Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Horoscopes for February 2012

21st March – 20th April
On the 3rd, Neptune moves into your 12th house of retreat and reflection for the next 14 years, symbolising a stronger connection developing with your imagination and non-physical or spiritual development. It means that yes, you will still be the action-orientated, feisty soul you always were, but intuition, ESP, synchronicity, etc, are all going to become more meaningful because of the benefit they provide when you go with that flow. Test it out around the new moon on the 21st, as your intuition is flowing strong about relationship or partnership issues in very positive ways, so listen to what it says.

21st April – 21st May
Early this month, Neptune moves into the angle of your chart that deals with friendship, teamwork, and also your own hopes, wishes and dreams for the future. This is a good place for Neptune to be, because it’s a planet associated with imagination (the place where all wishes and dreams are born and raised to fruition), and also compassion and non-judgement, which is just the sort of quality you want in strong, close friendships and team work. See what happens on the 21st linked to this, when a positive new moon links to Saturn retrograde: it’s all about new beginnings from restructuring.

22nd May – 21st June
Big news for long term plans and ambitions, especially career related, this month. From the 3rd, Neptune begins a journey lasting 14 years through this angle of your chart. Neptune is the planet of dreams, and symbolises how dreams must be grounded or they turn to dusty disillusionment. It doesn’t take much to ground even the biggest dream; it’s just a case of believing it before you see it, rather than waiting to see then believe, and this is Neptune’s domain. See the evidence of this all month, but especially the 21st, which is just fabulous for getting creative with career or any long-term ambition.

22nd June – 22nd July
Neptune is moving into the angle of your chart that deals with your perspective on the world. It means that until 2026 there’s times when you’re going to feel very warm and fuzzy indeed about life, love and the universe, and times when your understanding might feel a little foggy to say the least. This foggy feel tends to happen when other people’s cynical beliefs makes you question your own peaceful ideals, so don’t let others trip you up with doubt. Events around the new moon on the 21st show your increasing willingness to believe that humanity has a heart of gold after all.

23rd July – 23rd August
From the 3rd, Neptune moves into the area of your chart that deals with trust and intimacy. Relationships are the obvious area that this impacts, but there’s also links with financial interests, as it’s about what you trust or don’t trust about money and possessions too. Neptune symbolises imagination and insight, and the positive or negative implications of all that; it can dissolve bad feelings or amplify false perception, depending on what you trust to be true about yourself (and therefore others). The new moon on the 21st mixes recent relationship issues with good communication, for a taster of the positive impact of Neptune’s presence.

24th August – 22nd September
Your relationship ruler, Neptune, moves into the relationship angle of your chart from the 3rd, for a once in a lifetime stay, till 2026 (it’s a slow moving planet!). Neptune is comfy and happy there, and it’s going to ensure all kinds of relationships sort themselves out like never before as you want comfy good feelings, just like Neptune. You aren’t willing to settle for less than an agenda of warm fuzzy wellbeing, even though that might have felt less than realistic before now. Around the 21st, the new moon helps barriers dissolve and hearts open, in ways that shows you what’s now possible from here.

23rd September – 23rd October
During the heightened emotions of the full moon on the 7th, responsibility planet Saturn reverses direction, which might indicate another rethink regarding current commitments and duties, as well as some restructuring or rescheduling of some plans, but the backburner is a temporary place for plans right now, so don’t fret if things are on hold. From the 3rd, Neptune moves into your house of health and fitness till 2026. On the negative side this might mean hypochondria or mysterious symptoms, but on the positive side, health/fitness happens effortlessly, with no concrete evidence why. So stay positive.

24th October – 22nd November
Neptune, planet of creative imagination and visualisation, moves into your house of fun, amusement and pleasure from the 3rd (till 2026!). It’s all about adding an extra dimension to your entertainment experience, and an extra string to your bow regarding creative expression. Romance will blossom, music and art will nourish, and spirituality might feel more intriguing. A lovely new moon around the 21st is all about getting used to the flow of all this, while Saturn retrograde from the 7th speaks of getting out of your own way to avoid tripping over endless possibilities and probabilities.

23rd November – 21st December
From the 3rd, Neptune, planet of imagination, intuition, and illusion, moves into the angle of your chart that deals with home, family, and early memories. Neptune is staying here till 2026, so it means there’s going to be a new vibe shaping events in these areas for many years to come. It represents an urge to dissolve boundaries and limits; to experience that sometimes mystical sense of oneness that, for example, a sexy, sassy song or sunset inspires. The negative illusion only occurs if you feel less than what inspires the feeling of awe in you. No pedestals here, we’re all one and the same, remember.

22nd December – 20th January
Your ruler Saturn begins a retrograde (reverse motion) phase from the 7th, which can indicate a change of direction regarding ambitions, especially career plans. For the next few months it’s all about restructuring and redevelopment, which might tie in an interesting way with imaginative, intuitive Neptune’s arrival in your house of communications from the 3rd (arriving for a 14 year visit); especially around new moon time on the 21st. This is the time certain communication barriers or limitations might begin to dissolve, or you have an almost telepathic sense of timing in talks and messaging that opens more meaningful dialogue.

21st January – 18th February
From the 3rd, Neptune begins a 14 year journey through your house of money and resources. Neptune is famously slippery as soap when it comes to defining what’s tangible and touchable, which, for example, shouldn’t really bode well for manifesting more purchase power. However, Neptune is also the personal ruler of your resource chart, which means it’s right at home here, and its unfocused, undefined approach will serve you especially well whenever you feel tuned in, happy, and at one with yourself. Though mind, if you’re at odds with yourself, it can get messy.

19th February – 20th March
The big news this month is your ruling planet Neptune moves into your sign from the 3rd. It’s big because it’s a once in a lifetime experience (last time was 1848!), and also because it’s staying for 14 years. Neptune in your own sign is going to feel cosy as its right at home and on your wavelength, so enjoy some very compatible vibes from now on. See what happens from the 19th when the sun joins Neptune and puts you in the spotlight somehow, and also the 21st for a really special new moon in your sign, emphasising a new sense of trust developing in yourself.