Monday, December 29, 2008

January Horoscopes

Wow, 2009 eh! Have a Happy New Year with the January Horoscopes...

21st March – 20th April

Fabulous start to the year; three important planets are at the top of your chart, showing big focus on long-term goals and commitments. The sun here symbolises creativity and pulling power for plans, while Pluto is about shedding skins; letting go to make room for new experience, and Mars, the planet that rules your sign, is about priorities. Top priority is plans that are slow to ripen; unusual for the Ram who likes everything done yesterday, but that’s what happens with this Mars mood. And of course, January can feel a bumpy ride at times, but be honest, you’d be bored otherwise.

21st April – 21st May

Expansion orientated Jupiter arrives in the long-term goals section of your chart for the next year, breathing new life into tired old plans, and midmonth it might feel there’s some kind of resolution to tension left over from late last year. It’s not down to the planets themselves of course; it’s all down to your changing perspective and ideas that are being strongly mirrored through current planet patterns. Especially so around the 26th, when circumstances around the new moon eclipse (new long-term cycle) is about revealing your most freedom-seeking side in all its unconditional and uncompromising nature.

22nd May – 21st June

To get the new year off with an interesting twist, your ruler Mercury begins a retrograde cycle (appearing to move backwards), during the full moon around the 11th. Full moons symbolise strong energy building and releasing, and the pressure can be tangible. This one takes place across the trust/security axis of your chart, and might feel like loose ends being tied up on tense events last midmonth. Mercury’s change of direction is about a change in thinking, a review or reassessment, during which a significant new moon eclipse (new long-term phase), gets under way from the 26th.

22nd June – 22nd July

Two important events this month: first a full moon in your sign on the 11th works like an emotional amplifier; meaning that if a situation feels good, it’s going to feel even better, but any situation you’ve ignored your feelings or gut instinct is going to feel off balance. Secondly, there’s a new moon eclipse on the 26th. Eclipses set the tone for the next 6 months or more, and this one takes place in the trust angle of your chart. So trust issues, the unknown, intimacy, un/guardedness, etc etc, are going to be key themes.

23rd July – 23rd August

Expansion-seeking planet Jupiter is now in the relationship angle of your chart for the next year. Jupiter energy really is the bringer of jollity, apparently due to its eternal ability to see the bright side of any scenario, but really it’s because Jupiter knows how to plug into the bigger picture, which always results in an abundance of expansive opportunities (and soothingly wise sayings) when needed. Expect all partnerships to take on the flavour of this Jupiter energy from January, especially around the 26th when a fabulous new moon eclipse sets a vibe for the months to come.

24th August – 22nd September

Your ruler, mind planet Mercury, is retrograde from the 11th (appearing to move backwards), which represents a turning point or change in direction. It’s really a change in perspective that inspires any action, as looking at things that bit differently moves you differently too. My fave part of January for Virgo is the new moon eclipse on the 26th. Eclipses set the scene for months to come, and this one is solution-orientated and has opportunity planet Jupiter in the picture while Mars meets Mercury, strengthening the courage of your conviction regarding long-standing either/or dilemma’s.

23rd September – 23rd October

Since transformation planet Pluto moved into the angle of your chart ruling comfort zones and emotional attachments, you’ve been busy clearing clutter that blocks the new emotional space your more than ready to move into. There’s plenty of time with that as it’s a step by step process, but this month there’s other planets involved, including your relationship indicator, which shows how what’s happening at the moment depends on partnership and joint forces. A new moon eclipse in the most creative zone of your chart on the 26th highlights this under unusual or unexpected circumstances.

24th October – 22nd November

Both your ruling planets, Mars and Pluto start the year in the communication angle of your chart, reflecting the importance that contact and connections have for you now. Pluto transforms what it touches, while Mars fires and motivates, so there’s a lot of power in your message at the moment, and as Pluto is also the planet of trust, it’s also about how far confidence in your own words can take you. The eclipse on the 26th marks the start of a new path somehow. Again, it’s a powerful time for communication, so choose words that reflect the new path not the old.

23rd November – 21st December

Your ruler Jupiter (planet of positive perspectives and opportunity-orientated approaches) is moving into the angle of your chart that deals with communication. It’s a move that lasts the year, and will reflect a change in emphasis or mood in you, from resource building or security seeking, to dialogue making or contact creating. You’ll get the idea of this shift in vibe during the days of the new moon eclipse around the 26th, as events around that time show a recognisable theme, which thread a pattern through months to come.

22nd December – 20th January

The sun is in your sign till the 20th, along with feisty Mars. Solar energy is creative and illuminating, while Mars energy is about motivation and inspiration. And remember that transformation planet Pluto is still at a significant spot in your chart, so put it all together and you have real potential for any New Year’s resolutions to have lasting effect. The new moon eclipse (new long-term phase) is on the 26th, and events around that time seem designed to be seeds for what unfolds in future months; what matters now just keeps on mattering.

21st January – 18th February

Fabulous! Jupiter, planet of opportunity, broadmindedness, wise old sayings and bad Christmas cracker jokes, is moving into your sign for a year-long stay. Last time was 12 years ago, so think back then for memories of effortless expansion (traditionally it’s around the waistline when Jupiter visits your own sign), or any urges to broaden horizons, or undertake seeker/quest style journeys. On the 26th there’s a new moon eclipse (new long-term phase) in your sign with Jupiter right at the centre. The vibe around that time is important; it’s going to be inspiring your focus for months to come.

19th February – 20th March

Jupiter is important for you, being one of the planets that rules your sign, and this month it starts a journey through the most psychic angle of your chart. When you aren’t in sceptic mode you’re one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac, so the ESP experience won’t feel that weird, especially as Jupiter works much like a guardian angel in this context. It’s all about that sense of knowing there’s a bigger picture to tap into, and you don’t need to know how it works to get the benefit. Events around the eclipse on the 26th will support you on this.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Moon In Capricorn And Byron Katie

It's AGES since I wrote anything here, so a Capricorn new moon with Saturn in Virgo is just the ticket to feel guilty about not keeping up to speed with something :)

There's 6 planets in Capricorn at the moment: Sun and moon together (making the new moon), Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto of course, and Mars which has just moved into this sign, right next to Pluto. That's a lot of planet energy focusing in a Capricorn way. Capricorn loves taking responsibility and being the boss, because its the boss who makes the rules, and as there's nothing better for Cap than following the rules, the only way to make sure you're going to like telling yourself what you 'should' be doing, is to be the one who makes the rules. Capricorn is also the sign associated with time, age, and the awareness of mortality, so it's no surprise that Old Father Time is connected to this month, as the old year passes away and a new year starts, and I feel it's the time we feel stress and pressure the most too (stress and pressure aka 'resistance' in current spiritual thinking)... the holiday season does that to people it seems... but it's all that responsibility, all that following rules and traditions; and especially with Capricorn ruler Saturn in the sign of Virgo the perfectionist at the moment, it brings out the 'get it right or it means you are wrong' kind of thinking. And mix this with a fiery Mars and intense Pluto coming together things can easily feel heavy and traumatic right now.

So as there's this new moon (new beginning) happening today through the qualities of Capricorn, and as Mercury, planet of thoughts and communication, is also in this sign, and as Mars is the planet of action and motiviation while Pluto is the planet of transformation, this seems like a good time for Byron Katie's approach to alleviating stress and pressure, to lessen that load of the Capricorn burden a bit... her method is called 'The Work', which is a hugely Capricorn name in itself, and it's a four step approach. You take a thought that is bothering you, upsetting you, obsessing you, weighing you down, or that you feel you have no option about, and you ask:

-is it really true, yes or no?
-can I know this with absolute certainty?
-how do I react when I believe this thought?
-who would I be without this thought?
...then turn the thought around (eg, he never listens to me becomes I never listen to me, etc). The process is outlined in detail at her website here

if you think this sounds simplistic, have a look at her in action using the process with a woman who has a 'he shouldn't lie' thought. Fabulous!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

December Horoscopes

My horoscopes for December are out. Have a look and see what's going on for your sign here

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama Is President :)

Politics rarely gets a mention on this blog as I can't bear it, but have to mention how happy I am to see America elect its first black president. That is the kind of news it feels good to read about. On the day that Saturn (leadership) opposed Uranus (revolution) we get a real, live, freeing, manifestation of positive change. I feel all enthused and refreshed about future possibilities and about where we are all heading collectively.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Saturn opposite Uranus: Jonathan Ross And Russell Brand

The opposition between Saturn (limits and laws) and Uranus (breaking boundaries) is exact today, but it's been building for sometime now, and will be active for a good while yet. To understand the energy of this planetary aspect there's a great Saturn opposite Uranus story at the moment, in the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand fiasco that has been running for weeks. It has a number of Saturn/Uranus style perspectives within it, as well as being a lovely bright spotlight that shines right at the heart of the Great British Public's warped sense of moral high ground.

Thumbnail sketch of story is that Ross and Brand made some joke phone calls to an actor about his granddaughter. It was immature stuff, sort of offensive, but nothing a heartfelt, head hung, ashamed schoolboy type apology shouldn't have put to rights (to the grandfather NOT the granddaughter!!!). Catch up with the story here and note the bizarre way it snowballs weeks later into something the whole country is supposed to end up tutting and shaking their heads at, including the Prime Minister for gawds sake.

Lest we forget, the girl at the centre of it all, who became the embodiment of moral outrage on behalf of all 'right-minded' citizens everywhere whose sense of public decency felt affronted, is a 'burlesque' dancer (which I thought was a stripper who was a bit snobby about the word stripper). Her troupe is named 'Satanic Sluts Extreme', and Extreme Slut Georgina, 23, unfortunately seems like one of those women for whom sex HAS to be linked to the devil, the darkness, and kissing other girls (only when men are looking though) in order to allow herself to feel sexually attractive. Each to their own of course, it's just I don't think in reality her grandad would have been ever so shocked and surprised to find that brouhaha of this news-story nature vortexes around her; it's just part of the process isn't it, if you think sex is a power trip, and female sexuality akin to a black pvc studded handbag packed to the zips with whips, chains and Anne Rice novels, which only has value when swirled nosily and heavily around in everyone's faces, then you are kind of leaving yourself open to be heckled by the Russell Brands of this world.

I know it seems I don't have a good word to say about this girl, it's just that linking sex to the devil and the darkside makes me all bored and fidgety (I'm not religious so satan has no meaning beyond comic books; like Batman or similar), but mostly am really, REALLY peed off that it's ended with Russell Brand not working for the BBC anymore. I now feel personally affected, outraged and offended by her hypocritical 'you must accept me unconditionally but I won't accept you unconditionally' perspective. I really like Russell Brand you see. He makes me laugh and so is very important to my life. Jonathan Ross also makes me laugh, and so is also important to my life. How some daft posh lass chooses to live and express herself via flimsy and unimaginative sexual imagery is utterly irrelevant to my life and it should have stayed that way: it should have been an inconsequential, private family argument where granddaughter felt a bit silly about her lifestyle choices once it was paraded in front of her beloved grandfather, but then ended up taking a rather defiant, admirable and responsible stance by soothing media frenzy with a 'sorry grandad I love you so much, but this appears to be the kind of anti-social, wacky, edgy, behaviour I inspire in others, being the corseted creature of the night I am'.

Anywho... it's a great story to see the energy of Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces at work though, in all sorts of ways...

here's some Saturn words to get the feel of the energy:
the past, conditional love, expectations, authority, tradition, limits, restriction, repression, rules, regulations, boundaries, laws, controls, society, status quo, shortage mindset, approval/disapproval, hierarchy, boss, grandad.

and Uranus:
the future, the maverick, rulebreaker, unconditional self, unconventional, uncontrollable, uncontainable, break-up, shocking, disruption, upheaval, unattached, independent, revolutionary, eccentric, alternative, urge for freedom, lawless, rebel, anti-social, unexpected, experimental, Self-respect,

So by mixing and matching the keywords of each planet:
- it's clear Georgina seems to have a foot in both planetary camps, as she's not too sure whether to be astonished at the antics of Brand/Ross, thereby courting approval (and cash) of gutter tabloid press, as well as prime ministers and grandads (all so very Saturn) or to go with the disruptive flow that her brand (sorry) of sexual rebellion stirred up in others (uber-Uranian).

- There's the BBC which is very Saturn, representing a long-standing tradition of middle of the road opinion and Saturday night family entertaiment, opposing rebel Uranian Jonathan Ross.

- But there's also Jonathan Ross as Saturn, BBC entertainment figurehead who 'should have known better' because of the size of his paypacket and blessed association with such an instution. Russell Brand is 'a bit more Channel 4' as some Daily Mail readers might say, which I would say means he's not easily controlled by the shame/blame tactics used in social order maintenance (Brand has been quietly getting away with offensive prank calls for some time now, it was only picked up by media because Jonathan Ross was involved and people have been looking for an excuse to find him guilty of not doing his job properly, which is very Saturn in Virgo).

- Finally there's the persepective of public opinion that was laughably slow on the uptake, but which eventually got round (as Noel Gallagher pointed out) to jumping on the complaining bandwagon. Saturn rules the herd instinct of collective consciousness, which is led by an appointed voice of authority, in this case the media, who claim to be expert on the nature of right and wrong in society and who get the sheep herded by implying that if you aren't agreeing with them you are part of 'what's wrong with society these days'.

I imagine there'll be a good few more stories of this nature before Saturn/Uranus is over, and people will be invited to make 'them and us' style choices, reflecting the polarising nature of the opposition aspect in astrology. The Virgo/Pisces axis speaks of guilt/redemption, the victim, the sacrifice, the critic and the dreamer. Jonathan Ross has long been seen as guilty of being overpaid, so now the sacrifice of three months unpaid suspension might ease a lot of people's troubled minds on that issue. Georgina wanted to be both femme fatal and poor victim which is where the Virgo/Pisces style contradictory fatal flaw showed up in her story. Hopefully there'll be some redefining of tired old victim scripts once Uranus really starts breaking Saturn boundaries.

And hopefully there'll be new things from Russell Brand as I could do with a laugh to get me through it all. Georgina has just announced that she is calling for Brand to be reinstated (story here), u-turning on her previous statement at being 'thrilled' that 'justice had been done'. She adds in her latest interview "all these modelling offers have come through which is quite interesting. I thought about doing modelling a few years ago but was told I was a bit too chunky for that, but now all of a sudden I'm not, so that's great".

Sunday, November 02, 2008

November Horoscopes

My horoscopes for the fabulous month of November are posted here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update On 14th October UFO No Show

Blossom Goodchild is the lady that was convinced UFO's were going to show themselves on the 14th October (reminder here), and if you ever wanted to know how to recognise someone going through a major Pluto transit, and probably Neptune too... heck, may as well throw Uranus in there given the subject matter; this video update she made after the no show UFO says it all.

When I first read about this story last week I laughed and thought she was a nut, but after seeing her YouTube vids, reading her blog etc, she just seemed a nice lady, and the story for me wasn't about the UFO's but became about the human side of it. The hate mail she got was shocking, mostly from religious nuts, but she still kept to her belief that these aliens were going to come and show us all the meaning of life.

But they never showed up and now she is left with her crumbled belief system, and trust shattered. See how it's Pluto in Sadge: the promise betrayed, etc. So you have to be pretty hard hearted to not feel compassion for her in this video, though judging by the comments section that goes with it seems there's a few hard hearts out there with nothing better to do with their day.

Thing with Pluto is that it's the symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so she'll come through this, and be better for the experience, all reborn and renewed. I prefer her message now she's stopped saying we need people from other planets to show us what high vibrations are all about, "so they didn't come, so lets do it without them... " couldn't agree more, Blossom; we didn't need the buggers in the first place. Write a book about that instead.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Run For Your Lives! UFO's Are Heading For 14th October Full Moon!

Apparently there's going to be a UFO visible for 3 days on the 14th October. How nice, on the day of the full moon in Aries. But there was nothing in the crop circles about this, was there? Who got the memo??

find out more here

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Horoscopes

It's October! And your horoscope for the month is posted here

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Not The End Of The World Then...

So that thing is switched on then, the collider thing in Switzerland. I was getting worried that all past efforts to save the world by only half-filling my kettle were in vain, especially after waking from an awful dream where I was standing with my mother at my parents house, watching this swirling vortex of energy rise from beneath the ground outside, which then turned into a huge mushroom shaped cloud. Green glowing gooey light started radiating off things, and I was saying to my mother 'that's radiation you know, I saw it on The Simpsons; they must have switched that particle thing on' (astrology buffs won't be surprised to learn that Pluto is transiting my 4th house at the mo).

But this is Pluto for you, it's all about the unknown, the uncontrollable, the invisible and what lies beneath the surface; and it's about how we react to the unknown and what we can't control etc, based on mindset and expectations. But Pluto is in Sagittarius and Sagittarius is all about keeping faith that there's always more to come, that it's safe to go Star Trek style where no-one has gone before, and how it's never the end of the world really. I hear they aren't smashing particles into each other until October, so till then I hope they are planning on saving the world by switching it off instead of leaving it on standby...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

September Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
There’s a strong focus on the relationship angle of your chart, in particular on how you’re not the only one who has priorities and preferences. It’s all about balance, which can be frustrating at times for the single minded Ram, but there’s such joy to be had when you find your flow of the sharing mode, especially around the 11th when your ruler Mars meets fair-minded Venus. Again frustratingly, when the planets are in this mood you end up wildly intolerant of anything that reeks of injustice, yet at the same time understanding how you catch more flies with honey.

21st April – 21st May
There’s all sorts of planet action happening in the solution-seeking angle of your chart, which means don’t be surprised if there’s a flurry of hitches and glitches this month, but don’t doubt for a second you can’t sort them to your satisfaction. It’s because the planet vibe is fairness and justice, and in this area of your chart you aren’t willing to push aside any opportunity to bring more of that into your life. In amongst this your ruler Venus meets its planet match, Mars (strong around the 11th), which is astro-speak for a great love match and passion-fuelled relationships

22nd May – 21st June
There’s a load of planets having a love-in in the matters of the heart angle of your chart all month, especially around the 11th when passionate Mars and love goddess Venus blend blissful vibes with your ruler, communication planet Mercury. A cosy sensation of bigger picture harmony and alignment is emphasised on the 21st and then there’s a new moon (new intention) of balance for all matters of the heart on the 29th. Mercury is retrograde from the 24th, which is always about going over old ground; but how nice to revisit all that ground you’ve been covering recently.

22nd June – 22nd July
The sun is energising the communication angle of your chart and during the first week meets authority planet Saturn. It can obviously mean important talks are afoot, but it also means a chance to shine through your words by accepting you are the boss of your own message. Midmonth the full moon falls in this angle too, stirring up a restless and unpredictable side in you that encourages sudden shifts in points of view, both in yourself and others. However, all month there’s planets congregating in the comfort zone angle of your chart; a stabilising influence that softens harsh edges too.

23rd July – 23rd August
Since 1995, transformation planet Pluto’s journey has symbolised the complete overhaul of trusting where your heart lies. Though you are at the tail end of this story there’s still a couple of chapters left, one of which is the change of direction that Pluto is taking around the 9th. It recalls events last mid-December somehow, and involves a slow turnaround in your perspective that moves you forward more powerfully than you thought possible in recent months. Don’t underestimate the experience of recent months though; it was all part of the Pluto process.

24th August – 22nd September
The sun is in your sign now, indicating it’s your turn in the zodiac spotlight and time for an annual boost of creative solar power. September begins at the end of a new moon in your sign, symbolising the fresh intentions now incubating for future fruition. Since last September serious Saturn has been drawing attention to limits and obligations, but all this month uplifting planet Jupiter is a softening influence on Saturn, pointing out a healthy side to pushing boundaries. It’s fab for an unsettled, freedom-seeking full moon on the 15th, which is not taking kindly to feeling fenced in.

23rd September – 23rd October
It’s all happening in your sign this month: your ruler Venus, your relationship ruler Mars and communication planet Mercury are close in your sign for much of the month, especially around the 11th, which symbolises how things are revolving around themes of balance, harmony, communication and bridge-building. As it’s right on the Libra wavelength, worry not if imbalance is the order of the day initially, it just means a situation is calling for what you do best in order to benefit from your sense of fairness and an objectivity much needed during a rather brusque full moon around the 15th.

24th October – 22nd November
Your ruler Pluto has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards) since mid-June and is about to resume forward motion on the 9th. It symbolises something similar going on in your current situation, particularly the feeling of things turning around or moving forward again (with a possible link to events around mid-December; maybe literally or maybe echoing themes of the time). Summer 2008 was the summer of reviewing what you intend to leave in the past and what to carry into your future, and the priority to pack is that hard won faith in yourself.

23rd November – 21st December
Constructive planet Saturn helps your ruler Jupiter perfect the art of good timing this month while Jupiter ends its retrograde phase (appearing to move backwards) after the 7th. Like you, it has been going over old ground since early May, possibly with events around mid-February as the catalyst. But right now it’s all about changes in direction, and the desire to move forward; a feeling intensified by a turnaround in transformation planet Pluto at the same time. Pluto is back in the place it was at last mid-December, so think back to see how things have come full circle.

22nd December – 20th January
Your ruler Saturn is lined up in lovely aspect to uplifting planet Jupiter in your sign this month. Jupiter gives bags of confidence while Saturn understands the power of limits, so the harmony of the two means it’s easy to find yourself in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. It’s something to remember during an unpredictable full moon around the 15th, taking place in the communication angle of your chart, as you might have difficulty accepting how your uncharacteristic against the grain conversation fits your characteristic ‘time and a place for everything’ mentality.

21st January – 18th February
September has a big focus on faith and belief, with a number of planets energising this area of your chart all month. A recent crisis of confidence might have got you weighing up what’s what when it comes to what feels unfair; but second week of the month, especially around the 15th, when the strong full moon energy emotionally shifts and clears your mind, you’re in a better place to remember how soothing you find the idea that situations naturally seek their own balance, and how injustice is always a call for the perspective of the fair-minded.

19th February – 20th March
The sun is moving through the relationship angle of your chart for much of the month, and meets limitation planet Saturn during the first week. Normally this clouds any vibrant sunny vibe, but faith-filled Jupiter is also involved, which spells a confident, creative and constructive ambience, perfect for a tense and unsettled full moon in your sign on the 15th. Full moons bring things to a head and this has been building for a while: it’s a conflict of no compromise on space and freedom issues, and how not to make freedom another word for alone.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Moon In Virgo 30th August

It's happening around 9pm UK time - the moon in Virgo meets the sun in Virgo at 8 degrees. New moon's indicate new phases of experience coming into being, and with Virgo involved it means bringing definition to intentions for the future. Defining and diagnosing the intention brings more clarity, makes things more specific, and brings desires into sharper focus.

Virgo is the problem-solver when focused on the solution, but can't move beyond critic when focused solely on the problem, so assume a solution is out there, even when it seems far-fetched to do so (which draws in the polarity sign of Pisces the dreamer, symbolising the fulfilment Virgo is reaching for between now and the upcoming full moon in Pisces). Saturn sitting so close by this new moon might make it seem more sensible or inevitable to face a less than ideal reality, but thankfully uplifting Jupiter is in on this too, feeding Saturn some faith in it's own process; a process that in Virgo emphasises how reality is always a work in progress where it's safe to assume there's room for improvement on any less than ideal scenario.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturn In Virgo Story

I love this. Two men have been banned from national parks after 'vandalising' a sign by correcting the grammar.

Jeff Michael Deck of Somerville, and Benjamin Douglas Herson, of Virginia Beach, Va., pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Flagstaff after damaging a rare, hand-painted sign in Grand Canyon National Park... Authorities said Deck and Herson, both 28, toured the United States from March to May, wiping out errors on government and private signs.

...An affidavit by National Park Service agent Christopher A. Smith said investigators learned of the vandalism from an Internet site operated by Deck on behalf of the Typo Eradication Advancement League, or TEAL. According to the Internet posting, TEAL members agreed to stamp out as many typos as they could find in public signage and other venues.

Rest of story here

How Saturn in Virgo is all that? Saturn is authority, tradition, and the law, and Virgo is about getting stuff right, especially the little things that mean a lot; like mending signposts of their broken grammar. And they are both 28, which means they are going through their Saturn Return, which means they must have Saturn in Virgo in their charts too. So it's the established law ("it's been like that for years, leave it alone!") against their law ("no one should be forced to endure grammatical errors in this day and age"). So whose right? That's the trouble with laws isn't it, it depends what angle you're coming from. Vandalism? or the result of sticking in at school?.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Leo Full Moon Eclipse On 16th

It's time for the second of two eclipses in Leo. We had the new moon eclipse on the 1st, and now the cycle moves into the full moon phase on the 16th.

The Sun in the creative sign of Leo is standing opposite Moon and Neptune in Aquarius. Moon/Neptune is ultra sensitive and responsive - all psychic and open to the flow, so as Aquarius is the sign of freedom and the future, there's bound to be a bit of telepathy or deja-vu going around - expect along the lines of knowing whose calling before they get the idea themselves, and other similar spicy synchronistic cosmic patternings.

The trick to getting the most out of astro oppositions is to find a way to meld the two signs somehow - mind meld them in this case perhaps, like the cool-handed spaceman off Star Trek. So because Leo loves sparkle and Aquarius is all futuristic, perhaps we'll all be wearing silver jumpsuits by Sunday, finally living out the 1960's dream of space age living. But seriously, now would be a great moment to finish off that time machine you've been inventing in your basement as Leo/Aquarius really fits with lightbulb moments and sheer flashes of genius. Or perhaps we're going to hear more on the uber-Neptunian invisibility cloak, news of which has recently appeared (no pun intended) since the last eclipse.

As Leo works from the heart and Aquarius from the head, choose thoughts that put a smile on your face, which will be especially useful to handle the tense Mars/Pluto aspect that's also a strong signature of this eclipse chart. And then there's all the Virgo vibe in there too; Saturn, Mercury and Venus all close together, in happy aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn, which again spells out time machine to me... I tell you, I wish someone would hurry up and invent one, as I swear my first destination would be 2012, so I could come back with proof (and a silver jumpsuit) to reassure folk that THERE'S NO BLOOMIN' END OF THE WORLD JUST BECAUSE THE MAYAN CALENDER IS ENDING THEN.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Mars Meeting Makemake


Makemake (pronounced maki-maki or mah-kay mah-kay) is the newly named dwarf planet 2005 FY9, discovered back in March 2005 and officially christened last month

Don't know that much about the astrology of asteroids or the new planets, as I tend to not see the wood for the trees when there's too much info in a chart, but was inspired recently to start looking, and especially at Makemake after JB left me a comment about it, and about it being at 23 Virgo at the mo. Uranus of course has been hanging around the opposition point in Pisces for a while now, and now Mars is heading for the 23 Virgo spot on the 8th.

So there's a good opportunity for some research into the meaning of this new planet by watching to see if you can spot some of the symbolism in your own experience at the moment... don't forget it's nickname was 'easterbunny' until the offical one came along, which to me packs it full of the pagan fertility vibe - eggs, hares, rabbits, etc - and the man who named Makemake chose it because his wife was pregnant. So if you notice any Mad Mars March Hares appearing or you have ideas about how the Makemake myth might relate to astrology, do share with a comment.

- Fabulous Makemake aspectarian is here (this whole site is fabulous, btw)
- Read about the easter bunny here
- And the symbolism of rabbits and hares here
- More on the planet Makemake here
- and on the new planets and Plutoids here

****I can add an update here, thanks to the ever sharp Scorpio perception of Kathryn at Collaborate with Fate, who pointed out to me that MakeMake was the creator god and chief god of the bird cult at Easter Island. On the day that MakeMake aligned with Mars/Uranus, the Olympics started in China, in the Birds Nest stadium, and the opening ceremony had hundreds of people in the formation of a flying bird...

...and certainly the Mars/Uranus opposition reflected the unrest and protest that accompanied the opening of the games.

...and there's more EXCELLENT in depth MakeMake research info from Tracy at Serennu here

Friday, August 01, 2008

August Horoscopes

My horoscopes for this month are up. Have a look at yours here

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Moon Eclipse In Leo On 1st August

It's one of my fave times in the astro year, new moon in Leo, and this one's an eclipse, which makes it a doorway for events that have long-lasting significance. I know eclipses used to be considered harbingers of doom, but there's always a positive side to tap into instead, this being a universe built on the principle that light and shade are an essential part of all things. So what are the positive elements that make up this eclipse?

Well first off there's the actual new moon in Leo, the sign of 'energy follows attention', with it's shining heart and twinkle in the eye (romance, or paparazzi flashes, it's all Leo). New moon's are all about new phases, like a freshly dug garden all paused and waiting to grow, and it's the desires born of current circumstances that seed the garden; so eclipses tend to birth very strong desire for future fulfilment out of what's happening now.

Mercury (communication/information) stands right near the eclipse point, and Venus (value/worth/relationship) is in Leo too, right opposite Neptune (imagination/path of least resistance) in Aquarius. All these keywords are being expressed through the Leo vibe that runs through your life, so look how important those keywords become during eclipse time in relation to, for example, matters of the heart and art, what or who turns you on to life and presses all your favourite buttons, what or who you find entertaining, fun, fabulous, warm, starry-eyed and blingy; and of course don't forget this side of yourself and how and where it's expressing.

Meanwhile there's a punchy opposition forming between Mars (desire and the call to action) and Uranus (like lightning and a catalyst for change), on the Virgo/Pisces axis, setting those keywords up as opposing circumstances within an 'order versus chaos' theme, or a 'like clockwork' versus 'go with the flow' scenario. Mars/Uranus can be a tad unpredictable, because it can be about sudden or unexpected action, but there's a way to sense what's coming by feeling the crackling tension in the air, or the caged butterflies in the belly, where freedom-seeking action becomes the relieving anti-dote.

If I had to pick one word to define the Leo wavelength I would pick 'appreciation', just because there is so much that is sunny, special, uplifting, warm and important about that word, and even with the snarly Liam Gallagher-esque two fingered salute of Mars/Uranus, or the yearny (sometimes whiney) lament of Venus/Neptune, it's going to be the fulfilment of the eclipse-seeded desire for giving/receiving appreciation that will really move and shake the heart of a situation for months to come.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More For Full Moon In Capricorn - The Emotional Scale

As mentioned yesterday, full moon energy heightens emotional awareness, making what feels negative feel more negative (and what’s positive more positive too of course). While feeling the feeling is always fabulous, feeling stuck in a negative feeling is not; so as Capricorn full moon has a lot to do with emotional responsibility and taking things step by step, here’s the Abraham-Hicks method of shifting emotionally to a better place, using their emotional scale…

According to Abraham, negative emotion is down to perception of loss of freedom, while positive is perception of freedom. Emotions also indicate the relationship between desire and belief (when you want something what is your belief around that desire being fulfilled?). It’s when desire and belief are in harmony (I want it and I believe its possible because… ) that Law of Attraction kicks in and the universe sets about responding to our alignment with matching sets of circumstances. The universe can’t deliver beyond our expectations, as it’s just responding to the relationship between what we want and what we are expecting to receive in relation to what we want.

It’s all very Capricorn, even though the Law of Attraction part might sound a bit too ‘something for nothing’ for Cappy. Contrary to some thinking though, there’s a lot of effort to manifesting and positive thinking, but it’s emotional effort; it’s more of an inner process than an external action process, and it takes Capricorn style practice and discipline to keep on thinking the thoughts that change the feelings. Apparently we have an 'emotional set point' on each subject, which doesn't change unless we change it, as it gets set with expectation based on past experience.

Anyway, this is a process I use all the time to change the way I feel about circumstances without asking circumstances to change for me (there’s the freedom you see). And it really does seem to be the case that once you aren’t relying on outside circumstances to change that’s when they do… (but if you do the process with the intention to change the outside circumstances then they don’t of course!).

So if the full moon has raised emotions that you want to feel better about right now and don’t know how, here’s the Abraham emotional scale. In the short term you’ll feel the relief of having the power to change your feelings, and in the long term circumstances start to shift and shape according to your improved feelings. It’s all very Cancer/Capricorn axis stuff…

The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale:

• Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
• Passion
• Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
• Positive Expectation/Belief
• Optimism
• Hopefulness
• Contentment
• Boredom
• Pessimism
• Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
• Overwhelmed
• Disappointment
• Doubt
• Worry
• Blame
• Discouragement
• Anger
• Revenge
• Hatred/Rage
• Jealousy
• Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
• Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

The idea is that you don't have access to thoughts and feelings that are very far away from where you are on the scale, so you can't just 'cheer up mate', if you are right on the bottom. Also, you don't have to do each one in turn, just find on the scale your feeling (or the nearest match), and aim for thoughts that feel a little better... for example which feels better: fear or anger? You can jump from angry thoughts to frustrated thoughts to hopeful thoughts and then into belief quite quickly and easily once you get used to it, but just take it slowly at first or you'll ping back like an elastic band if you try to jump too far too soon.

But anger is the unavoidable route out of depression or fear. Not nice for some to hear as we're often taught that we're supposed to feel guilty for feeling less than loving towards someone, but the guilt puts you back down the scale you see, so anger it is... And this isn't about letting rip at someone, it's not about taking action remember, it's about FEELING it. No one else need know the relief you feel as you IMAGINE punching your boss on the nose.

If you are feeling doubtful or discouraged, then anger or revenge is heading the wrong way. But when you are on your knees with depression, angry thoughts carry you from the very pit of despair. The idea is to look for thoughts that give you a sense of relief when you think them. You aren't problem-solving, you are looking for a feeling of relief that is all. Feeling the relief means you've actually released a bit of resistance to the subject and it's when the inner resistance clears that the outside circumstances clear (not overnight remember, this is Saturn reality here, but it doesn't take forever).

If you like the idea of all this, and want to read more about it, I highly recommend these books by Abraham Hicks
The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Their website is here

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friday Full Moon In Capricorn

Full moon energy often feels like an uneasiness, a restlessness or a building tension because it heightens emotional awareness, and with Capricorn being the sign of the builder, of stress and tension, weighty issues, and of planning ahead (from the influence of ruling planet Saturn), don't be surprised if that feeling is around strongly in advance.

Full moons are noted for bringing events to a head, for breaking stalemates, or marking changes in direction, because this heightened awareness makes it nigh on impossible to ignore feelings. It's much more difficult to stuff down emotions and tolerate unwanted or unsatisfying circumstances during peak moments in the lunar cycle, which is why I believe the emergency services are busier at these times trying to deal with those on emotional overload (see what the police had to say about it last year here).

Capricorn is linked to the public sector and today marked the beginning of 'the biggest strike in years' in the UK, of disgruntled council workers, teachers, librarians, and driving examiners to name but a few (link). Jupiter (events on a grand scale) in Capricorn is an influence here (opposing Mercury); as well as Saturn in Virgo which is still in aspect to Mars in the full moon chart. Saturn = strike, Mars = action. And Virgo? well, who is responsible for collecting my rubbish now please? It had to be my day for putting me bins out didn't it...

Part two is here

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Horoscopes

It's July! So have a look at what's in store for your sign here

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something For The Full Moon...

...Sun in Gemini opposes Moon in Sagittarius on 18th June at around 6.30pm UK time, which means it's a full moon in Sagittarius. And it's a full on kind of energy carried by this one because among other things Pluto stands next to the moon, symbolising emotional depth and intensity on a trust/control/letting go theme (as ever where Pluto is concerned). So if the planetary stand-off plus Pluto vibes are starting to hit hard, here's Cilla Black to cheer you up with a special message for Gemini, sexed up with some smouldering Yin meets Yang Bollywood dancing...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For Entertainment Purposes Only...

Lynn Hayes has posted about new consumer laws affecting astrologers, which came into effect this Monday here in the UK. Apparently Brit astrologers will have to put a disclaimer that says ‘for entertainment purposes only’ all over the place if they want to practice astrology with any serious intent. Lynn’s post with link to news article is here; (be warned that news article has obligatory ‘fortune teller should've seen it coming’ opener. Jokey journalism humour for entertainment purposes only, no doubt).

I had no idea this was going on, but hey, it's not too bad - it’s better than being burned at the stake like in the old days (and those public events were often for entertainment purposes only too), so in a weird way it shows how far we’ve come since then. I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) and already have to put the disclaimer at the end of the readings I do for them; I think it was done to protect us readers from lawsuits by those money hungry blame seekers that have been feeding on any opportunity in recent years.

Britain is certainly groaning under the weight of all its daft laws at the moment (remember Health and Safety going mad at a Christmas fete a couple of years ago, demanding a halt to proceedings until a risk assessment could be carried out on the mince pies, and warning signs erected to protect the public?), so what we really need are some more blanket-ban style laws that no-one really understands the small print of. From an astrology perspective it all points to Saturn, planet of law enforcement, social conditioning and conforming, which in the UK chart is placed in Leo, the sign associated with entertainment. This is also a fifth house issue, which is the astrological house associated with all forms of entertainment. But you know, the fifth house and Leo has that connection because it's all about where you find your joy, your heaven; where your heart finds its home, and where your art finds its creative expression. So the good news is it has just become law to perceive astrology as a creative path to the pursuit of happiness :-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June Horoscopes

My horoscopes for all signs, for the gorgeous month of June are up to view at this site.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mercury Retrograde And New Moon In Gemini

Was planning to write a very defiant blog along the lines of ‘Pah! Mercury Retrograde, you trickster planet you! Your legendary reputation for causing communication-based confusion is simply out of date folklore I refuse to perpetuate any longer’. But I was too busy trying to make sense of my sudden inexplicable and annoying phone problem that cropped up as Mercury started its retrograde journey last week. The problem sorted itself equally as suddenly, without explanation or apology, which after initial euphoria subsided became strangely frustrating, only to be replaced by another equally new and unexplained problem with my phone bill.

There’s a new moon in Gemini on the way on 3rd June at 20.20pm UK time; and because Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, it’s a new moon ruled by Mercury Retrograde. Does that mean everything's going pear-shaped for the foreseeable, as astrology sometimes likes to make out? Pah! Not a bit of it. I think it's more about drawing attention to a much needed change of direction in situations, which in this case is recognisable in the 'new beginning' feeling that is carried in with the new moon energy (new moon = new phase). And as Gemini is the sign associated most with communication or getting the message across (as well as coincidences, syncronicity, and other twin based or like for like happenings and patternings), it's all going to be unfolding out of the Gemini principle, or revolving around matters with the Gemini themes at heart.

My personal opinion on the obstacles and delays that Mercury Retro gets blamed for is that until you get going in the same direction as the energy in situations is now taking, then you're going to feel at odds with it. It's still all about going with the flow though, just that the flow (seems) to be going a different way to how it has been. So how to know when you've lined up with the Mercury Retrograde flow? well you start making peace with the obstacles and delays, stop pushing against what seems to be in your way, and then like magic it all starts to get easier; misunderstandings get cleared up, and the solutions, the inspiration, the green lights and the clear roads start showing up. All through the eyes of that different perspective that Mercury Retrograde provides. The perspective that incorporates re-connecting, re-working, re-opening, re-sending, re-turning... you get the picture, just pick a word with 're' at the beginning.

Mercury is retrograde from May 26 at 21º Gemini, and then turns direct on June 19th June 19 at 19º Gemini. And there's some GREAT info here on Mercury retro and retrograde planets.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Second Scorpio Full Moon Tonight

...well, in the early hours of the 20th actually, at about 3.10am, UK time. Scorpio has the reputation for being the sign of sex, drugs and rock and roll, though I think there would have to be some Sagittarius and Pisces aspects mixed in there for true hedonism. Scorpio has that reputation though because it's about extremes. It's always all or nothing with this energy, and this is what has been in the air, floating through situations since 20th April when the last full moon in Scorps took place. I think there's also a theme of unfinished business going around, as well as what is hidden or buried coming to light. And also it's about whatever or whoever it is that is really getting under your skin, for good or ill.

The healing capability of Scorpio energy in situations lies in the ability to trust in the unknown or to trust the process. Scorpio deals with the dark, literally sometimes, but mostly metaphorically, feeling into what is unknown and finding the faith to instinctively to move forward despite not knowing what is ahead. Having a peek at the Scorpio full moon (if cloud allows) can a powerful way to plug back into this instinct, even in a world that likes to leave the lights on at night.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Horoscopes For May

My horoscopes for the marvellous month of May are available to view. Have a click here :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sun In Taurus, Full Moon In Scorpio, Mars And Jupiter Opposition

Oh it's all happening at the mo. More than can fit comfortably in the title, because it's also the first of two full moons in Scorpio; first one today (20th April) just as the sun is moving into the sign of Taurus, and second one is 20th May, just as the sun is leaving Taurus.

Full moon in Scorpio happens every year around this time, but it's not standard astro procedure to have two moons in any sign, never mind Scorps (full moon happens when sun stands opposite moon, so to find which sign the full moon is in for any month, check what sign the sun is in, and the moon will standing 180 degrees away at some time in it's monthly cycle) really, the 20th May moon is a kind of zodiacal blue moon, which means the folklore metaphor applies: it's a time for things happening that don't happen very often, or at all, and these blue moon type events are building or unfolding from this current lunar energy right now and over the coming weeks.

The two full moons gives situations a strong Scorpio/Taurus theme for the next month, so for example there would be a polarity pendulum swing, or a 'to be or not to be' thing going on with:

letting go/holding on
going through a point of no return/unwilling to shift on an issue
what is hidden and concealed/what is touchy-feelingly obvious
hidden treasure/available income
your stuff/my stuff
endings/everything stays the same

Added to this mix is Mars, co-ruling planet of Scorpio, about to stand opposite Jupiter, in the signs of Cancer (emotions) and Capricorn (boundaries). It's another polarity to blend:

desire/faith, hope and optimism

Mars is also in dynamic alignment with Venus, ruler of Taurus:

You can also mix and match the keywords for Mars/Jupiter/Venus together too...

and if THAT wasn't enough, how about throwing in the fabulous grand trine aspect between Sun, Saturn and Pluto that is part of the full moon pattern...

being self/authority/trust
shining out/allowing or disallowing/trust,
heart of the matter/timing/conceal or reveal

And if THAT wasn't enough, the new moon (new phase) in Taurus on 5th May takes place at 15 degrees, which indicates it's the astrological Beltane (May Day), one of the important calendar dates in the Wheel of the Year, when energy is in full flow through the shifting of the seasons.

But lots to play with over the coming weeks means there's plenty to enjoy...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Aries New Moon And The Power Of Desire

The annual Aries new moon takes place around 5am UK time on 6th April. The energy of Aries is all about being in touch with desire, with what is wanted, and a new moon is always a blank canvas of potential, just waiting for someone with a bit of imagination to dive in and make the most of it.

The certainty of knowing clearly what you want can be ever so reassuring; unless you are certain you know what you want but are only focusing on what you don't want instead ('what if blah blah happened?', 'only blah blah can happen, given the circumstances', etc etc). That kind of imaginative thinking can squelch the life out of your favourite future daydream scenario, and it's why pure Aries energy has this innate and unapologetic self-centredness to it, allowing it to focus exclusively on what is most wanted at any time, even to the point of disregarding what others most want it to want (to cries of 'you're so selfish!').

So this is the time to feel into what you want. Not what you expect will happen, not what you worry might happen, not what others want you to make happen; it's all about feeling the irresistible and life-affirming call of your personal desire. But remember there's a big difference between 'I am most wanting to feel a sense of self worth/lovableness/appreciation, etc in this situation' and 'I want him/her/it to act differently'. Needing someone else to do something to fulfil your desire is so un-Aries (Keep it self-centred remember!)

Here's a great quote from Abraham-Hicks for some Aries new moon inspiration:

"When you know what you don't want you send out your rocket of desire of what you do want, and now you stand in a fresh new place; you want in a fresh way that you have never wanted before. And that's what life is. In that fresh wanting, you summon another dose of Energy. If you can begin to savor the mere fact that you have desire right now, and you would stop trying so hard to have that desire be fulfilled and manifested in some physical format, then you would have it".

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Horoscopes For April

A beautiful brand new month begins today so have a look at what is happening for your sign here with my horoscopes for April

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Equinox, Full Moon And Pluto

This year the Sun begins it's journey through the sign of Aries on 20th March at about 5.40am GMT. It's really the beginning of a new astrological year at this point (it's why all rams will tell you they must come first in everything), so this is significant energy - a turning of the tide in a big way. And this year it's happening under the build up to a full moon, which is also big energy; also indicating a turning tide, and therefore for all of us caught up in this cosmic current there's a feeling of moving or shifting in direction or perspective in situations. It's the sense of knowing that you aren't where you were recently on important matters, and in keeping with all this particular equinox energy it's 'in a big way'.

Especially so with Pluto, planet of rebirth in close aspect to the sun in Aries. The Pluto conflict is always trust versus control; the dilemma being how to trust and go with the flow of a situation that is largely an unknown quantity, when every instinct wants to reach out and shape it into something familiar and known (better the bugger you know, and all that).

But unless you feel you're in the dark about where you're headed, you just aren't in there with Pluto. It's when you feel you must be raving mad for having brought yourself to this point, on the brink of God knows what, yet knowing there's no going back - that is when Pluto is present and breathing down your neck. No going back but no earthly way of knowing what the future holds if you take a step forward. At some point you just have to let go and surrender to the experience (ever seen the Dog Whisperer? he calls it submission). And that is when the rebirth or transformation can get going, because there's a brand new you waiting like a light at the end of the tunnel, but until you let go of where you now stand there's just no way of catching up with yourself.

We've all been reached that point more than a few times, with varying degrees of intensity, yet each time always feels like the first (or is that just because I have Pluto in Virgo??), but perhaps no more so than now as the sun moves into Aries we might again end up brand new out of the darkness, blinking and blinded by the freshly risen sun.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Astrology, Tarot, Etc, Blog

Here's a brand new blog to bookmark: Celestial Spot Astrology Angels and Tarot, from a fellow UK based astrologer, tarot reader and thoroughly nice person! Ok I'm biased but I do highly recommend a visit :-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogger's Meme

Dharmaruci has tagged me for this meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

And weirdly my book only had 123 pages, and only had four sentences on the final page :-) So here's the final paragraph instead. It's 'Wisdom of the Stars', written in 1943 by Joan Hodgson, who founded the White Eagle School of Astrology. It's a classic book on esoteric astrology. Very 1943 language, but there's also so much great stuff in here that really helps in feeling the wavelength of the 12 zodiac signs and the planets that rule them.

From the epilogue:

"you know my dears, I do not think it matters very much who is a great soul and who is a young soul. I do not think it matters at all. Do not worship who you think is great, but endeavour to love all, both great and small, young and old. Love them all...all are the same in God's sight'

I'm tagging Celestia, Twilight, Tumblewords, Mystic, Madeline

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Good To Be Back

OMG, I have an internet connection at last, after a whole month of disconnection drama (the stern letter is on its way to BT). It's so fabulous being back online I don't know what to do first; write a blog, read a blog, go shopping, see what Martin Lewis has to tell me, or just keep staring admiringly at the little icon that says 'signal strength: excellent'.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

March Horoscopes

You can view my horoscopes for all signs for the marvellous month of March here.

Shadow Phases And Earthquakes

I am STILL not internet connected after house move! I have a phone at last though, which is something, as my mobile reception is only found next to the spider at the very top right hand corner of my porch. But not being attached to the internet has got me really out of sorts, like the cord has been cut on my Higher Self or something. I just didn’t realise how many Google searches I do in a day, seeking solutions from those in the same boat as me who Googled the same question in 2002 or whenever. Bless the people who knew the answer and wrote back to us seekers! Bless those ones who asked in the first place and waited 4 months for the reply, just so I can swoop in and grab the answer years later, in a couple of seconds.

It’s all very Aquarius, very collective consciousness, for strangers to be helping strangers in this friendly Water Bearer kind of way; which makes it quite frustrating and disconcerting that my chart ruler, communication planet Mercury, is still travelling through Aquarius and I am still so unplugged from the collective. I suppose it shows me there is something to the shadow phase theory (which I was never totally sure about to be honest), stating that a planet’s retrograde phase isn’t over till it reaches the original degree it stopped at before it began moving backwards. For this Mercury in Aquarius retro phase the degree in question is 24 Aquarius, which is the place Mercury stopped and appeared to move backwards from on 29th Jan. Mercury finally returns to this spot on 10th March… so if I’m not internet connected by then I’ll eat my hat.

Eating my hat seems a quirkily Aquarius sort of thing to attempt, though it is more of a Pluto type threat bet, being the planet of ‘it’s this way, or else…’ type extremism; so maybe the upcoming (early March) Mars/Pluto opposition is hotting up nicely if I’m dishing out ultimatum’s like that to myself. This Mars/Pluto opposition is the third of three meetings between these two because of Mars’ retrograde phase, which sent it on a back and forward journey, opposite the zodiac from where Pluto has been sitting. First meeting was last mid-September, second was New Year and finally this one; so there’s going to be a linking thread to events back then during this final meeting to watch for.

And speaking of shadow phases, Mars is still in one. Even though it resumed forward motion in January after appearing to move backwards since mid-November, it doesn’t reach the mid-November degree it held of 12 degrees Cancer till early April, so there’s still a Mars themed journey going on there, and still time for unfinished business that birthed mid-November to be all tied up neatly by then.

Pluto has changed signs in the time it has taken to meet up with Mars three times, into Capricorn, which is the birth sign of the United Kingdom, and sign of stress and tension (thanks to having planet of pressure, Saturn as ruler), so how interesting that a big stress-busting earthquake hit England this week. Or was it just my Pluto-sensitive Scorpio sister and I that found it to be a tension reliever? You know, working much like a thunderstorm, or rainstorm in shifting the atmosphere of things?

But maybe it was just because I was relieved to find that it was an earthquake shaking the bed and rattling the coat hangers, having just moved house, to find myself all alone in the wee hours after watching Most Haunted (why did I watch it on my own??), wide awake and wide-eyed, peering into the shadows, only to have the heavy metal bed frame I was lying on start to shake like a horror movie. I tell you, at the time it made perfect sense to assume poltergeist activity before earthquake, especially as the rising degree of the earthquake chart was hitting my spooky Neptune in Scorpio.

Hopefully I’ll be back with internet connection before the 10th?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Moved House With Mercury Retrograde!

I moved house with Mercury Retrograde! Thought I would mention that again as I have been having to do everything exactly twice thanks to Mercury Retro. Not once, not three times. Exactly twice. So I'm now in the habit of repeating myself.

And oh could I ramble on about the phone company losing my order and not getting connected for 9 days, or the electricity transfer nightmare, or the fact I am still not internet connected and having to use my friend's computer to do this, but she just told me her Mercury Retro tale of how she had heavy computer technical problems last week at work, involving many fruitless calls to technical support and much frustration and tearing out of hair; and then her mouse wouldn't work. She was moving it all over but the little arrow wouldn't appear on screen whatever she did. Then she looked down at the mouse and realised it was her banana. Ha! not so fruitless after all then...

Hopefully I'll be back soon with my internet connection xxx

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Moving House...

... so will be offline until I get sorted. Not too long I hope - even though Mercury is retrograde ;-)

There's a big old solar eclipse in the skies on the 7th (03.45 gmt), in the sign of Aquarius, which is bound to be gorgeous for new starts, new phases, and new beginnings, all on an Aquarian theme. Solar eclipse energy is always powerful stuff, and in Aquarius has a tinge of insomnia about it. We'll all be wired and wide awake for the next few days no doubt, but fear not, it means there's plenty of time to day dream in the darkness; a kind of traditional Aquarian method for birthing the best of future plans.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pluto In Capricorn Today

So here it is, Pluto’s now in Capricorn. Only thing different today than yesterday for me is that my kettle stopped working overnight. The little light switches on but kettle no longer heats up (the loss of fire element from Sagittarius perhaps?!), so it was back to basics with a pan of water on the stove to make tea. Which led me, while jumping from one foot to the other in frustration, to contemplate the time it takes to do stuff, and how time is the boss; then remembered Capricorn is associated with bosses, time, and learning to take things nice and slowly. As Pluto is moving through my 4th house, ruling home and domestic matters, it makes for a relevant metaphor I suppose, along with all the packing boxes I am surrounded in, ready to move house.

Although I don’t read news very often anymore I had a quick scan today, looking for Pluto related stories, and saw this one about the last deep coal mine in Wales closing yesterday (Pluto of course is connected to anything underground, especially mines and their resources).

The pit closed in 1994 and staff pooled their redundancy money to buy it, reopening it in January 1995; the month that Pluto first went into Sagittarius. But now it has had to close again, at the very end of Pluto’s journey through that sign as the mine has run out of coal.
Pluto is the planet of endings, and the heavy, mixed emotions that come with the feeling of letting go of the past and turning with trust to walk into an unknown future, and the biggest challenge of Pluto is often in remembering that ‘unknown future’ doesn’t mean ‘no future'. One of the staff who had worked there all his life, along with his ancestors before him said poignantly ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do on Monday’.
(Full story is here)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Love And Liberation Full Moon Gives Pluto A Warm Welcome

The sun moves into the free-spirited, future-orientated sign of Aquarius today (21st), followed swiftly by a rather fabulous full moon tomorrow in the opposite sign of open-hearted Leo. It means the big move of Pluto into Capricorn taking place later this week happens via this strong and rather stylish Leo/Aquarius lunar phase, which couldn't be better in my book, as Aquarius looks to feel liberated by what's to come, while Leo will celebrate the opening of an envelope if it means an opportunity to give the gift of Leo Love.

There's probably plenty of negatives, as all this intense energy for change can express in a variety of ways of course, but if there's one thing I learnt from Pluto's journey through Sagittarius, it's that perspective is power. "Two men look out from the same bars: one sees the mud and one sees the stars", said Frederick Langbridge, and I love how Pluto in Sagittarius got me so starry-eyed. I started this Pluto cycle back in '95 all cynical and disillusioned, yet I'm ending it feeling utterly empowered just for deciding to keep choosing the bright side of the road. I also love how being Ms Pollyanna Positive pisses so many people off as well; for example try smiling warmly at a sceptic in full flow. It has the same effect on realists as well...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kathryn's Video

Fellow astrologer Kathryn Cassidy has some funky new software and she's making great informative astrology videos. Like this one that gives the lowdown on Britney Spears chart - if you've ever wondered what an astrologer sees in a chart wheel have a look and see how it's done...

There's more at Kathryn's YouTube site here