Thursday, April 09, 2015

My Astrology Readings...

Hello lovely people, I am now offering a few options for readings....

1) One Question Astrology Reading
Curious about Pluto active in your chart? Wondering what the last eclipse meant for you? Want to check what Saturn is up to right now in your chart?
Whatever the question I can have a look at your chart for you by email.
Concise but full answer - UK £25 (that's about $36USD or 35 Euro)
More in depth answer - UK £45 ( that's about $65USD or 62 Euro)

One Question:Concise or In-depth

2) Astro-Tarot Reading
Intuitive readings incorporating both astrology and tarot/oracle cards. Good for getting to the heart of a problem/situation, or for offering a peek at the potential road ahead in a life area or specific circumstance. By email.
£30 (that's about $44USD or 42 Euro)

Astro-Tarot Reading

3) Yes/No astrology reading
Not just a yes or no answer, but you get the idea... a fast, brief reply by email on a question, from my astrological perspective. Usually answered within 24hours, sometimes less, occasionally more.
£10 (that's about $15USD or 14 Euro)

Yes/No reading

Please Note - To be able to do a reading for you I need your time, date and place of birth, and an email address to send your reading to.... and your question of course! You can either send this info by email, or you can use the paypal form when you are sending your payment.
(if you don't know your time of birth I use a midday chart with your zodiac sign as ascendant. This can still provide a good amount of information to work from)
-Any questions about readings, or for more information you can email me.
-I will be adding more services in future, for example in-depth monthly horoscopes by subscription, for a small monthly fee.
-For now I am only using Paypal for payment, but more options will be available in future (when I work out which is best to use!)

Hope to hear from you soon
Barbara :)

Thursday, April 02, 2015

April 2015 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
A lunar eclipse on the 4th and a new moon on the 18th both focus on relationships, aims and ambitions, and most of all…you! It’s clear you’re still asking a lot from yourself (which is to ‘be the change you want to see’), so just keep getting out of your own way to find your own way forward. You have support from generous Jupiter this month, which means fresh opportunities and figures of faith and freedom arrive to help you out (especially on or after the 8th). Security and stability are important to you now, and notice how you’re motivated to act on this around the 23rd.
21st April – 21st May
April is about movement, whether it’s the seeds for future growth (keep faith in the vision) or new signs of progress from the past efforts, it’s all symbolised by a ‘go with the flow’ full moon eclipse on the 4th, and by balance-seeking planet Venus moving into your security and resources chart from the 11th. The sun is your sign from the 20th, indicating creative vibes, fun and entertainment, the spotlight, and long overdue updates and make-overs. Communication planet Mercury in your sign from the 14th; and Mars in your sign all month indicates increased stamina and determination. Notice what unfolds from this (especially linked to communication) around the 23rd.
22nd May – 21st June
A powerful full moon eclipse on the 4th impacts matters of the heart, creativity, friendship, fun and entertainment. It indicates a hunger for harmony, balance, and justice in these areas and it’s all intensified when relationship planet Venus moves in your sign from the 11th. There’s a turnaround or change of direction in romance and/or important communications from the 8th and midmonth don’t isolate or hide yourself away from pressures or pains; you have allies and supporters who are on your side so let them in. The final week is busy and eventful and you have strong purpose and motivation, especially around the 23rd and 26th.
22nd June – 22nd July
Events around a restless lunar eclipse on the 4th focus on the radical change you’re craving in career or status (the new moon on the 18th is about a new beginning there), as well as the emotional intensity and intimacy you’re seeking in relationships, and the harmony and balance you’re hungry for in home or family matters. In other words, it’s a mover and shaker of a month, with ups and downs but also with satisfying progress and developments (in security and resources for example, thanks to a significant turning point or move forward from the 8th). Also, good friendship and group connections are highlighted all month, especially 11th, 20th and 23rd.
23rd July – 23rd August
It’s a full on kind of first week in April; there’s a powerful lunar (emotional) eclipse on the 4th that magnifies your need for answers right now. Keep talking because the answers are there. Harmony and balance in communication gets you the harmony and balance of answers you seek. This is most challenging in some ways by the 8th or 10th, but there’s also a lot of positive support at that time, and a forward-looking change in direction. Travel, education and new perspectives also have your attention (around the 18th especially), then from the 20th your focus is career, status and reputation (23rd looks very interesting for that).
24th August – 22nd September
There’s a lunar eclipse on the 4th, in the resources section of your chart. It means you might be seeking who and what you can rely on and count on, and giving more thought to what really matters to you and what you value. Give and take, and balance and equality are key components to situations this month; as is choosing and sorting priorities (emphasised around the 18th). After midmonth and especially from the 20th, you realise how perspective is everything, yet also how flexible and subjective it is. Particularly around the 23rd when you feel the relevance of the idea that from small acorns huge oak trees grow.
23rd September – 23rd October
Events around the lunar eclipse in your sign on the 4th makes you question if it’s asking too much to seek harmony and balance in so many circumstances right now. (No, it’s not asking too much). The key is your own inner peace about it all, meaning you must make peace with the way things stand, before things can change. That’s challenging, as you are often physically jolted by an incongruent or disordered environment, but you also understand that works of art are created from a messy process. The new moon on the 18th is about new priorities, so top of the agenda for April is to ‘let it be (for just now)’.
24th October – 22nd November
An important lunar eclipse on the 4th carries an important message that this month is all about things being set to rights, put back in balance, and brought back into harmony. How this is achieved focuses around choices; meaning who or what you choose to align with, believe in, or buy into. Understanding your own priorities and values makes these choices easier, and this has your attention up to the 20th. After that, partnership is your strongest focus, as well as contracts and agreements with others. What happens around the 23rd might be interesting in this.
23rd November – 21st December
For you the harmony-focused lunar eclipse on the 4th highlights friendships, your links to groups and team work, as well as what and where you find fun and entertainment. For the past few years now, you’ve been redefining your sense of security and updating income and resources (yes you can be practical when you need to be), and this transformation and renewal is always ongoing, kind of like your ever-evolving self. But there’s visible progress along the way and this is what you’ll be noticing during April; probably around the 2nd, 18th, and 23rd, but particularly around the 8th, when an important turning point or change of perspective is also happening.
22nd December – 20th January
Now that your ruler planet Saturn is in the most non-resistant area of your chart, you might be finding yourself less irritated by or allergic to certain people or situations. It’s all becoming a bit like water off a ducks back to you, which might really work for you this month, as there’s a long-term focused lunar eclipse on the 4th, impacting the most public part of your chart dealing with reputation, status, career and ambition. You have a very strong sense of what you want and of your priorities right now, and it’s all about honouring this while not allowing others to distract or unbalance you with their different perspectives. See what happens around the 23rd relative to this.
21st January – 18th February
An insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge has brought experiences that transformed you, especially over the last 3 years. All along it was really more about self-knowledge and feeling more at home in yourself, no matter where on earth you found yourself. You are still digesting experiences and deciding what has relevance for who you are now, and this is what the first half of April is about (events around the lunar eclipse on the 4th point to this). After the 8th there’s a lovely turning point in love and partnership, then from midmonth and especially around 23rd, you thrive on the grounding and stability from home and family matters.
19th February – 20th March
A lunar eclipse on the 4th focuses on trust; whether it’s trust in others, or others trusting you, it’s about a powerful need for certain situations to feel balanced, fair and harmonious even though there may be many uncontrollable or unknown/unknowable factors within those situations during April. The message of this moon is to keep believing in win/win solutions and keep choosing to step forward from the perspective that everyone can be happy with a situation even if you personally can’t make everyone happy. Then after the 20th, communications and connections are strong and stable (and focused on renewal and regeneration around the 23rd).