Thursday, July 03, 2014

July 2014 Horoscopes

Here's my horoscopes for July! Its all change with Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity changing signs from Cancer to Leo, and staying there for the next year. Find out below what that might mean for you (and there's more on the Jupiter change to come).

21st March – 20th April
Up to midmonth there’s news and communication of interest and time spent feeling more settled about home and family matters. There’s also a sense both of completion and renewal when it comes to long-term plans and ambitions. Then from the 16th lucky planet Jupiter moves into your creativity and entertainment chart for the next year. It means endless opportunities for fun and good times ahead, along with new creative projects and romance as it’s about anything that moves your heart and soul to expression. There’s a stunning new moon on the 26th with events at that time that echo and emphasise all this.

21st April – 21st May
While there may be conflicting interests and maybe a few emotional lows to balance the highs, there’s still an outstanding astrological indicator of fabulous times in store in the shape of Jupiter, planet of positive expansion, who begins a year long journey through your home and family chart from the 16th. Last time was around 12 years ago, so think back to what you went through then and how it all contributed to a more positive home and family experience today. An impressive new moon links up to Jupiter on the 26th, and is about a new vision relating to your home comforts and comfort zones.

22nd May – 21st June
Jupiter is about good fortune, positivity and expansion and from the 16th it’s moving into your communication, news and information chart for a whole year. It’s a mega sign of opportunity and forward movement that can fill you with faith about your chosen path, your chosen partner, and your close relationships, and what happens around the 26th might give you a taster of this. July is also about sorting finances (especially first week and 22nd), romance (especially 12th), and work and career (final week). A change of mind sits well with the mood of the month so don’t be afraid go with the flow of unexpected updates to events.

22nd June – 22nd July
The sun is in your sign till the 22nd, which is a solid indication you’re ready to shine and meet the world on your wavelength (especially around the 9th). You might not feel like shining at times (maybe 4th, 12th, 22nd and 28th) as you are in the mood to clear old clutter and finish unfinished business whatever it takes, but it’s there, and this is emphasised by positive planet Jupiter moving into your finance and resources chart for the next year, from the 16th. Events around new moon time on the 26th might give you a glimpse of the sense of expansion and increase ahead that comes with Jupiter’s presence.

22nd July – 23rd August
What an inspiring month for Leo! The sun sparkles into your sign from the 22nd giving you a big creative boost, but bigger news is the arrival of Jupiter in your sign for the next year from the 16th. Jupiter indicates expansion, opportunity, renewed faith and self-confidence, and was last here 2002/3; so think back to then to see what good stuff got going. There’s a glorious new moon next to Jupiter in your sign on the 26th, indicating positive events that require faith and belief in your worthiness to receive; it’s all about accepting or allowing (not forcing) your abundance in.

24th August – 22nd September
There’s a turning point for career and ambition at the beginning of the month, when movement forward gets you looking forward again. Friendship and fun feels deep and meaningful (especially 4th, 12th, 22nd, 28th), and there’s an emphasis on communication midmonth when limits lift and things go your way. Adventurous planet Jupiter moves into the most spiritual part of your chart from the 16th for the next year, which indicates important experiences in store that nourish and nurture the very heart of who you are. Look to events around the 26th for a sense of this; if it’s positive and a good opportunity, that’s Jupiter.

23rd September – 23rd October
Mars has been in your sign since last December, much longer than usual, which has meant more focused action and motivation (and passion, around the 12th) though sometimes also a feeling that if you didn’t do it yourself then nothing would happen. This month, Mars is moving on, indicating a change in this respect; also emphasised by positive and confident Jupiter moving into your friendship chart from the 16th (for the next year), suggesting there’s now more appreciative support for your dreams and desires, along with helpful opportunities and lucky breaks. Events around new moon time on the 26th might be giving you a taste of this.

24th October – 22nd November
Jupiter’s placing in your chart over the past year has indicated increased faith and confidence in yourself and the world in general, and there’s also been self-development, education and travel that has broadened your horizons and nurtured your adventurous spirit. From the 16th Jupiter is moving into your career and status chart for the next year. It indicates positive expansion and opportunity in this area of your life; profile-raising and recognition too, so it’s getting the credit you feel you deserve. What happens around the new moon on the 26th is all about this.

23rd November – 21st December
It’s a momentous month for Sagittarius; from midmonth and for the next year, your ruling planet Jupiter (planet of positivity and opportunity) moves into the area of your chart linked to travel, education, and basically anything that stirs your sense of adventure. Jupiter here encourages positive expectations and beliefs that help not hinder your chosen path and purpose. It gives a strong sense of direction and the ability to keep the faith when circumstances get tough, which means it’s easier to stick with new plans and projects despite competition or opposition. A magnificent new moon on the 26th ushers in this new era with events that validate and support all this

22nd December – 20th January
So much revolves around partnership, contracts and agreements this month. It might be emotionally intense at times (maybe 4th, 12th, 22nd or 28th) yet also productive; as there’s the finishing up of some unfinished business, and a sense of renewal or rebirth in key relationships. From the 16th and for the next year, positive planet Jupiter indicates good opportunities and expansion linked to shared resources and deep, meaningful connections, so let go of your inner control freak and resist getting caught in power trips or messy dynamics, as the unknown might hold a treasure you’ve been looking for. Events around new moon time on the 26th underlines this.

21st January – 18th February
This time last year you wouldn’t have thought you could have fit in all the expansion and developments that your daily schedule has come up with, especially in the past 6 or 7 months, but somehow you manage and even enjoy it. From the 16th and for a whole year, that same sense of positive expansion is now reaching certain relationships, contracts and agreements. It’s a time of opportunity and recognition in those areas of your life, so get ready for developments (maybe starting with the new moon on the 26th?). Before that, there’s an adventure or two to appreciate, around and about the 12th.

19th February – 20th March
Positive planet Jupiter has been in the most heart-shaped, heart-felt area of your chart for the past year, which symbolises how you’ve been in the mood to let the good times roll and to appreciate life’s sweetness when and where it presents itself. From the 16th and for the next year, Jupiter offers expansion and development to your daily life, work schedule and health and fitness routine. Jupiter represents that faith-filled inner gut feeling that drowns self-doubt, so choose its confidence and believe in what the feeling of wellbeing can open you to in life (Maybe events around new moon time on the 26th will give you a sense of this).