Wednesday, February 02, 2011

February 2011 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April

It’s all about your participation with the group for much of Feb; it’s revolving around friendships, teamwork, and the feeling of your place within all that. There’s interesting gatherings; some spring from duty and obligation, but all are about like-minds and kindred souls. There’s a new vibe coming in that takes you to new places, and later in the month that takes you to new places within yourself, and you don’t mind the alone time that a bit of reflection and introspection requires as a result. Added to this is work-orientated challenge: the 10th and 25th might feel emotionally intense, but always productive.

21st April – 21st May

There’s likely to be welcome developments on the career front, symbolised by a new moon bringing in new energy to that area of your life from the 3rd. It’s easy to overdo it on the 5th; then around the 10th events press buttons and bring up deep feelings to process. Around the 18th, it’s hard to believe dreams can still materialise, especially when your efforts to organise them keep hitting walls, but stand your ground as help is at hand from the 19th. Opportunities come from nowhere in the final week and because of that, you take your time trusting them.

22nd May – 21st June

Let your good ideas be a bit illogical if they need to be; ideas that are ahead of their time always seem this way, so don’t try too hard to ground them in the reality of what you know to be true today, just give yourself the freedom to hold them in mind. By the 14th there might be rewards for doing this, though the energy of the full moon on the 18th makes it easy to lose sight of that. From the 19th career plans are on the go and in full flow; finally, around the 25th a friend needs your faith.

22nd June – 22nd July

You are seeking out unconventional paths in your quest for freedom, and the new moon on the 3rd indicates this has positive results for you. Even though there might be ups and downs as the month unfolds, the new moon energy symbolises there’s a core stability at the heart of where you are with yourself right now, which carries you through situations over the coming weeks in a satisfying way. Relationships are intense and intimate around the 10th, future focused around the 14th, and full of self-doubt around the 21st. Work relationships are hard to keep in perspective around the 25th, but keep trying.

23rd July – 23rd August

Lots happening in your world of relationships for much of the month; especially during the first week, when there’s indications new beginnings and fresh starts with momentum that lasts, rather than just good intentions that fizzle quicker than a new year resolution. It might feel it’s going that way around the full moon in your sign on the 18th; around that time there’s a slippery atmosphere that’s difficult to pin down, not helped by communication blocks, but keep the faith as planets are then helping you to see into the unknown and to trust your instincts, so there’s no getting off track.

24th August – 22nd September

There’s plenty of scope to do what you do best this month: you are the problem-solver and the solution seeker, and up to around the 19th this is what situations call from you; it’s all very satisfying to the soul during the first week, especially around the new moon on the 3rd as the energy is constructive and ideas are easy to act upon. Around the 18th there’s a financial focus, with a pressure to see the positive. The emphasis shifts to relationship issues after the 19th; you are not a particularly confrontational person, and some situations seem to keep reminding you of that.

23rd September – 23rd October

The emphasis is on fun and good times up to midmonth; it seems that much of February is for entertainment purposes only. Valentine’s day has a special feel as far as communication goes; it’s all very clear and straightforward. Around the 18th your ruler Venus has a difficult meeting with limit-bound Saturn, which means it’s difficult (but not impossible) to see past obstacles, so use the go with the flow energy that comes through after the 19th to keep you moving in areas that you can move, until other situations catch up. Keep the faith, and your perspective in check around the 25th.

24th October – 22nd November

There’s lots of energy focused on situations involving home and family ties; basically, it’s your comfort zone you’re working on to find more freedom to enjoy. Freedom is a state of mind of course, which is the message of the new moon on the 3rd; and your motivation and impulse to action arises from the clarity you receive early Feb. From the 19th you’re making more time to enjoy yourself and matters of the heart are at the forefront. A powerful Jupiter/Pluto link around the 25th indicates that just because you have an intense view, it’s not the only right one.

23rd November – 21st December

You are finding your freedom regarding communication this month, especially during a supportive new moon on the 3rd, which is encouraging for a new message you feel you are wanting to get across. Valentine’s day is about friendship that might become more, and again, communication is the key. Don’t let limits grind you down around the 18th, and allow yourself more comfort zone time after the 18th. The final week feels intense at times; you are shedding skins to reveal a new you, but there’s a temporary discomfort in letting the old you go.

22nd December – 20th January

First week of Feb is fabulous for progress in long-term plans, especially career plans, as well as a really good vibe for finances, where things can move forward nicely, and current limits also hold a firm foundation for the future. Don’t push for it (especially around the 5th), stay with the available moves. Love planet Venus meets seductive Pluto in your sign on the 10th, which might make for a memorable Valentine’s day, but Venus challenges Saturn around the 18th, which puts temporary pressure on relationships. Your comfort zone feels invaded around 25th; but it’s you getting in your own way.

21st January – 18th February

Fabulous month Aquarius! Too much to mention here, but thumbnail sketch is: do enjoy the new moon in your sign on the 3rd; it’s spectacular for clarity, momentum and good timing; not just that day, but for days ahead. The 14th is a love fest, Aquarian style, and around the 19th, a Mars/Mercury/Neptune line-up indicates at best a wild telepathic sensitivity to your environment and beyond; at worst a sense of confusion that wrecks motivation. It’s all to do with what you see reality as being capable of, and that’s a subjective thing, despite what people would have you believe.

19th February – 20th March

There’s a number of key planets in go with the flow mode, but this suits you just fine as it’s your default setting anyway; so while some situations seem to be out of your hands, if you find your comfort with that, things work your way somehow. It’s most intense around the 18th at full moon, as there’s so much happening it’s easier to notice the pattern you are in, but as the sun moves into your sign from the 19th, along with Mars and Mercury soon after, you’re going to be feeling as if you are back in the driving seat, and others know this too.