Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Planets In Grand Cross Pattern

Over the next few days a pattern is building in the skies called a grand cross. This is when 4 planets are about 90 degrees apart from each other, making a big square shape. The two oppositions between the 4 planets make up the cross.
The planets involved here are the Sun, Mars, Neptune and Saturn. There is a bit of poetic licence with this particular grand cross, as Saturn isn't really joining fully into the 90 degree squares. It's a teensy bit wide. But teensy bits sometimes don't matter in astrology, it's the bigger picture that always manifests.
A 90 degree aspect tends to create tension, so 4 of them together, even more so. This is also emphasised because all the planets are in 'fixed' signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius), and the kind of energy this can generate through situations is usually about resistance to change and the urge to maintain current position.

The last time anything like this was in the sky was the famous eclipse of August 1999, remember? (Some say we are still living the effects of that eclipse on a collective level). So cast your mind back to the summer of '99. Was there a situation defined by it's tension or resistance? Was there a feeling of an uphill struggle or of being blocked at every turn?
It's all comes down to how we respond to this energy. It's make or break time... do we rise to the challenges that situations are presenting us with, or do we buckle under the pressure and tension, by buying into the belief we are powerless to cope? Some say these situations are divinely designed to bring out the best in us, who knows, maybe that's true; it certainly makes the necessary leap of faith in ourselves easier to make.

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