Friday, October 05, 2018

Venus Retrograde October 2018

From October 5th until November 15th 2018, planet Venus is retrograde, which speaks of transformation, rebirth and reunion for all relationships, but especially love and romance. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio until late October, so the mood is deep, intense, passionate and mysterious.
Unfinished business is likely to resurface, absent lovers might return, either physically or emotionally, and it’s a time when we might get the urge to dig deeper into situations, maybe play detective or investigate motives and get to the heart of hidden agendas, in others and in ourselves.

Scorpio is focused on what lies beneath the surface, what treasure is hidden underneath appearances; what thoughts and feelings are really going on deep down. Venus in Scorpio situations are like the proverbial iceberg, with only the tip visible while underneath there is a whole lot more going on that is hidden away from view. Scorpio-style relationship dynamics can be tricky at the best of times, with issues around trust, intimacy, control, and unknown territory. Add the retrograde energy into that mix and there’s even more going on, all at once.

But don’t fear old hurts or wounds being reopened, or maybe some old arguments resurfacing, as it might be chance to clear the air and end power struggles. Scorpio energy supports emotional healing, so It’s the right time for counselling, therapy, or for any healing journey to really have some impact as Scorpio is the sign of emotional renewal, rebirth and regeneration. From the dark night of the soul, Scorpio moves us to the light at the end of tunnel.

The new moon in Libra which happens around 9th October, depending on time zone, is the most relationship focused moon of 2018. New moons are about new beginnings and a great time to set intentions for the future. A new moon in Libra is all about new beginnings for love and partnership with new intentions for balance and harmony within, and with others.

Planet Venus (ruler of Libra) is in a rare dance of union and reunion with planet Mars during this retrograde phase. These two planets represent the masculine and feminine nature, the yin and yang which is in us all, and balanced perfectly through the Libra scales of fairness, equality and justice.

Venus reverses from Scorpio back into Libra late October, while the sun moves from Libra to Scorpio. A deep and intense new moon in Scorpio on November 7th reflects how deep the Venus retrograde journey has taken you since October 5th. Reflecting on your own journey during that time might show you how much relationships have transformed and are continuing to give you the chance to choose love, forgiveness, healing, and healthy change. This is the new moon to affirm the new you as far as relationships go. Partnerships are different because you are different!

Venus retrograde ends mid-November, meaning Venus is moving forward again, and so are relationships; transformed and renewed.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

October 2018 Horoscopes

Back posting after a long break! Moving house and jobs and pretty much everything at once (and during a heatwave too) meant it was an intense summer of change for me. The planets still promise us plenty to look forward to before 2018 ends, starting with Venus retrograde this month. Find out below what that might mean for your sign...

21st March – 20th April
It’s the most relationship focused month of the year. Partnership planet Venus retrogrades from 5th, which means you’re reviewing and reassessing important relationships until mid-November. It also means unfinished business is making itself known, including the return or reconnection of old faces or places from the past. Your ruler Mars is meeting Venus during the new moon of balance and harmony, and it’s important as Mars is in new territory for the first time in months, which means you are too. Balancing themes of rebirth and renewal with stability and security is the message of a financially focused full moon (24th), and you might find some unconventional ways of doing so.

21st April – 21st May
While you aren’t particularly in the mood to rock the boat with partners, the planets are pushing for what’s real rather than peace at any price, so have the uncomfortable conversation, be less guarded and risk more openness. There’s a feeling of being in new territory with relationships, which increases uncertainty and the unknown but like deja-vu, in the sense of having been here before and now in a whole new way. Transformation, rebirth and renewal is the theme of October in many areas of your life, and a dynamic and empowering full moon in your sign on 24th emphasises the sweet relief in releasing the past for the freedom of the future.

22nd May – 21st June
The sun is in your house of creativity, fun, and entertainment until 23rd, which means life keeps revolving around that. It’s about romance and matters of the heart too, and you’re laying your cards on the table but there’s no game playing here; there’s truth and real intimacy to be uncovered and discovered if you aren’t invested in power struggles or control dramas. There’s also a theme of rebirth and renewal all month, especially around full moon on 24th, when you’re radically clearing clutter (emotional as well as physical) to transform and reorder your space and your time

22nd June – 22nd July
The new moon on 6th carries a message of transformation and change at home and especially for partnerships and significant relationships as Venus, planet of love and money, is retrograde until mid-November. This means you’re reviewing or taking stock, as well as reconnecting with faces and places from the past, for closure or regeneration. Some doors are closing, but the cliché of other doors opening because of it is true. Events around full moon on 24th might be the result of a build-up or bottling up of emotion mixed with the desire to break free of what feels controlling or unmoving. Some of it has been a long time coming, but it all requires TLC and a gentle touch.

23rd July – 23rd August
The sun is in your communication chart until 23rd, and there’s a theme of unfinished business or sorting the past out somehow. Venus (love and money) is retrograde from 5th until mid-November, which again means the past is important in these areas. It links strongly to home and family, and early childhood, which might mean nostalgia and memories that reconnect you with faces or places from the past. Trust and intimacy, and what you can and can’t control about situations, are huge themes this month, especially around a freedom-seeking full moon on 24th in your career and long-term plans chart, when alternative, unconventional, or unexpected paths appear, opening your mind to new possibilities.

24th August – 22nd September
A new moon in your finance and resources chart indicates new beginnings related to income or property. The energy of this time is very much about renewal and rebirth, and this is about bringing balance and maintaining equilibrium. There’s likely to be significant communication or discussions involved; perhaps unfinished business from the past resurfaces, or you’re reconnecting to the past in some way, especially in relationships. Your detective mind is looking for clues and uncovering the truth this month, and an unpredictable full moon on 24th brings things to a head, including a strong need for space and time for yourself.

23rd September – 23rd October
The sun is in your sign until 23rd, brightening and energising your birthday month. The annual new moon in your sign on the 6th is a personal new year when ideas and intentions can take root for the year ahead. This new moon has a ‘clear the clutter’ theme, with the sense that renewal and regeneration is happening, especially linking to home and family; so maybe there are home moves or makeovers in store. Your ruler Venus is retrograde from 5th until mid-November, which is about unfinished business, or the past resurfacing, especially in relationships but with a focus on finance and property too, especially at full moon time on 24th.

23rd October – 22nd November
The world is more on the Scorpio wavelength this month than ever before. So you understand October’s key themes of power, control, transformation and rebirth keenly, and you can see any games being played and the real dynamics behind situations. Your job this month is to stay true to yourself to allow others to be true to themselves, so don’t lose balance and get swept up in drama (and there’s likely to be drama even from the most unlikely of people), or you’ll cloud your amazing perception and insight. An intense relationship full moon around the 24th tests your mettle on this; someone needs freedom (it could be you) and someone needs trust (it could be them).

23rd November – 21st December
A lot of action is behind the scenes this month, meaning you might look like a serene swan on the surface but underneath your legs are swimming like crazy; so give others a break for not noticing all your hard work, as they can’t see the full picture right now. New moon on 9th is about things being made right, and unfairness being balanced. Perhaps involving unfinished business from the past. From 11th you might notice communication moving forward, or writers block dissolving, for the first time in months. Then full moon on 24th amplifies the theme of regeneration and renewal, in unusual and unexpected ways, while a feeling of fate or destiny threads through love and relationships around 29th.

22nd December – 20th January
This month you’re ready to invest in what you value. Perhaps you’ve had to wait to do this as delays, obstacles, or just a redirection of time or energy made you feel the odds were against you, but not anymore. New moon on 9th is about new career moves, and renewed efforts towards long-term plans, and you aren’t leaving anything to chance. Is this control freakery or is it just being careful? Who knows, but it works. As October continues it becomes clear it’s not what you know but who you know, and also about stepping into the unknown. Events around the full moon on 24th might emphasis this theme in powerful and unexpected ways.

21st January – 18th February
It’s the season of bringing things into balance, like balancing the books or some karma. Whatever it is, there’s a depth and intensity to events that you can’t be half-hearted about. From about the 11th, you’re in new territory as far as your approach to certain situations goes, for the first time in a long time, as most of the summer has been about going over old ground, reaching to the past, or feeling a bit stuck, but things are different this month. Relationships are about unfinished business, renewal and regeneration; especially at the radical and highly charged full moon on 24th, which is about trust and intimacy versus freedom and space.

19th February – 20th March
In your opinion it takes two to build trust, and October is about that process in new or renewed relationships; especially the long-distance ones. Venus, planet of love and money, is retrograde from the 5th until mid-November, which means unfinished business needs finishing, and relationships are about connecting to the past to transform the present. Travel and education are big themes for you, especially from 23rd, as it’s about transforming your perspective and mindset via new horizons. Events around the powerful full moon on 24th reflect all this, and also your competing desires of more stability and security on the one hand, versus the need to break routine and do something completely different.