unknown future will manifest some supportive stepping stones, so big leaps aren’t necessary.


23rd September – 23rd October
You seem to attract problems this month, or so it appears anyway; probably because you’re more finely tuned to solutions right now. In other words you’re the answer that people are looking for. But don’t analyse this too deeply or you’ll lose the magic of your approach. Just go with your own flow and enjoy being the piece of the puzzle that others have been waiting for. There’s a full moon in your sign around the 27th, reflecting how full on and power packed certain relationships are for you and if you were unsure about priorities with others before now, you’ll be a lot clearer soon.


24th October – 22nd November
You are at your best creatively when you can dive into what you’re doing and fully immerse yourself in it, mind body and spirit. No half measures or testing the waters, it’s all or nothing with you. March is one of the best times for many a moon for doing just that, so no holding back on your vision of what is achievable within creative projects, and also matters of the heart, as your romantic vision only requires your approval too. A feisty but fair full moon on the 27th is about an awakening related to health and fitness; recognising priorities, in other words.


23rd November – 21st December
So much revolves around home and family matters for much of the month, as well as creative projects and general fun and good times in the latter half. A new moon appears on the 11th, in your comfiest comfort zone, symbolising how events this month encourage new faith in home and family situations. From the 12th you don’t need telling twice to get moving on creative pursuits and matters of the heart, and what happens around the 27th reflects how deeply you desire to triumph over opposition to your goals, even when the worst opposition is from your own doubts.


22nd December – 20th January
It’s not the easiest of months to maintain a sense of perspective about certain matters, but keep trying as communication is a key focus for March and saying it how you see it will likely occupy much more of your energy and attention than usual; in other words, don’t forget that feelings aren’t facts. Also, your home and family chart shows a surprisingly powerful and busy full moon building up to the 27th which translates as lots of activity in and around comfort zones that can inspire abrupt or sudden change that is not necessarily unwelcome.

21st January – 18th February
There’s a mega line-up of planets in the area of your chart that deals with income and resources, which means more reasons to focus strongly on this area of your life are cropping up as March unfolds. And that will be interesting as you’re normally a bit fuzzy around those matters specifically; preferring a more general, burden-free, go with the flow approach. Second half of March has big news regarding communication, especially around 22nd and 27th. It’s a bold, spontaneous time for your comms but is it courage or recklessness that pushes you forward? It can feel like both this month.

19th February – 20th March
Wowza, up to 6planets and an asteroid are hanging out in your sign at times this month, which reflects how you’re at the centre of the action and ready for such attention. A fabulous new moon in your sign on the 11th suggests a significant new start of some sort is revealing itself, while a change of mind around the 17th indicates a change of approach from you compared to recent weeks. From the 12th and particularly around the 22nd and 27th, finance and resources have your full focus and as March brings out your impulsive, unpredictable side, review your priorities in advance.