Monday, March 27, 2006

Aries Eclipse March 29th

It's the new moon eclipse in Aries, and it's the last in this set of eclipses covering the Aries/Libra polarity till 2014. So, there's an element of wrapping things up, tying loose ends, and finishing old business.
To gain a perspective on how this set of eclipses are manifesting in your life, cast your mind back to the libra eclipse last October, and see where the libra themes became an issue, and how those issues brought about change (some libra themes here).

In this eclipse, Aries gets things moving. It's a fearless sign because the focus is not on the future but on the now, and the burning desire that requires instant gratification.
When out of balance this can become extreme selfishness, with an intolerance to anything that gets in the way of its desire (ruler Mars is the roman god of war), which is why the opposite sign of Libra is so important to Aries... and vice versa of course, as Libra without Aries overthinks plans but never makes a move, ending up paralysed by possibilities.

But when in balance, Aries is assertive, pioneering, inspiring, courageous and passionate - basically just the kind of energy you could do with right now; a breath of fresh air after all the slow, sludgey astrology which put the brakes on everything for so many months. If you have been praying for a new start, looks like you've got it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Barb, Wonderful new look for your Blog page and yes, I like it, not too big especially for these bi-focal almost 50 year old blue eyes! And I loved your last 3 entries, the one on PC World and Mercury retrograde was like the ad says,"Priceless!" and so were the others! Keep up the great work!! Love, Shawn (awaiting with baited breath the Aries New Moon eqlipse on my Sun/Mercury!).......Ram ON!;)