Monday, February 13, 2006

Full Moon In Leo 13th Feb

Had the feeling of being pulled in two different directions recently? If so you might have been living out the build-up of energy experienced at full moon time, when the sun and moon sit at opposing sides of the zodiac.
This month the sun is in Aquarius (focusing attention on freedom and friendship), while the moon sits in the opposing sign of Leo (emotional need to be focus of attention). The themes associated with these signs become issues that push or pull against each other, while never quite resolving themselves in the process.
But every full moon also symbolises a turning point. It could be when things come to a head somehow, the end of a stalemate, or when building tensions finally break. Whatever the details, after the full moon peaks and begins to move on, the energy of situations starts to change too, which is why the moon's message is always 'this too shall pass'.

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