Thursday, November 03, 2016

November 2016 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
There are many unknowable and uncontrollable factors right now, but making peace with uncertainty means you enjoy the renewal and replenishment in store, especially during the security-conscious Supermoon (14th) spotlighting income and ownership. Or perhaps around 24th when work ambition and relationships are powerfully linked. Your ruling planet, mighty motivated Mars, moves into your friendship and support zone from the 9th, which means you’re more driven to seek out those you feel resonance with; those in harmony with your hopes and dreams, and preferred lifestyle. From the 21st and especially from the uplifting new moon (29th), there’s a focus on anything that opens you to new horizons and new perspectives. 

21st April – 21st May
These are interesting times for you, particularly for much of the month regarding partnerships, contracts and agreements. November opens with doors of opportunity, and midmonth (14th), there’s a spectacular Supermoon in your sign which points to up close and personal fulfilment in areas that matter most. Your ruler, harmony-loving Venus, moves into your travel and education chart from the 12th, which means expanding horizons and faith in your future. Final week (especially 24th/25th) can be a renewing, transformative time for this, so don’t try to control the controllable; instead feel the day-to-day adventure of unknown territory. New moon (29th) repeats this theme, and speaks of new long-term plans and ambition.

22nd May – 21st June
You’re so ready for what November has in store, having already cleared a lot of clutter and therefore made space for new fulfilment. Your planet Mercury moves into your relationship zone from the 12th, followed by the Sun from the 21st, which means the adventure of partnership has increasing importance as the month goes on, and there’s a lot happening in this respect, especially after 21st. Relationships deepen with trust, and final week (especially 24th/25th) there’s opportunity to test that out by taking your attention off what you can’t control, deepening faith in your journey with others (creativity and fun soars at that time too). A new moon on the 29th is also about relationships, meaning you end the month with a new beginning.

22nd June – 22nd July
It’s a positive start to the month, especially when you’re clear about your intentions. Venus (love and money) moves into your relationship zone from the 12th, just before a replenishing and resourceful Supermoon on the 14th, making it much easier to stand your ground about what matters most to you. Having the courage of your convictions is a repeating theme this month (especially 24th/25th), as is the idea of rebirth and renewal in relationships. A new moon on the 29th is about new beginnings in store, especially related to health and fitness. You have plenty of faith, hope and clarity available this month, so use it.

23rd July – 23rd August
There’s lots of emphasis on home and family for much of November, where you’re looking to make long term changes that enhance your feeling of security and wellbeing, There’s an ambitious and aspirational Supermoon on the 14th suggesting things moving on this, as well as in career too. Final week (strong on 24th) is about smoothing the way forward on all this, day to day. From 21st things start revolving around romance, fun, enjoyment, light-heartedness. You’re interested what makes your heart and soul sing; nothing less will do, and the new moon on the 29th is about allowing and having faith in some new, entertaining adventures.

24th August – 22nd September
There’s emphasis on home and family, communication, and creativity this month. Spiritual and soulful Neptune is changing direction on the 20th, which corresponds with slow but sure change in you regarding key relationships, how you relate and want to relate with others; from being caught up in what was, to having faith in what could be and what will be. November is about not ignoring your feelings on certain matters that have been making you feel limited or restricted unnecessarily. Your sign is about clarity and logic, and often you leave emotion out in order to keep things making sense, but now it only makes sense to recognise, value and appreciate how you really feel.

23rd September – 23rd October
For much of the month things are revolving around finance, resources and income. Ownership, value and worth (and self-worth) are important themes, as are security and shared resources (especially around 14th, under the regenerative and revealing Supermoon). From the 21st the emphasis shifts to the importance of communication and dialogue (especially 29th). But there’s also a planet pattern building all month (strongest 24th/25th) involving Jupiter (expansion and luck) and Pluto (trust and transformation). It indicates change; in yourself, and linking to home and family too. The adventure of the unknown is the theme, and when your planet Venus joins Pluto (24th) it suggests it’s all revolving around certain relationships.

24th October – 21st November
November is very much about the ‘new you’ that you feel is happening right now. The sun is in your sign until 21st, so you’re busy recharging, renewing and replenishing. Creativity flows strongly during week one, along with your intuition; then midmonth (14th), there’s a Supermoon; a full moon that puts relationships, contracts and agreements in the spotlight, bringing matters to a head and moving stuck situations forward. Finance is a focus from 21st; especially 23rd (temporary obstacles) and new moon on 29th means new beginnings linked to income. Venus, Jupiter and Pluto are strongly linked during final week so pay no attention to control dramas; instead enjoy the endless evolution and expansion of your life right now.

21st November – 21st December
Your ruling planet, the adventurous Jupiter, is part of November’s most important planet pattern. Jupiter is linking up with powerful Pluto, for a meeting that builds in strength all month (strongest 24th). It indicates huge desire for change and transformation, and huge capability for positive expansion and growth (nice to have both the desire and solution). It’s about tapping reserves and resources you didn’t know you had. It’s about your hopes and dreams, friendships, support network and links with groups, teams, and like-minded folk (especially 25th). Also, the sun moves into your sign from the 21st, which puts you at the centre of things, including the spotlight.

22nd December – 20th January
There might be some good news given or received during first week of November. From the 12th (just in time for a fun-filled Supermoon on 14th) Venus, planet of relationships and resources moves into your sign, which is about emotional and magnetic attraction to what you most value (meaning feel loving to attract love. Feel prosperous to attract prosperity). This gathers strength by the final week when Venus meets power planet Pluto and positive Jupiter (24th/25th), just before a spiritual new moon (29th) about new faith in your inner guidance. It means you’re catching a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and being unstoppably productive about ways of moving towards it.

21st January – 18th February
There’s a lot on your shoulders; lots of responsibility and pressure. That’s lovely if it’s all what you want, but Mars moves into your sign from 9th, which means sorting priorities and taking time to take stock about what matters most to you right now. The Supermoon on the 14th is about balancing ambition with comfort zone, and again it’s about what matters most. You might be letting go of certain things by final week, especially around 24th and 25th. Some might not be happy about it, but it’s about your values and priorities not theirs. New moon on 29th indicates you’re dreaming of new adventures, and you’re attracting like-minded folk for the journey.

19th February – 20th March
Lots happening this month; summed up by your planetary ruler Neptune ending retrograde (appearing to move backwards) on the 20th, which means a turning point or change in direction, where you feel things are moving forward again. The past has been important, yet you’re ready to face the future now (and put faith in it), and whatever you’ve felt has been holding you back is likely to shift (particularly during final week, around 24th or 25th). There’s lots of focus on communication this month, especially during the Supermoon (14th), which is also about new horizons, learning and travel. Then from 21st, and especially new moon on 29th, it’s about a new step up on your ladder of success.

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