Friday, August 28, 2015

Full Moon In Pisces, August 29th 2015

Moon message = "Help is at Hand".

The moon in Pisces melts our hearts, increases compassion, dissolves boundaries, teaches us about unconditional love, and opens our spiritual and psychic senses. We have an enhanced appreciation for art and music, and our own creativity flows. We weep at the beauty of a sunset or the innocence of a child, or we just weep for connection.

A full moon in Pisces intensifies all this, as a full moon concentrates and focuses energy. This moon also has Neptune nearby, which intensifies things further, because Neptune (God of the ocean) is Pisces watery ruler.

A full moon happens when the sun and moon stand opposite each other in the zodiac. The sun recently moved into the sign of Virgo, the polarity to Pisces. Virgo seems to be so different to Pisces in many ways, Virgo is earthy, analytical, and seeks a world that runs like clockwork – precise, perfect, predictable.

But these two signs have more in common than first appears, and this is what a full moon is about, bringing balance and blending of both. Virgo and Pisces are both strongly associated with healing. They are also about the pull to serve humanity… in service for charitable or altruistic (unconditional) reasons.

The sun in Virgo sits right next to Jupiter for this full moon. Jupiter is the planet of faith and positivity. Jupiter expands what it touches, and in Virgo it is in practical, down to earth ways.
I feel this is a full moon where problems can meet with solutions, in ways not seen before, no matter how overwhelming the problem seems. It’s a full moon with the message that help is at hand, and with Virgo practicality blending so intensely with Pisces compassion, it’s a safe pair of hands with workable solutions.

So expect solutions, answers and healing connections. Expect art, music and creativity to satisfy the senses and soothe the soul in meaningful ways. Expect that truth is beauty and beauty is truth. Expect Love to heal, not hurt. Expect to experience the softening and dissolving of limits and obstacles. Expect that kindness and compassion prevails. And surrender to these expectations; as surrender is the Pisces way.

(This full moon is 6 degrees of Pisces, and is full at 19.35, UK time)

Sunday, August 02, 2015

August 2015 Horoscopes

Here are my Horoscopes for you all, for the month of August. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget I have both astrology readings and various tarot/oracle readings available. I can tailor a reading to suit the kind of questions you have too. Get in touch via this blog, or through my Etsy shop or facebook page, at BOND WITH THE MOON :)

21st March – 20th April
You’ve been in pursuit of creative and artistic recognition for some time now. This month your ruler Mars joins this path (9th), which gets things moving, especially around new moon time (14th). Love and relationship planet Venus is reconnecting you with the past, and maybe opportunities you thought lost (4th, 6th, especially 19th). Big news is expansion planet Jupiter moves into your health and fitness chart for the next year (11th). Jupiter symbolises positive, uplifting and ‘lucky’ experiences, which means getting healthy and staying healthy has never felt so good. Jupiter is also touching your work and daily routines, so problem-solving and stream-lining your life is empowering (especially around 29th).

21st April – 21st May
Venus is retrograde till September, which suggests reconnection with faces/places from the past is a theme in matters of love and/or money, and it’s also about not trying too hard to push stuck situations forward. Home and family matters are very much in focus till 23rd and there’s much to feel proud and happy about (especially 4th and 14th). Maybe there’s relocation or reunion too. From the 11th positive planet Jupiter moves into your fun and creativity chart for the next year, so prepare for adventures and interesting new ventures in months to come (note how friendship, groups and gatherings are important in this around 29th).

22nd May – 21st June
There might be more pressure or stress up to midmonth, but the planets are in such a confident and upbeat mood in your communication and information chart it’s going to be a lot easier to keep smiling while sorting things out, especially as the rewards and satisfaction are high. There’s plenty of good news to enjoy this month, some of which might be about reconnecting with the past, as history seems to be repeating itself somehow (4th, 14th, 19th). Also, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good fortune is moving into your home and family chart for a whole year from the 11th, which means your personal space and comfort zone is a positive place indeed.

22nd June – 22nd July
It’s all happening in your income and resources chart. There are planets in there oozing confidence and positive expectation, and you can’t help but feel upbeat and buoyant whatever the circumstance. Remember that the better you feel, the more reasons the universe gives you to feel better, so don’t rain on your parade with doubts or take action from fear of missing out; wait to move when it feels right inside. Jupiter is in your chart of communication and learning from the 11th for the next year, indicating growth and adventure. For example, you feel compelled to understand something more clearly around the 29th, so apply more intuition and less logic.

23rd July – 23rd August
For the past year Jupiter has been in your sign. If you look back over that time you can see in what ways positive growth, opportunity and self-confidence have touched you personally. Jupiter leaves your sign on the 11th which means it’s time to start building on the good stuff that opened up for you in previous months. The annual new moon in your sign on the 14th speaks of new beginnings, and Mars moves into your sign from the 9th, suggesting you’re more active and motivated than ever. Also, planet Venus (love and justice) is reconnecting you to the past all month, and with grand gestures around 4th and 19th.

24th August – 22nd September
Big news this month as Jupiter (the planet associated with growth, opportunities and good fortune) moves into your sign for a whole year. Last time was 12 years ago, so think back to then and remember what happened that expanded your life in significant ways. Jupiter opens doors but you have to step through them, so it’s a year to keep the faith and your sense of adventure. Your ruler planet, logical Mercury, is in your sign from the 7th, along with the energising sun (23rd), which indicates fresh clarity and new directions. There are still challenges (especially around full moon on 29th), but hold your nerve and your focus and watch how positivity prevails.

23rd September – 23rd October
You’ve been quite a journey recently. This is especially true regarding your friendships, support network and your involvement with groups, where lots of things relate or point to the past somehow, and you’re reconnecting and returning to people, places, hopes, wishes and dreams that you might have thought long gone or long forgotten. This big reunion continues during August, so enjoy (especially around 4th 14th and 19th). Don’t let self-doubt get the better of you during the first week, and do cut yourself some slack during final week, when you’re torn between relying on logic or taking things on faith (both are right and neither are wrong).

24th October – 22nd November
For the past year Jupiter in your ambition and status chart has brought opportunities to develop long-term plans and take more steps up the ladder of success. A brilliant new moon here on the 14th symbolises new beginnings related to this, while Mars indicates strong momentum and motivation from the 9th. Your relationship ruler is also in this mix, indicating important reconnections or reunions (around 4th and 19th especially). For the next year Jupiter moves into your friendship, groups and gatherings chart from the 11th, indicating opportunities and open doors in this area of your life. It’s also about faith and belief in your hopes and dreams, meaning pessimism holds no power here.

23rd November – 21st December
Big news Sagittarius: from 11th your ruling planet Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) moves into your long-term success chart for a whole year. Last time was 12 years ago, so things have come full circle, and you’re ready to start again. The new moon on the 14th indicates you’re already dreaming of new adventures and experiences though the journey might be slow or clunky getting going. It’s self-doubt, or questioning your worthiness or what’s possible that makes it slow and clunky, so it’s important to remember that Jupiter doesn’t make empty promises of what can be achieved.

22nd December – 20th January
There’s a turning point early in August, where things start to move forward after delays or bad timing. You still have a lot to take on faith, which is never easy for a feet-firmly-on-the-ground Capricorn, but do your best as it will pay off. Jupiter, planet of faith hope and clarity, moves into the most adventurous part of your chart from the 11th, for the next year. It indicates opportunities for expansion through travel, education, or anything that broadens your horizons and makes you feel part of something big and perfect. You are reaching for balance in all this during full moon time on the 29th, just don’t stop believing.

21st January – 18th February
For the past year Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) has been in your relationship chart, indicating positive developments in love and/or business, along with contracts and agreements that brought growth and confidence. Other planets now in this part of your chart are supporting this, making all relationships a major focus of your attention for August. Jupiter moves into your chart of healing, transformation and the unknown from the 11th, for the next year; indicating positivity and growth in the realm of trust, intimacy and sharing resources. A full moon on the 29th ‘emotionalises’ all this, meaning feelings run high regarding doubts, fears and uncertainty, but it’s just about finding the courage of your convictions.

19th February – 20th March
Lots of planets in your health and fitness chart means lots of focus and attention on this area of your life this month, especially 4th, 14th and 19th. For some time Jupiter at odds with Saturn suggested situations have not developed or expanded as you’d like, but limits can lift during August, especially from 11th when Jupiter moves into your relationship chart for the next year, indicating faith rewarded and doors opening via contracts and agreements with others. There’s a potent full moon in your sign on the 29th; suggesting fulfilment or completion in certain situations. It also indicates a need to blend logic and intuition, as one rarely makes sense without the other.