Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something For The Full Moon...

...Sun in Gemini opposes Moon in Sagittarius on 18th June at around 6.30pm UK time, which means it's a full moon in Sagittarius. And it's a full on kind of energy carried by this one because among other things Pluto stands next to the moon, symbolising emotional depth and intensity on a trust/control/letting go theme (as ever where Pluto is concerned). So if the planetary stand-off plus Pluto vibes are starting to hit hard, here's Cilla Black to cheer you up with a special message for Gemini, sexed up with some smouldering Yin meets Yang Bollywood dancing...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For Entertainment Purposes Only...

Lynn Hayes has posted about new consumer laws affecting astrologers, which came into effect this Monday here in the UK. Apparently Brit astrologers will have to put a disclaimer that says ‘for entertainment purposes only’ all over the place if they want to practice astrology with any serious intent. Lynn’s post with link to news article is here; (be warned that news article has obligatory ‘fortune teller should've seen it coming’ opener. Jokey journalism humour for entertainment purposes only, no doubt).

I had no idea this was going on, but hey, it's not too bad - it’s better than being burned at the stake like in the old days (and those public events were often for entertainment purposes only too), so in a weird way it shows how far we’ve come since then. I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) and already have to put the disclaimer at the end of the readings I do for them; I think it was done to protect us readers from lawsuits by those money hungry blame seekers that have been feeding on any opportunity in recent years.

Britain is certainly groaning under the weight of all its daft laws at the moment (remember Health and Safety going mad at a Christmas fete a couple of years ago, demanding a halt to proceedings until a risk assessment could be carried out on the mince pies, and warning signs erected to protect the public?), so what we really need are some more blanket-ban style laws that no-one really understands the small print of. From an astrology perspective it all points to Saturn, planet of law enforcement, social conditioning and conforming, which in the UK chart is placed in Leo, the sign associated with entertainment. This is also a fifth house issue, which is the astrological house associated with all forms of entertainment. But you know, the fifth house and Leo has that connection because it's all about where you find your joy, your heaven; where your heart finds its home, and where your art finds its creative expression. So the good news is it has just become law to perceive astrology as a creative path to the pursuit of happiness :-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June Horoscopes

My horoscopes for all signs, for the gorgeous month of June are up to view at this site.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mercury Retrograde And New Moon In Gemini

Was planning to write a very defiant blog along the lines of ‘Pah! Mercury Retrograde, you trickster planet you! Your legendary reputation for causing communication-based confusion is simply out of date folklore I refuse to perpetuate any longer’. But I was too busy trying to make sense of my sudden inexplicable and annoying phone problem that cropped up as Mercury started its retrograde journey last week. The problem sorted itself equally as suddenly, without explanation or apology, which after initial euphoria subsided became strangely frustrating, only to be replaced by another equally new and unexplained problem with my phone bill.

There’s a new moon in Gemini on the way on 3rd June at 20.20pm UK time; and because Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, it’s a new moon ruled by Mercury Retrograde. Does that mean everything's going pear-shaped for the foreseeable, as astrology sometimes likes to make out? Pah! Not a bit of it. I think it's more about drawing attention to a much needed change of direction in situations, which in this case is recognisable in the 'new beginning' feeling that is carried in with the new moon energy (new moon = new phase). And as Gemini is the sign associated most with communication or getting the message across (as well as coincidences, syncronicity, and other twin based or like for like happenings and patternings), it's all going to be unfolding out of the Gemini principle, or revolving around matters with the Gemini themes at heart.

My personal opinion on the obstacles and delays that Mercury Retro gets blamed for is that until you get going in the same direction as the energy in situations is now taking, then you're going to feel at odds with it. It's still all about going with the flow though, just that the flow (seems) to be going a different way to how it has been. So how to know when you've lined up with the Mercury Retrograde flow? well you start making peace with the obstacles and delays, stop pushing against what seems to be in your way, and then like magic it all starts to get easier; misunderstandings get cleared up, and the solutions, the inspiration, the green lights and the clear roads start showing up. All through the eyes of that different perspective that Mercury Retrograde provides. The perspective that incorporates re-connecting, re-working, re-opening, re-sending, re-turning... you get the picture, just pick a word with 're' at the beginning.

Mercury is retrograde from May 26 at 21º Gemini, and then turns direct on June 19th June 19 at 19º Gemini. And there's some GREAT info here on Mercury retro and retrograde planets.