Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mars In Cancer Can Feel Like A Scratchy Woollen Knit

Now that pushy but passionate Mars has moved into the sign of emotional attachments, comfort zones, family ties and domestic bliss, for me it’s all feeling like one of those really harsh, prickly wool garments, the ones that irritate and frustrate with every darn movement you make (and with Saturn now in Virgo, it probably won't wash well either), a garment that you are dying to free yourself of at the first opportunity, to throw to the ground and stamp all over in revenge for each twinge of abrasive discomfort it ever brought you...

...mind you, I have a lot of Pluto stuff going on too, so maybe that’s merging into a more revealing revenge metaphor, but you know what I mean? Now’s the time you are really going to notice what irritates you because in the ultra-senstive sign of Cancer there’s no way Mars is going to sit back, switch off, and let what is bugging you carry on without it inciting some sort of inner riot of emotion just begging to be acted upon. It's then the choice of action that counts I suppose - choose the response instead of it choosing you, and all that. (Do you remember when some New Age assertiveness teachers advised a firm ‘Please step out of my auric egg...’ to be directed to anyone who had the insensitivity to sit too close at a party, in a queue or on a train, etc? I suppose it was meant to be more politely Libran than a hurried Aries style ‘Get outta my space, loser!’. And saying it didn't make them shift of course, but by the time everyone stopped laughing at the term ‘auric egg’ the ice was well and truly broken).

So what’s to be done? Mars is having an extended stay in Cancer due to a retrograde phase in November. The whole thing is set to last months. And not feeling emotion isn’t an option if you want to stay sane, while not feeling negative emotion isn’t an option if you want to stay balanced. As I’m a Law of Attraction fan, my preferred perspective is to think less about ways to kill or cure existing conditions, and notice more how the icky feelings associated with a current situation were actually already there tucked up warm and safe inside you before it all started in the first place.

As far as Law of Attraction goes, it's your own world view that is being reflected by the world, and feelings (arising from habits of thought around any given subject) indicate the kind of conditions you are set to attract; so regardless of appearances, it's not what is 'out there' that is likely to be the original cause of a feeling. And as the universe is designed to always move towards 'more', it means for example, if I’m feeling irritated for long enough (it doesn't happen overnight, it's a build-up), it will support my thoughts and feelings by providing the perfect scratchy sweater in a myriad of different styles and forms to assist me to move towards more irritation. Blaming the sweater is pointless as it only exists as supportive evidence of my outlook on life. So while all emotions are good and healthy, it seems a choice has to be made about what to dwell on, nurture, and therefore make more of. Change the outlook to change the sweater...

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Moon Eclipse In Virgo - When Less Means More

Willard Wigan MBE is an artist who makes sculptures so small they can't be seen with the naked eye, some are so small they are only three times the size of a blood cell. He paints the sculptures with a hair plucked from the head of a housefly, and sets them in the eye of a needle or on the tip of an eyelash.

As a child he had undiagnosed dyslexia, and was made to feel small by teachers who singled him out and told him he would never amount to anything. His response was to run away from school and hide in a shed, watching the ants that lived there. He began constructing houses for them out of splinters, and his obsession with miniature worlds started to unfold, born out of a desire to prove that 'less is more' and that 'nothing could be everything'. And he just sold his collection to date for £11million.

Virgo is the sign which has an eye for detail, and often astrology focuses on the downside of that - the nit-picking, the criticism, the scepticism, the fussing. But when a new moon eclipse comes along in Virgo there's not much time to dwell on the negatives, especially when hard working Saturn has just arrived in this sign, and law-breaking Uranus, the paradox planet that has the power to turn any situation completely on its head, is linking up to the new moon from opposite sign Pisces. The message being, that because in reality anything is possible, now's the time to whittle it all down by choosing what it is YOU WANT to be possible. Scientists and sceptics doubt this artist's creative ability because they don't see how it can be done, but thankfully disbelief didn't dampen his desire to make great things happen out of apparently nowhere.

You can read more on Willard Wigan here
and here
watch an interview here
and here's a YouTube montage of his works:

The 2007 new moon eclipse in Virgo takes place on 11th September at around 1.45pm UK time.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturn In Virgo In The News

The symbol of Virgo depicts the only female figure of the Zodiac, so now that Saturn is in Virgo we'll be seeing plenty of women making headlines that embody the principles of this aspect; kicking off with Germaine Greer's new book, which aims to get the story straight about Shakespeare's wife, Ann Hathaway, who according to accepted opinion was so hated by The Bard that he spent most of his time in London to escape her, and at his death bequeathed only his second best bed in revenge for her being such a lousy wife. But it turns out there might not be much evidence for this after all, according to Greer, just a load of criticism and blame (the dark side of Virgo) built up over the years that ripped her reputation (Saturn) to shreds. Read more here.

And in a very Saturn In Virgo style, Greer remarked in a tv interview today that it's a book she could only have written at retirement age, as any earlier the academic circles would have slated her for writing about something so 'soap opera-ish'. Seems she's not the feather ruffler she likes to think she is, being so motivated by approval from the academic establishment that she'd set aside something she herself considers important, just to appease those potential critics, but anyhoo, she's done it right in 'their' eyes, (the extreme Saturn way to do anything), and has eventually got round to writing about Anne in a way that presents her as the love of Shakespeare's life, and devoted supporter of his work... interestingly, the main star of the Virgo constellation, Spica, was known as 'the most dedicated wife' by the Egyptians (article here).

Elsewhere, the first full day of Saturn In Virgo was also Moira Cameron's first day at work as the first ever female Beefeater to guard the Tower of London, since it all began back in 1485 (link). You can't just sign up to be a Beefeater either, you have to have served 22 years in the armed forces - very Saturn - and up to now you had to be a bloke, which is old-fashioned enough to come under Saturn's love for maintaining traditions of the past well after their sell by date.

And both stories have a rather nice but ever so tenuous trivia thread connecting them, in that the Tudor Age, started along with the Beefeaters in 1485 and ended at the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. Elizabeth was a Virgo and uber symbol of the sign, being writer, poet, and aka The Virgin Queen. She was also imprisoned in the Tower of London for two months, which means the Beefeaters were once her prison guards. Shakespeare was of course around at that time, and wrote all kinds of stuff with her in mind, including apparently this poem, published for the first time this year, written in worship of his Virgo Queen... no doubt while wife Ann was home alone with the kids...