Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sun In Taurus, Full Moon In Scorpio, Mars And Jupiter Opposition

Oh it's all happening at the mo. More than can fit comfortably in the title, because it's also the first of two full moons in Scorpio; first one today (20th April) just as the sun is moving into the sign of Taurus, and second one is 20th May, just as the sun is leaving Taurus.

Full moon in Scorpio happens every year around this time, but it's not standard astro procedure to have two moons in any sign, never mind Scorps (full moon happens when sun stands opposite moon, so to find which sign the full moon is in for any month, check what sign the sun is in, and the moon will standing 180 degrees away at some time in it's monthly cycle) really, the 20th May moon is a kind of zodiacal blue moon, which means the folklore metaphor applies: it's a time for things happening that don't happen very often, or at all, and these blue moon type events are building or unfolding from this current lunar energy right now and over the coming weeks.

The two full moons gives situations a strong Scorpio/Taurus theme for the next month, so for example there would be a polarity pendulum swing, or a 'to be or not to be' thing going on with:

letting go/holding on
going through a point of no return/unwilling to shift on an issue
what is hidden and concealed/what is touchy-feelingly obvious
hidden treasure/available income
your stuff/my stuff
endings/everything stays the same

Added to this mix is Mars, co-ruling planet of Scorpio, about to stand opposite Jupiter, in the signs of Cancer (emotions) and Capricorn (boundaries). It's another polarity to blend:

desire/faith, hope and optimism

Mars is also in dynamic alignment with Venus, ruler of Taurus:

You can also mix and match the keywords for Mars/Jupiter/Venus together too...

and if THAT wasn't enough, how about throwing in the fabulous grand trine aspect between Sun, Saturn and Pluto that is part of the full moon pattern...

being self/authority/trust
shining out/allowing or disallowing/trust,
heart of the matter/timing/conceal or reveal

And if THAT wasn't enough, the new moon (new phase) in Taurus on 5th May takes place at 15 degrees, which indicates it's the astrological Beltane (May Day), one of the important calendar dates in the Wheel of the Year, when energy is in full flow through the shifting of the seasons.

But lots to play with over the coming weeks means there's plenty to enjoy...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Aries New Moon And The Power Of Desire

The annual Aries new moon takes place around 5am UK time on 6th April. The energy of Aries is all about being in touch with desire, with what is wanted, and a new moon is always a blank canvas of potential, just waiting for someone with a bit of imagination to dive in and make the most of it.

The certainty of knowing clearly what you want can be ever so reassuring; unless you are certain you know what you want but are only focusing on what you don't want instead ('what if blah blah happened?', 'only blah blah can happen, given the circumstances', etc etc). That kind of imaginative thinking can squelch the life out of your favourite future daydream scenario, and it's why pure Aries energy has this innate and unapologetic self-centredness to it, allowing it to focus exclusively on what is most wanted at any time, even to the point of disregarding what others most want it to want (to cries of 'you're so selfish!').

So this is the time to feel into what you want. Not what you expect will happen, not what you worry might happen, not what others want you to make happen; it's all about feeling the irresistible and life-affirming call of your personal desire. But remember there's a big difference between 'I am most wanting to feel a sense of self worth/lovableness/appreciation, etc in this situation' and 'I want him/her/it to act differently'. Needing someone else to do something to fulfil your desire is so un-Aries (Keep it self-centred remember!)

Here's a great quote from Abraham-Hicks for some Aries new moon inspiration:

"When you know what you don't want you send out your rocket of desire of what you do want, and now you stand in a fresh new place; you want in a fresh way that you have never wanted before. And that's what life is. In that fresh wanting, you summon another dose of Energy. If you can begin to savor the mere fact that you have desire right now, and you would stop trying so hard to have that desire be fulfilled and manifested in some physical format, then you would have it".

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Horoscopes For April

A beautiful brand new month begins today so have a look at what is happening for your sign here with my horoscopes for April