Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pluto Moving On

Lots of debate recently about whether Pluto is a planet or not.. some say planetoid, some say asteroid... I say tiny planet with big impact in a chart.
It's been in retrograde motion ( appearing to move backwards) since Easter, but is now changing direction. Pluto is, among other things, about trust issues, so it's about remembering what was happening in relation to that, back around the end of March. And so much since then has been a deeper exploration of it all.
The 2005 retro cycle isn't completely over with till around the Winter Solstice time (and then it gets really interesting... but that is another post), but now there is the change in direction, the change in attitude, a perspective shift, that comes from realising the antidote for the March situation is acknowledging your truth, and how important it is to you. Yes you knew it then, but now, after all the events during the retrograde cycle, you know why.
Knowing why means it's so much easier to let go of what gets in the way of your truth. In other words, you are another step closer to trusting your own process of letting go and moving on.

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