Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Moon Eclipse In Cancer

... happening during the early hours of the 22nd July, UK time, about 3.30am. Eclipses seem to set future events in motion, by amplifying the emotional significance of events happening around the time of the eclipse, which future events then seem to unfold out of quite naturally; all within the symbolism of the sign involved. They set a certain tone or a theme for months, sometimes years to come, through the emotional response that events at the time of eclipse seem to invite, or sometimes demand.

This eclipse is in the sign of Cancer, so is uber-emotional anyway, being the sign of emotional attachments, emotional responses and comfort zones. It's all about the invisible emotional cords that pull us to places and people and things, so expect nostalgia and reminiscing, comfy chairs, comfy cardigans, and all that goes with joy of what's soothingly familar, but also what is holiday hell when families get together to squabble amongst fine food and suppressed emotional clutter.

I think this eclipse could highlight need versus neediness, or emotional fulfilment versus lack of it. Then it's the emotional response to it all which is going to count...pangs of indefinable, free-floating, restless discontent might seem to beg for icecream or therapy sessions, but I do think its more symptomatic of feeling the effects of being unplugged from yourself. And no amount of anything that you reach for outside yourself for is going to cut it.

So I think it's a theme of emotional disconnection/reconnection highlighted at the moment, which continues in various forms through situations over the coming months, and while it might seem like others are important in this emotional equation, it's really about being plugged in or not to yourself, and the icky vibes that come with falling out of love with yourself. There's just not enough ice cream in the world to soothe that break-up...