Saturday, May 09, 2015

May 2015 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
Communication, information and learning can be bumpy or awkward at times (around 3rd and 15th) and it’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick (9th, 19th and final week), so check facts before acting and don’t be discouraged. Your ruler Mars moves into your communication zone from the 12th and Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) from the 19th, so there’s plenty of activity, debate and discussion which might make you revise plans or review your priorities (especially 27th). You’re also very focused on finance and resources, especially during the emotional full moon (4th) and the business-like new moon (18th), when security matters most.

21st April – 21st May
The sun is in your sign till the 21st, so it’s your time of year with the world on your wavelength when it comes to what you want. The full moon in your relationship chart on the 4th is about moving on from the past and adjusting to unfamiliar territory; then Mercury turns retrograde (appearing to move backwards) in your income and resources chart from the 19th, suggesting a change of direction after a review of priorities. Tricky planet patterns here suggest muddles or misunderstandings with money (double-check small print midmonth and final week). But the new moon in your sign on the 18th is about a new era of stability and security when you stand your ground.

22nd May – 21st June
It’s a busy month, with your ruler Mercury in your sign from the 1st and retrograde from the 19th, which can stir up dormant situations or reconnect you to faces and places from the past. Action-planet Mars also in your sign from the 12th means certain communication and information is calling you to take action (especially midmonth and 27th). The Sun in your sign from the 21st strengthens creativity and encourages you into the spotlight, but there’s also a few times when it’s easy to lose faith and clarity in yourself or others (9th, 15th, 23rd, 29th, 31st), so let the inherent magic and mystery of the month make a believer out of you all over again (16th, 18th, 27th and 30th).

22nd June – 22nd July
Friendship is the focus for much of the month, both as a sense of stability and security, and also as the centre of any activity or drama. Creative projects, fun, entertainment and your links to groups and gatherings are connected to all this, particularly during the emotionally deep full moon on the 4th, which can move mountains and open even tightly closed hearts. Note that this is not the month for idle gossip or negative talk, as there’s huge focus on kind communications and connections, especially midmonth and final week, when it’s prudent to dodge empty words or promises. Around 16th into the earthy new moon on the 18th is a special time; for friends as well as lovers.

23rd July – 23rd August
You might feel quiet or more reflective at full moon time on the 4th; maybe seeking some quality time with yourself, to reconnect and replenish your inner reserves. There are sweet dreams around the 7th, 16th and 22nd, and sweet friendships from the 12th onwards. There’s a lot of focus on your professional life and long-term ambitions this month with new life being breathed into career and status around new moon time on the 18th, as well as groups, gatherings, teamwork, and friends. Mercury is retrograde from the 19th (appearing to move backwards), which means faces and places pop up from the past (especially 27th), and certain communication and information is relevant again. It’s all good, and healing.

24th August – 22nd September
You’re serene and philosophical under the earthy and emotional full moon on the 4th. It would be great to bottle that experience and bring it out for the times when pressures feel heaviest (mainly midmonth). But next best thing is use your imagination. This means only think about things that make you feel good. Don’t clutter your mind with doubts or settle for second-best day dreams, as with so much activity in your aims and ambition chart from the 12th it pays to keep faith in the best outcome. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 19th, so it’s places and faces from the past that matter most.

23rd September – 23rd October
The theme for May is security and stability. The full moon on the 4th in your income and resources chart indicates there are some issues it’s best to acknowledge and accept, and some best to turn away from, but only you can decide which is which. You’re in protective and nurturing mode from the 7th, then around the 16th into the earthy and grounding new moon on the 18th you’re in full flow, following your heart and letting your light shine bright. Travel and education is increasingly in focus from midmonth. It’s all about perspectives, old and new; some worth fighting for, some not (you choose which).

24th October – 22nd November
You’re not in the mood to settle for anything shallow or skin deep this month, especially not in the first week with a deep and powerful full moon in your sign on the 4th. It’s the truth of a person or situation you’re after, as you prefer the inner sense of stability and security that the truth brings you to. Midmonth, and especially around 16th and 18th (during a new moon focusing on new relationships and contracts), there’s a sense of balance, harmony and oneness to discover; and increasingly (from the 12th and 19th) there’s action and movement around communication and information and you return to unfinished business.

23rd November – 21st December
May is a time of deep healing and renewal as you now have the energy for what it entails, meaning you’re breathing new life into plans and projects, and there’s important rebuilding or restructuring happening. This might not always seem so significant as it can be as simple as revamping or redecorating, but it’s the motivation behind it that matters. Relationships are also included in all this, especially from the 19th (as Mercury retrogrades) when a change of direction, or approach, get things moving and developing in a different way to before. It’s not the most wonderful time to sign new contracts or agreements though, so use your gut instinct.

22nd December – 20th January
There’s the potential for lots of good times this month, with a full moon in your friendship and fun chart on the 4th, and the sun in your entertainment chart till the 21st. There might be existing situations that feel out of your direct control, or maybe you just don’t know the best way forward yet, which makes for helpless or hopeless feelings, but there are signs that midmonth you might be receiving what you need for the situation to feel more balanced. Relationship and harmony-seeking Venus is moving through your partnership chart from the 7th which makes for extra cosy and caring connections all month.

21st January – 18th February
May offers plenty of opportunities for progress and development, even though the deep feeling full moon on the 4th might coincide with events that really push your buttons; if button-pushing brings situations to a head that were overdue your attention, then it’s an opportunity that serves you. If you’ve already been waiting for a certain outcome then perhaps when Mercury retrogrades from the 19th, you might be getting the kind of results you’ve been looking for, and also at that time (18th) there’s a stable and secure new moon in your home and family chart that speaks of new beginnings and firm foundations.

19th February – 20th March
You’re keeping it real when it comes to communication this month, especially during the first week and full moon on the 4th, when you are highly motivated to get to the truth and heart of a situation in the best way you can. Midmonth is soft and romantic, but maybe cut others some slack from the 19th, as a change of mind or direction might be as much of a mystery to them as it is to you. Keep home and family relationships as clear as possible after midmonth too, meaning don’t let misunderstandings become more than they need to, and give the benefit of the doubt instead. It’s all worth your effort this month.